Taranaki Cathedral of St Mary Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2020. Research notes by John Pickering are shown in italics.

St Marys cemetery

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Block 1: Row 1

WESTON: Photo StM_1A

Lichgate Brougham Street entrance right side: A memorial of Thomas Shailer WESTON and Maria Cracroft WESTON his wife. This eastern wall and Lych gate was built by his brother Henry WESTON and their four surviving sons in the year 1919.

WESTON: Photo StM_1B

Left side of Lichgate: John James WESTON, Mary WESTON with their sons John Warwick, Thomas Shailer, Henry and William Joseph settled in New Plymouth in the year 1850.

CHUBB: Photo StM_2 Photo StM_2A Photo StM_2B

Old and new headstones: In memory of Sapper George CHUBB Royal Engineers who was killed in the attack on No. 3 Redoubt, Huirangi 23rd January 1861 aged 21 years.

The British forces lost 5 killed at No. 3 Redoubt. ARCHER and JACKSON are interred in these grounds. The other two killed were: W. GILBERT and E. GORRAY, both of the 40th.

Block 1: Row 2

View of block 1, row 2 Photo StM_3A

SARGENT: Photo StM_3

Sacred to the memory of Henry SARGENT Seaman of H.M.S. Pelorus who died of wounds received at New Plymouth on the 6th August 1860 aged 25 years. This tablet was erected by his shipmates.

The Naval Brigade of H.M.S. Pelorus was at the fight at Puke Te Kauere on 27th June 1860. It seems probable that Henry SARGENT was wounded in this engagement. A Government memorial at Waitara commemorates this battle in which the British lost 30 killed.

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_4

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_5

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_6

MILLARD: Photo StM_7 Photo StM_7A

Sacred to the memory of Thomas MILLARD Private R.M.L.I. of H.M.S. Niger, who was killed at the attack at the Waireka on the 28th March 1860 aged 33 years. Though gone, his memory’s ever dear, to friends & shipmates far & near. His country, called him to attend which brought this mortal life to end. Turn from the contemplation of the sod and think on him whose spirit rests with God. This slab was erected by his comrades, of R.M. of H.M.S. Niger as, a token, of their esteem for departed worth. This memorial which replaces the original wooden headboard now in the Taranaki Museum, was erected by the New Zealand Government in May 2006.

The troops lost two men at Waireka, the other being Sgt. FAHEY of the Militia.

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_8

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_9

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_10

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_11

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_12

Iron Cross: No name Photo StM_13

ARCHER etc. Photo StM_14 Photo StM_14A

In honoured memory of the following who fell in the Maori trouble of 1861. Edward ARCHER, 12th Regt., Joseph WOODWARD, 12th Regt. Michael CARDEN, 40th Regt. Henry EAST, 57th Regt. George MAY, 57th Regt. John BLAND 57th Regt. John JONES 57th Regt. George WILLIS 57th Regt. Edwin GILLET 5th Regt, John MAGUIRE 57th Regt. Erected by the N.Z. Govt.

Archer 23rd January 1861 killed at No. 3 Redoubt, Huirangi

Woodward 12th January 1861 aged 30

Carden 18th December 1860 aged 29

East 27th October 1862

May 28th March 1862 aged 30

Bland 6th February 1862 aged 21

Jones 23rd October 1861 aged 27


Gillet 18th October 1861 aged 31.


Block 1: Row 3

BISHOP: Photo StM_15 Photo StM_15A

Old and new headstones: Sacred to the memory of Hannah Maria beloved wife of Pte. James BISHOP of H.M. 65th Regt. Who died on 3rd June 1860 aged 23 years.

CHARLTON: Photo StM_16

In loving memory of James CHARLTON R. A, died 6th August 1899 aged 70 years. Peace perfect peace. Also of his first wife Mary CHARLTON aged 36 years and infant daughter who died 8th June 1860 and his son Frederick CHARLTON died 23rd May 1864 aged 11 years. W.F. Brooking.

James CHARLTON was a member of the Royal Artillery. The burial register records the burial of Mary CHARLTON 9th June and Elizabeth CHARLTON infant 30th June.


transcription of sign St. Mary’s Oak Tree planted circa August 1899. This Oak tree has grown from an acorn that was sent out from Halifax in Yorkshire, England by the Rev. Charles Ibbotson. Charles’ brother, Thomas Ibbotson arrived in New Plymouth on the Amelia Thompson on 3 September 1841. Amelia Leadman arrived in New Plymouth aboard the Blenheim on 19 November 1842. In 1843 Thomas married Amelia. Thomas died on 26 November 1861 and on 22 September 1864 Amelia married James Charlton. James predeceased Amelia and it is at the head of James’ grave that the acorn was planted. James died 0n 6 August 1899. In 1932 the health of the Oak was threatened by an outbreak of an insect pest. The insect pest was treated successfully by three pest experts and the tree recovered. A few years later, the Oak’s lowest limb collapsed leaving a deep wound and a long scar. Fortunately, Oak trees have a remarkable ability to develop wood strength around such wounds which this Oak did. In late 2003 concerns regarding the Oak’s safety were raised. Thankfully community support ensured that a well proven propping system be installed. Deadwood removal and some crown thinning were also carried out and an annual review plan was adopted. Today the Oak stands proudly in its rightful place in the Graveyard of St Mary’s.Please help us to care for this treasure. It will be receiving regular checks and pruning, however by the very nature of its age the Oak must be treated with respect and care. St Mary’s will continue to take the necessary steps to endeavour to keep it safe, however one cannot guarantee that this tree always will be secure. Please take care around this beautiful English Oak (Quercus robur, syn. Q. pedunculata) we care about both its, and your, health and safety.


In memory of Ann HARTLEY who departed this life June 1st 1860 aged 26 years. Also in memory of Harriet the dearly beloved and faithful wife of Thomas SUTCLIFFE and mother of the above who departed this life March 2nd 1867 aged 61 years. Also in loving remembrance of Thomas SUTCLIFFE who departed this life July 7th 1887 aged 80 years. The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible.

HOSKIN: Photo StM_18 Photo StM_18A

Sacred to the memory of Peter Facey HOSKIN who died October 22nd 1860 aged 47 years, also of William Arthur 10th child of the above, who died June 25th 1861 aged 2 years 6 months, and of Helen 7th child of the above who died 28th June 1861 aged 6 years 9 months. Donaldson, William St. Sydney.

Peter Hoskin who came to New Plymouth in the William Bryan 1841 married Mary Lye of the same ship (see No. 24) Mrs. Hoskin’s second husband was Lahood.

