Oakura Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2018.

Oakura cemetery

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Row 1

1 In loving memory of George Alfred beloved husband of Elizabeth ADLAM died 30th June 1930 aged 89 years, his end was peace. Elizabeth wife of above died 27th Oct 1943 aged 90 years, also Ruth Mary died 18 Jun 1893 aged 2 years. Photo Oak_1

2 In loving memory of GOODREDS Lester McNeil 20-2-1933 - 20-9-2004 dearly loved husband of Janet loving father and friend of Arthur, Sharon and Marlene. Photo Oak_2

3 Jim SHANLEY 10-1-1953 - 28-12-2004 cherished husband of Angela loved dad of Joshua, Toby and Emillie special friend of Arthur. Photo Oak_3

4 CRAWFORD Leon Campbell 23-1-1925 - 22-4-2009 dearly loved husband of Gloria Patricia loved father of Linda and Alan. Photo Oak_4

5 KRISTENSEN In loving memory of Lorraine Margaret 8 July 1944 - 12 October 2006 loved wife of John Kristian loved mum of Devin, cherished Mana of Ethan and Jacob. In our hearts forever. Photo Oak_5

6 In loving memory of Michael George THOMAS 18-9-1988 - 22-5-2007 precious son of Wayne & Joanne loved brother of Tania, Adrian, Chris & Dylan. Forever in our hearts. Photo Oak_6

7 In loving memory of THOMAS Ian Roy loved husband of Ina. Ina Colleen 4-6-1944 - 4-11-2017 loved wife of Roy. Loved father loved mother of Wayne and Paulene, loved grandad Roy loved grandma Ina of Tania, Adrian, Michael, Christopher and Dylan and their great grandchildren. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Oak_7

8 Lenka Louise WEST 25-1-1976 - 9-1-1977 darling daughter of Sue and Greg loved sister of Jodi, Asher & Lucy. Her life is a beautiful memory. Photo Oak_8 Photo Oak_8A

8A In loving memory of Susan Eleanor THOMPSON 14-2-1947 - 2-10-2010 Amazing mum of Jodi, Lenka, Asher & Lucy and Nana Sue to her grandchildren, treasured daughter of Iris & Keith KIRCHER. A special sister, aunty & friend. Loved "Susie" of Mick THOMPSON. Susie’s smile, energy, love and humour will be remembered forever. Photo Oak_8A

Row 2

9 In loving memory of Marion Aseneth beloved wife of the late William Kennett MORRIS fell asleep 20th Sept 1972 aged 81 years. A wonderful mother at rest. Photo Oak_9

10 In loving memory of Annie Elizabeth JULIAN died 22nd Nov 1980 aged 68 years. Photo Oak_9 Photo Oak_10

11 In loving memory of Guy Hector dearly beloved husband of Florence BELL who passed away 19th April 1961 aged 72 years, also his dearly beloved wife Florence who passed away 3rd May 1963 aged 69 years. At rest. Photo Oak_11

11A In loving memory of Fay Myrtle SOLE died 9th June 2004 dearly loved wife of Archie SOLE died 7th Feb 1994 loved parents of Bryan and Grandparents of Karen and David.Photo Oak_11A Photo Oak_11

12 In loving memory of Isabel beloved wife of William Kennet MORRIS died 4thApril 1943 aged 68 years. William Kennet MORRIS died 12th March 1967, aged 92 years. Photo Oak_12

13 In loving memory of Emily Sarah dearly beloved wife of Frederick Joseph MORRIS of Tapuae who died 14th January 1915 aged 66 years. At rest with the Lord. Also Frederick Joseph MORRIS died 9th June 1935 aged 85 years. Photo Oak_13

14 In loving memory of Maggie Emily eldest daughter of Frederick and Emily MORRIS died 13th April 1888 aged 16 years. Not lost but gone before, also Norman Leslie seventh son died 26th July 1895 aged 11 years. Jesus took a little child and set him on Him. Photo Oak_14

15 In 1983 there was a pile of iron railing here now there is nothing.

16 In loving memory of Emily beloved wife of John C. BELL died 20thMarch 1941 aged 76 years. Wherefore, what so ever ye would, that men should do to you, do ye likewise unto them. Also John Courtenay beloved husband of above died 23rd April 1946 aged 80 years. Photo Oak_16

