Bell Block Anglican Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2023.

Bell Block Anglican cemetery

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The headstones are numbered sequentially along the rows. This numbering does not match the official numbering system for the cemetery (but we hope to fix this).

Row 1

1 HIREME Norman Hanaweheri 29-1-1943 ~ 1-2-2009 loved hubby and best mate of Donna. Donna Adele 03-11-1939 ~ 11-3-2016 loved ngakauhoa of Norman, loved dad loved mum of Clayton, Carolyne and Junior loved Koro loved Nan of all their Mokos. Photo BBA_1

1A In loving memory of HARVEY Maurice 2-2-1938 ~ 14-12-2021 dearly loved husband of Gay. Respected and loved Dad of Ross, Paul and Grant. A cherished grandad. Photo BBA_1A

2 In loving memory of Nola Hilda LAMBERT 30-11-1916 ~ 4-8-1997 loved wife of Tom dearly loved mother of Gay, Paul, Betty a treasured nana and great-nana. Always in our hearts. Photo BBA_2

2A In loving memory of Tom A. LAMBERT beloved husband of Nola father of Gay, Paul and Betty died 5th Jan 1977 aged 68 years. Photo BBA_2A

3 In loving memory of Arthur beloved son of Walter and Frances YARDLEY died 10th Oct 1922 aged 4½ years. Also Walter Ivan beloved son of Ivan and Zelma LOCKE died 18th Sept 1935 aged 4 days. Photo BBA_3

4 In loving memory of Doris Curtois BRAMLEY died 13th April 1921 aged 31 years. Peace. Photo BBA_4

5 In loving memory of Eliza MATTHEWS who departed this life 22nd May 1911 aged 82 years. Also Reuben MATTHEWS husband of the above died 6th July 1922 aged 92 years. Photo BBA_5

6 In loving memory of Charles Thomas WHITE who died 16th February 1906 aged 73 years. Gone but not forgotten. Weep not dear wife my life is passed, my love was true while it did last. Trust in the blood of Christ alone and bow for memory at His Throne. Photo BBA_6

7 Sacred to the memory of Henry James FISHER died 2nd November 1898. Photo BBA_7

8 In loving memory of Charles CALLAGHAN who died 28 Dec 1901 aged 63 years. God is love. Also George Ralph beloved son of above who died 30 Nov 1915 aged 32 years. In perfect peace, and Jane Johanna CALLAGHAN beloved wife of above died 28 September 1928 aged 77 years. Photo BBA_8

9 In loving memory of Selina Jane beloved daughter of the late Charles and Jane CALLAGHAN died 26th August 1972 aged 93 years. Photo BBA_9

9A Jill Frances DICKSON 13.4.1948 - 18.7.2019 loved great niece of Selena. Photo BBA_9A

10 In loving memory of Mary Ann ROWE who departed this life January 16th 1900 aged 82 years. Photo BBA_10

11 In loving memory of Henry Nathaniel ROWE who departed this life January 4th 1892 aged 75 years. Also George Philbert ROWE his son died May 13th 1870 aged 3 years. And Jane beloved wife of Henry Nathaniel ROWE died 31st July 1916 aged 92 years. Asleep in Jesus. Photo BBA_11

12 In memory of Mary wife of the late Capt F. De La Cour CORNWALL and daughter of the late Major FRY born Mar 4th 1841 died Feb 27th 1917. Photo BBA_12 Photo BBA_12A

13 Front: Sacred to the memory of Frederick De La Cour CORNWALL late Captain 75th Regiment who departed this life 22nd Nov 1904 aged 75 years. So He giveth His beloved sleep.

Left: And Eliza widow of the late Major FRY 63rd Regiment who died 13th January 1890 aged 76 years. Asleep in Jesus. Photo BBA_13 Photo BBA_13A Photo BBA_12A

14 Ida the beloved wife of Col. DAVIES G.B. who died 7th December 1906 aged 42 years. Photo BBA_14 Photo BBA_12A

14A Barry RUMBALL 07 May 1939 ~ 16 January 2002 Alison's husband and father of Maree (Elizabeth), Anna and Margot. We loved, respected and admired him. He was our mentor. Photo BBA_14A

Row 2

15 In loving memory of George Gordon GROVER died 25 Aug 1954 aged 85 years. Amy Frances GROVER died 7 Nov 1970 aged 91 years. Frances Dorothea GROVER died 8 March 1908 aged 10 days. Photo BBA_15

16 Space

17 Space

18 Space

19 Space

20 In loving memory of Percival Taiaroa beloved husband of Emma Ruth SKELTON died 22nd June 1955 aged 75 years. Emma Ruth wife of above died 25th March 1957 aged 72 years. Photo BBA_20

20A In loving memory of Mervyn Rangiera SKELTON born 15th January 1910 died 12th March 1989. Photo BBA_20 Photo BBA_20A

21 In loving memory of Caroline Edith beloved wife of Thomas HAWKINGS died 4th July 1952 aged 75 years. Also her beloved husband Thomas HAWKINGS died 7th May 1953 aged 73 years. At rest. Photo BBA_21

25 In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of George A SKELTON died 12th Dec 1932 aged 88 year. At rest. Photo BBA_25

26 In loving memory of Sergt George Augustus SKELTON Imperial Army Hospital Corps beloved husband of M.A. SKELTON died 27th May 1917 in his 80th year, also his grandson Tony SKELTON died of wounds in France 8th Aug 1917 aged 21 years. Photo BBA_26

27 In loving memory of Ada wife of A. CLIFF who died 16h April 1912 aged 34 years. Aroha Nui. Photo BBA_27

28 Gwladys E. JOLL died 2/3/28 aged 42 years. Photo BBA_28

28A In memory of Gwladys Evelyn GILL (Joll) loved wife of Ivan 20-8-1939 – 1-12-2012 Photo BBA_28 Photo BBA_28A

28B In memory of Ivan Robert GILL born 27th July 1940 died 3rd September 2018 loved husband of Gwladys Photo BBA_28B

29 In loving memory of Roa PUI died 15th Feb 1930 aged 18 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo BBA_29

30 Space

31 In loving memory of Philip beloved husband of Anne ACE died 22nd July 1933 aged 49 years. Absent from the body. Present with the Lord. Photo BBA_31

32 In loving memory of Ann beloved wife of Phillip ACE died 11th Nov 1947 aged 57 years. Photo BBA_32

33 Chantelle Martenique FRIESEN 01 February 1989 ~ 20 March 1989. Like a beautiful butterfly that’s here but for awhile, you’ll never be forgotten my beautiful child. Photo BBA_33

34 Old headstone: In loving memory of Minnie Clara SADLER died 20 March 1943 aged 78 years, also her beloved husband Nicholas Charles died 16 Sept 1951 aged 78 years.