NEWELL: Photo StM_19 before Photo StM_19A after

In loving memory of Samuel NEWELL who died 11th April 1872 aged 43 years. Also Georgina NEWELL who died 12th February 1902 aged 65 years, and Helen NEWELL who died 30th April 1861 aged 2 years. Short N.P.

TRAGETT etc: Photo StM_20

In memory of Thomas Heathcote TRAGETT Lieutenant 57th, William Astle HOPE Staff Assistant Surgeon, Samuel ELLERS Color Sergt. 57th Regt. Samuel HILL Sergt. 57th Regt. William BANKS Private 57th Regt. Murdered by Rebel Maoris at Wairau near Taranaki, N.Z. May 4 1863.

This ambush was laid on the coast just beyond Oakura at a place where two small streams, the Waimouku and the Wairau flow down to the shingly beach. An escort of eight men and two officers were taking a prisoner (BANKS) to New Plymouth, when it was fired on. Cowan says nine men were killed but he does not give all the names. Florence KELLY was the only man to escape WELLS and NEWLAND supply the full names except that NEWLAND does not mention Patrick RYAN (or EGAN as he is named in WELLS), who body buried by the Maoris was not recovered until three weeks later. NEWLAND records that Edward KELLY, John FLYNN, Bart McCARTHY were interred in the Roman Catholic Cemetery. (This cemetery in Courtenay Street was closed and the remains transferred to Te Henui in the early 1900’s to an unmarked mass grave).

STOCKLEY: Photo StM_21 before Photo StM_21A after Photo StM_21B

Here lie the bodies of William George STOCKLEY who died 19th May 1887 aged 69 years, and of Mary Ann his wife who died 27th January 1895 aged 60 years. Also their children, William Arthur who died in 1861. William Harry who died in 1869, George who died on 19th March 1892. Clara Ann who died on 20th June 1920. At rest. (Broken headstone)

Block 1: Row 4

SARTEN: Photo StM_22 Photo StM_22A

Old headstone In loving memory of Lucy Rodd SARTEN who died 1st December 1898 aged 84 years. Also Martha Grace SARTEN who died 9th March 1884 aged 41 years.

Replacement headstone In loving memory of Lucy Rodd SARTEN died 1st December 1898 aged 84 years. Edmund SARTEN loved husband of Lucy died 21st August 1860 aged 44 years. Martha Grace SARTEN died 9th March 1884 aged 41 years. John Edmund SARTEN mortally wounded in the attack on I Pa Waitara died 26th March 1860 aged 22 years. Joseph SARTEN killed by Maoris 4th Dec 1860 aged 16 years. Erected by the SARTEN descendants 6th December 1998.

SARTEN: Photo StM_23 Photo StM_23A Photo StM_23B

In memory of John E. SARTEN who fell mortally wounded in the attack on the L Pa Waitara 17th March 1860 aged 22 years. This stone is erected by his comrades of the Taranaki Mounted Volunteers. Also of Joseph who was killed by the Maoris December 4th 1860 aged 16 years. Also of Edmund father of the above died August 21st 1860 aged 44 years.

Mr and Mrs Sarten arrived in the William Bryan: March 1841 with their two sons; James and Frank. Other children included Martha Grace, John Edmund who was the first Taranaki man to fall in the Taranaki Wars, and Joseph who was killed near Holy Trinity Church while looking for wandering stock with William Northcote. The burial register No. 209 records the death of John Edmund Rod Sarten infant 26th August 1861 who was presumably buried in one of the plots.

LYE: Photo StM_24 Photo StM_24A

Sacred to the memory of John LYE died July 13th 1868 aged 82 years. Also of his wife Grace LYE died Jan 25th 1874 aged 87 years. They come to the grave in a full, age like a shock of corn cometh in his season.

Mr and Mrs Lye arrived in New Plymouth on “William Bryan” March 1841.


In honoured memory of Pte. Edward MESSENGER Taranaki Volunteers, who was killed by hostile Maoris 3-3-1861. Erected by the N.Z. Government.

Edward Messenger came to N.Z. with his parents in 1853; he fought at Waireka where his father was wounded – and at Mahoetahi. A number of men had gone to Walker’s farm near Brooklands to gather peaches. While crossing Captain King’s property they were fired upon. W. Smart being wounded and Messenger killed. A small party of Friendly natives from Fort Herbert and six men of the 65th from Carrington Road Blockhouse came to their assistance. Newland diaries record that the funeral was conducted in a private manner.

BROWN: Photo StM_26

In memory of Revd. Henry Handley BROWN born at Welbourn, Lincolnshire, Nov 25th 1813, died at New Plymouth Sept 7th 1893. For 33 years Minister in this district. “He tried to do his duty”. Erected by loving friends. Also Sophia W BROWN wife of above, born 12th Aug 1814, died 14th May 1891.

BROWN: Photo StM_27 Photo StM_27A

Here rests the earthly remains of Francis BROWN son of the Rev. Henry Handley and Sophia Wilhelmina BROWN, who was born March 1st 1845, at Burton, Penwardine, Loncolnshire England and killed in action at Mahoetahi, Nov 6th 1860. In remembrance of their comrade this stone is erected by the members of the Taranaki Volunteer Rifle Corps. The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible.

Rev. and Mrs Brown came to New Zealand aboard the “Eclipse”, arriving on 4 March 1859. Mr Brown popularly known all through the district as “Parson” Brown was living at Brookland Omata, when the war broke out in 1860; his home was declared tapu, a place of refuge for pakeha settlers at the time of the Waireka engagement. The British lost four killed at Mahoetahi; Francis Rooney of the 65th (No. 76) Henry Edgecumbe (volunteers) and McGiven.