17 In loving memory of Thomas BAYLY the beloved husband of Elizabeth Ford PENWARDEN who died 29th September 1921 aged 75 years also Elizabeth Ford wife of the above died 8th February 1925 aged 68 years. Photo Oak_17

18 In loving memory of Mary Winifred (Molly) dearly beloved wife of Darcy PENWARDEN died 26th July 1915 aged 36 years. Photo Oak_18

19 In loving memory of Rachael Alice dearly beloved wife of Francis Joseph MACE who died 24th May 1922 aged 79 years also Francis Joseph MACE N.Z.C. died 7th Aug 1927 aged 91 years. Photo Oak_19

20 Thomas Mont MILLS born 23rd Aug died 21st May. Photo Oak_20

21 In loving memory of Ida Mabel MILLS very loved little mother of Susie Arden SHEARER passed over 2.1.1960 in her 85th year. Francis Montague beloved husband of Ida Mabel MILLS died 24th Aug 1937 aged 67 years. Photo Oak_21

22 In loving memory of Susie Arden SHEARER beloved wife of Frederick 29th February 2000 aged 92 years. Frederick James SHEARER beloved husband of Susie 4thJune 1986 aged 98 years. Loved mother loved father of Hamish, Monty and Warwick. Photo Oak_22

23 In loving memory of Albert GOODWIN (Bert) beloved husband of Nell and loved father of Maurice, Peter, Greta and Olave died 14th June 1979 aged 78 years. R.I.P. Photo Oak_23

24 In loving memory of Christina Faye WEST loved wife of Allan died as result of accident 10th March 1980 aged 26 years. Photo Oak_24

24A In loving memory of Erica Lorraine CROW treasured wife and mother at rest with her daughter Tina 19-5-1994. Photo Oak_24A Photo Oak_24

25 In loving memory of Kennett Julia MORRIS dearly beloved son of the late Isabel and William Kennit (sic) MORRIS and loved brother of Vera and Ethel passed away 23rd November 1980 in his 70th year. At rest.Photo Oak_25

26 In loving memory of Samuel Thomas CROW (Alf) beloved husband of Rick 29th May 1985 - aged 69. Photo Oak_26

26A Niels Lindsay CROW 1940 - 1999 a loving husband, father, son and brother. Photo Oak_26APhoto Oak_26

27 Top of cross missing. In loving memory of Studholme son of Thomas and Sarah CORKILL died 9th May 1898 aged 12 years. Photo Oak_27

28 In loving memory of Brian Colin LOVEGROVE beloved son of Colin and Shelagh and loved companion of Kate died as result of accident 3rd Feb 1986 aged 27 years. Photo Oak_28

28A Remembering with loved Shelagh Rose LOVEGROVE 19-10-1929 - 8-12-2004 loved wife and sweetheart of Colin. Colin Claude LOVEGROVE 10-7-1926 - 6-9-2016 dearly loved husband of Shelagh. Treasured mother treasured father of Claude, Ross, Brian, Keith, Paul and Pam. So easy to remember, so hard to forget. Photo Oak_28A Photo Oak_28

29 In loving memory of Ronald Ferdinand SCHICKER treasured husband of Dulcie and adored father of Brian, Joy and Esric died 13th June 1981 - aged 78 years. He loved for others also their treasured wife and adored mother Dulcie SCHICKER died 22nd October 1996 - aged 83 years. She lived for others. Photo Oak_29

30 In loving memory of Brian Ronald SCHICKER dearly loved son of Dulcie and Ronald at peace 21st Oct 1982 aged 48 years. Loved by all. Photo Oak_30

31 Treasured memories Alan Michael WALL at rest 29th June 1986 a very devoted husband and a truly caring father. Marion Ethel WALL passed away 22nd February 1995 laid to rest with dad by her three loving sons. R.I.P. Photo Oak_31

32 Thomas WALSH died 28th March 1888 aged 61 years. Ellen WALSH died 18th April 1888 aged 55 years. Photo Oak_32

33 In loving memory of Juanita Rose VICKERS beloved wife of Leslie 27th Dec 1986 aged 63. Frederick Leslie VICKERS beloved husband of Juanita 29th August 1989 aged 87. Treasured mother treasured father of Marie, Shona, Mary, Geoffrey, Raewyn and Robyn. A much loved nana and much loved grandad. Rest in peace. Photo Oak_33