New replacement headstone:In loving memory of Minnie Clara 1865 ~ 1943 + Nicholas Charles 1873 ~ 1951 SADLER and their only child Edith Alice BROWNING 1908 ~ 1973 mother of ten children. Photo BBA_34

35 In loving memory of Charles William beloved husband of Susan CORBETT died 17th April 1952 in his 70th year. Photo BBA_35

42A Dearly loved and sadly missed GREENBANK Alex Leonard 19-10-1934 ~ 31-8-2015 beloved husband of Noeline precious are the memories. Photo BBA_42A

42C cross Shirley Daphne BELK 01-10-1946 ~ 16-10-2019 family Beverley Beryl Shirley Marie Photo BBA_42C

42D CLARK forever loved Desmond John (Des) 18-3-1942 ~ 6-12-2018 cherished husband of Janet. Treasured dad of Marie and Glenys adored grandfather of all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren Photo BBA_42D

Row 3

64 A-D no headstones

37 In loving memory of Walter dearly beloved husband of Minnie HOSKIN died 16th Jan 1947 aged 67 years. Photo BBA_37

38 In loving memory of Minnie dearly loved wife of Walter HOSKIN died 17th Dec 1943 aged 59 years. Thy will be done. Photo BBA_38

39 In loving memory of Leo Waite ROWE died 10 Aug 1940 aged 27 years. At rest. Photo BBA_39

40 Mary Elizabeth ROWE died 29 Sept 1935 aged 73 years. Peace perfect peace. William ROWE her beloved husband died 9 Feb 1941 aged 81 years. With Jesus. Photo BBA_40

40A In loving memory of Terry John FABISH dearly beloved husband of Ellen and much loved son of Laurie and Thora FABISH great grandson of William and Mary ROWE died 22 Nov 1991 aged 33 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_40A

40B Old headstone: Warren John – 1922

New replacement headstone: In loving memory of Warren John FABISH dearly beloved infant son of Laurie and Thora FABISH great grandson of William and Mary ROWE died 16 May 1946 aged 3 months sadly missed. Photo BBA_40B

43 In loving memory of Alfred beloved husband of Lisa ROWE died 22nd Sept 1944 aged 81 years. Also his beloved wife Lisa died 15th Dec 1957 aged 87 years. Forever with the Lord. Photo BBA_43

44 In loving memory of Louisa Catherine ROWE died 21st Nov 1939 aged 83 years. Also her beloved husband Thomas ROWE died 20th May 1940 aged 83 years. At rest. Photo BBA_44

45 In loving memory of Henry Nathaniel ROWE died 26th July 1928 aged 83 years. At rest. Photo BBA_45

46 In loving memory of Edith dearly loved wife of Cyril STYLES died 26th July 1959 aged 60 years. Also her dearly loved husband Cyril died 23rd July 1967 aged 71 years. Forever with the Lord. Photo BBA_46 Photo BBA_46B

46A In loving memory of Elsie Mary CLEGG loved daughter of Cyril and Edith died 3rd July 2008 aged 84 years and her husband Elliot Vivian CLEGG died 16th June 1984 aged 77 years. Photo BBA_46 Photo BBA_46A

46B Flower pot – In loving memory. Photo BBA_46B

47 In loving memory of Patricia Bernice (Bernice) LOVERIDGE (nee SEAMARK) 27-4-1947 ~ 6-4-2016 cherished wife and best friend of John loving mother of Darryn & Keely grandmother of Carl, Bailey & Aimee. If roses grow in heaven Lord, please pick a bunch for me. Place then in mum’s arms and tell her they’re from us. Tell her we love and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while. Because remembering her is easy, we do it every day. But there’s an ache within our hearts that will never go away. Darryn Wayne LOVERIDGE 29-11-1966 ~ 24-5-2016 treasured son of Bernice and John loved brother of Keely, dad of Carl. LOVERIDGE. Photo BBA_47

48 GIDDY In loving memory of Leo Gordon born 24th February 1931 passed away 6th April 1975 aged 44 years. Devoted and loving husband of Dell. Dellma Oraine nee SLEEP born 1st December 1931 passed away 15th February 2014 aged 82 years. Loving wife and soul mate of Leo. Loved always, Brett, Gordon, Brian, Nigel, Sandra. Photo BBA_48

49 Space

50 In loving memory of George HOBY who died 4th October 1927 aged 84 years also Frances Harriett beloved wife of the above died 19th April 1925 aged 63 years. Photo BBA_50

51 Space

52 COLSON Alexander 1912, Mary Ann 1915, Emma R 1952, Charles 1955 Ever remembered. Photo BBA_52

53 In loving memory of Robina Caroline BELL died 11th April 1909 aged 27 years. Photo BBA_53

54 In loving memory of Grace Caroline WAY 2-6-1911 ~ 7-9-2008 loved wife of the late Richard (Dick) loved mother of Ritchie, Geoff & Marj cherished Nana of all her grandchildren & great grandchildren. Photo BBA_54

Row 4

131 A-D no headstones

55 In loving memory of Michael Francis John dearly loved wee son of Thelma and Frank PICKRANG and loved great grandson of Amy HAYCOCK passed away 21st March 1962 aged 2½ years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo BBA_55 Photo BBA_55A

55A This is a second headstone for Michael Pickrang In loving memory of Michael Francis John dearly loved wee son of Thelma and Frank PICKRANG and loved great grandson of Amy HAYCOCK passed away 21st March 1962 aged 2½ years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo BBA_55A

56 Colin beloved infant son of Colin & Joyce HOSKIN. Photo BBA_56 Photo BBA_56A Photo BBA_56B

56A Also Barry beloved twin son of Joyce & Colin HOSKIN 14th March 1950 aged 3 days. Suffer little children to come unto me. Photo BBA_56 Photo BBA_56A

56B In loving memory of Colin John HOSKIN born 16th March 1916 ~ died 7th May 1984 and his beloved wife Joyce Alice HOSKIN born 6th January 1920 – died 6th March 1994. Photo BBA_56 Photo BBA_56B

57 In loving memory of Emily Mary daughter of the late George & Elizabeth TATE died at Christchurch 20th Sept 1942. Loved by all. Photo BBA_57

58 In loving memory of Gordon Lewis beloved husband of Ida Isabel GIDDY died 13th Aug 1941 aged 44 years, also his loved wife Ida Isabel died 18th Sept 1988 aged 84 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_58

59 In loving memory of James dearly loved husband of Maud JURY died 21st Sept 1951 aged 66 years. Also his beloved wife Maud Kathleen died 29th April 1977 aged 87 years. Until the morning breaks. Photo BBA_59

60 In loving memory of Clifford William beloved husband of Alice MATTHEWS died 8th July 1940 aged 67 years. Photo BBA_60

61 In loving memory of George Varey beloved husband of Fanny TATE died 24th February 1933 aged 83 years. Also Fanny beloved wife of above died 29th April 1934 aged 75 years. At rest. Photo BBA_61

62 In loving memory of Ivy Myrtle SALWAY loved wife of Harry died 9th Jan 1963 aged 79 years. Also Harry Edgar Irvine SALWAY husband of the above died 17th April 1966 aged 82 years. Photo BBA_62

63 In loving memory of Frank beloved husband of Margaret SALWAY died 20th October 1926 aged 73 years, also Margaret beloved wife of above died 17th June 1932 aged 70 years. At rest. Photo BBA_63

64 In loving memory of Ethel Maude the beloved wife of G.F. MONK who died 23rd February 1908 aged 23 years. Photo BBA_64

65 Space

66 Little Harold died 16th February 1904 aged 4 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Jessie RATTENBURY died 7th March 1907 aged 28 years. At rest. Photo BBA_66

67 In memory of Thomas B BENNETT died October 5th 1884 aged 48 years. Not forgotten. Erected by C. SAMPSON. Photo BBA_67

68 In loving remembrance of Ann COLE died 10th February 1899 aged 73 years. Of Thomas COLE died 30th January 1900 aged 28 years, and of John COLE died 11th July 1900 aged 70 years. We loved them all what tongue can tell more deeply, more truly or more well. Christ loved them too and loved them best to take them home with him to rest. Photo BBA_68