Wooden headstone: Photo StM_28

This old weathered wooden marker with no legible names records the burial of two sisters and one child.
James RITCHIE Esq. aged 40 arrived in New Plymouth on the Mariner 11 October 1850. He was appointed by Superintendent Charles Brown to be Clerk to the Bench of the Taranaki Provincial Magistrates Court on 2 February 1855 effective as from 30 September 1854 and Electoral Officer for New Plymouth Town. He resigned on 31 October 1857 as Clerk of the Land Department and Secretary to the Total Abstinence and Band of Hope Societies and became an independent Solicitor in 1859 and Notary Public advertising money for loan. On 22 August 1855, bachelor James married spinster Elizabeth Homeyer, the eldest daughter of Mr Christian Homeyer in St. Mary's Church by Revd. Henry Govett. Their first son Alfred Henry was born 15 August 1857 and died 14 months later on 11 September 1860. On 6 January 1861, a second son was still-born. 27 days later Elizabeth died on the 2 February 1861. Sadly Mary Helen their only daughter died 18 May 1861 aged 5 during a diphtheria outbreak. James is recorded to have vacated his office in 1861 and left Taranaki.
Alexander KING aged 44 arrived 1843 in New Plymouth on the barque Essex travelling as a gentleman in the foreward cabin with his wife Ellen aged 41. In England he had been a lieutenant in the 9th Lancers before coming aide-de-camp to General Pratt. In New Plymouth he was the local auctioneer of livestock and property. Ellen died aged 47 in 1854 and Alexander remarried on 28 May 1856 to Emily Mary Homeyer in St Mary's. Alexander King's business required many trips to Auckland on the coastal steamer 'Lady Bird' and on Sunday 9 August 1863 he was returning to Taranaki. It was a stormy sea and at 11am passengers transferred to a local long boat for the run through the surf to shore. A large wave turned the boat side on and it healed over casting all passengers into the sea. Alexander called for help and he tried to grab an oar but as he could not swim he was dead when his body was recovered. The verdict was accidental death but judge opined that lifebuoys should have been available. He was aged 52 and buried at St. Marys in lot 52. Mrs Emily King being a member of the talented Homeyer family was the first organist at St Marys Church and Mrs Ritchie held a similar position at the Methodist Church for 9 years. Emily continued to live at the Grange on Belt Road being active in the town and died aged 80 on 18 July 1906 with her burial in St Mary's.
The Homeyer Family: Christian and Mary HOMEYER arrived from Kent on the Mariner 11 October 1850 with their children Emily, Elizabeth and Henry. Mrs Homeyer established a school for girls and taught violin, music and dance. Christian was a storekeeper on Devon Street. Christian died aged 77 in 1875 and Mary in 1882 aged 81. Her comprehensive diary entitled "Narrative of a Voyage on a Emigrant Ship to NZ" is an excellent narrative record of the voyage on a long six months at sea and is available on-line via Puke Ariki. As recorded above Emily and Elizabeth married and Henry conducted many concerts for the Philharmonic Society. They were buried in Te Henui cemetery as St. Mary's graveyard had been closed 1861.

MILNER: Photo StM_29

In memory of Hannah wife of William MILNER Late of Derbyshire, England, who departed this life April 23rd 1861 in the 57th year of her age. Also in memory of William MILNER who died Jan 7th 1868 aged 68 years. Not in our innocence we trust we bow before the (sic) in the dust and through our saviours blood alone we look for mercy at thy throne.

JACKSON: Photo StM_30

In memory of Lieut. Denis JACKSON 40th Regiment who was killed in action at Waitara January 23rd 1861. Erected by his Brother Officers.

See footnote after no. 31

STRANGE: Photo StM_31 Photo StM_31A Photo StM_31B

Beneath this stone repose the remains of Captain Thomas George STRANGE H.M. 65th Regiment. Born in 1827. He fell while performing his duty at the head of his Company in front of Hapurona’s Pa Te Arei on the 10th of February 1861. His Brother Officers by whom he was much beloved have erected this stone to his memory. Prepare to meet thy God.

Two men were killed on this day at No. 7 Redoubt. The name of the other being recorded by Cowan.


Sacred to the memory of Lieut. E.C. MACNAGHTEN Royal Artillery. Killed before Te Arai March 17th 1861 aged 23 years 3 months. He was the son of Sir E. MACNAGHTEN Baronet County Antrim, Ireland.

Edward C. MacNaghten served at the first engagement of the Taranaki Wars – L. Pa – March 17th 1860 and was killed exactly one year later – two days before peace was concluded.

HOLLIS: Photo StM_33 before Photo StM_33A after

Sacred to the memory of Ellen Grace HOLLIS the only and beloved child of Edwin and Mary HOLLIS who departed this life 28th September 1861 in the 15th year of her age. (Bennison Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England). These words inscripted along the top edge of headstone – Monumentalist at Sleaford. (This headstone is now broken and repaired.)

Block 1: Row 5

BROWN: Photo StM_34 Photo StM_34A

Sacred to the memory of Richard BROWN for many years Merchant of this place, who, dangerously wounded by Natives in Ambuscade during the Taranaki War, expired at Waitara after lingering illness the 22nd day of August 1860 aged 55 years. This tablet is erected by numerous fellow settlers and personal friends.

Richard Brown, born in Dublin 1804 settled in New Plymouth 1841. He was for some time Editor of Taranaki Herald and represented Omata in the Provincial Council. He held the rank of Captain in the Colonial Forces. Captain Brown was shot on 26th May 1860 at Puketapu and died 3 months later.

BROHAM: Photo StM_35 Photo StM_35A

In memory of Thomas BROHAM died 20th Dec 1900 aged 60 years.

HUGHES: Photo StM_36 Photo StM_36A Photo StM_36B

In loving memory of Mary Ann HUGHES the wife of Robert HUGHES died 7th November 1880 aged 70 years. Also their son Alfred Wellesley HUGHES died 19th April 1852 aged 2½ years. Also Robert HUGHES born in Ludlow, Shropshire died 20th November 1914 aged 93 years. Also his daughter M.A. Prosser HUGHES died 4th October 1905. Also his son Robert Clinton HUGHES died 18th January 1935 aged 87 years. Bell Muir.

Robert and Mary Hughes came from Shropshire and settle in Auckland. Robert Clinton Highes, born in Auckland, came to New Plymouth and studied law under W. Halse. He was a member of the Town Board and a Foundation member of the Pukekura Park Board. He was last surviving member of the Provincial Council in the North Island in which he represented the town of New Plymouth from 1874.

Block 1: Row 6

WAKEFIELD: Photo StM_37 Photo StM_37A Photo StM_37B Photo StM_37C

Sacred to the memory of William King WAKEFIELD who died in 1862 aged 58 years also his wife Mary died 9th July 1888 aged 80 years. Interred at Wanganui.

Left side: And Maria Eliza DUNCAN daughter of the above died 16th February 1921, aged 86 years.

Right side: Also William Beaumont WAKEFIELD son of the above who was drowned 1860 aged 13 years.

William King Wakefield died 25th May 1862. His eldest son William Beaumont aged 13 was drowned in the Huatoki 4th June 1860 and is presumably interred in this plot.

CRANN: Photo StM_38

In honoured memory of Pvt. Henry CRANN Taranaki Volunteers who was killed by hostile Maoris Aug 1860. Erected by the N.Z. Govt.

