Rahotu Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2019.

Rahotu cemetery

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Block 1 Row 1

1 In loving memory of Edwin Robert beloved husband of Louisa Mary MORGAN died 4th Jan 1903 aged 59 years also Louisa Mary died 22ndSept 1938 aged 83 years. And their son Frank Herbert MORGAN died 28thMarch 1939 aged 65 years also Mary NEWMAN mother of Louisa Mary died 7thSept 1904 aged 76 years. At rest. Photo Rah_1

2 In loving memory of Ivy Alice beloved wife of Samuel SEFTON who died 24thFebruary 1917 aged 35 years, peace perfect peace. Also Samuel SEFTON beloved father of Mary SEFTON who died 11th November 1919 aged 49 years. Not lost to memory, not lost to love but gone to the Father’s home above. Photo Rah_2

3 In loving memory of Lynne Margaret MORGAN dearly loved daughter of John and Barbara loved sister of Graham, Nelson, Carol and Allan died as result of an accident 22nd Jan 1989 aged 16 years. Loved and cherished friend of Tommy, sadly missed. Photo Rah_3

4 Allan Robert MORGAN (Oop) dearly loved son of John and Barbara loved brother of Graham, Nelson, Carol and Lynne 14th Sept 1959 – 31stDec 1994. Photo Rah_4

5 In loving memory of Thomas James BARRETT (Tommy) dearly loved son of Ted and Mary loved brother of Phillip, Christine, Kevin, Leonie and Kathryn died as result of an accident 21st Jan 1989 aged 21 years loved and cherished friend of Lynne, sadly missed. R.I.P. Photo Rah_5

6 MORRISON In loving memory of Brian Jesper died 9th Aug 1990 aged 58 years much loved husband of Marie and loved dad of Dianne, Danny, Leo and Clare. Treasured grandad. R.I.P. Photo Rah_6

7 In loving memory of NZ Onward 165219 Robert William MORGAN 27THAugust 1990 – aged 71 dearly loved husband of Ruth Estelle, loving father of Edmond, Lloyd, Daniel and Mary. Photo Rah_7

Block 1 Row 2

8 In loving memory of Marina Margaret McLACHLAN dearly loved wife of Barry and loved mother of Rex, Lance and Colin died 27th June 1984 aged 49 years. Loved by all. R.I.P. Photo Rah_8

9 In loving memory of Raymond William beloved husband of Alice Emma DAWSON died 6th July 1956 aged 65 years. Alice Emma beloved wife of Raymond William DAWSON died 30th Oct. 1957 aged 68 years. At rest. Photo Rah_9

10 In loving memory of Amy Gladys beloved wife of Nelson MORGAN died 25thAug 1950 aged 60 years also her beloved husband Nelson MORGAN died 19thApril 1953 aged 64 years. Photo Rah_10

11 Vacant

12 In loving memory of father and son – Harold Lewis SWETNAM died 22 Aug 1944 aged 41 years; Colin Manfred SWETNAM died 17th Nov 1942 aged 6 years. Photo Rah_12

13 Vacant

14 In loving memory of Matilda Jane beloved wife of Charles Henry POLLARD and loved mother of Frances, Harold and Albert died 9th Sept 1958 aged 82 years. Also Charles Henry beloved husband and father of the above died 3rd Dec 1965 aged 84 years. Photo Rah_14

15 Vacant

16 In loving memory of Katherine Elizabeth beloved wife of John James DALTON passed away 25th Sept 1964 aged 70 years also her beloved husband John James passed away 6th Feb 1977 aged 85 years. Photo Rah_16 Photo Rah_16A

16A Hugh Robert JOHNSTONE died 22nd Jan 1965 aged 59 years. Photo Rah_16 Photo Rah_16A

17 In loving memory of Alice Jane MacLEOD dearly beloved wife of Gerald Douglas DAWSON born 21st Aug 1892 died 30th March 1969. Gerald Douglas dearly beloved husband of Alice Jane MacLEOD born 14thJan 1893 died 24th June 1969. Ronald Gordon beloved son of above killed in action Munich 19th April 1945 aged 24. Photo Rah_17

Block 1 Row 3

18 In loving memory of Hector Alexander dearly loved husband of Joan BARRON 13th Sept 1976 aged 62 years. Joan Dorothy dearly loved wife of Hector BARRON 11th Oct 1986 aged 68 years. Photo Rah_18

19 In loving memory of Leo Bolton MORRIS dearly loved husband of Margaret passed away 18th March 1995 aged 90 years. A treasured father and grandad. Margaret MORRIS dearly loved wife of Leo passed away 24thDec 1982 aged 72 years. A treasured mother and grandmother. Photo Rah_19

20 In loving memory of Joan beloved daughter of Leo and Margaret MORRIS accidentally killed 9th Aug 1959 aged 23 years. Photo Rah_20

21 In loving memory of Mohikura HORO died 24th June 1957 aged 76 years also her beloved husband Mare HORO died 6th Sept 1957 aged 92 years. At rest. Photo Rah_21

22 In loving memory of Charles William FIELD died 4th May 1956 aged 81 years. Could we but climb where Moses stood and view the landscape o’er. Lilian Margaret beloved wife of Charles William FIELD died 15thJan 1951 aged 63 years. Not Jordan’s stream nor death’s cold flood should fright us from the shore. He that believeth in me shall never die. Photo Rah_22