69 In loving memory of James Richard beloved son of John and Margaret DUSTOW accidentally drowned 28th Sept 1907 aged 15 years. Gone but not forgotten, also John father of the above and dearly beloved husband of Margaret DUSTOW died 9th Aug 1908 aged 57 years. At rest. Also Margaret beloved wife of the above died 30th June 1918 aged 62 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo BBA_69

69A Also Sergt Edward Albert beloved son of the above killed in action Crevillers 24th Aug 1918 aged 22 years. His duty nobly done. Photo BBA_69 Photo BBA_69A

70 In loving memory of Ian Ronald ANDREWS 8-5-1928 ~ 27-9-2008 dearly loved husband of Erice loving father of Patricia, Judith, Robyn and Margaret. A treasured grandad to all his grandchildren. Erice Greta ANDREWS 23-3-1935 ~ 25-4-2021 dearly loved wife of Ian loving mother of Patricia, Judith, Robyn and Margaret. A treasured grandma to all her grandchildren.Photo BBA_70

71 With love we remember Denis GATLAND 16-5-1919 ~ 4-8-1995 also his loved wife Joan Dorothy Mary 11-3-1919 ~ 6-3-2011 loved parents of Andrew, Denise and Gaynor. Photo BBA_71

72 In loving remembrance of WILKIE John Sutherland 27-3-1930 ~ 8-8-2013 dearly loved husband of Pam. At rest. Photo BBA_72

73 ROSS In loving memory of Wendy Joy 24-7-1970 ~ 11-7-2009 loved mother of Chad, Tyler and Crystal-Lee much loved daughter of Pat and Bob. So dearly loved by family and friends forever free. Photo BBA_73

74 ROSS In loving memory of Robert (Bob) Chester 30-7-1937 ~ 16-4-2015 loved husband of Pat. Loved parent of Richard, Tony and Wendy. Much loved grandparent and great grandparent. Photo BBA_74

75 MURRAY in loving memory of Janet Priscilla 18-9-1939 ~ 25-2-2020 dearly loved wife of Ian loved mother of Robert, Craig and Wendy, special grandma and nana of Dan, Tim, Alex and Kate. Ian George 31-10-1936 ~ 4-2-2005 dearly loved husband of Janet loved father of Robert, Craig and Wendy, special granddad & poppa of Dan, Tim, Alex and Kate. If there is another world, he lives in bliss. If not another, he made the most of this. She who plants a garden, plants happiness. Photo BBA_75

76 Timothy Ian MURRAY (Tim Tim) 17-12-1991 ~ 17-1-2009. Forever within our hearts, never to be forgotten. Loved son of Robert and Kate lobed by all his family. Photo BBA_76

77 In loving memory of Maureen Winifred HALL 16-8-1925 ~ 10-8-2002 loved wife of William Alexander loved mother of Richard, Adrian, Kelston and Jacinth. Photo BBA_77

78 In loving memory of Harold COPESTAKE passed away 26th Oct 1968 aged 79 years, also his beloved wife Miriam Ivy passed away 27th Aug 1969 aged 79 years. Photo BBA_78

80 In loving memory of COPESTAKE Dulcie 10-9-1923 ~ 26-11-2016 aged 93 years. Dearly loved wife of Les. Leslie (Les) 17-12-1923 ~ 10-2-2014 aged 90 years, dearly loved husband of Dulcie. Dearly loved mum dearly loved dad of Barry, Irene, Linda and Robyn. Rest in peace. Photo BBA_80

81 Returned Services Association – In memory of Archibald William (Bill) STOREY 30-6-1896 – 16-2-1996 WW1 Veteran L/Cpl 26938, 17th Reinforcement 3 Co 1st AIB husband of Dorice Mildred Rose (CLARK) 1898 ~ 1974 father of Phyllis Margery LIDDLE and Barbara Noella CRAIG. Photo BBA_81

82 In loving memory of Margery LIDDLE 9th November 1992 aged 67 yrs dearly loved wife of Bert 3rd September 2010 aged 93 yrs loving mother and father of Larry, John, Kevin, Janice and Kathy. Grandson of Evetts & Bishop families. Photo BBA_82

83 In loving memory of Lewis (Lew) beloved husband of Louisa Evelyn HOLMES died 29th Sept 1959 aged 69 years. Also his beloved wife Louisa Evelyn died 9th Sept 1972 aged 74 years. At rest. Photo BBA_83

84 In loving memory of William Henry beloved husband of Violet Louisa HOLMES died 10th April 1958 aged 77 years also his beloved wife Violet Louisa died 8th August 1959 aged 75 years. At rest. Photo BBA_84


85 In loving memory of John beloved husband of Alice HOLMES died 29th July 1924 aged 50 years. At rest Also Alice beloved wife of above died 27th April 1951 aged 78 years. Photo BBA_85

86 In loving memory of Ivy Gertrude beloved wife of Frederick George HOLMES and mother of George died 10th Feb 1951 aged 63 years, also Frederick George beloved husband and father of the above died 22nd June 1967 aged 85 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_86

87 In loving memory of Ethel beloved wife of George Kaspar WEY died 10th Aug 1952 aged 59 years. Also her beloved husband George Kaspar WEY died 2nd Feb 1959 aged 82 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_87

Row 5

90 In loving memory of Alice beloved wife of Ernest GOODAY died 6th Dec 1936 aged 58 years, also Ernest died 25th Oct 1940 aged 67 years. At rest. Photo BBA_90

90A Also of Daisy Marion PENROSE dearly loved wife of Harley and beloved mother of Ian died 28th Aug 1963 aged 51 years. Photo BBA_90 Photo BBA_90A

90B Vera Gladys NEEMS dearly loved wife of Maurice died 2nd Feb 1975 aged 69 years. A much loved mother. Photo BBA_90 Photo BBA_90B

91 Front: In loving memory of John beloved husband of Marian HOLMES died 5th March 1915 aged 63 years. We miss thee from our home dear father, we miss thee from thy place, A shadow o’er our life is cast we miss the sunshine of thy face. We miss thy kind and willing hand thy fond and earnest care. Our home is dark without thee we miss thee everywhere. Photo BBA_91 Photo BBA_91A Photo BBA_91B

91A Left side: Also Harry Victor youngest son who was killed in action in France 31st July 1917 aged 25 years. Photo BBA_91 Photo BBA_91A

91B Right side: Also Marian the beloved wife died 5th April 1931 aged 80 years. Photo BBA_91 Photo BBA_91B

92 In loving memory of Albert E. HOLMES died 24th Oct 1911 aged 24 years. Released from sorrow, sin and pain, and freed from every care by angels’ hands, to Heaven conveyed to rest for ever there. Photo BBA_92 Photo BBA_92A


93 In loving memory of Lucy B. BAKEWELL who died 6th April 1908 aged 21 years. Photo BBA_93

94 In memory of Bryan Henry DARNELL of Durham, England who died 21st January 1906 in his 86th year. Photo BBA_94

95 In memory of Walter BISHOP died December 9th 1881 aged 49, also Margaret BISHOP died September 17th 1893 aged 61 – Mother, oh silent grave to thee we trust, this precious part of earthly dust, guard it safely, scared tomb, till we her children, ask for room. Father – He is gone from the world of affliction and death, to the home of the righteous, the land of the best, he is free from all sorrow restored from all pain, triumphant with Jesus for ever to reign. Photo BBA_95

96 In loving memory of Charles EVETTS died 10th Aug 1907 aged 78 years, also Ann EVETTS beloved wife of the above died 6th Oct 1907 aged 85 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo BBA_96

97 In loving memory of William Henry beloved husband of Elizabeth BISHOP who departed this life 26th May 1915 aged 57 years, asleep. Also Elizabeth Ann beloved wife of above died 21st Dec 1932 aged 68 years. At rest. Photo BBA_97

98 Front: In loving memory of Henry Thomas beloved husband of Amy Sarah BISHOP who died 21st May 1926 aged 63 years, at rest. Trooper Alfred Eric son of the above died at Gaza 16th Aug 1918 aged 21 years. Gone but not forgotten.