Henry Crann was killed while searching for stock off the Avenue Road. He was the third son of Samuel and Sarah Crann who with their five children were immigrants on the Tamandra. Other members of the family were Elizabeth aged 14, drowned in the Waiwhakaiho River, 11th February 1852. George drowned while attempting to swim from the ship Carbon on the 8th November 1848, aged 21. “The first European drowned by the sea”. Samuel Crann’s death is recorded (undated) between August 1846 and July 1847.

GOVETT: Photo StM_39 before Photo StM_39A Photo StM_39B after repair Photo StM_39C

Sacred to the memory of George Ernest GOVETT born March 2nd died April 17th 1854.

Footstone: G.E.G. 1854

WESTON: Photo StM_40 Photo StM_40A

Plaque Sacred to the memory of John James WESTON who departed this life 17th July 1857 aged 51 years, and Mary his wife who died Sept 9th 1882, aged 79 years. William Joseph their fifth son born 4th December 1840 died 5th June 1887, Henry their fourth son born 14th April 1837 died 15th Nov 1920 and Mary Ann Grace his wife born 24th April 1847 died 21st Nov 1925.

Henry Weston purchased the Taranaki Herald in 1867 and conducted it until his death, when it came into possession of his nephew Walter Crowley Weston.

GARDINER and COURTHORNE: Photo StM_41 Photo StM_41A

Here resteth the body of Agnes wife of Robert Barlow GARDINER late of Cambridge, County of Kent, and daughter of Thomas COURTHORNE Esq., of Camberwell, Surrey. Born 6th July 1814 died 26th November 1850. Issue:- Robert Barlow born 23rd March 1843. Frederica Elizabeth born 23rd December 1844. Agnes Fanny born 27th March 1846 died 30th December 1847. Alice Mary born 4th March 1848. Agnes born 11th November 1850.

MEDLAND: Photo StM_42

Sacred to the memory of John MEDLAND who died February 13th 1862 aged 54 years. Also of Grace Gloven MEDLAND his wife who died July 4th 1894 aged 81 years. Unto Thee O Lord do I lift up my soul.

FOREMAN: Photo StM_43 Photo StM_43A

James FOREMAN 1829 – 1853 son of Richard and Mary migrant on the Oriental 1841.

LOVERIDGE: Photo StM_44 Photo StM_44A

Sacred to the memory of Robert LOVERIDGE who departed this life July 4th 1863 aged 35 years. (This headstone is now lying face down)

Robert Loveridge arrived with his parents on Timandra 1842. He married Elizabeth Foreman of the Oriental. See also John (brother) No. 83, Mary (sister) No. 104 Cunningham. Samuel (brother) married Ellen, daughter of Samuel Scammell No. 89.

FOREMAN: Photo StM_45

Sacred to the memory of Matilda the beloved wife of Richard FOREMAN who died June 16th 1860 age 35 years, also of their children, Richard who died May 16th 1860 aged 8 years, Mary who died June 19th 1860 aged 13 years, Kate who died July 1st 1860 aged 6 years, John who died May 19th 1861 aged 1 year 9 months. Jesus convey us safely home. To those not lost but gone before, also Richard FOREMAN husband of the above who died Feb 6th 1889 aged 65 years.

FOREMAN: Photo StM_46

Original headstone Sacred to the memory of Richard White FOREMAN who departed this life 5th July 1870 aged 78 years. Also Susannah FOREMAN wife of the above who died 24th June 1871 aged 77 years.

New replacement headstone Richard White FOREMAN 1797 – 1870 and his loved wife Susannah FOREMAN formerly SOLE, nee GORE, 1794 – 1871, immigrants on the Oriental 1841.

Newland’s diary records the death of Mrs Stephen Foreman, 27th June 1851. Buried at St.Mary’s. Stephen Foreman, son of Mr Foreman arrived in N.Z. at the age of 15 years.

Block 1: Row 7

ABSOLON: Photo StM_47 Photo StM_47A Photo StM_47B Photo StM_47C

British Airborne Forces Memorial Pte Richard John de Mansfield ABSOLON M.M. (Post) 24557055 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment killed in action 13th June 1982 Mount Longdon Falkland Islands and for all those of the Airborne Forces who gave their lives in all wars. R.I.P. Erected by his father Major J. ABSOLON.

Also in memory of Pte. John (Jack) William Rangitane HOWARD (30027215) 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment killed in action 5th December 2010 Helmand Province Afghanistan.

HARRIS: Photo StM_48

Sacred to the memory of Hugh Corbyn HARRIS aged 25 years who was cruelly murdered by the Rebel Maoris at Waitara on the 28th July 1860. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord even so saith the spirit for they rest from their Labours. Also Frances Emma HARRIS born February 1842 died September 1892.

Hugh Corbyn Harris, a Taranaki Volunteer on service at the Waitara Camp, went out to the swamp in front of the camp, unarmed, accompanied by two soldiers, who were unarmed, for the purpose of getting firewood. They were ambushed and Harris shot dead, the two soldiers escaped unhurt. Ref. Wells 210 (Taranaki Museum). He was the only son of Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Harris of the William Bryan.

PENFOLD: Photo StM_49

In memory of Stephen PENFOLD born 1806 Worplesdon, Surry, England. Died 11th August 1851 aged 45 years. Husband of Harriett.

PATTERSON: Photo StM_50 Photo StM_50A Photo StM_50B

In loving memory of George PATTERSON C.E. (native of Newcastle-on-Tyne) who died 28th Feb 1864 aged 52 years, Elizabeth his first wife who died 2nd May 1854 aged 36 years and Susannah his second wife who died 21st Dec 1864 aged 42 years. Rock of Ages Cleft for me. Old headstone and replacement read the same and both on gravesite.

George Patterson was killed near the junction of Eliot Road (now known as Tukapa Street) and Frankley Road, where a memorial to his memory now stands, which reads – In memory of George Patterson, Civil Engineer, Newcastle-on-Tyne. An early N.Z. pioneer, who was ambushed by the Maoris on this spot 28th February 1864. The road to the east was un-named until the 1960s when the County named it after this early settler. A party of settlers had ridden out to inspect their holdings when Patterson was shot and killed. Patterson held the grant for section 514.

BOLLAND: Photo StM_51 before Photo StM_51A after Photo StM_51B Photo StM_51C

Sacred to the memory of the Revd. William BOLLAND who died 29th May 1847 aged 27 years. Them that sleep in Jesus shall God bring with Him. Also Jane his wife who died at Tunbridge Wells, England 12th December 1870. The Revd. W BOLLAND whose remains are buried here was the first Vicar of this Parish, and under his leadership the oldest portion of St. Mary’s Church was built and opened for public worship in 1846. “Their works do follow them”.

