Hurdon Cemetery Transcriptions

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Row 1

1 In loving memory of John Joseph LOONEY died 18 July 1893 aged 73 years, Rosana LOONEY died 16 March 1917 aged 83 years, Sarah died 11 April 1880 aged 10 years, Jane died 2 June 1861 aged 2 years, John died 1860 aged 2 years. Children of the above. I will give thee a crown of life. Photo 1

2 In loving memory of Maud BANNISTER died 7 Oct 1930 aged 38 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo 2

3 In loving memory of Rose dearly beloved wife of Henry GORDON who died 23 June 1931 aged 58 years, also her beloved husband Henry GORDON who died 26 Aug 1952 aged 77 years. Photo 3

4 (front) In loving memory of John beloved husband of Mary LOONEY who departed this life 3 July 1937 aged 71 years. At rest also Mary beloved wife of above died 21st June 1949 aged 77 years. (right corner) Resting. Photo 4 Photo 4A Photo 4B

Row 2

5 In memory of Gladys daughter of Edward & Fanny MARFELL died 7 March 1894 aged 5 months. Photo 5

6 In loving memory of John Richard beloved husband of Helen P. LANDER died 4th August 1921 aged 86 years, also Frank son of the above killed in action in France 9th Sept 1918 aged 28 years. His duty done. Photo 6

7 In loving memory of Helen LANDER who died 11th May 1933 aged 77 years. At rest. Photo 7

8 In loving memory of Charles dearly loved husband of Helen P. LANDER died 22nd June 1931 aged 86 years. At rest. Photo 8

9 In loving memory of Claude Ryan beloved husband of Amelia A. O'CARROLL died 1st July 1938 aged 65 years. Katoa Ki Hoa. Also his beloved wife Amelia Ashton died 17th March 1958 aged 80 years. At rest. Photo 9

9A (new plaque) Darcy Cameron born 17th July 1898 died 12th may 1979. Photo 9A

9B (new plaque) H.A. (Nell) CAMERON born 28th July 1901 died 17th Sept 1990. Photo 9B

10 In loving memory of Charles Henry beloved husband of Mary Gibbs HOSKING died 29th April 1941 aged 88 years, also of Mary Gibbs beloved wife of the above died 11th Dec 1945 aged 92 years. Love is eternal. Photo 10

11 No headstone - Reserved by BOLT. Photo 11

12 In loving memory of Florence Isabella beloved wife of Walter TAYLOR died 7th April 1943 aged 73 years, also Walter beloved husband of the above died 25th July 1949 aged 78 years. Asleep. Photo 12

13 In loving memory of Emily only sister of Rev. H. ASHWORTH, New Plymouth, who fell asleep on Jan 8th 1946 aged 73 years, also his beloved wife Lilian 6th June 1959 in her 81st year. I have fought the fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the kept the faith. Harold ASHWORTH 8th Nov 1960 in his 82nd year. Photo 13

Row 3

14 In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of John William LOVELL died 12th Jan 1951 aged 78 years. "A patient sufferer at rest". John William beloved husband of Mary LOVELL died 22nd Jan 1955 aged 83 years. Photo 14

14A (new headstone) And their loved daughter Margaret Alexandra JURY a much loved wife and mother 11-8-1902 - 13-5-1990. Photo 14A

15 Unmarked single plot.

16 In loving memory of Andrea beloved wife of Martin ALBRECHTSEN died 19th Nov 1947 aged 45 years, also her beloved husband Martin died 20th March 1966 aged 65 years. Thy will be done. Photo 16

17 Unmarked single plot

18 In remembrance Thomas beloved husband of Martha Annie PRESTON died 6th June 1946 aged 68 years. At rest. photo 18

19 And his beloved wife Martha Annie PRESTON died 21st July 1959 aged 78 years. Gone to be with Christ which is far better. photo 19

20 In loving memory of William Samuel BAMSEY who passed away 16th Aug 1947 aged 68 years. photo 20

21 Unmarked plot - reserved by OWEN.

Row 4

22 In loving memory of Elsie youngest child of J & A JURY who died 29th June 1922 aged 2½ years. Asleep in Jesus. Photo 22