Side: Also Amy Sarah wife of H.T. BISHOP died 18th Aug 1940 aged 70 years. At rest. Photo BBA_98 Photo BBA_98A

99 Sacred to the memory of Arthur John HOSKIN who died 4th April 1916 aged 77 years. Also his wife Marina who died 17th Aug 1931 aged 90 years. Photo BBA_99

100 In loving memory of Cyril James HOSKIN died 25th November 1902 aged 7 years 3 months. Christ when this sad lifeless bone, join us to thy little one. Photo BBA_100

101 In loving memory of James Ivan RUTHERFORD who died 26th Jan 1908 aged 5 years. He fell asleep in Jesus. Photo BBA_101

102 In memory of Richard beloved husband of Eliza Hannah GIDDY who died 11th March 1918 aged 58 years. Peace perfect peace. Also Eliza Hannah GIDDY dearly loved wife of the above who died 23rd Aug 1949 aged 84 years. Photo BBA_102

103 In loving memory of JAMES William Isaac husband of Hannah Sophia 11 February 1855 - 19 December 1918. Thomas William 18 April 1884 - 14 January 1951. Nora Beryl 4 March 1929 - 23 June 2002 Photo BBA_103

104 In loving memory of Helga Helena beloved wife of Edgar F. GIDDY died 22nd March 1924 aged 26 years. At rest. Photo BBA_104

105 In loving memory of Violet May beloved wife of George KING died 5th April 1924 aged 35 yrs. Also Edna May loved daughter of above died 9th Aug 1925 aged 5 yrs. And George KING beloved husband and father of the above died 4th Feb 1972 aged 86 yrs. Photo BBA_105

106 In loving memory of Samuel COLE died 20th February 1943 aged 78 years. At rest. Photo BBA_106

107 In loving memory of Benjamin GOLLOP who was drowned at Waitara 7th Nov 1879 also Emma beloved wife of above died 30th July 1921 aged 88 years. Photo BBA_107

108 No headstone but snowdrops are planted here.

109 Sacred to the memory of John KELLY who died 5th Feb 1883 aged 82 years, also Leonora KELLY widow of the above who died 9th May 1887 aged 82 years. Natives of the Isle of Mann. Photo BBA_109

110 In loving memory of Mildred Lucy beloved wife of James CAMPBELL died 5th Oct 1944 aged 57 years, also her beloved husband James died 2nd Aug 1960 aged 77 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_110

111 In loving memory of Joseph Horace beloved husband of Emily L. STREET died 21st May 1945 aged 70 years. Also his beloved wife Emily died 19th December 1961 aged 82 years. At rest. Photo BBA_111 Photo BBA_111A Photo BBA_111B

111A In loving memory of George William BRACEGIRDLE 10-6-1905 ~ 14-1-1977 and Hannah Jane 2-9-1905 ~ 22-1-1995. Photo BBA_111 Photo BBA_111A

111B Joseph Linley (Lin) BRACEGIRDLE 23-2-1930 ~ 28-3-2013 Sadly missed always in our thoughts forever in our hearts. Photo BBA_111 Photo BBA_111B

111C In Loving Memory of Evelyn "Clare" BAYLY (nee BRACEGIRDLE) 30-10-1933 ~ 3-4-2018 Photo BBA_111 Photo BBA_111C

112 In loving memory of Cecil Arthur ROWE died 11th June 1945 aged 59 years. Photo BBA_112

113 In loving memory of Arthur Roy beloved husband of Ella Mary DRAKE died 3rd Oct 1949 aged 51 years, also his beloved wife Ella Mary died 9th April 1977 aged 73 years. Abide with me. Photo BBA_113

114 Michael Rex HOLSWICH 55 17-7-1950 ~ 8-7-2014 Holzie Husband, father, grandfather and best mate to all who knew him. His love and goodwill is with us forever, his humour will always bring a smile to our faces. We all love you. Photo BBA_114

192 A-D No headstones

Row 6

256 A-D No headstones

115 In loving memory of Richard Dudley beloved son of William and Edith ROWE passed away 26th Oct 1968 aged 60 years. Photo BBA_115

116 In loving memory of Hugh Nathaniel beloved husband of Evelyn Myrtle ROWE and father of Joyce and Esther died 9th July 1952 aged 49 years, also their loved wife and mother Evelyn Myrtle ROWE died 15th February 1998 aged 93 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_116 Photo BBA_116A

116A In loving memory of Joyce Evelyn HULBERT 1930 ~ 2016 wife of Barry WISEMAN and Ivan HULBERT mother of Kaye, Christine, Stephen and Pamela WISEMAN. Photo BBA_116A

117 In loving memory of Charles Nicholas dearly loved husband of Muriel ROWE died 8th Feb 1949 aged 64 years also his beloved wife Muriel died 17th Feb 1984 aged 93 years. Abide with me. Photo BBA_117 Photo BBA_117A

117A In loving memory of Barry Francis ROWE 21-12-1932 ~ 6-3-2007 dearly loved husband of Doreen loved father of Maureen, Sandra and Christine, dearly loved grandfather and great grandfather. Photo BBA_117 Photo BBA_117A

118 In cherished memory of Eva loved wife of Joseph H. PAULGER died 22nd Feb 1950 aged 66 years, and her beloved husband Joseph Henry died 13th Aug 1961. The Lord is my shepherd therefore can I lack nothing. Photo BBA_118

119 In loving memory of Marjory Jean PAULGER born 2-2-1912 died 7-6-2000 Jean much loved daughter of Joseph and Eva. Photo BBA_119

120 In loving memory of (Little Willie) William Henry ANNEAR died 28th March 949 aged 7 years, 9 months. Gone to Jesus. Photo BBA_120

121 In loving memory of Penina beloved wife of the late Fred HEALEY loved mother of Isabelle, and grandmother of Pauline, Jean, Wilmena and Christopher, died 1st Feb 1959 aged 63 years, also her beloved son Ernest killed in action 1st Aug 1944 aged 23 years. Photo BBA_121

122 In loving memory of Ethel beloved wife of Arthur H. GROVER died 20th Dec 1936 aged 56 years also her beloved husband Arthur Henry died 10th Nov 1958 aged 79 years. At rest. Photo BBA_122

123 STREET Evelyn born 1912 died 1912, Nellie Mabel born 1885 died 1955, Alfred born 1878 died 1964, Richard Charles born 1910 died 1967. Photo BBA_123 Photo BBA_126

124 STREET with love we remember Albert Alfred (Bert) 13-5-1920 ~ 24-9-2007, Joyce Ivy (nee HUNTER) 26-8-1920 ~ 15-3-2004. Happily married and devoted to each other for 61 years. Loved and respected parents of Suzanne & Geoffrey, treasured grandparents. Photo BBA_124 Photo BBA_126

125 In loving memory of KAY Valerie Eleanor (nee STREET) 20 May 1927 ~ 16 October 2015, Lionel Horace 20 June 1923 ~ 30 June 2014. Dearly loved by all their family. Photo BBA_125 Photo BBA_126