A note above this headstone comments on the cemetery being vandalised and repairs to commence soon has now been removed.

Rev. William Bolland born 1820. Graduated from Oxford. Arrived in the Colony in 1842 and settled in New Plymouth 3rd December 1843. The first parsonage was the stone building still standing in Courtenay Street the Te Henui River. Mary Dora, infant daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Bolland who died 31st July 1846 is also meant to be buried in the same plot as her parents.

GOVETT: Photo StM_52 before Photo StM_52A after Photo StM_52B

Sacred to the memory of Henry GOVETT first Archdeacon of Taranaki, who laboured abundantly for 55 years in this district. His body rests near the Church he did so much to enlarge and beautify, beside the friend of his youth who began it. Died 4th October 1903 aged 84.

Henry Govett (B.A. Oxford) came to the colony in 1843 and farmed at Tamaki Auckland, until ordained by Selwyn in 1845. His first charge was Nelson where he remained until transferred to New Plymouth to take the place of the late Rev. William Bolland 1848. Henry Govett had a broad Christian tolerance not always possessed by clergymen, he co-operated with the Wesleyan (Primitive Methodist) Reverend, John Whiteley in country visitation and officiated at his funeral. It is recorded that ‘every minister in the town took part in the Old Archdeacon’s last service’. His infant son is interred in this cemetery.

GAVIN: Photo StM_53

Gordon Hay GAVIN 1883-1966, Vicar of St. Mary’s 1932-1949. Archdeacon of Taranaki 1930-1960. Erected by Parishioners as an act of love and respect.

Gordon Hay Gavin was the seventh vicar of St. Mary’s. He was a qualified dentist before studying for the Anglican ministry at St. John’s College in Auckland. The son of a Secretary of the Treasury, Archdeacon Gavin was born in Wellington in 1883 and educated at Thorndon Primary School and at Wanganui Collegiate. He qualified as a Doctor in Dental Surgery at Toronto University and later went to London where he took a course in extractions but didn’t practice.

LIGGETT: Photo StM_54

To the glory of God and in memory of Kenneth LIGGETT 1905-1970, Vicar of St. Mary’s 1956 to 1968. Archdeacon of Taranaki 1960-1968. Beloved husband of Noeleen and father of Malcolm and Michael.

Kenneth Liggett was the eleventh vicar of St. Mary’s. Archdeacon Liggett’s last major task as vicar of St. Mary’s was to superintend the celebrations of the 125th anniversary of the formation of the Parish. With Mrs. Liggett he lived in Cambridge until 7th October 1970 when he died in Waikato Hospital. He was 65 years of age. His ashes are interred in St. Mary’s grounds and glass doors in St. Mary’s are to be his memorial.

DAVIES: Photo StM_55

Sacred to the memory of Thomas DAVIES and Helen Sylvester Caddy his wife, both of Helstone, Cornwall England, died in 1850.

Thomas and Ellen Davies came to New Plymouth on the Oriental in 1841. Thomas Davies drowned in the Te Henui 26th June1850 aged 44 years. Mrs Davies died 4th August aged 38 years. Her name is given in the ship register as Ellen. In the burial register it is shown as Ellen Silvester. Their eldest son Thomas aged 15 years was drowned in the Huatoki on the 14th March 1848. The burial register is No. 25 and presumably he was interred in this plot.

HART: Photo StM_56

In memory of Joseph and Mary HART of Woodleigh, Devon, who arrived at New Plymouth, on the Barque “Timandra” on 24th February 1842. Until the day break.

Burial records show that Mary Hart died 19th June 1849 aged 40 years.

Block 1: Row 8

ROBINSON: Photo StM_57 before Photo StM_57A after

In memory of George ROBINSON 1796-1876 and his wife Mary. Pioneers by the ship “Oriental” 1841. Builder of the original St. Mary’s Church and Architect of the 1st and 2nd additions. This headstone has been broken.

George Robinson died 4th August 1876, aged 80 years. Mary Robinson died 18th April 1862 aged 36 years.


Wellington CARRINGTON Pioneer Surveyor died 11th Feb 1891 aged 76.

Block 1: Row 9

LEECH: Photo StM_59 Photo StM_59A

Sacred to the memory of William LEECH born 28th April 1799, died 7th Sept 1860. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. From henceforth; Yea; saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Rev. VIV 13. Also in memory of Elizabeth Clark LEECH died 1st June 1887.

William Leech resided many years in India which le left with health impaired by the climate. He lived in Auckland until appointed by Gov. Grey to the position of Sub-Treasurer and collector of customs at New Plymouth, arriving in town on 24th September 1849. He also held the position of Postmaster.

KNUCKEY: Photo StM_60

Nicholas KNUCKEY Cornwall England 2-2-1807 – 1842 New Plymouth N.Z. 1843 – 11-4-1850.

CROMPTON: Photo StM_61 Photo StM_61A

Sacred to the memory of Frances Rebecca fourth daughter of William Morgan and Anne CROMPTON born 3rd July 1843, died 14th April 1861. The flower budeth but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

William Morgan Crompton born in Birmingham 1811, arrived in Taranaki in 1852 and settled at Omata. He was the Editor of the Taranaki Herald in 1852. He represented Omata in Parliament 1853-55 and in Provincial Council from 1862, holding the position of Speaker until absolution. He was also a Justice of the Peace, Chairman of the Town Board and Trustee Savings Bank and an Inspector of Schools. He died 27th December 1886.


Sacred to the memory of Jane wife of William GEORGE of Helstone in Cornwall who died April 1st 1857 aged 71 years. Also in memory of William GEORGE who died October 9 1862 aged 77 years. Thomas LETHBRIDGE died 31st December 1854 aged 7 years. In 1999 this stone replaced the original.

Block 2:

COAD: Photo StM_63 Photo StM_63A

Sacred to the memory of Ephraiam COAD who was killed by rebel Natives August 17th 1860 aged 43 years. Also Priscilla his daughter died in Auckland May 18th 1865 aged 10 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

GARDEN of REMEMBRANCE: Photo StM_63 Photo StM_63B Photo StM_63C Photo StM_63D Photo StM_63E

The Taranaki Cathedral Church of St. Mary, being as Christ to the Community. Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to the Taranaki Cathedral garden of Remembrance. Dedicated to the Glory of God, in the year of our Lord 2013. You are invited to sit and take some time out in this beautiful place, alongside New Zealand’s oldest stone church. The garden was designed by Moewai Aterea, and has the shape of a Patiki – A Flounder. The fish is an ancient symbol of Christianity. The paths in the garden hint at resurrection hope through the symbol of the Koru. They are the fins and backbone of the fish.