Row 3

34 In loving memory of Thomas Wright beloved husband of Ann Jane TELFORD born Blairlogie 10th March 1863 died 12th October 1950. He served his King and Country, also Jane TELFORD born 18th February 1871 died 17th October 1957. Photo Oak_34

35 Vera Gladys TELFORD died 11-3-1987 72 yrs. Dearly loved wife of Peter died 15-8-1989 83 yrs. Photo Oak_35

36 In loving memory of Hugh John Frederick TELFORD dearly loved husband of Eunice 11th January 1908 - 5th December 1989. Eunice Vida Ann TELFORD 5th October 1913 - 15th May 2004. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills. Photo Oak_36

37 In loving memory of Roy William BELL Regt. No 83077 Sgt. 20th Batt. WWII 1919 - 1995 dearest husband of Joyce Lydia Regt. No. 815345 Sgt. WWII 1916 - 2001 loved father and mother of Shirley & Marilyn loved papa and nana of Angus, Joanna & Rachel. Photo Oak_37

38 Sandra Ann BERRIDGE 16-3-1962 - 30-3-1999 cherished wife, mother, daughter & sister. Photo Oak_38

39 John Andrew Nicholson MAGRATH 1919 Rest in peace. Photo Oak_39

40 In loving memory of William Alfred beloved husband of Margaret Jane THOMAS who passed away 31st July 1952 aged 73 years. Margaret Jane beloved wife of William Alfred THOMAS who passed away 22nd Feb 1966 aged 83 years. Ever remembered. R.I.P. Photo Oak_40

41 In loving memory of William Alfred THOMAS loved son of the late William and Margaret died 9th February 1976 aged 74 years. R.I.P. Photo Oak_41

42 In loving memory of GEARY Dulcie Jean 14 January 1921 - 12 July 2003 loved Mother Bear of John, Laurin, Hamish, Lindsay, Ronald, Robin & Roy. Photo Oak_42

43 In loving memory of Margaret Olive loved wife of Henry Hugh BRYCE died 9thOct 1964 aged 78 years also her beloved husband Henry Hugh BRYCE Regt. No 11/10 L/Cpl. Wellington Mtd. Rifles, 1st N.Z.E.F. died 26th Feb 1974 aged 89 years. Photo Oak_43

44 In loving memory of John Francis THOMAS 36 Battn 48327 WWII 19.1.1912 - 1.6.1974 aged 62 years beloved husband of Noeline loving father of Kevin and John. Noeline Margaret (Mary) THOMAS/HALL nee PARKER 3.2.1936 - -.10.2008 aged 72 years, beloved wife of John loving mother of Robert, Leslie, Kevin and John. Sadly missed by all, but in Gods care so dearly loved. Photo Oak_44

45 In loving memory of John Edward ABRAHAM dearly loved husband of Lottie 1907 - 1974. Also his loved wife Charlotte Cook 1910 - 1993 loved by all. Photo Oak_45

46 In loving memory of Paul Charles CHRISTIANSEN dearly loved husband of Susan passed away 26th August 1974 aged 22 years. A devoted and loved son and brother. Photo Oak_46

46A CHRISTIANSEN In memory of Christian (Christy) 21-5-1923 - 5-8-2002 loved husband of Patty loved father of Paul, Bruce & David. Photo Oak_46 Photo Oak_46A

47 In loving memory of David Scott WIGHTMAN dearly loved son of Maureen and Bill and loved brother of Keith died as result of accident 17th October 1975 aged 15 years. Photo Oak_47

48 In loving memory of John Francis BRYHAM (Jack) treasured husband of Bess passed away 27th April 1980 aged 73 years. Bessie Christina BRYHAM (Bess) treasured wife of Jack passed away 3rd November 2013 aged 96 years. Photo Oak_48

49 In loving memory of Leslie GOODWIN dearly loved husband of Rita and a treasured father 7th Sept 1985 - aged 84, also his dearly loved wife Olive Rita GOODWIN 14th Aug 1994 - aged 80. Treasured mother sadly missed. Photo Oak_49

50 In loving memory of Henry Holder STAVELEY loved husband of Maisie father of Garry, Pat and Neal grandfather and Fa Farn at peace 11th March 1984 - aged 75 also Maisie Florence Beryl a loved wife, mother and nana at peace 19th July 1987 aged 78. Photo Oak_50

50A In loving memory of Garry Robert STAVELEY 31 July 1939 - 8 August 2014. Photo Oak_50Photo Oak_50A