126 In loving memory of Ray STREET 1904 ~ 1990 loved husband of Olive 1906 ~ 1997 also their loved daughter Colleen HALL 1934 ~ 1996. Photo BBA_126

127 In loving memory of William King HULKE who died 22nd October 1908 aged 89 years. Also Ann his beloved wife who died 22nd July 1918 aged 86 years. At rest. Photo BBA_127 Photo BBA_127A

127A In memory of W.K. HULKE Taranaki pioneer Jersey breeder who in the year 1876 established the breed in the province when he led the first Jersey cow, Jenny from Marton to Bell Block, a distance of 130 miles. Associated Taranaki Jersey Cattle Clubs. 1958 Photo BBA_127 Photo BBA_127A

128 Sacred to the memory of Charles Frederick STREET eldest son of William and Mary STREET who died 7th Sept 1907 aged 23 years. Thy will be done. Photo BBA_128

128A In loving memory of Ray STREET 1904 ~ 1990 loved husband of Olive 1906 ~ 1997 also their loved daughter Colleen HALL 1934 – 1996. Photo BBA_128A

129 In loving memory of Romulus STREET died 1st May 1904 aged 65 years. So dearly loved while here on earth by us and all who knew his worth, so gentle good and true in heart, alas how sad from him to part. Also Jane STREET beloved wife of above who died 28th May 1911 aged 65 years. Thy will be done. Photo BBA_129

130 In memory of Joseph STREET who died March 1871 aged 80 years. Mary his beloved wife who died June 6th 1873 aged 78 years. John eldest son who died August 24 1861 aged 33 years. Jacob fourth son who died August 30 1877 aged 33 years. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord. Job2 ch 23. Photo BBA_130

Two plots, no headstones

131 In loving memory of Eliza HOSKIN 1810 ~ 1863, Arthur HOSKIN 1810 ~ 1864, William Fry HOSKIN 1833 ~ 1889, Caroline Oriental HOSKIN 1841 ~ 1922, Leonard HOSKIN 1870 ~ 1938. Photo BBA_131

Two plots, no headstones

132 In loving memory of Alice Gertrude dearly beloved wife of Herbert LEE who died 27th January 1917, aged 54 years. Thomas Herbert LEE 1865 – 1957, Charles Leslie LEE 1902 – 1969, Stanley Harry LEE 1906 – 1984, Kevin Stanley LEE 1936 – 2007. Photo BBA_132 Photo BBA_132A

132A T.H. LEE invites friends and relations to be interred here. Photo BBA_132A Photo BBA_132

133 In loving memory of Mary LONGSTAFF died 10th Aug 1947 aged 88 years. Benjamin Smith LONGSTAFF beloved husband of above died 7th June 1949 aged 93 years. At rest. Photo BBA_133

134 In loving memory of Catherine K. COLLINS died 14th Jan 1940 aged 88 years, and her daughter Ethel Margaret died 18th Jan 1874 aged 3 months. Peace perfect peace. Photo BBA_134

135 In loving remembrance of Mary BOTHAM who died at Bell Block 2nd Oct 1872 aged 38 years, With Christ which is far better. Also Robert BOTHAM who died at New Plymouth 2nd Feb 1873 aged 32 years. His sun has gone down while it was yet day. And Eva J. BOTHAM RUNDLE who died at New Plymouth 8 Aug 1906 aged 38 years. She’s gone, the one we loved so well, to her eternal rest. Photo BBA_135

136 In loving memory of Elizabeth TATE who departed this life 22nd April 1877 aged 53 years.  Beloved by all. Also George TATE who died 20th May 1899 aged 79 years. In peace. Photo BBA_136

137 In loving memory of William TATE who died 29th November 1891 aged 40 years. Also Norah daughter of above died 28th March 1889 aged 6 ½ years. Erected by his son B. TATE. Photo BBA_137


138 In loving memory of William BALDOCK who died 31st May1908 aged 72 years. Jesus keep me near the cross. He’s gone but not forgotten. Also Mary Ann wife of above died 10th May 1932 aged 81 years. Photo BBA_138 Photo BBA_138A

138A BALDOCK – William – Mary (nee GUTSELL), Arthur Robert – Bella (nee LOONEY), Louis Henry – Lulu Pearl (nee CULLEN), Brian Louis – Elizabeth (Betty) Diana, loved father and mother of Dean, Shane, Darryl and Shiree, loved grandfather and grandmother of Louis, Lilly and Paige. Photo BBA_138A Photo BBA_138

Plots for Chomley and Phillpotts are near the north boundary.

139 In the beloved memory of Alice Mary wife of Roger Edward Fairfax CHOLMELEY of Gilling Bell Block and daughter of Robert ALDWORTH of Silverhope born Hagbourne England 6 Aug 1863. Died in this parish 29 Sept 1932. Photo BBA_139 Photo BBA_139A

140 In memory of Frank Gordon Holland PHILLPOTTS born 2nd September 1864 died 28th January 1941, also his beloved wife Gertrude Maria died 28th July 1952 aged 87 years. Photo BBA_140

Row 7

141 In loving memory of Thomas Frederick GODDARD died 3rd August 1876 aged 54 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo BBA_141

142 In loving memory of William Scott beloved husband of Lydia BOTHAM died 27th June 1932 aged 67 years. Lydia BOTHAM died 2nd May 1954 aged 79 years. Photo BBA_142

143 Alive in Christ – Montague Honeyfield JOHNS 3rd Dec 1923 ~ 17th Nov 1989. Isiah 40:31 dearly loved husband of Marie. Marie Adele JOHNS 6th Sept 1927 – 11th Feb 1991 2 Corinthians 12:9 dearly loved wife of Monte, loved father loved mother of Marion and Julie. Forever in our hearts. Photo BBA_143

144 In loving memory of Graham Alan darling son of George and Rona JOHNS died 24th June 1959 aged 3 years 8 months. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_144

145 In loving memory of Edgar Jules BARRETT beloved husband of Daisy Amy JOHNS died 19th Dec 1931 aged 47 years also his beloved wife Daisy Amy died 16th July 1969 aged 79 years. The Lord shall be unto thee in everlasting light and Thy God thy Glory. Isa.Lx.19. Photo BBA_145

146 In loving memory of George James Edgar JOHNS Service No. 425744 Met Service R.N.Z.A.F. WW.11 4th August 1917 ~ 30th July 1994 dearly loved husband of Rona Pixie much loved father of Sharron, Anthony, Philip, Helen, Graham and Anne. Photo BBA_146

147 In loving memory of Roy William JOHNS 25th June 1921 ~ 22nd June 1995 dearly loved son of Edgar and Daisy much loved brother of George, Montague and Leo. Photo BBA_147

148 In memory of Arthur W.M. SAMPSON accidentally drowned Nov 6th 1892 aged 12 years. He has gone but not forgotten. Photo BBA_148

305, 306, 378-384 no headstones

149 James JONES 1824 ~ 1870 Native of Fazeley, Staffordshire, husband of Jane and Elizabeth, also his son James 1855 ~ 1871. Photo BBA_149

307 no headstone

150 In loving memory of Sergt J.J. GILBERT died 9th Nov 1910 aged 63 years, also Amy GILBERT beloved wife of above died 3rd June 1934 aged 80 years, and Walter Ernest aged 10 months. Photo BBA_150