The three large carved Raukura or feathers were also designed and carved by Moewai. They are here to represent all people, races and differences united in peace, respect, belonging and understanding. We are reminded of the Most Holy Trinity by the presence of the three carvings. The Raukura is a symbol precious to the community of Parihaka and we are blessed by its presence in this place, a Cathedral for all.

The small engraved rocks, bearing their dedications, speak of a church of living stones (1 Peter 2:5). They were donated by those who helped to fund the garden in 2013.

If you would like your loved-one’s cremated remains to lie in this sacred place, there is a simple process – open to all. Please call in and ask for details, or contact the Cathedral on 06 7583111 with any enquiries. A service of burial will be conducted by all Cathedral Ministry team.

Glory to God in the Highest. Peace upon the land, and goodwill to all people. Kia whakaroriatia kit e atua I runga rawa. Kia mau te rongo ki runga kit e whenua. He whakaaro pai ki nga tangata katoa.

CANCER CHILDREN: Photo StM_63G Photo StM_63H

Block 2 is a memorial garden set up for those who have been cremated. Beside that there is a large rock with names inscribed on the top to remember the children who have died of cancer: Child Cancer Foundation Taranaki Branch. Every child and their family walking the child cancer journey will never feel alone.

SANGER: Photo StM_64

Seat against wall at back of church: In loving memory of Graeme SANGER Vestryman died September 2004

LAVUS: Photo StM_64A

Stonemason name on wall: LAVUS

Block 3:

LAVAS: Photo StM_65 Photo StM_65A

Stonemason name on front of church wall: Auckland Stonemason L. LAVAS

ST MARY’S: Photo StM_66

Plaque on wall of cathedral: Whakaroriatia te Atua I runga rawa kia mau te rongo ki te whenau He whakaaro pai ki nga tangata katoa. This Church of St. Mary was opened on 29th September 1846 it was consecrated as The Taranaki Cathedral Church of St. Mary on the 6th March 2010, by Archbishop of York – The Most Reverend and Right Honourable John Sentamu, Te Pihopa Kaumatua – The Right Reverend and Honourable Sir Paul Reeves, The First Bishop of Taranaki – The Right Reverend Philip Richardson, The First Dean of this Cathedral – The Very Revend Jamie Allen, Cathedral Kaumatua – The Venerable Tikituterangi Raumati. In memoriam, Archbishop Jabez Bryce 1935 - 2–10, Bishop of Polynesia.

NO NAME: Photo StM_66A This is at the front steps to the church, the plaque has been removed.

Monument: Photo StM_67 Photo StM_67A Photo StM_67B Photo StM_67C

On the back wall of the church (outside). In memory of the Taranaki Militia and Volunteers, who fought and fell in the Native Wars in the years from 1860 to 1866.


Capt. William G. KING Trooper John SARTEN

Capt. R. BROWN Trooper A. BAYLY

Sergt. P. FAHEY Trooper P. O’NEILL

Privt. S. SHAW Trooper J. HAWKE

Privt. S FORD Privt. E. COAD


Privt. J. HAWKEN Privt. C. HARRIS


Privt. Jos SARTEN Privt. F. BROWN


Privt. W. WRIGHT

Monument: Photo StM_68 Photo StM_68A Photo StM_68B Photo StM_68C

In church yard, facing Vivien Street: Front: In honoured memory of the Taranaki Troopers who fell in the South African War 1899-1902. Erected by their fellow settlers.

Right side: Sergt. Major S. SMITH

Left side: Farrier Sergt: A.W. SISLEY

Block 4:


Sacred to the memory of the infant daughter of William and Mary DEVENISH who died 1860 also Lewis Bracken infant son of Lewis and Annis HAMERTON who died in December 1860. Erected June 1955.

William Devenish 1819-1866 came to New Plymouth in the Timandra 1842. He married Mary Hirst. He was a member of the Provincial Council for Grey and Bell 1866. First Chairman of Town Board. Lucy Hannah Devenish 1861-1954 author of “The Story of St. Mary’s Church” was a sister of this child who died in infancy and of whom no record exists other than this stone memorial.

McKOY: Photo StM_70 after Photo StM_70A before

This headstone had vandalised and has now been repaired. In loving memory of our dear mother Mary Ann McKOY who died 3rd September 1908 aged 81 years. Gathered to all she loved she lies, and gathered to her God.

Block 5:

Monument: Photo StM_71

Maori War, in honoured memory of Wetine Taiporutu, Whararangi Hakopa, Hemi Taiporutu and two others. Chiefs of the Waikato and allied tribes, who fell fearlessly leading their tribesmen at Mahoetahi, 6th Nov. 1860. “Haeri Ra O Taiporutu I Te Riri Kaihoro”.

Block 6:

HELLIER and CLEGG: Photo StM_72

In memory of John Farnham HELLIER died March 23rd 1843 aged 41 years also his wife Elizabeth died March 25th 1896 aged 93 years. And of their son Thomas who died May 18th 1855 aged 29 years. Also Ellen CLEGG grand-daughter of the above aged 83 years and her husband David aged 84 years.

ANDREWS and CLEGG: Photo StM_72A

Also their great-grand daughters Everald Ismay ANDREWS died 7th July 1990. Hazel Marian CLEGG died 19th August 1984.

John and Elizabeth Hellier and family arrived in New Plymouth on the Oriental 1841. His occupation is given in the ship passenger list as Lime Burner. John Hellier died from an accident and was buried at Wahitapu. St Mary’s had not been opened at that time. The first record in the burial register being dated 1843. It is not known whether his remains were removed from Wahitapu and reinterred in St. Mary’s or whether they remain in Ngamotu. A daughter, Elizabeth married Samuel Julian see no. 92.a

PATTIMORE: Photo StM_73 Photo StM_73A

William PATTIMORE who died March 10th 1854 aged 48 years. Also in memory of Eliza PATTIMORE who died January 11th 1866 aged 55 years. Weep not the land to which I go, is beautiful and right, there shall no tears of sorrow flow and there shall be not night. Rejoice we yet shall meet again none may say farewell and in one home of death – less love together we shall dwell.

William and Elizabeth Pattimore came to N.Z. with their four children on the Oriental. Their daughter Mary married Benjamin Bishop who came to New Plymouth with his parents on the Oriental.

BISHOP: Photo StM_74

In loving memory of Percy BISHOP grandson of W. and E. PATTIMORE born 1871 died 1953. In my father’s house are many mansions.

GOLDING: Photo StM_75 (Back of Ann Golding Headstone)

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Jane GOLDING aged 11 years 8 months who departed this life July 12th 1860.