23 In loving memory of Edward James CORRIC at rest 3rd Jan 1977 aged 75 years. Photo Rah_23

24 In loving memory of Phyllis CORRIC at rest 7th July 1986 aged 80 years. Photo Rah_24

25 In loving memory of Philip Edward CORRIC 4 August 1926 – 17 December 2010 loving father of James, Lynne, Brian and Sandra. Photo Rah_25

26 CORRIC Aerials ZL2ACD In loving memory of Raymond Douglas at rest 22ndAugust 1991 aged 58 years dearly loved & treasured husband of Joyce. Photo Rah_26

27 Unnamed grave

Block 2 Row 1

28 In loving memory of Roy infant son of Leo & Margaret MORRIS died 17thJan 1934. Photo Rah_28

29 Right side: In loving memory of John Lewis beloved husband of Bertha PEPPERELL died 4th Oct 1935 aged 47 years. Ever remembered.

Left side: Also Lawrence William dearly loved son of Bertha and the late John Lewis PEPPERELL accidentally killed 1st July 1938 aged 18 years 5 months. Ever remembered. Photo Rah_29 Photo Rah_29A

30 In loving memory of Henry Nixon beloved husband of Margaret CHAPMAN died 3RD Oct 1932 aged 58 years. So loved so mourned. Margaret died 29th Nov 1953 aged 76 years. Father – Mother. Photo Rah_30

31 In loving memory of Jane Haze beloved wife of James CORRIC who departed this life 5th April 1929 aged 51 years also of James CORRIC who departed this life 19th Aug 1939 aged 86 years. Mother – Father at rest. Photo Rah_31

32 Sacred to the memory of William MORROW who died 11th June 1915 aged 33 years. Earth has no sorrows that Heaven cannot heal. Photo Rah_32

33 In loving memory of Sarah Ann beloved wife of Richard MORROW died 9thSept 1932 aged 74 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Rah_33

34 In loving memory of Richard MORROW died 10th May 1913 aged 60 years, peace perfect peace. Also John son of the above who was killed at Passchendaele, Belgium 4th October 1917 aged 30 years. His name liveth for evermore. Photo Rah_34

35 In loving remembrance of Thomas the beloved son of Richard and Sarah Ann MORROW of Rahotu, who departed this life on the 3rd May 1910 in his 25th year of his age. Here we suffer grief & pain. Here we meet to part again, in Heaven we meet to part no more. Photo Rah_35

36 Sacred to the memory of John MORROW of Rahotu who departed this life on December 25th 1901 aged 44 years. In the midst of life we are in death. Photo Rah_36

37 In affectionate remembrance of Lizzie the beloved daughter of Richard and Sarah Ann MORROW of Rahotu, who passed away on November 27th1903 aged 13½ years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Rah_37

38 In loving memory of Jane MORROW who fell asleep Sep 20 1899 aged 86 years, also of Thomas MORROW husband of Jane MORROW who died June 7 1900 aged 76 years. Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me and that thou bidd’st me come the thee o lamb of God I come. Photo Rah_38

Block 2 Row 2

39 In memory of Bertha beloved wife of John PEPPERELL 1885 – 1955. Photo Rah_39

40 In loving memory of Charles Oliver PEPPERELL 26th January 1914 – 30th July 2005. Photo Rah_40

41 Vacant

42 In loving memory of Daisy beloved daughter of Mary and Harry NIELSEN died 18th May 1920 aged 10 years. Ever remembered. Photo Rah_42

43 In loving memory of Ian Maurice loved son of Maurice & Marion PENNINGTON aged 1 year, Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Rah_43

44 Sacred to the memory of Samuel Richard TAYLOR born 8thNovember 1828 died 12th December 1915. Thy will be done. Photo Rah_44

45 Vacant

46 Vacant

47 Vacant

48 Vacant

49 In loving memory of Joseph SMITH who died at Pungarehu 31stMay 1903 aged 42 years; Thy will be done. Also Pte. Harold SMITH son of the above killed in action in France 24th December 1917 aged 21 years. He did his duty. Photo Rah_49

Block 2 Row 3

50 Vacant

51 In loving memory of Joseph EATOCK died 7th Feb 1917 aged 57 years. Also Harriett Noke EATOCK died 13th Jasn 1941 aged 77 years. At rest. Photo Rah_51 Photo Rah_51A Photo Rah_51B

51A Florence EATOCK died 16thAug 1986 aged 87 years. Photo Rah_51 Photo Rah_51A

51B Huie EATOCK died 6thFeb 1975 aged 83 years. Photo Rah_51 Photo Rah_51B

52 In loving memory of Charles Lewis beloved husband of Alice May BILLING died 22nd June 1926 aged 42 years. Home at last thy labour done safe and blest the victory won. His words his actions are not dead but in our minds are daily read. Also his dearly loved wife Alice May BILLING died 9thMay 1981 aged 91 years. Loved and remembered by her family. Photo Rah_52

53 Front: In loving memory of Emma Jane the beloved wife of Thomas John BILLING who died 21st March 1914 aged 52 years. Dearest loved one we have laid thee, in the peaceful graves embrace, but your memory will be cherished till we see your heavenly face. Also Thomas John beloved husband of the above who was killed in the Ongarue railway accident 6th July 1923 aged 77 years. Oh for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a voice that is still.

Left side: Emma Lillian daughter if Thomas and Emma Jane died 21st Sept 1967 also John COOK husband of the above died 20th May 1968.