151 Neville Edward RAYMOND 12-5-1936 ~ 27-11-2009 adored husband of Gail deeply loved dad of Kent, Jacqui, Stewart (dec), Debbie, Mark. Special stepdad to Brett & Tina. He laughed, he loved, he lived. Photo BBA_151

151A We remember with love Phyllis May BROWN (nee JEFFERY) 9th October 1929 ~ 31st December 2019 Robin Abel BROWN 25th December 1930 - 31st October 2020 Married 22nd January 1955 Loved Mum and Dad of twin daughters Lynette and Suzanne and son Philip Loved and treasured Nana and Grandad to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren Photo BBA_151A

152 Promoted to God’s Glory, Marjorie BROWN 9-11-1925 ~ 16-12-2013 aged 87 years daughter of Thomas & Annie BROWN sister of Dorothy, Clifford, Winifred, Rex & Robin. God’s servant at rest. Photo BBA_152

Row 8

324c In Loving Memory of PILBROW Eileen Josephine 10-3-1938 ~ 21-12-2022 Deeply loved wife of Bruce Loved and adored Mum of Chris, Sue, Tony and Lindsay Light of my life Photo BBA_324C

153 In loving memory of Arthur beloved husband of Sophie May CAVE died 1st June 1953 aged 68 years. Always remembered. Photo BBA_153

154 In loving memory of Constance Edith ROWE 25th March 1981 aged 60 and her loved brother Brian Lynn ROWE 2nd Jan 1988 aged 78 dearly loved children of William and Edith ROWE. Photo BBA_154

155 In loving memory of William Henry ROWE died 12th November 1955 aged 73 years, beloved husband of Florence Edith ROWE died 20th January 1960 aged 77 years. At rest. Photo BBA_155

156 BISHOP treasured memories Herbert Claude loved husband of Isabella died 25th June 1956 aged 65 years. Isabella dearly beloved wife of Herbert died 3rd May 1970 aged 75 years. Always remembered by their son Gordon daughter Trixie and daughter-in-law Antonia. Photo BBA_156

157 In loving memory of Trixie Elizabeth BISHOP dearly loved daughter of Isabella and Herbert sister of Gordon and sister in law of Antonia died 7th Jan 1971 aged 42 years. Photo BBA_157

158 In loving memory of Alfred beloved husband of Carry HASKELL died 10th Jan 1960 aged 81 years. Also his beloved wife Carry died 18th Aug 1972 aged 90 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_158

159 In loving memory of William Arthur beloved husband of Cecily Elizabeth Ida HASKELL died 24th April 1951 aged 64 years. Also his beloved wife Cecily Elizabeth Ida died 19th March 1963 aged 71 years. A patient sufferer at rest. Photo BBA_159

160 JEFFERY Dorothy May 1912 ~ 1934 loved wife of C.W. (Dick) mother of Phyllis & Baden and Margaret Elaine aged 14 days. Photo BBA_160

161 In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Harry JEFFERY died 2nd Feb 1930 aged 68 years, also Harry beloved husband of above died 23rd Aug 1940 aged 72. At rest. Photo BBA_161

162 Patricia Ann MARSHALL 10-2-1941 ~ 17-2-2018. cross Photo BBA_162

162A Patricia Ann MARSHALL A very special and much loved wife, mother, nana. A woman of great strength, heart and spirit. Her love for her family knew no bounds, family always came first. Photo BBA_162A

162B In memory of Brenda Lee MARSHALL 27-03-1966 Never forgotten, at rest in Hamilton East Cemetery F-1-06. David Oliver MARSHALL 21-10-1960 ~ 15-01-2007 Cherished husband of Andrea. Another spirit in the sky in our hearts forever. Brothers in arms Photo BBA_162B

163 Marion (Rose) RITTER 31-7-1937 ~ 13-4-2007 dearly loved wife of Arthur (Buster) RITTER 8-2-1948 - 18-8-2014 Loved mother and father of Tanya and Gary. Loved by all Photo BBA_163

164 HOPKINS Fondest memories of Alan Boyd 6th December 1991 aged 61 dearly loved husband of Sarah Ann 12th January 2004 aged 71 much loved dad and mum of Brenda and Tony, special grandad and nana of Nathan, Rowan, Claudia & Jessica. Photo BBA_164

164A Jack Alan HOPKINS precious wee son of Tony & Tracey and brother of Claudia & Jessica 2 February 1999. An angel only lent, in our hearts forever. Photo BBA_164A

165 In memory of Little Mary COPESTAKE. Photo BBA_165

166 In loving memory of Betsy LONGSTAFF who died 15th March 1909 aged 82 years. Afflictions sore a long time bore, physicians were in vain, till Christ the Chief sent me relief and eased me of my pain. Also her husband Tom LONGSTAFF died 4th Sept 1919 aged 93 years. Gone to rest. Photo BBA_166 Photo BBA_166A Photo BBA_166B

166A Descendants of Tom and Betsy LONGSTAFF 1875 ~ 1990. Photo BBA_166 Photo BBA_166A

166B LONGSTAFF Tom 20-5-1827 ~ 2-9-1919 buried 4-9-1919 and Betsy 19-2-1827 ~ 15-3-1909 buried 19-3-1909. Arrived on the Halcione 2-9-1875. Photo BBA_166B Photo BBA_166

168 Sacred the memory of Annie the beloved wife of Martin Irwin who died illegible on the 12 April 1879 illegible aged 27 years Grave had broken headstone and iron picket rail in 1984. Photo BBA_168 Photo BBA_168A Photo BBA_168B

Row 9

403 In loving memory of Steve KOOT 22nd January 1938 - 9th July 2018 Husband to Miriam for 53 yrs Father to Robert - Sandra - Angela - Paula Opa to Billie - Lani - Abel - Jade - Amber Born Stephanus Wilhelmus KOOT, Liedschendam - Netherlands, Arrived NZ in 1957 - Naturalised 1963, Son of Gerardus Johannes KOOT and Aplonia Johanna van VEEN. Hey Fulla! We remember with open hearts. Fitzroy Golf Club life member 2010 Photo BBA_403 Photo BBA_403A

404 - 414 Unused plots

169 In loving memory of William beloved husband of Fanny ROOK who died 27th Oct 1927 aged 76 years, also Henry Jervis aged 6 weeks Mary Elizabeth aged 13 weeks and Percy Arthur killed in action in France 11th Feb 1918 aged 26 years. Fanny ROOK wife of the above died 20th July 1956 aged 93 years. Photo BBA_169

170 In memory of Beatrice, William and Jose Ella LONGSTAFF. Photo BBA_170

171 In loving remembrance of Charlotte CARTWRIGHT who died November 28th 1885 aged 43 years, and Louisa CARTWRIGHT who died September 8th 1886 aged 17 years, also William Robert CARTWRIGHT who died suddenly on January 8th 1909 aged 73 years. Thy will be done. Photo BBA_171

172 In loving memory of Joseph Leonard BIRD died 16th December 1971 aged 64 years, loved husband of Elsie Beatrice BIRD nee LONGSTAFF died 18th January 1995 aged 89 years. Photo BBA_172 Photo BBA_173

173 Sophie Elizabeth Rachel MORE. Photo BBA_173 Photo BBA_172

174 In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth LONGSTAFF died 14th Sept 1949 aged 67 years. Also her beloved husband George Markham LONGSTAFF died 14th June 1965 aged 88 years. At rest. Photo BBA_174