GOLDING: Photo StM_75A (Back of Elizabeth Headstone)

Sacred to the memory of Ann GOLDING 1821-1875.

Burial record gives the date of burial for Ann Golding as the 24th January 1875 aged 54 years.

ROONEY: Photo StM_76

Pte. Francis ROONEY 65th Regiment, killed at Mahoetahi 6-11-1860.

Aged 35 years see note no. 23.

Block 7 Row 1:

MORSHEAD: Photo StM_77 Photo StM_77A

In memory of my father Captain MORSHEAD formerly of the 60th Regt. B.N.I. HEIGS, died Jan 19th 1879 aged 78. In thee have I put my trust.

Captain Morshead was interested in early attempts to exploit Taranaki ironsands.

MORSHEAD: Photo StM_78 Photo StM_78A

The weary are at rest. To my dearly loved mother Penelope MORSHEAD who died April 18th 1875 aged 73. And to my sisters Selina Isabella died August 5th 1861 aged 19 and Mary Susan died 17th August 1861 aged 24. He giveth his beloved sleep.

Block 7 Row 2:

RICHARDSON: Photo StM_79 Photo StM_79A Photo StM_78A

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Watkin RICHARDSON who died Jan 8th 1861 aged 60 years.

Footstone: T.W.R. 1861

KING: Photo StM_80 Photo StM_80A

Sacred to the memory of William Cutfield KING who died 8 February 1861 aged 32 years.

Footstone: W.C.K. 1861

William Cutfield King, only son of Henry King see no. 81, came to New Plymouth with his parents in 1841. He farmed at Woodleigh. Member of the House of Representatives, but died before taking his seat. Member of Provincial Council, Captain in Taranaki Militia. “He was in the habit of visiting his land in Woodleigh alone and unarmed. While he was on such a visit he was shot and killed within sight of Marsland Hill. Avery larger attendance of settlers attended his funeral which was conducted in a most private manner, no military display.” From John Newland journal. Captain King placed an iron railing around a spot where his son died, which may still be seen in private property in Govett Avenue. William King married Elizabeth Mary Richardson, who died in 1911. See no. 82.

KING: Photo StM_81 Photo StM_81A

In memory of Captain Henry KING R.N. died June 6th 1874 in the 92nd year of his age. Also Mary Ann wife of the above died Jany 10th 1883 aged 92 years.

Footstone: H.K. 1874

Henry King, born Torquay 1783, served in the Navy under Nelson – including action at St. Vincent and Alexandria (Maryland). Arrived in N.Z. on the Amelia Thompson with his wife and son as Commissioner for the Plymouth Company. Chief Magistrate 1848-1860. Settled at Brooklands where remains of the fireplace may be seen. The family was not related to any of the other King families of early New Plymouth. His Brooklands property was later purchased by Newton King, son of Thomas King of the William Bryan.

KING: Photo StM_82

Sacred to the memory of Eliza Mary KING who died 17th February 1911 aged 80 years. A peace above all earthly dignities. ‘A loving remembrance from her daughter Constance.’

Wife of William Cutfield King See No. 80.

Block 7 Row 3:


In loving memory of John LOVERIDGE (Amelia Thompson) died March 22 1881. Also Elizabeth LOVERIDGE (William Bryan) died August 24 1916 aged 85 years. They will come at the voice of Jesus. Bap. St. John 1. Erected by their daughter Bella.

John Loveridge arrived with his parents on the Timandra 1842 aged 16 years. The inscription ‘Amelia Thompson’ is incorrect. He married Elizabeth Putt of the William Bryan. See also Robert (brother) No. 44 and Mary Cunningham (sister) No. 104. Samuel (brother) married Ellen daughter of Samuel Scammell No. 89.

Block 7 Row 4:

SINGLE: Photo StM_84

In memory of Christobella Ann SINGLE who departed this life 30th January 1861 aged 9 years. (Headstone broken off, now repaired)

RYAN: Photo StM_85

Sacred to the memory of Jersey RYAN who died August 20th 1871 aged 47 years and her daughter Clara who died February 27th 1854 aged 8 years, and Jersey who died June 17th 1854 aged 13 years. Also George H. RYAN who died 4th October 1900 aged 89 years.

Footstone: J.R. 1871 C.R. 1854 J.R. 1854. No longer here

Mr and Mrs Ryan and family arrived on the Carbon, November 1852 when Mr Ryan set up in business as a storekeeper.

Block 7 Row 5:

WATSON: Photo StM_86

In memory of John WATSON died August 16th 1890 aged 77 years. Also Sarah WATSON died September 19th 1852 aged 2 ½ years. Fred WATSON died May 2nd 1861 aged 10 years. Helen WATSON died May 12th 1861 aged 1½ years. Fanny WATSON died May 20th 1861 aged 7 years. Sarah wife of John WATSON died 11th January 1925 aged 98 years.

John Watson of the Amelia Thompson took his discharge at Port Nicholson and settled in New Plymouth. He married Sarah Patten an immigrant on the Timandra 1841. The marriage was performed by Rev. H.H. Turton in the Wesleyan Church. Watson was a pilot and Harbour Master. He retired in May 1864.

SMITH: Photo StM_87

Sacred to the memory of John SMITH who died 11th July 1853 aged 54 years. Also Prudence SMITH wife of the above died 9th April 1863 aged 56 years. And Prudence Ann SMITH daughter of the above died Aug 11th 1909 aged 62 years. (Lester Dorcester, Dorset, England. Stone engraver)

John and Prudence Smith arrived in New Plymouth on the Timandra 1841. His occupation was given as a flax dresser. In referring to the death of John Smith, Newland remarks “an intimate friend of my family” and of his funeral “never was a funeral so numerously attended in New Plymouth before.”

Block 8: Row 1

Covered grave: Photo StM_88 Photo StM_88A

New plaque: Known unto God, here lie soldiers who died during The Taranki Wars whose names are unknown.

SCAMMELL: Photo StM_89

Old headstone read: Sacred to the memory of Cr. Sergt. Samuel SCAMMELL 65th Regt. Who died at New Plymouth on the 18th April 1861 aged 37 years and 6 months. This tablet was erected by the Sergeants of the 65th Regiment.

New replacement headstone: In memory of C/Sgt Samuel SCAMMELL died at New Plymouth 18th April 1861 aged. 37.

Samuel Scammell left a widow and eight children. One of the daughters, Ellen, married Samuel Loveridge (son of John Loveridge of the Timandra). See also John No 89. Mrs Scammell subsequently married Wilkinson.