22A (new plaque) JURY - John b. 22 September 1888 d. 19 August 1961. Ada b. 12 February 1894 d. 7 July 1958. Loved parents of John, Gladys, Elsie - 1922, Arthur - 1922, Desmond, Ngaire and Sydney. Photo 22A

23 In memory of H.G.S. KERR died 21st Feb 1952 in his 65th year. Photo 23

24 In loving memory of Mary Jane WATERS died 5th December 1952 aged 82 years. At rest. Photo 24

25 In loving memory of Hilda SMEATON beloved wife of William SCOTT and mother of Margaret died 14th Dec 1952 aged 52 years. At rest. Photo 25

26 In loving memory of Robert loved husband of Ada WALLATH died 24th July 1960 aged 86 years, also his loved wife Ada died 23rd Dec 1962 aged 85 years. Photo 26

Row 5

27 Unmarked plot reserved by COWLING.

Row 6

28 In loving memory of Betsy LOBB died 3rd March 1930 aged 66 years, also her daughter Cora May CUNNINGHAM died 15th Oct 1935 aged 48 years. Photo 28

28A (new headstone) Allan Frederick CUNNINGHAM loved son of Cora died 6th April 1999 aged 80 years. Photo 28

28B (new plaque) In loving memory of Betsy LOBB - formerly COWLING (nee FEEK) married to William II until his death in 1890, aged 32 yrs. And their children (Cemetery interred) Frederick COWLING - Hurdon, Arthur COWLING - Manaia, George COWLING - Manaia, Frank COWLING killed in action WW1 - Fleurbaix France, Cora CUNNINGHAM (nee COWLING) Hurdon. Photo 28A

Row 7

29 In loving memory of Percy David beloved husband of Annie RICHARDSON died 16th June 1937 aged 52 years, also his beloved wife Annie died 20th November 1971 aged 79 years. At rest. Photo 29

30 Pte. E.P. RICHARDSON No. 38275 beloved son of Percy & Annie RICHARDSON died in Italy 11th Nov 1942 while prisoner of war aged 25 years. Photo 30

31 In loving memory of William beloved husband of Ellen PERCY died 28th Aug 1938 aged 72 years, also Ellen Elizabeth beloved wife of above died 2nd April 1950 aged 83 years. Thy will be done. Photo 31

32 In loving memory of John Henry PALMER brother of E.E. PERCY died 10th June 1952 aged 84 years. Photo 32

33 In loving memory of Henry David beloved husband of Ellen M. WALLATH died 18th Jan 1950 aged 72 years. At rest. Photo 33

34 Unmarked plot - reserved by WALLATH

35 In loving memory of Fanny E, ARDEN 1859 - 1955 and of her son Nevile H. ARDEN "Passchendaele" 1889 - 1917. Photo 35

Row 8

36 In loving memory of Ivy Louisa loved wife of Joseph LOBB died 9th April 1966 aged 76 years, and her beloved husband Joseph died 24th July 1974 aged 81 years, also Joyce infant daughter of the above died 13th Sept 1919 aged 2 months. Photo 36

37 In loving memory of Emily dearly beloved wife of Frank Gore SOLE passed away 22nd May 1961 aged 77 years, also her beloved husband Frank Gore SOLE passed away 27th Oct 1968 aged 94 years. Sadly missed. Photo 37

Row 9

38 In loving memory of James LOBB died 9th Jan 1901 aged 49 years, also Charlotte LOBB beloved wife of above died at Broken Hill Feb 1892 aged 39 years, and their son Charles died 22nd Nov 1924 aged 38 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo 38

39 In loving memory of Joseph beloved husband of Elizabeth A. LOBB died 2nd Nov 1919 aged 72 years, also Elizabeth Ann died 28th Sept 1957 aged 100 years. Photo 39

Row 10

40 In loving memory of Joseph dearly beloved husband of Angelena LOBB died 17th September 1945 aged 85 years, also Angelena beloved wife of the above died 10th February 1950 aged 88 years. At rest. Photo 40