Right side: Also Frederick R. BILLING youngest son who was killed in action in France 16thNovember 1916 aged 21 years. And Ernest Alfred (Military Medal) fourth so who died of wounds in France 12th April 1918 aged 27 years. They did their duty. How nobly they responded to their King and Country’s call our brave and gallant soldiers, beloved and missed by all. Photo Rah_53 Photo Rah_53A Photo Rah_53B

54 Unmarked grave

55 Unmarked grave

56 In loving memory of (Steve) Stephen Arthur beloved son of H. & A. HOPKINS who died 14th August 1912 aged 12 ½ years. Nothing in my hand I bring simply to thy cross I cling. Photo Rah_56

57 Sacred to the memory of Jessie youngest beloved daughter of Alfred & Lillian WILLIAMS died 5TH May 1912 aged 1 year 8 months. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Rah_57

Block 2 Row 4

58 In loving memory of Henry KITCHINGMAN late of Christchurch beloved husband of Mary KITCHINGMAN who died 3rd October 1921 aged 61 years, also Mary Bruce wife of the above died 30th June 1946 aged 88 years. Photo Rah_58

59 In loving memory of Percy Gascoigne beloved husband of Elsie May KITCHINGMAN died 16th Dec 1944 aged 55 years. Photo Rah_59 Photo Rah_59A Photo Rah_59B

59A Florence Allery COOK sister of above died Dunedin 28-6-50 aged 63. Photo Rah_59 Photo Rah_59A

59B Elsie May KITCHINGMAN 16th July 1987 aged 96. Photo Rah_59 Photo Rah_59B

60 Vacant

61 In loving memory of Frederick Leonard BILLING died 12th March 1925 aged 6 years 8 months, also Dawn BILLING died 5th November 1927 aged 14 months. Little flowers of love that blossomed but to die, transplanted now above to blossom with God on high. Photo Rah_61

62 In loving memory of Edgar William Neville BILLING who died 17thAug 1923 aged 5 months. Not dead to me I love him dear. Not lost but gone before. Photo Rah_62

63 In loving memory of Dulcie Christina Anne beloved wife of Ian DALTON died 8th June 1983 aged 41 years. Ina (Barney) died 10thMarch 2014 aged 88 years. Also their loved twin daughter Gloria Anne died 5thJanuary 1952 aged 2 days. Photo Rah_63

Block 2 Row 5

64 Front: Memory of Francis WILLCOX died 6th August 1926 aged 42 years, also Dorothy relict of the above died 16th June 1927 aged 33 years. Those we leave behind is not to die.

Left side: In loving memory of Mabel FAIRHURST (nee WILLCOX) 23-9-1922 – 28-6-2015 loved wife of Stanley William 14-2-1924 – 22-7-1992 loved mother & father of Janice, Neil, Brian, Trevor & Beryl. Rest in peace.

Right side: In loving Sarah Hannah WILLCOX died & buried at sea near Colombo 16th May 1916 aged 56 years, also Paul husband of the above died at sea off Fremantle 10th June 1923 in his 67th year. To live in the hearts of. Photo Rah_64 Photo Rah_64A Photo Rah_64B

65 Vacant

66 In loving memory of Samuel Alfred LINFORTH passed away 21stAugust 1935 aged 60 years. At rest. Photo Rah_66

67 In loving memory of Sarah Charlotte wife of John WOULDES who departed this life at Parihaka 22nd March 1931 aged 63 years. Rest in peace. Photo Rah_67

68 In loving memory of Geoffrey infant son of Gordon & Margaret WELLS 15th May 1928. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Rah_68

69 Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Tait beloved wife of W.R. WRIGHT who died 23rd Sept 1934. Photo Rah_69

70 In loving memory of George beloved husband of Jane Isabella GIBSON died 6th Nov 1940 aged 74 years also his beloved wife Jane Isabella died 26th June 1958 aged 88 years, William dearly loved eldest son of the above killed in action at Armentieres, France 11th July 1916 aged 20 years. Till the day break. Photo Rah_70 Photo Rah_70A

70A Donald GIBSON dearly loved husband of Margaret 1903 – 1975. Photo Rah_70 Photo Rah_70A

Block 2 Row 6

71 In loving memory of Muriel Jane beloved wife of Eli Hezekiah TAYLOR passed away 8th Sept 1954 aged 67 years. Eli Hezekiah beloved husband of Muriel Jane TAYLOR passed away 13th July 1950 aged 66 years. At rest. Photo Rah_71 Photo Rah_71A

71A And also their beloved daughter Muriel Emma DAVY (nee TAYLOR) 11th April 1914 – 24th January 1998 dearly loved wife of George William DAVY 14th November 1913 – 14th December 2007. Photo Rah_71 Photo Rah_71A

72 In memory Alec LOWRY 12.2.1947, Flo LOWRY 11.11.1977. Eric, Doris, Alan, Joyce and families. Photo Rah_72

73 In loving memory of Fredrick Charles QUICKENDEN dearly loved husband of Rose at rest 23rd June 1969 aged 70 years, also his beloved wife Rose at rest 4th May 1982 aged 82 years. Photo Rah_73

74 In loving memory of William Bow DAWSON born 18th April 1859 died 11th March 1941. Passed out of the shadows into the sunlight. Also his beloved wife Amy DAWSON born 8th March 1861 died 28thJune 1954. Photo Rah_74

75 In loving memory of MINHINNICK Henry Edward 28-2-1929 – 3-8-1998 loving husband and companion of Noeline and the late Lil. Loved father, poppa and Koro. Loving memories last forever. Photo Rah_75

Block 2 Row 7

76 Old headstone: In loving memory of Edward Leonard WALDEN treasured husband of Roberts passed away 18 Aug 1983 aged 50 years. Loved father of Robert, Pauline, Brian, Peter, Kevin & Ian, sadly missed.