51 HANA In loving memory of Ben 14 Sept 2012 aged 79. Doreen 12 Jan 1986 aged 50. Dearly loved parents of Jocelyn, Catherine and Wayne. Cherished Koro and Kui of their loving mokopuna. Photo Oak_51

52 In loving memory of Claude Anglo THOMAS beloved husband of Mary fell asleep 5th May 1982 aged 66 years. R.I.P. Photo Oak_52

53 In loving memory of Mary Conroy THOMAS beloved wife of Claude fell asleep 4th Jan 1986 aged 62 years. R.I.P. Photo Oak_53

54 In loving memory of Michael Joseph THOMAS Regt. No. 633956 Tpr. 4th R.N.Y. Division 2nd N.Z.E.F. dearly loved father of Phillip and Stephen died 28th Sept 1992 - aged 70 years. Missed by all. Photo Oak_54

55 In loving memory of Lawrence John THOMAS (Sonny) dearly loved father of Angela and Paul. Died 1st May 1997 - aged 55 years. Friend to all. Photo Oak_55

56 In loving memory of John Charles THOMAS ("JT") dearly loved father of Daryl, Mark and Simon died 18th May 2012 - aged 64 years. Friend to all. Photo Oak_56

57 In loving memory of Raymond John LUCKIN beloved husband of Jessie 22nd Oct 1908 - 28th Aug 1984 also his beloved wife Jessie 11th June 1912 - 11th July 2003 loved parents of Jeneane, John, Nancy, Raewyn & Tony. Photo Oak_57

58 In loving memory of Duncan McCombie KITCHIN dearly loved husband of Norah at rest 11th Nov 2007 aged 90 years. Norah Florence KITCHIN dearly loved wife of Duncan at rest 13th July 1985 aged 62 years. Dearly loved father dearly loved mother of Anne, Maureen and Heather, treasured papa treasured nana of Karl and Anna and Callum. Photo Oak_58

59 MITA In loving memory of Evan Samuel 15th July 1998, aged 72 beloved husband of May loved father of Evan Jnr. Robert and Gavin, treasured grandad. Rest in peace. Photo Oak_59

59A Back of headstone 59: MITA Photo Oak_59A

60 Precious memories of our brother Geoff. Geoffery Barney VICKERS 16-6-1952 - 1-5-2009 loved son of Nita and Les (dec) dearly loved brother of Marie, Shona, Mary, Raewyn and Robyn. Special brother in law, uncle and cousin. In our hearts forever. Never to be forgotten. Photo Oak_60

Row 4

61 David treasured memories. May the sun shine warm upon your face and may the wind be always at your back ride free David Tauiti POTAKA 15th Sept 1964 - 18th Dec 1987. So dearly loved so sadly missed. Dave. Photo Oak_61

62 In loving memory of George THOMAS passed away 8th March 1988 aged 80 years dearly beloved husband of Winifred passed away 7th February 2000 aged 88 years. Loved father and mother of Roy. At peace. Photo Oak_62

63 In our hearts forever Cecil Llewellyn PEASE 24-10-1903 - 13-7-1991 Jean Constance PEASE nee REDMOND Regt. No 72476 W.W.II 1-9-1913 - 21-5-1983. Photo Oak_63

64 In loving memory of Jennifer Ann ROBINSON (Jenny) best friend and loving wife of David much loved and respected mother of Sarah, Nigel, Michael, Graham and Andrew died 26th Masy 1988 - aged 47 years. Thank you for our time together. Photo Oak_64

65 In loving memory of Ross Dale ABRAHAM dearly loved son of Gwen and Stan, loved brother of Ian and Kay 11th Sept 1988 - aged 14 years. Stanley Edward ABRAHAM 11th Nov 2011 - aged 80 years. Loved parent and grandparent sadly missed and remembered always. Photo Oak_65

66 In loving memory of Herick Robert (Bob) PEASE he lived for those he loved and those he loved remember him. 15-1-1901 - 11-5-1991 dearly loved husband of Norah Grace 29-10-1910 - 19-7-1998 loved dad and mum of Staveley, Cliff, Murray, Beth and Doug. A treasured grandad and nana. Photo Oak_66

67 In loving memory of Nona Dorothy HEYDON beloved wife and companion of Ashley beloved mother of Evan, Cathy and Irene and a dearly loved gran. 6thJune 1931 - 11th March 1988. Those who live in the hearts of the ones they love will never die. Photo Oak_67