40A Stone marking grave with no engraving. Photo 40A

41 In loving memory of Elsie Myrtle beloved wife of Oswald GEORGE died 5th June 1926 aged 27 years. Photo 41

42 In loving memory of Oswald Percy GEORGE died 13th Dec 1962 aged 69 years. Photo 42

43 In loving memory of Lily KEMP died 2nd June 1939 aged 56 years. Photo 43

44 (new headstone) In memory of Catherine Jane MAY nee MOORE born Salcombe, Devon 3-9-1857 died New Plymouth 23-8-1897, Robert Henry MAY born Churchstow, Devon 30-7-1857 died New Plymouth, 8-11-1899. Remembered by their families 8-11-1999. Photo 44

45 In loving memory of Robert Wallace ANDERSON died 11th June 1959 aged 71 years. Kathleen Mabel ANDERSON died 10th Nov 1926 aged 31 years. Sadly missed. Photo 45

46 In loving memory of Ethel Violet SHEPHERD died 20th Aug 1975 aged 86 years, William James SHEPHERD died 7th Nov 1946 aged 60 years, also Maurice aged 10 years. Photo 46

47 In loving memory of Owen beloved youngest son of Link and Helen SHEPHERD died 11th September 1954 aged 8 years. Photo 47

48 In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of Frank DICKINSON died 18th Aug 1963 aged 98 years. Frank beloved husband of Mary DICKINSON died 5th Nov 1937 aged 68 years. (most of lead lettering now gone) Photo 48

49 In loving memory of Phoebe beloved wife of Frank BAKER died 27th Jan 1938 aged 56 years. He giveth unto His beloved sleep. Photo 49 Photo 49b

49A (wooden cross) Elsie ALLANPhoto 49A Photo 49b

50 Rose Harriet HUGHES September 1939 "A noble type of good heroic womanhood" "Santa Filomena" (Longfellow). photo 50

50A (new plaque) Leonard Clinton HUGHES 9th Nov 1961. Photo 50A

51 In loving memory of Joseph Alexander beloved husband of Elizabeth M. BOWER died 8th April 1940 aged 73 years. "Until the day breaks" Also Elizabeth Mary beloved wife of above died 29th Aug 1948 in her 76th year. United once more. Photo 51

52 In loving memory of George Richardson beloved husband Emily F. TYLEE died 14th Sept 1940 aged 77 years, also Emily Frederica died 25th Jan 1958 aged 89 years. Photo 52

53 In loving memory of William George beloved husband of Hylda STOCKMAN died 3rd June 1943 aged 55 years. Photo 53

54 In loving memory of Jack STOCKMAN beloved husband of Cath fell asleep 14th Oct 1972 aged 56 years. A much loved father. R.I.P. Photo 54

Row 11

55 In loving memory of George Stephen beloved husband of Emily EARLY died 21st December 1956 aged 94 years. At rest. Emily beloved wife of George Stephen EARLY died 28th April 1951 aged 78 years. At rest. photo 55

56 In loving memory of William Crocker REVELL who died 1st July 1919 aged 93 years, also William REVELL died 30th December 1927 aged 72 years. Photo 56

57 In memory of Joseph HAWKE died 1875 aged 66 years, also Mary HAWKE died 1895 aged 85. Betsy died 1861 aged 19. Frances died 1861 aged 15. James died 1861 aged 11. Joseph died 1865 aged 32. William died 1869 aged 23. Photo 57

58 In loving memory of Stanley Garner beloved son of John & Matilda HAWKE died 1st Feb 1968 aged 81 years. Photo 58

58A (new plaque) In loving memory of Lucy May HAWKE died 13th August 1985 aged 89 years loved daughter of John & Matilda. Photo 58A

Row 12

59 In loving memory of Rose Alice beloved wife of Edwin SIMMONS died 21st March 1952 aged 79 years. Edwin died 22nd June 1955 aged 91 years. Photo 59

59A new headstone In loving memory of Olive Mary SIMMONS daughter of Edwin and Rose died 20th Dec 1982 aged 85 years. Photo 59A

60 In loving memory of Ada COWLING died 7th Jan 1943 aged 75 years. Jane COWLING died 27th Dec 1948 aged 79 years. James COWLING died 12th Aug 1954 aged 79 years. Photo 60

61 In loving memory of William COWLING died 14th June 1895 aged 83 years. Mary COWLING died 13th March 1926 aged 89 years. William died 16th Oct 1890 aged 32. Annie died 4th May 1914 aged 48. John died 1864 aged 3 years. Sarah died 1880 aged 2 years. Thomas died 1st Oct 1940 aged 76. photo 61