White wooden cross at base: Edward Leonard WALDEN 1933 – 1983. R.I.P.

New headstone waiting to be unveiled, with white wooden cross beside it: Roberta Irirangi WALDEN. Photo Rah_76

77 HORO. In loving memory of Robert Ngarongomate dearly loved husband of Myrtle Irene at rest 9th Dec 1979 aged 68 years. Myrtle Irene dearly loved wife of Robert (Bob) at rest 7th Dec 1986 aged 79 years. Loved by all. Photo Rah_77

78 In loving memory of Leycester Lloyd WARD died 9th May 1986 aged 73 years dearly loved husband of Susan Annie WARD died 14th May 1986 aged 74 years. Rest in peace. Photo Rah_78

Block 3 Row 1

79 In loving memory of Alice Caroline SCHINCKEL died 23rdJanuary 1904 aged 44 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Rah_79

80 In loving memory of Stanley Charles dearly beloved youngest son of W. & L. HODSON who died 11th May 1918 aged 6 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Sweet little darling light of the home, looking for some-one, beckoning, come. Bright as a sunbeam, pure as the dew, anxiously waiting for some of you. Photo Rah_80

81 In loving memory of Annie beloved wife of W. COOPER who died 25th May 1909 aged 42 years. Photo Rah_81

82 Like as the Hart desireth the Waterbrooks so longeth my soul after Thee O Lord. In loving memory of Henry the beloved husband of Margaret BOWERS who departed this life 20th January 1914 aged 81 years. Photo Rah_82

83 In loving memory of Alfred James Walter ALLERBY died 9th June 1916 aged 28 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Rah_83

84 In memory of Alice beloved wife of John William WARD 1852 – 1942. Photo Rah_84

Block 3 Row 2

85 In loving memory of Grace Ethel JAMES born 23rd May 1921 died 7th March 1928 dearly loved only daughter of Percy William and Ethel JAMES. Photo Rah_85

86 In loving memory of Ethel JAMES (nee DOWNES) beloved wife of the late Percy William and loved mother of the late Grace died 3rd March 1970 aged 86 years. Photo Rah_86

87 Vacant

88 Vacant

89 In memory of John William WARD 1846 – 1900 Emma WARD daughter of above 1883 – 1902 Mavis WARD grand-daughter of above. Photo Rah_89

90 In loving memory of Eliza the beloved wife of William QUICKENDEN died 16thFebruary 1900 aged 44 years. At rest. Thomas George eldest son of the above killed in action in France 15th September 1916 aged 28 years. Photo Rah_90

Block 3 Row 3

91 Sacred to the memory of Percival JAMES died 21st Aug 1929 also his wife Julia died 16th Aug 1930. Henry Augustus JAMES third son of above died 4th Oct 1936 John Leslie JAMES their youngest son died 28th Nov 1952. Photo Rah_91

92 In loving memory of John WARD beloved husband of Sarah Zilla died 6thJune 1957 in his 80th year. Sarah Zilla beloved wife of John WARD died 30th June 1967 in her 79th year. Sadly missed. Photo Rah_92

93 Jack Whatenui CURTIS (Fencer) son of Archibald and Tauteka died 17thJune 1990 aged 66 years. A true craftsman who took pride in his work. Photo Rah_93

94 In loving memory of our dear father John A. SCHINCKEL died 10thOct 1932 aged 78 years. Ever remembered. Photo Rah_94

Block 3 Row 4

95 In loving memory of Mary Jennifer beloved youngest daughter of Timothy and Linda BARRETT died 7th Sept 1953 aged 3 years. R.I.P. Photo Rah_95

96 In loving memory of Beverly Kay loved daughter of D. and I. DAWSON December 1958. Photo Rah_96

97 In loving memory of Mary Lennox beloved wife of James S. THOMSON who died 22nd Dec 1974 aged 63 years, also her beloved husband James Stanhope who died 17th Oct 1976 aged 72 years. Photo Rah_97

98 WELLS In loving memory of David Gordon beloved husband of Annie died 18thMarch 2009 aged 81 years. Annie Louisa beloved wife of David died 26thAug 1984 aged 67 years. Loved father loved mother of Marlene, Edward, Joan, Ckresten, Philip and Carolyn. Photo Rah_98

99 In loving memory of Rex James McLACHLAN dearly loved son of Marina and Barry loved twin brother of Lance and loved brother of Colin died 16thSept 1984 aged 24 years. Loved by all. R.I.P. Photo Rah_99

100 THOMSON In loving memory of James Stanhope died 5th March 2003 aged 69 years loved son of James and Mary loved brother of Molly, Doug, Andy and Bert. Photo Rah_100

101 Vacant

102 Vacant

103 HULENA Peter Christopher 6-2-1966 – 13-12-1970 Warwick Bruce 8-2-1951 – 10-12-1971. Always remembered and loved. Photo Rah_103