68 In loving memory of Diane Jean SNOWDON 10-10-1954 - 10-3-2002 DEARLY LOVED MOTHER OF Wes, Ben and Holly, treasured daughter and sister. A special friend to so many. Sadly missed. Photo Oak_68

69 In loving memory of Alfred James SHARROCK 24-5-1925 - 14-7-1991 dearly loved husband of Jean Edna Mary 18-5-1927 - 7-2-2013 loved father and mother of Christine, Diane and Maree. A loving grandfather and grandmother. Gone from home but not from our hearts. Photo Oak_69

70 Isaac Teaio FARMER placed safely in the arms of angels 4 June 1991 cherished son of Darrell & Francis precious brother of Gareth, Joseph & Theresa. R.I.P. Forever our little boy. Photo Oak_70

71 In loving memory of James McEWAN 26-7-1923 - 20-9-1997 dearly loved husband and friend of Josephine McEWAN 31-3-1924 - 20-9-2014 loved father and mother of Josephine, Maria, Jeanie, Jamie, Francis, Julie and Cathy. Treasured poppy and loved father-in-law treasured nana and loved mother-in-law. Always with is in our hearts. R.I.P. Photo Oak_71

72 In loving memory Gordon James CAMERON dearly loved husband of Jean 24-6-1927 - 19-8-1991. Jean Ida CAMERON dearly loved wife of Gordon 21-7-1929 - 1-1-2013. Loved father loved mother of Jocelyn, Lorraine, Charlie, Colleen, Bruce, Maryann and Ian. A much loved grandad and great grandad. A dearly loved nana and greatnana. Photo Oak_72

73 In loving memory of Alec Maurice GRUNDY 516625 F/Sgt. R.A.F. WWII 27-9-1914 - 4-5-1992 dearly loved husband of Edna loved father of Graham and Brian. A loved grandpa. Photo Oak_73

74 By faith tro a better life Bruce Hardie TOMPKINS much loved husband of Jill and loved father of Claire, Heelan, Haydan and Jean-Marie 27th July 1992 - aged 45. Photo Oak_74

75 In loving memory of Jean Henrietta PARSONS 18-2-1914 - 20-5-1994 dearly loved wife of Geoffrey Arnold 24-10-1912 - 27-8-1995 loved mother and father of Diana, Sandra, Bill, Jill and John. Photo Oak_75

76 RYAN In loving memory of Thomas Joseph 5-11-1914 - 25-3-2000 aged 85 years loved husband of Monica. Monica (Mickie) 7-4-1916 - 13-8-2004 aged 88 years loved wife of Thomas. Much loved dad much loved mum of Martin, Lorraine, Maureen & Patrick. Loved grandpa and father-in-law loved nana and mother-in-law. R.I.P. Photo Oak_76

77 In loving memory of Hector Leonard COXHEAD 4th Feb 1993 - in his 73rd year dearly loved husband of Joan Kathleen 11th April 2010 in her 90th year. Loved and respected dad and mum of Noel, Paul, Margaret, John, Julie and the late Peter. Photo Oak_77

78 In loving memory of Ashley William LILLY 1907 - 1989 dearly loved husband and helpmate of Dorrie much loved father and friend of. Doris Amy LILLY 1911 - 2005 dearly loved wife and soul mate of Ashley, much loved mother and friend of Betty, Eric, Ronald and Elva. Underneath are His everlasting arms. Photo Oak_78

79 Alfred William CONQUEST born Luton 1920 died 1990 dearly loved husband of Frances May loved father of Sally and Pete. Photo Oak_79

80 In loving memory of Myra MacDonald RYAN dearly loved wife of Charles and loved mother of Gary, mother-in-law of Robyn and grandmother of Matthew. At rest 27th Oct. 1972 Photo Oak_80 Photo Oak_80A

80B In loving memory of Charles Prideaux RYAN dearly loved husband of Myra loved dad of Gary and father of Robyn precious grandad of Matthew, Craig, Robert & Fraser at rest 10th Jan 1994. The Lord is my shepherd I have everything I need. Photo Oak_80B Photo Oak_80

80C In loving memory of Craig Thomas Edwin RYAN at rest with his beloved grandad born 11-10-1973 accidentally drowned 9-3-1999. Nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much. Photo Oak_80C Photo Oak_80