61A new plaque In loving memory of Vera Mary SIMPSON died 12-12-2012 aged 97 yrs loved daughter of Fred & Mary COWLING. photo 61A

61b new monument In loving memory of William and Mary COWLING. William died 14th June 1895 aged 83 yrs. Mary (nee HAWKE) died March 1926 aged 89 yrs. And their children - Mary b. 1857 d. 1935 aged 78, William II b. 1858 d. 1890 aged 32, John 1861 - 1864 aged 3, Thomas 1864 - 1940 aged 76, Annie 1866 - 1914 aged 48, Ada 1868 - 1943 aged 75, Jane 1869 - 1948 aged 78, Pricilla 1870 - 1948 aged 78, Rose 1873 - 1952 aged 79, James 1875 - 1954 aged 79, Claudia 1877 - 1958 aged 81 (interred in Te Henui Cemetery), Sarah 1878 - 1880 aged 2. William COWLING aged 26 yrs, left Plymouth England on 19 November 1840 on the Plymouth Company Barque William Brian arriving at Ngamotu New Plymouth on 31st March 1841. Mary HAWKE aged 4 yrs left Plymouth England with her parents Mary & Joseph on 2nd November 1841 on the Timandra arriving at Ngamotu New Plymouth on February 1842. William and Mary were married at New Plymouth in 1856. They were blessed with 13 children, 11 whom lie here. We honour their courage and humility, and their pioneering spirit. COWLING descendants 2012. photo 61B

62 In loving memory of Mary HARCUS aged 78 years. At rest. photo 62

63 In loving memory of Noel George COTTIER died 8th Oct 1936 aged 22 years. photo 63

63A new headstone In loving memory of Thelma Mavis ROGERS (nee COTTIER) died 22nd Oct 2004 aged 96 years also Stanley Harper ROGERS loved husband of Thelma died 16th July 1978 aged 65 years. photo 63A

64 In loving memory of Henry William COTTIER died 11th Nov 1947aged 79 years also Priscilla beloved wife of above died 7th Oct 1948 aged 78 years. photo 64

Row 13

65 In loving memory of James Frederick HOLMES died 2nd May 1963 aged 22 years. Sherron HOLMES died 31st July 2013 aged 66 years. Photo 65

66 In loving memory of Mary Eleanor COWLING beloved wife of Frederick John passed away 5th Sept 1970 aged 77 years. At rest. Frederick John COWLING beloved husband of Mary Eleanor passed away 27th March 1955 aged 69 years. God be with you till we meet again. Photo 66

66A new headstone In loving memory of Daniel HOLMES. Photo 66A

67 In loving memory of Frederick HAWKE died 12th March 1958 aged 79 years. Photo 67

68 In loving memory of William James HAWKE died 10th July 1945 aged 71 years. Photo 68

69 In loving memory of John HAWKE 2-8-1916 aged 73 years, and his wife Matilda 18-11-1935 aged 85 years, also their children - Joseph 23-10-1870 aged 5 months, Joseph 17-2-1889 aged 6 years, Norman 27-2-1889 aged 14 months, Lewis 8-3-1889 aged 11 years, Ambrose 9-10-1897 aged 22 years, Clara Jane 13-5-1950 aged 79 years. photo 69

69A new headstone NZ Onward 2nd N.Z.E.F. 6883 Pte Newton M. COWLING 22 Btn died 2.12.1999 aged 86 yrs. photo 69A

69B empty plot reserved by BACKHOUSE

69C new headstone BOLLEN Nathanael Murray 29-1-1990 - 16-2-2005 loved son of Andrew and Xanthia best friend and brother of Joshua, Angelique, Kushalah. See you in Heaven Span. Photo 69C

69D empty plot reserved by BOLLEN

69E empty plot reserved by BOLLEN

Row 14

70 In loving memory of "Willie Boy" dearly loved infant son of Bill and Nancy WALKER died 8th Oct 1949 aged 2years, 7 months. R.I.P. Photo 70 Photo 70a