104 In loving memory of Ian David beloved infant son of Marie and David HUNT died 8th April 1962 aged 1 year 10 months. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Rah_104

105 In loving memory of Dennis Raymond beloved infant son of Raymond and Maxine BUTLER died 30th November 1952. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Rah_105

Block 3 Row 5

106 In loving memory of Timothy John BARRETT beloved husband of Linda and loved father of Pamela, Anne, Patrick and Christine died 13th Nov 1967 aged 58 years. Photo Rah_106

107 In loving memory of Linda Grace BARRETT died 6th Sept 1993 aged 84 years beloved wife of the late Timothy John loved parents of Pam, Pat, Anne, Christine and Mary. R.I.P. Photo Rah_107

108 In loving memory of Maureen Patricia MORRIS the beloved wife of Leo and loved mother of Steven and Carolyn at rest 1st April 1977 aged 35 years. R.I.P. Photo Rah_108

109 RADFORD In loving memory of Hugh McQueen (Hughie) dearly loved husband of Margaret (Margy) 10th May 1918 – 8th July 1988 aged 70 years. Margaret Gwladys (nee FEAVER) dearly loved wife of Hugh (Hughie) 4thJune 1917 – 14th Oct 2004 aged 87 years. Loved father loved mother of Anne, Maureen, Ray, Helen, Russell, Michael, Kevin, Bernie, Colleen and Marie. Treasured grandparents and great-grandparents. R.I.P. Photo Rah_109

110 PICKERING In loving memory of Anne Catherine wife of Gerald died 1stApril 1989 aged 49 years. Gerald Edward husband of Anne died 11thMarch 2013 aged 82 years. Loved mum loved dad of Lesley, Geraldine, Tracey, Justine, Christine and David. Photo Rah_110

111 HORO In loving memory of (Rahotu Rugby Football Club Inc. Life member) Murray Robert (Ma) 6-1-1935 – 26-9-2010 dearly loved husband of Eunice. (Rahotu Bowling Club life member) Eunice Frances 23-9-1933 – 20-10-2000 dearly loved wife of Murray, cherished father cherished mother of Murray, Trevor, Gavyn & Joyleen. Treasured nanny and Koha of Layton, Tristan, Renee, Thomas, Nicolas, Christopher, Hayley & James. Sydney. Forever in our hearts. Camron. Photo Rah_111

112 In loving memory of 618912 Major C.W. GREEN E.D. N.Z. Armoured Corps died 25-6-1981 aged 74 yrs. 2nd N.Z.E.F. O.B.E. dearly loved husband of Gladys and loved father of Stuart, Heather, Ian, Quentin and the late Russell. Photo Rah_112 Photo Rah_112A

112A In loving memory of Heather JOHNSTON loved wife of Garry loved mother of Nigel and Roslyn. 1936 – 1988. Photo Rah_112A Photo Rah_112

Block 3 Row 6

113 In loving memory of Eileen Joyce ANDERSON dearly loved daughter of Norman and Sybil and loved sister of Donald, Janet and Peter 4thJuly 1982 aged 17 years 10 months. Sadly missed. Photo Rah_113

114 ANDERSON - With love we remember Norman Andrew 29-6-1928 – 9-9-2004 dearly loved husband of Sybil and Marie. Sybil Margaret 7-10-1930 – 15-5-2000 dearly loved wife of Norm loved and loving father, loved and loving mother of Donald, Janet, Eileen and Peter. Most dearly loved grandad. Most dearly loved Gran, sadly missed. Photo Rah_114

115 In loving memory of Bernard David WRIGHT 5-11-1928 – 20-6-1999 and his dearly loved wife Katherine Marie 27-4-1931 – 1-10-1999 loved parents of Regina, Ellen, John, Richard, Patricia, Barney, Ralston, Brendan and Anne. Forever in the hearts of their family. Photo Rah_115

116 In loving memory of Bernard Daniel FLEMING 13-10-1930 – 21-2-2005 dearly loved husband of Margaret loved father of Eileen, Patricia and Michael. A treasured grandad. Photo Rah_116

117 COWIE – Diana Maude 24-4-1944 – 11-12-2008 dearly loved wife of Graham Alexander MACKAY loved parent of Samantha and Christian. Photo Rah_117

118 BREWER Always in our hearts Howard Clayton 8-5-1921 – 8-3-2011 beloved husband of Jean cherished father. Treasured grandfather of his Mokopuna. Keep on whistling. Photo Rah_118

Block 3 Row 7

119 In loving memory of Jessie Eliza GREEN died 13th July 1951 aged 73 years. Also Walter Clement Guy GREEN beloved husband of the above died 28th Sept 1951 aged 74 years. Photo Rah_119

120 In loving memory of Russell William beloved eldest son of Claude & Sylvia GREEN died 12th Dec 1943 aged 12 years, also E. Sylvia McK. HINE dearly loved wife of Jim loved mum of Stuart, Heather, Ian & Quentin died 11th Nov 1987 aged 78 years. Photo Rah_120

121 In loving memory of William beloved husband of Emma QUICKENDEN died 10thJune 1934 aged 80 years also Emma beloved wife of the above died 29thApril 1935 aged 80 years. Photo Rah_121

122 In loving memory of Rangihemowaru (Jean) dearly loved wife of Howard BREWER and a treasured mother at peace 24th July 1969 aged 50 years. Photo Rah_122