81 Jessica Anne HALL-CONQUEST 13-12-1995 - 19-2-1996 loved daughter of Teresa and Peter. Always in our hearts. Photo Oak_81

82 In loving memory of Carol Joyce GUILFORD 29-12-1915 - 20-2-1999 dearly loved mother of Allen, Kathryn, Graeme, Margaret and Harvey. Loved grandmother and great grandmother. Photo Oak_82

83 Treasured memories of Susan (Sue) Anne HARRISON dearly loved wife of Peter adored mother and friend of Jason and Kim. 22-4-1951 - 24-3-1995. Photo Oak_83

84 Lovingly remembered James Alfred DUXFIELD 28-10-1924 - 2-11-1994 devoted husband of Iris Catherine DUXFIELD (nee QUICKENDEN) 9-3-1928 - 25-12-2011 treasured parents of Patricia, Geoffrey, Moya and John adored Nana and Poppa of all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Together again resting in peace.Photo Oak_84

85 CONAGLEN In loving memory of Edward Eustace (Ned) died 6 March 1997 aged 71 and his sister Maureen Isobel died 25 April 1994 aged 72 loved son and daughter of James and Mary. R.I.P. Photo Oak_85

86 Greg POWER 26-10-1952 - 13-11-1997 dearly loved husband and friend of Robyn best friend and dad of Bridget, Angela and Cody, special grandad of Connor and Jordan. Those we love remain with us in our hearts and memories forever. Photo Oak_86

87 In loving memory of Audrey 4-10-1929 - 22-8-1998 loved wife of Rodney. Rodney 29-11-1926 - 23-4-2003 loved husband of Audrey. Loved mother and father of Ian, Pam and Kerry loved nana and grandad of their grand and great-grandchildren. EVANS. Photo Oak_87

88 With love and special memories of Eric Walter ADLAM 6-10-1933 - 6-1-2015 dearly loved husband of Stella loved and respected father of Linda, Carolyn, Stephen and Catherine dearly loved grandad and great grandad. Photo Oak_88

89 Vacant

90 Bahai in memory of Michael Joseph CONAGLEN (Pike) 10-9-1933 - 10-6-1998 loved husband of Mary and Elena whose cherished children Shaun, Nial, Maree, Sarah, Justin, Tahirih and Fatima he adored. In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love. –Bah’a’h’llah-. Photo Oak_90

91 In loving memory of Nicholas GOODWIN (Hicka) 22-7-1913 - 11-11-2000 loved by his brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and friends. At peace. Photo Oak_91

92 In loving memory of Ruth E. BAILEY 5-6-1916 - 19-4-2001. At home with the Lord. Photo Oak_92

93 WEST In loving memory of Allan Roy (Roy) 19-11-1931 - 6-12-2001 treasured husband and Soulmate of Betty Valerie 17-7-1936 - 6-1-2018 loved dad and mum of Allan, George, Linda and Chris much loved grandad and mentor much loved nana to all her grand and great-grandchildren. Photo Oak_93

94 Vacant

95 CURRAN Remembering you always with loved (Jack) John Francis 5-6-1942 - 10-3-2002 treasured husband and best friend of (Jane) Maree Agnes Jane loved dad of Terry and Sonya. Photo Oak_95

96 Vacant

97 PAYNE, In loving memory of Mark Andrew 17-1-1964 - 27-3-2002 as a result of an accident much loved son of Nancy & Bernard loved partner of Sheree father figure of Ben and Cody. Photo Oak_97

98 Vacant

99 In loving memory of Arthur Bruce DINGLE 24-01-1943 - 11-06-2002. Bruce was the dearly loved & precious husband of Janet Frances. Beloved dad & friend of Mark, Suzette & Shaun, special stepfather of Glen. Cherished grandad. Photo Oak_99

100 In loving memory of Anthony (Tony) Wilfred WAGSTAFF 5-12-1921 - 9-10-2008 treasured husband of Zona Malvina WAGSTAFF (nee PACE) loved father of Robert, Antona and Michele, also Polly FITZPATRICK born & died 10-5-1986 precious daughter of Michele and Gavin. Till the day break, and the shadows flee away. Song of Soloman ch.2 v.17. Photo Oak_100