71 Unmarked plot reserved by HOOPAR and PINKNEY.

Row 15

72 Treasured memories of LOVEGROVE Karen Lynne 16-4-1953 - 22-7-2009 dearly loved wife and best mate of Claude loved and respected mum of David, Delwyn, Nicola, Alicia, an adored nanny to her grandchildren. Photo 72

73 Vacant plot

74 Vacant plot

75 CREAN R.I.P. Thomas Christopher Michael 22-11-1989 - 27-5-2007 beloved son, brother and friend. Always a smile. "I believe" Rapture Rukus. Johanna Maree 19-11-1988 - 8-11-2016 beloved daughter, sister and friend - treasured mum of Takoda. "Sweet are the memories, silently kept of the ones we loved and will never forget". photo 75

76 With love we remember BRODERICK Wayne Michael 23rd Feb 1947 - 9th June 2005 loving husband of Lynette (Lyn) Beryl much loved dad of Shaun, Vanessa, Rachel, Kirstyn and Tiffany. Psalm 16 - If you have made known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence. Photo 76 Photo 76b

76A (rear of headstone) BRODERICK. Photo 76A

Row 16

77 Jane Stuart PECCI (nee KIRK) 17-11-1946 - 23-3-2009 loving mother of Craig, Brigitte & Gary. Photo 77 Photo 77A

78 Vacant plot

79 Vacant plot

80 Vacant plot

81 Vacant plot

Row 17

82 PENTELOW Donald Lack 17.11.1937 - 12.5.2013 dearly loved husband of Frances Marjorie loved father of Julie, Hilary and Stephen. Loved Pops of Jeremy, Alastar and Phoebe. In loving memory. photo 82

83 BENNETT In loving memory of Gwenda Beth 15.11.1927 - 15.9.1983. Donald Heaton 4.9.1928 - 3.8.2015 dearly loved mum and dad of Murray, Kaye, Christine and Robyn Special grandparents and great grandparents mother-in-law and father-in-law. Together again, forever remembered and always in our hearts. Photo 83 Photo 83a

84 In loving memory of Joy WARWICK 1951 - 2012 dearly loved wife of Colin and mother of Linda-Joy and Heather. Photo 84

85 In loving memory of Janet Elsie PAYNE (nee PERT) 26 January 1938 - 27 October 2013 beloved wife of Keith cherished mother of Julie and Lesley grandmother and friend. Photo 85

86 GILBERT Rev. Geoffrey Thomas 3.8.1925 - 28.5.2010 much loved husband and Soulmate of Joy. Dearly loved dad of Pauline (18.2.1958 - 9.11.1964) Grant, Megan & Warren, treasured grandpa of Rebekah, Simon, Shari & Casey. Warren 9.2.1964 - 4.8.2011. They live on in our hearts. photo 86 Photo 86a

87 With love we remember John Selwyn ORAMS 23rd December 1937 - 21st May 2010 much loved husband and Soulmate of Lynette ORAMS loved and respected father of Mark, Brett & Simon, devoted & admired poppa of Azwhayn, Xavier & Elysia, Daniel & Brianna, Braydon & Tarlia. Forever missed, always loved. Photo 87

88 KITCHINGMAN Marjorie Ellen 21-1-1922 - 23-2-2012 dearly loved wife of Eric Richard. Photo 88

89 BISHOP Forever in our hearts Desmond Ashley 27-2-1930 - 6-8-2008 loved husband of Dulcie dearly loved dad of Jeff, Peter & Julie. Treasured grandpop of Ashlee, Caylee, Brent, Emma, Jordyn, Ryan & Breya. Photo 89

90 In loving memory of BOSTON Phyllis Eva May 13-5-1916 - 2-7-2006 George Herbert 30-7-1914 - 12-10-2013 loving parents of Georgina, Toni, Penny & Jonathan, loved grandparents & great grandparents. Photo 90

91 With love we remember Freda Strelna ORAMS 24th Jan 1908 - 9th Feb 2005 beloved wife and Soulmate of Selwyn Charles ORAMS 11th Nov 1905 - 31st March 1972 much loved and devoted parents of John, Bryan, Marion, Graeme & David. Together again. Photo 91

End of Hurdon Cemetery
Transcriptions as at February 2018.
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