123 HILLS - In loving memory of Leon Harry HILLS 9th January 1939 – 30th December 1945 loved son of Herbert & Rita (nee RANGI) and loved brother of Douglas, Brian, Frederick, Edward, Allen & Winston. Rest in Peace. Photo Rah_123

124 Shaun Piripi RANGI in loving memory of a dearly loved son and brother of Rose, Wes and Jimo died 12-3-1988 aged 7 months. Will never be forgotten. Photo Rah_124 Photo Rah_124A

124A Back of 124: In loving memory of twins Aaron & John RANGI stillborn 19 May 1986 remembered always by mum, dad & Jimo. Photo Rah_124A Photo Rah_124

Block 3 Row 8

125 GORDON In loving memory of Colin 26 May 1931 – 26 July 2007 dearly loved husband of Stella Kathleen dearly loved father of Colleen, Brian, Chris and Steven, treasured grandad. We will remember them. Photo Rah_125

126 GORDON In loving memory of Steven William Richard (Rolly) 16thApril 1973 – 15th September 2004 much loved youngest son of Colin and Stella loved brother of Colleen, Brian and Chris (Jack) loved uncle special godfather to Samantha. Photo Rah_126

127 GIBSON - In loving memory of Arthur 23.7.1904 – 19.9.1998 loved youngest son of George and Jane loved husband of Tansie. Tansie 29.3.1920 – 6.5.2018 loved eldest daughter pf Alfred and May DRAKE dearly loved wife of Arthur. Loved and respected father, loved and respected mother of Willie, Ron, Doug, Bernard and James, treasured grandparents and great-grandparents. Photo Rah_127

128 BENNETT - In loving memory of Shirley 22-11-1935 – 16-8-2000 dearly loved wife of Peter loved mother of Robyn, Carol, Andrew, Trish & Shane. R.I.P. Photo Rah_128

129 In loving memory of SYKES – Russell Enwright 21-11-1931 – 13-2-2004 much loved husband and friend of Kathie treasured and respected father of Robyn, Leon, Fiona and Julie respected father-in-law much loved grandad. R.I.P. Photo Rah_129

130 GIBSON – In loving memory of Maude Shirley 28-01-1937 – 13-06-2017 aged 80 years loving wife of Willie loved mother of Brendon. Rest in peace. Photo Rah_130

131 Rest in peace – Elizabeth Rosalie GUTHRIE 29 February 1932 – 5 December 2017. Photo Rah_131

Block 4 Row 1

132 In loving memory of Catherine Ann beloved wife of George William ROBERTSON died 27th April 1969 aged 74 years. George William beloved husband of Catherine Ann ROBERTSON died 28th Aug 1944 aged 67 years. Photo Rah_132

133 In memory of Dennis Charles BUTTURINI 3rd November 1948 – 18thDecember 2000 loving father of four children, twin son of: Patricia and Bill BUTTURINI. Brother of Terry, David (twin), Shona, Kevin and Bernard. Grandson of: Catherine and George ROBERTSON. Photo Rah_133

134 Jean Theresa GASON (formerly GREENWAY, nee ROBERTSON) 5-12-1926 – 8-8-2016 – aged 89, daughter of Catherine and George loved mother of Anne, Jimmy, Frances and Janet. Sadly missed by all. Photo Rah_134

Block 4 Row 2

135 In loving memory of Daisy beloved daughter of W.R. and C. WRIGHT died 20thApril 1951. R.I.P. Photo Rah_135

136 In memory of William Ralston WRIGHT born Strabane 31st Mch 1853 died 26th Aug 1941. Photo Rah_136

137 Sacred to the memory of Katherine the beloved wife of W.R. WRIGHT who died March 17th 1898 aged 44 years. Photo Rah_137 Photo Rah_137B

137A Sisters of our Lady of the Missions. Sister Marie Gabrielle R.N.D.M. Marie Honora WRIGHT M.B.E. 27-7-1922 – 1-7-2001. Rest in peace. Photo Rah_137A Photo Rah_137B

Block 5 Row 1

138 BUTLER – In loving memory of Kathleen Mary 7.5.1922 – 2.7.2011 aged 89 years dearly beloved wife of Len. Leonard Harold aged 90 years dearly beloved husband of Kath, much loved mother, much loved father of Jennifer and Jillian loved nana love pop of Andrea, Hamish, Trina, Gareth and Sarah. Photo Rah_138 Photo Rah_138A

138A L.H. (Len) BUTLER 458612nd NZEF L/Cpl. 25 Btn. Died 9.3.2010. Photo Rah_138A Photo Rah_138

139 CORRIC Treasured memories of Maurice James dearly loved husband and mate of Monica passed away 22nd October 1993 aged 66 years. Loved and cherished dad of Tony, Shelley and Glenn. A precious and special grandad. Forever in our hearts. Photo Rah_139

140 Flowers

141 KAHUI – In loving memory of Shirley Kay 20.1.1942 – 8.1.2005 treasured wife of Allan. Allan Lloyd 24.4.1937 – 19.4.2013 treasured husband of Kay. Loving mother, loving father of Kathleen, Mark, Graham and Natalie. Dearly loved by all the grandchildren. Photo Rah_141

142 RIDDELL In loving memory of Eileen Doris McLAREN 2-11-1912 – 18-4-2001 dearly loved wife of Francis Raymond 30-5-1916 – 30-1-2009 cherished mother and father of Peter, Joan, Ngaire, Lorraine & Robyn, loved by all the grandchildren. Photo Rah_142