Row 5

101 Ruth Margaret BULLEN. Photo Oak_101

102 William Robinson PENWARDEN. Photo Oak_102

103 In loving memory of HINTON Joyce Mabel 12-5-1931 - 1-9-2011 dearly loved wife of Don loved mother of Chris, Brian, Kerry, Marteen, Seonie, Zanetta, Kelvin, Aaron and Hayley. She loved her garden, animals and children. Photo Oak_103

104 In loving memory of McDONALD Adrian James 4th January 1951 - 17th July 2011 dearly loved husband of Annette loved father of Marlene, Trina and Glen, loved Poppa of Amber, Xavier and Saoirse. Photo Oak_104

105 Forever in our hearts Bryan Francis Peter CURD 1-7-1953 - 16-2-2012 loved and treasured dad of Sarah and Sean cherished son of Pat and Veronica admired by his brothers & friend to many. Live the life you love and love the life you live. Photo Oak_105

106 Brett Keith MANNING (Mano) 3-10-1956 - 15-9-2009. In peace there is love, in both there is eternity. Loved and adored husband and Soulmate of Nichola. Funny, proud and kind-hearted dad of Jane and Peter. Treasured and free-spirited son, brother and friend. “as always” love Brett. Photo Oak_106

107 In loving memory of CLARK Mary (Molly) 4-7-1930 - 25-2-2014 dearly loved wife of Kenneth (Ken) treasured mum of Rhys, Dianne, Lorraine and Allan. Cherished grandma and great grandma. Till we are together again. Forever loved and remembered. Photo Oak_107

108 In loving memory of Shirley Rita MACKENZIE dearly loved wife of Fraser a much loved mother. Fraser Hugo Craig MACKENZIE dearly loved husband of Shirley a much loved father of Craig, Stuart, Ian and Gregor, dearly loved by all the grandchildren. Photo Oak_108

109 Riley James LOOKER 1996 - 2014 beloved son of Wayne and Philippa and brother of Tobias. A kind and caring soul who will be dearly missed and loved forever by family and friends. Photo Oak_109

110 In loving memory of (Russ) COOKSLEY Russell George 9-1-1942 - 9-10-2014 dearly loved husband of Marion. Loved dad and friend of Neville and Tania loving Papa of Rachel and Jade, Zach, Taylor and Paige. Photo Oak_110

111 Arthur MAY. Photo Oak_111

112 FEVER Precious memories of Vaughan Leslie 1970 - 2015 dearly loved husband of Shelly. Loving dad of Aliya and Keshia. To dearly loved, to never be forgotten, forever in our hearts. Photo Oak_112

113 We remember with love McGREGOR Kathleen Hazel (Hazel) 24-7-1929 -6-7-2015 loved sweetheart of Fred. Fredric George (Fred) 8-3-1928 - 23-7-2017 loved sweetheart of Hazel. Happily married for 65 years. Dearly loved mum and dad of Penny, Maureen, Wendy Robby, Lena and Brian. Very special granny and grandad of all their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great great-grandchildren. Photo Oak_113

114 PERRY Cherished memories Malcolm (Stick) 11-10-1955 - 14-11-2015 a loving and devoted husband, father and grandad. Your love and guidance anchored us all. Hold your head high, work hard and carry the strength of the mountain within you. Photo Oak_114

115 With every rainbow in the sky be the colour purple, you are remembered. LOGAN Stefny Elizabeth 21-3-1964 - 28-12-2010 loved wife of Scott Bruce, adored mother of Nick & Jendi loved wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend. How wonderful life was with you in our world. Many attributed in such a beautiful woman, your creativity, kind-hearted, humour & positivity will be remembered forever. These will continue to live within us XOX. Photo Oak_115 Photo Oak_115A

116 McDONALD In loving memory of Florence Anne 1920 - 1987 dearly loved wife. Douglas Brodie 1920 - 1988 dearly loved husband. Photo Oak_116

117 In loving memory of Jocelyn BRASH 14 September 1918 4 September 2008. Donald Gilmour BRASH 23899 Capt. 2 November 1916 8 July 2012. Always remembered by their family - David, Graham & Erica. Photo Oak_117

118 Remembered memories Lyall Austin RIES 5th March 1994 - aged 65 dearly loved husband of Gwendolene Gladys 6th March 1999 - aged 69 loved father and mother of Kevin, Denise, Helen and Russell. Photo Oak_118

119 In loving memory of Evelyn Mary BARKER 19th Oct 1921 - 6thNov 1997 aged 76 years, beloved wife of Harold Leslie BARKER dearly loved mother and nana. Photo Oak_119