175 In loving memory of Annie Sophia his beloved wife died 19th Dec 1957 aged 85 years. Leonard Francois DE LAURENT dearly beloved husband of Annie Sophia died 2nd Sept 1952 aged 87 years. Photo BBA_175 Photo BBA_176

176 Raymond Gerald Paris LAURENT 1907 – 1971, Thomas Edward ARNOLD 1922 – 1999, Violet Laurent-Arnold 1915 – 2013, Florence Iris May 1902 – 1978. Photo BBA_175 Photo BBA_176

177 In loving memory of Gordon Richard dearly loved son of Catherine and Cecil William HOWE accidentally killed 21st Dec 1967 aged 15 years. Sadly missed. Photo BBA_177

178 In loving memory of Catherine HOWE dearly loved wife of Dick and loved mother of Lila, June, Valerie, Bob, Ngaire, Adrienne, Ivan and the late Gordon. 23rd July 1994 aged 76 years. Photo BBA_178 Photo BBA_178A

178A In loving memory of Lila Catherine YOUNG 10-3-1938 ~ 3-6-2017 wife of Grant YOUNG mother of Stuart, Leanne and Rodney. Photo BBA_178 Photo BBA_178A

179 In loving memory of MOODY Maurice George 18-5-1928 ~ 20-12-2002 loved husband of May. Alma May 21-12-1929 ~ 14-2-2000 loved wife of Maurice treasured mum and dad of Lillian, Rosemary, Annette, Trevor and baby David. Photo BBA_179

180 Concrete surround, concrete base for headstone but no markings. Photo BBA_180

181 In loving memory of William James beloved husband of Ellen YARDLEY died 5th November 1964 aged 93 years. Also his beloved wife Ellen died 23rd September 1967 aged 86 years. At rest. Photo BBA_181

182 1st N.Z.E.F. 17453 Tpr C.H.TAYLOR Mounted Rifles died 3-1-1973 aged 78 yrs. Photo BBA_182 Photo BBA_182 Photo BBA_182A

182A Charley dearly loved brother of Howard and May. Photo BBA_182 Photo BBA_182A

183 In loving memory of Howard Stanley beloved husband of Olive May TAYLOR died 22nd March 1960 aged 57 years also Olive (May) TAYLOR died 16th January 2006 aged 93 years beloved mum and grandma. Forever with the Lord. Photo BBA_183

184 In loving memory of our brother Meriton (Murray) Edwin FOWLER died 16th Sept 1962 aged 54 years. Photo BBA_184

185 ANDREWS We remember with love Anthony Julian (Tony) 1940 – 2008 of tender heart and generous spirit dearly loved husband of Ann Jutsum. Forever in our hearts Brigette, Corridon & Dorrien and grandchildren. From Devon, England. Photo BBA_185

458 TATTERSALL In loving memory of Gina Louise (nee Roderick) 10 June 2014 aged 40 precious daughter of David and Jill. Dearly loved mother of Elijah, Liam and Jaxon cherished & missed wife of Paul. Her boys were her everything, her memory lives on everyday through them. Photo BBA_458

459 In loving memory of Nyra Noleen RODERICK 1 August 1925 – 22 September 2014 dearly loved mother of Christopher Ian mother and mother-in-law of David and Jill cherished grandmother of Margaret, Joanne and Gina and nana-great of all the great grandchildren. Photo BBA_459

460 - 461 not used

462 In loving memory of Douglas Bertram GREEN 14th February 1923 ~ 3rd February 2017 aged 93 years. Margaret Bowman GREEN 30th December 1927 ~ 30th October 2020 aged 92 years. Awaiting the masters call. Loving parents & parents-in-law of Pam & David, Alex & Joss. Cherished grandparents & great grandparents Photo BBA_462

Row 10

463 - 517 unused plots

Cremation plots, east side of path

2001 In loving memory of Leonard Stephen COX 10 May 1932 ~ 4 April 2011 husband of Janet Mary COX and parents of Steve, Sheena and Rachel. Photo BBA_2001

2002 Archdeacon David William KING June 5th 1933 ~ 2nd October 2010 loving and devoted husband of Molly Mary Gwendoline (nee LIND) parent of Jeremy, Simon, Christopher, Andrew. Grandparent of Hannah, Henry, Max, Lucy, Jessica, Tyler, Jamie, Annabel. Love divine all loves excelling. Photo BBA_2002

2003 With love we remember –Kris- Kristopher SHAW 6th May 1977 ~ 11th June 2008 aged 31 years. Taken suddenly as the result of a car accident 9 weeks premature of the birth of his only child Jayme Kristy. Loved only son of Glenda ERIKSEN (nee SHAW) much loved brother of Tracy and Carla, cherished partner of Kate loved and respected uncle of his nephew and nieces. A life lived to the fullest. Photo BBA_2003

2004 Forever loved never forgotten WEBLEY Bevan John 16 February 1948 ~ 19 September 2008 beloved husband of Cynthia adored dad and hero of Lisa and Jason treasured father-in-law of Graeme, awesome Popsta of Rhianna. Photo BBA_2004

2007 WIDDOWSON promoted to glory David Ralph 4-9-1930 ~ 12-3-2015 beloved husband of Ada devoted father of David, Duncan and Douglas. Loved grandpa and great grandpa. Well done good and faithful servant. Photo BBA_2007

2008 In loving memory of Peter John BARKER 30-07-1962 ~ 19-07-2016 dearly loved son, brother, father and uncle. Photo BBA_2008

2009 In loving memory of Aileen Winifred (nee VERCOE) 14-07-1928 ~ 05-05-2005 & Jeremiah Francis (aka Jerry or Gerald) 19-02-1924 ~ 15-10-2014 FOLEY loved parents of Heather and her family Peter and David. Always in our thoughts. Requiescat in Pace. Photo BBA_2009

2010 CAMPBELL in loving memory of Gwendoline Agnes 1934 ~ 2021 loved wife of Malcolm. Malcolm Denton 1930 - 2023 loved husband of Gwendoline. Loved mum and dad of Cathy and Margaret Photo BBA_2010

2011 SULZBERGER In loving memory of Beryl May (nee KNIGHT) 12.10.1947 ~ 1.11.2002 loving wife of Ian. Ian Bruce 11.7.1945 ~ 17.6.2009 loving husband of Beryl, treasured mother and father of Tony and Paul. Photo BBA_2011

2012 Remembering with love WITHERS Audrey Winifred 4th Nov 1919 ~ 9th July 2004 very much loved wife of John. Loved mother of David, Beverley, Ivan, Leonard and Maurice. Ernest John Arthur 11th May 1926 ~ 3rd Sept 2012 very much loved husband of Audrey loved father of Gloria, Keith, Ngaire, Bruce, Stephen, Sandra, Sharon and Craig. Photo BBA_2012

2013 In loving memory GLASS Amos Norman 1 July 1926 ~ 4 August 2013 dearly loved husband of Gwenda dearly loved father of Ian, Bruce and Rosemary. Photo BBA_2013

2014 TAYLOR Roy 07/12/1922 ~ 23/07/1996 buried at sea 41° 44S, 175° 1E loved husband of Ethel. Ethel Frances 23/02/1923 – 03/08/2012 (nee THACKERAY) loved wife of Roy. Much loved parents of Geoffrey, Brian, Keith, Steven, Wendy, Christina, Yvonne. NZMCA 1935 Roy – EL – T. Photo BBA_2014

2015 in loving remembrance TAYLOR 42 years happily married Barbara Ruth 12-1-1954 ~ 6-6-2019 loved wife of Brian, daughter of Phyllis & George BEARD, sister of Kevin Photo BBA_2015