143 BILLING In loving memory of Thomas Victor 6-4-1919 – 15-10-2000 aged 81 years dearly loved husband of Betty. Betty 10-10-1921 – 30-6-2015 aged 93 years dearly loved wife of Tom. Loved dad & mum of John, David & Barry, loved grandad & grandma of Craig, Lia, Todd, Carley, Gareth, Lana & Fiona. Loved great grandma. Photo Rah_143 Photo Rah_143A

143A T.V. (Tom) BILLING 212796 2nd NZEF Tpr. 19 Armd Regt. Died 15.10.2000 aged 81 years. Photo Rah_143A Photo Rah_143

144 BILLING In loving memory of Walter Henry died 26th January 1999 aged 73 years loved son of Alice & Lawrence loved brother of Rolland, Tom, Jack, Noel, Avis & Joy. Photo Rah_144

145 BILLING In loving memory of Jack Douglas died 23rd October 1997 aged 77 years loved son of Alice & Lawrence loved brother of Rolland, Tom, Noel, Walter, Avis & Jo. Photo Rah_145

146 BOYD – With love we remember Avis Lucy (nee BILLING) died 21-10-2002 aged 75 years. Dearly loved mother and mother-in-law of Colin & Anne-Marie much loved grandma of Alana. Photo Rah_146

147 CHAPMAN In loving memory of Alison Theresa dearly loved wife of Tommy died 27th Sept 1993 aged 47 years. Thomas George Leonard dearly loved husband of Alison and Diane died 4th April 2018 aged 75 years. Loved mother loved father of Wayne, Allan, Dean and Linda. Treasured Nana of Joshua, Neesha and Jake. Treasured grandad of Joshua, Neesha, Jake, Ricky, Brody, Jay, Henry and Sahara. R.I.P. Our bub treasured daughter of Tess and Sam DOBBIN so dearly loved by her brothers and sisters. In God’s care. Photo Rah_147

148 DOBBIN – In loving memory of Verdun John (Sam) dearly loved husband of Tess 19-2-1917 – 1-2-2011. Theresa Johanna (Tess) dearly loved wife of Sam 24-12-1919 – 11-11-2013 loved father loved mother of Terry, Angela, Val, Lorraine, Janny, Alison, Keith & Glenny. Photo Rah_148

149 CHARD – With love we remember Robert Eric (Bob) 12-6-1938 – 15-2-2001 aged 62 years precious husband and Soulmate of Lorraine treasured dad of Stephen, Gayelene, Karyn, Daryl & Sharon. Very special grandad of all the grandchildren. We will always be together because love is forever. Photo Rah_149

150 BARTLEY – In loving memory of Earl 17 Andrew 16 Jacob 14 died 8thJune 1997 dearly loved sons of Iren and Howard. Brothers of Miriam, Fluerette, Laurence, Garrett and Little Luke to join Bernadette and Emmanuel. Photo Rah_150

151 HOFMANS – In loving memory of Cornelius Johannes (Cor) 23-2-1928 – 11-5-2015 dearly loved husband of Margaret. Margaret Ellen 10-7-1931 – 10-7-2003 precious wife of Cor. Much loved dad treasured mum of Frank, Wayne, Diane, Kenny and Mark. Loved grandad and Opa loved Nana & Oma. Photo Rah_151

152 WASHER - In loving memory of Charles Gordon 4-6-1918 – 16-7-1999 aged 81 years dearly loved husband of Beryl loved dad of John, Marie & Jenny, loved grandad of Regan, Fiona, Bevan, Darrell, Craig, Michael, Murray & Jane. Photo Rah_152

153 We remember with love VAN DER FITS Leonardus Jacobus (Leon) 8-1-1927 – 8-11-2015 dearly loved husband of Christina Anna Maria (Tina). Treasured and respected by your children Martin, Elisabeth, Katy, Robert & Richard. With kind, caring Opa of your grandchildren Jacob, Lucy, Isaac, Leon, Grace, Zachary, Jackson, Hunter, Ellis, Meisha & Laine. Forever in our hearts, rest I peace in God’s garden. Photo Rah_153

154 PENNINGTON – Treasured memories of Leonard born 15th Dec 1926 – died 23ed Feb 1995 dearly loved husband of Dulcie Louisa born 14thOct 1930 – died 20th Sept 2006 loved dad and mum of Margaret and Noel treasured grandpop and granny of Tania, Nicki, Beau and Brooke. Sadly missed – dearly loved forever in our hearts until we meet again. Photo Rah_154

155 In loving memory of Maurice PENNINGTON 29-1-1919 – 2-12-1999 loved husband and best friend of Marion Jean PENNINGTON 24-6-1920 – 9-12-2013 loved dad and mum of Ian, Max and Kevin. A treasured grandad and great grandad, nana and great grand mother. Photo Rah_155

156 – Archie – Kevin Harry PENNINGTON 1949 – 1991. Remembered and loved son of ……. And Maurice loved brother of May and ….? Photo Rah_156 Photo Rah_156A

Block 5 Row 2

157 In loving memory of MULLEN Jennifer Ann 27-2-1948 – 21-2-2009 nee BUTLER beloved wife of Francis John treasured mum of Andrea, Hamish, Trina and Gareth. Honoured Nana. Photo Rah_157