120 In loving memory of Judith Anne LOVETT-WEST 17 May 1954 - 25 May 2012 a much loved mother of Tasha, Rene and Sam and a loving Nana. Photo Oak_120

121 In loving memory of Lesley Jane CHALMERS 25th May 1950 - 12thFeb 2002 dearly loved wife of Wayne, loved mum of Hayden & Sarah, sadly missed and remembered always. Photo Oak_121

Row 6

122 In loving memory of Roslyn Bilton KAYE 23rd January 1914 - 17thJune 2004 dearly loved husband of Gladys (Jean) nee WOOLTORTON 10th June 1918 - 20th August 2015 cherished father and mother of Peter, Judy, Helen and Philip. Photo Oak_122

123 Vacant

124 In loving memory of Graeme Bruce EDGECOMBE (Ed) 1943 - 2004 treasured husband and best friend of Bev cherished and loved father of Debbie, Brent and Glen (Shorty). Sadly missed by his grandchildren. Graeme EDGECOMBE. Photo Oak_124

125 BUTLER In loving memory of Anthony David (Tony) 9 January 1943 - 30 January 2010 loved forever more by his wife Doreen. Much loved and missed dad of Amelia & Charlotte and his three precious grand-daughters Bailey, Mia & Rio. Now at rest. God bless. Photo Oak_125

126 "Rae" Raewyn Lynette BAIRD nee MARR 25th Nov 1949 - 12th Oct 2016 aged 66. Our adored mum, sister, nan, aunty and friend. Never far from the sea. Photo Oak_126

127 With love we remember Lance Eric JERREMS 22-11-1946 - 22-5-2007 cherished and loving husband of Linda. Loving father of Sacha and Tate. Photo Oak_127 Photo Oak_127A

127A back of headstone 127 JERREMS His endearing smile, the person he was, not gone from memory nor from love. Photo Oak_127A

128 Kenneth Ralph SLY 27 August 1947 - 1 April 2014 loved son of Noel & Grace, much loved brother of Linda & Christine loved and special uncle of Damien. So wise and such fun, we are proud he is our brother and uncle. Photo Oak_128

129 STEWART Cherished memories of Michelle Anne 4-1-1977 - 18-2-1977 loved daughter of Trevor & Sally loved sister of Rachel & Steven. Photo Oak_129

130 In loving memory of WRIGHT Noel Carr Nuie 11-9-1917 - 6-10-2007 Janet Christina 22-9-1922 - 2-9-2014. Together forever, sadly missed. Photo Oak_130 Photo Oak_130A

130A Back of headstone 130 WRIGHT. Photo Oak_130A

131 LEWIS In loving memory of Kathleen Mary (Kate) 14-12-1939 - 4-10-2007 loved wife of Les loved mother of Tonia, Raymond, Katrina and Stefan. Loved granny. Remembered with love. Photo Oak_131

132 MILLS Michael Leigh 5.7.1935 - 6.10.2016 dearly loved husband, dad and grandad.Photo Oak_132

133 LEVETT Anthony Roland (Tony) 29-9-1937 - 24-7-2006 cherished husband of Mary much loved dad of Barrie, Darryl and Stephen. Photo Oak_133

134 Tanya Frances PALMER dearly loved 18-01-1965 - 14-08-2014. Photo Oak_134

135 Vacant

136 John Kenneth MARSH 15 May 1943 - 19 March 2017. Photo Oak_136

137 Anne Elizabeth McCULLOUGH 1967 - 2012. Loved and missed. Photo Oak_137

138 Held forever in the hearts of many KRUTZ Benjamin Allie (Ben) 27-5-1986 - 31-8-2013 aged 27. Loved son of Glenys, Merv, Glenda, loved brother of Nathan, Krystle, Jono, Darryn. Shine on you crazy diamond. Photo Oak_138

139 KRUTZ with love we remember Eric 'Allie' 23-9-1935 - 15-10-2001 cherished husband of Audrey dearly loved dad of Merv and Allison dearly loved pop of Ben, Nathan and Erica. Photo Oak_139

140 In loving memory of James Webb BLACKMAN 'Jim' 5th April 1947 - 18th June 2014 dearly loved partner of Aaron and proud father of Lucy. "A passionate life" Together always with beloved dog "Tasha"Photo Oak_140

End of Oakura Cemetery transcriptions
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