2016 KEAST In loving memory of Betty (Dawn) 10th May 2015 – aged 78. Dearly loved wife and best friend of Stanley Joseph (Stan) dearly loved mother of Dianne and Murray. Photo BBA_2016

2018 MOODY Trevor Maurice George 7-8-1959 ~ 22-7-2013 loved husband of Wendy devoted dad of Jordan, Emily & Casey. Also Emily May 15-12-1994 ~ 27-6-2002 our fairy angel now at rest. Photo BBA_2018

2020 With loved we remember Elise Suzanne MANTON 20th August 1987 – 21st September 2015 loved wife and soul mate of Trent much loved mum of Lucas, Isiah and Cohen treasured daughter of Michele and Peter SCHULTZ loved sister and aunty. Photo BBA_2020

2021 MERRIMAN In loving memory of Thomas William 26-1-1915 ~ 10-5-2001, Muriel Ruby 20-2-1925 ~ 4-11-2007, special dad and mum of Janice, Alan, Trevor, Colleen, Murray and Vickie. Photo BBA_2021

2022 In loving memory of Jim ATTRILL (Arthur James) 8th June 1955 ~ 28th April 2005 loved and cherished father of Nicole ATTRILL. Treasured brother and a friend to many. While life was too short - it was well lived. Dad, you will be forever carried with me. Photo BBA_2022

2023 McCRACKEN In loving memory of Betty Doris (nee LILLY) 25-3-1932 – 1-11-2010 loved wife of Ivan loved mother of Gary and Sheryl. Photo BBA_2023

2024 Stanley James BARNETT 23-9-1931 – 31-10-2007 adored husband of Jean loved father of Carol, Tricia and Stanley a loved grandfather and great grandfather. Photo BBA_2024

2025 Remembered with love, always a giver now at peace in God’s garden Glenys Ngaere ROGUSKI nee SHUTE 6th March 1947 to 24th October 2006, sing with the angels. Photo BBA_2025

2027 In loving memory of Gwenn THORNE 9-4-1924 ~ 16-7-2012 loved mother of Alan, Brian, James, Claire, Cheryll and Julie. Photo BBA_2027

2028 With love we remember Ronald Abraham MALIN 4 Sept 1931 ~ 15 Sept 2004. The search for knowledge is the search for more light. Photo BBA_2028

2029 In loving memory of CROWLEY Desmond Burke 15-2-1923 ~ 7-9-2011 Loved husband of Joyce Isobel (nee YOUNG) QSO JP 18-2-1921 ~ 30-9-2020 Loved parents of Pauline & Tony Zieltjes & Jill & Ralph Cooper. Interred in Kaponga Cemetery Photo BBA_2029

2030 In loving memory of VAN DAM Embarked on their final journey together walking in God’s garden. Pieter 1933 ~ 2016 Janice Mary 1930 ~ 2016 dearly loved parents of Deborah, Corrie, John and Phil. Photo BBA_2030

2031 DUXFORD loving memories of Terry Sydney 1934 ~ 2003 beloved husband of Esther. Esther Mary 1932 ~ 2018 beloved wife of Terry, cherished dad cherished mum of Julie, Sandra, Carolyn & Linda, treasured Poppa Nana and Great Gran. Forever in our hearts. Photo BBA_2031

2032 George Edward TURNER 5th July 1923 ~ 8th July 2002 a much loved and respected husband, father, grandfather & great grandfather who lives forever in our hearts. Photo BBA_2032

2032A Beth TURNER 18th November 1927 ~ 27th June 2015 loved & respected wife of George loved step-mum, aunty & nana Beth loved & cherished friend to many. Fly high Grantastic! Beth Turner. Photo BBA_2032 Photo BBA_2032A

2033 In loving memory of Trevor John SIMPSON 11-12-1937 ~ 1-4-1999 dearly loved dad of Sandy, Kris, Gayle, Mike and Tony, much loved brother of Russell and Lois, special friend of Jeanne, treasured grand dad. Photo BBA_2033

2034 In loving memory of Andy ELLIOTT 8-3-37 ~ 3-12-98 cherished husband of Carmal loved father of Steve and Graham, the last of the white warriors. Forever in our hearts. Photo BBA_2034

Cremation plots, west side of path

2135 Rodney Michael JOHNS 23-5-1962 ~ 2-1 2020 a loving husband to his wife Toia Rowana Very proud father of Ashley and Elle. A great son, brother, uncle, cousin and good mate to all of his friends. Rodney will be remembered for his love of all things sport, his laugh and stories. Photo BBA_2135

2137 Brian Edwin MAY 15-9-1931 ~ 15-8-2019 Dearly loved husband of Valerie Joan. Cherished dad of Lynda, Peter and Stephen. Loving memories last forever Photo BBA_2137

2138 In loving memory of Doreen Grace JEFFREY (formerly PAWSEY, nee MacKINNON) 30-3-1923 ~ 20-5-2017. Though absent, you are very near, much loved, missed and very dear. Photo BBA_2138

2139 With love we remember TAIT Edward Guthrie (Ted) 10-12-1923 ~ 22-11-2017 Loving husband, father and grandfather Photo BBA_2139

2143 In loving memory of SCOTT Sandra Jean (nee WESTRUPP) 23-7-1951 ~ 16-2-2016 Dearly loved wife of Lyall Douglas. Loved mum of Jenny, Rhonda and Clinton. Adored little nan of Olivia and Sophia Photo BBA_2143

2147 In our hearts forever Ben CARASS 8-1-1995 ~ 15-5-2016 loved son of Adrian and Michelle big brother to Casey, Jay and Tod. Gone for the eternal ride. Photo BBA_2147

2153 In loving memory of John Luxford GIBBONS 16-4-1905 ~ 16-5-1985 Anne Sutherland GIBBONS 20-10-1913 - 2-2-1996 Photo BBA_2153

2155 Remembered with love HANCOCK Peter Thomas 30-9-1940 ~ 13-8-2022 Dearly loved husband of Jan. Cherished dad of Janine, Andrew and Joanne. Adored poppa and nana of Alex and Sean. God's faithful servant now at rest. Photo BBA_2155

2156 In loving memory of WARD Paul Anthony 10-12-1962 ~ 31-7-2018 Loving husband of Deborah. Much loved dad of Lucille. Gone but will never be forgotten Photo BBA_2156

2159 In memory of Fay Dawn KIDNEY 25 Apr 1938 ~ 21 Oct 2022 loving wife of George, mother to William, Peter, Colleen and David Photo BBA_2159

2160 PERHAM in loving memory of Donald John (D.J) 11-1-1930 ~ 17-8-2022 Dearly loved husband of Judy. Loved dad of Debbie, Mark and Dave. Adored poppa Photo BBA_2160

2167 Loving memory PHILLIPS Ian Arnold 9-1-1926 ~ 22-5-2004 Dearly loved husband of Evelyn. Loved foster parent of Brenda Photo BBA_2167

2170 JURY together forever in the glory of God. Noel James 7 January 1917 ~ 20 November 1993 loved husband of Vera Pearl 11 May 1920 ~ 26 September 2014 beloved parents of Bruce and Carol. One beautiful morning in May. Photo BBA_2170

191 Mrs Molly EDWIN nee ANNEAR 15-8-1915 ~ 2-7-2009. Photo BBA_191 This plaque was photographed in 2018, but not found in 2023.

End of Bell Block Cemetery transcriptions
This version revised 29 October 2023.