158 HOHAIA – In loving memory of Sydney Brian 30-10-1951 – 18-02-2012 aged 60 yrs dearly loved husband of Gaye much loved father of Nathan, Matthew & Luana. Gone from our sight, but never our memories. Gone from our touch, but never our hearts. Photo Rah_158

159 WALDEN – In loving memory of Brian Edward 14 Oct 1957 – 30 Oct 2011 loved father of Alecia & Bianca. Koko to his grandchildren, treasured son, brother & friend. Live to ride, ride to live. Photo Rah_159

160 WALDEN – Peter Rodney “Meathead” 16.10.1958 – 15.1.2016 cherished son of Edward and Roberta loved dad of Te Aata and Eruera loved and adored Koro to his Moko’s. brother, uncle and mate to many. Tae noa kit e whaka tau ano tatou. Eke tiketike. Eke noa. Aroha mutunga kore Papa. Photo Rah_160

161 CORRIC In loving memory of Terri 26.2.2012 aged 49 yrs tragically taken from us doing what she loved dearly loved wife of Tony loved & cherished mum of Nicola & Jayden much loved Nanny of Ella. A very special friend to all. Photo Rah_161

162 In loving memory of (John) William John WRIGHT 26 October 1954 – 23 June 2007 loved eldest son of David and Marie WRIGHT a loved brother and respected friend. R.I.P. Photo Rah_162

163 CHARD – In loving memory of Paul Stewart 3rd October 1972 to 10th May 2007 aged 34 years. Dearly loved and treasured dad of Kacey, Jacob and Lainey, beloved son of Glennys and Raymond loved brother of Dion. So sadly missed and loved by all. Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace Paul. Photo Rah_163

164 BRIGHT – In loving memory of Evan John 15-3-1934 – 3-4-2006 dearly loved husband of Doreen. Doreen Cecilia 15-4-1945 – 2-4-2016 dearly loved wife of Evan. Loving dad loving mum of Kathleen, Maree, Paul, Peter, Shirley and David. Loving grandad loving nana. Photo Rah_164

165 BAYLIS – In loving memory of Robyn Faye 18th August 2008 aged 59 years. Much loved wife of Graeme loved mother of Lynnere, Rachael, Shaun, Kim, Toni and Jodi. Loved Nana. Forever in our hearts. Photo Rah_165

166 CADMAN – Lovingly remembered Jocelyn Sandra 27-8-1926 – 19-7-2009 dearly loved wife of Lionel Dennys. R.I.P. Photo Rah_166

167 SCHWIETERS – In loving memory of Khloe Jayne 6 months. Photo Rah_167

168 Large rock and flowers – no headstone or name. Photo Rah_168

Block 5 Row 3

169 Donated by the REDMOND family 2006. Photo Rah_169

Block 5 Row 4

170 In loving memory of Gayle BILLING 9-2-1950 – 21-6-2012 loved wife of John loved mother of Craig. Promoted to Glory. Photo Rah_170

171 In loving memory of Ross Arthur GIBBS 12-12-1956 – 16-1-2013 loved husband of Carol Barbara loved dad of Tracey, Joel and Melany. Photo Rah_171

Block 5 Row 5

172 HAMILL – In loving memory of Joseph Alexander 520208 Pvt. 3rdDiv. W.W.II 23-10-1911 – 3-5-1995. Vera May 14-1-1913 – 23-10-2003. Dearly loved and loving parents of Lynette, Neill, Marilyn and Errol loved grandparent of all their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Photo Rah_172

173 LUSK – In loving memory Christina Ellen (Chrissie) 17-12-1913 – 8-12-2003. John CAMPBELL (Jack) 7-1-1906 – 3-6-1987. Dearly loved parents of Janette, Neil, David and Diane. Photo Rah_173

174 LINN – In loving memory of Dallis James William (Bill) 10-12-1932 – 5-12-1997 beloved husband of Janette Ellen loving father of John, Beverley & Robyn. Photo Rah_174

175 FURZE – In loving memory of Claude Thomas 8-4-1930 – 19-2-2010 loved husband of Trixie. Muriel Ida (Trixie) 19-7-1936 – 11-2-2010 loved wife of Claude. Loved parents of Karen, Dickie and Shona and all their grandies. R.I.P. Photo Rah_175

176 In loving memory of Eric Arthur LOWRY 8-8-1918 – 17-12-1995 loved husband of Laura Vivian LOWRY 19-3-1916 – 11-9-2002 dearly loved dad and mum of Trev, Des, Gil, Viv, Mel, Cliff, Alec, Ewen, Lois and their families. Photo Rah_176

177 KENNY – In loving memory of Lance William 7-9-1946 – 22-11-2003 dearly loved husband of Marie. R.I.P. Loved father of Sonja, Natarsha and Rebecca. Photo Rah_177

178 REDMOND – Mary Pohutukawa nee HORO 7-12-1907 – 20-3-2005 beloved wife of Francis Hepburn 26-9-1908 – 5-9-1968. Remembered with love Isabella, MacAllister, Frances and grandchildren. Photo Rah_178

179 In loving memory of Richard Frank MORGAN 26 May 1925 – 16 Jan 2004 Evelyn Jean MORGAN 14 Sept 1924 – 22 Feb 2009. Photo Rah_179

End of Rahotu Cemetery transcriptions
This version revised 11 December 2022.