Block 8 Row 2:

Wooden Cross: Photo StM_90

New plaque: Known unto God Soldier’s grave circa 1861.

BAILEY: Photo StM_91 Photo StM_91A

In loving memory of Caroline BAILEY who died 29th December 1898 aged 78 years. A woman loving, gentle and good, hard to be equalled and not surpassed by any. In book at top of headstone reads Everything that is is for the best.

JULIAN: Photo StM_92 Photo StM_92A

Sacred to the memory of Richard JULIAN who died June 21st 1872 aged 81 years also Elizabeth his beloved wife died July 9th 1873 aged 81 years. Blessed are they that die in the Lord.

JULIAN: Photo StM_92A

Richard and Elizabeth JULIAN with their family arrived at New Plymouth 19th Nov 1842 from Helston Cornwall. This plaque was erected by the Julian Reunion Committee to commemorate the reunion held by descendants 30th Oct – 1st Nov 1987.

Richard and Elizabeth Julian and their eight children arrived in the Blenheim 1842. Their eldest daughter Mary Jane married John Oliver of the Amelia Thompson see No. 93. Their son Samuel married Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth Hellier of the Oriental see No, 72. Further records on this family, with photos, are held at the Taranaki Museum card indexing.

OLIVER: Photo StM_93

In loving memory of John OLIVER who died August 8th 1899 aged 69 years. Through the cross to the crown. Also Mary Jane the beloved wife of the above died 30th Nov 1910 aged 77 years. At rest.

HALSE: Photo StM_94 Photo StM_94A Photo StM_94B Photo StM_94C

Sacred to the memory of Harriet Laeta HALSE born 11th May 1857, died 18th February 1861. George Wood HALSE born 23rd March 1859, died 19th May 1869. Annie HALSE born 8th October 1872, died 18th June 1875. William HALSE born 25th May 1817, died 13th April 1882. Harriet HALSE born 25th March 1837, died 10th April 1913.

Footstone: Laeta – H.L.H. 1861

William Halse and his brother Henry came to New Plymouth on the Amelia Thompson 1841. William married Harriet Wood who arrived in New Plymouth with her parents on the Amelia Thompson 1841 at the age of two. He was a Justice of the Peace, Resident Agent of the N.Z. Company 1848-1852 and Commissioner of Crown Lands 1861-1863. His brother Henry 1820-1888 married Mary Ann Shaw. He held several public offices including that if a Judge of the Native Land Court.

Block 8 Row 3:

PARRIS: Photo StM_95 Photo StM_95A

Sacred to the memory of Robert PARRIS late Civil Commissioner of Taranaki, died 18th September 1904, aged 89 years, also his wife Mary died 10th April 1906 aged 91 years.

Robert and Mary Parris with their three children arrived in New Plymouth in the Blenheim 1842. He was a member of the Provincial Council 1853-1857, Principal Agent in the “Waitara purchase” transaction. Justice of the Peace. Trustee Saving Bank. Held rank of Major in the Militia. An accomplished Maori linguist.

Block 8 Row 4:

FAULL: Photo StM_96

Old and new headstones read the same Sacred to the memory of Richard FAULL died 9th July 1844 – aged 41 years. Elisabeth FAULL died 15th July 1874 – aged 70 years. Richard FAULL died 20th July 1860 – aged 32 years. Thy will be done.

Richard and Elizabeth Faull with their five children arrived on the William Bryan 1841. Richard Faull is the 5th name in the Church burial register and his grave is the oldest now identifiable.

SMART: Photo StM_97 Photo StM_97A

In memory of James Pickford SMART who died 17th June 1865 aged 72 years also of his wife Mary SMART who died 25th December 1870 aged 75 years.

Mr and Mrs Smart, with their five children arrived on the Blenheim 1842.

FAULL: Photo StM_98

Old and new headstones read the same Sacred to the memory of Richard FAULL died 9th July 1844 – aged 41 years. Elisabeth FAULL died 15th July 1874 – aged 70 years. Richard FAULL died 20th July 1860 – aged 32 years. Thy will be done.

Block 8 Row 5:

ALLEN: Photo StM_99

Our darling Carrie Charlotte ALLEN 17-10-99 – 15-9-12 daughter of Deon Jamie and Suzy sister to Danii Katy & Roxy, I am like a butterfly learning how to use my wings, smile stay strong and believe. Talitha Bourn mork S 41. Along top of headstone: Carrie te toa o nga toa Carrie the Brave Upside of headstone: Riau Rite hariroamete Wharapono

RAUMATI: Photo StM_100

Archdeacon Tikituterangi RAUMATI O.N.Z.M. Kaumatua to this Cathedral. 25th March 1937 – 30th August 2018. Loved husband, father and koro. Kororia kit e atua I runga rawa.


In loving memory of George TUNNECLIFF who fought at Waireka and Mahoetahi, died 13th February 1912 aged 80 years. Also Elizabeth TUNNECLIFF died 24th February 1916 aged 86 years. At rest.

SHAW: Photo StM_102 Photo StM_102A

In memory of Ann SHAW born 12th Dec 1820 died August 1876 also James SHAW born 29th March 1819, died 13th March 1877 and John, James Thomas, Mary Ann, Emma, William sons and daughters of the above.

James Shaw arrived on the William Bryan 1841. He married Ann daughter of John and Grace Lye see No. 20. Mr and Mrs Shaw resided at the end of what is now James Lane. His sister Matilda married George St. George see no. 103. His sister Mary Ann married Henry Halse see No, 94. His parents, James Thomas and Jane Shaw came to New Plymouth on the Amelia Thompson and lived in Currie Street, on the site of the Chief Post Office. John Cruise died 6th February 1858, James Thomas died 1st December 1845.

ST GEORGE: Photo StM_103 Photo StM_103A

George St. GEORGE Surgeon, died 4th August 1898 aged 85 years. Matilda St.GEORGE died 12th January 1876 aged 55 years. G.D.F. ST.GEORGE drowned Feb 9th 1857 aged 14 years. E.D.L. ST. GEORGE died Jan 27th 1847 aged 14 months. Celeste ST. GEORGE died Aug 1862 aged 6 yrs.

George Hanbury Faraday St. George came to New Plymouth on the Amelia Thompson 1841 and married Matilda Shaw of the same vessel.

Block 8 Row 6:

CUNNINGHAM: Photo StM_104 Photo StM_104A

Sacred to the memory of Robert CUNNINGHAM who died 17th November 1908 aged 85 years, also Mary Ann CUNNINGHAM wife of the above who died 24th June 1914 aged 84 years. From the depths of nature’s blindness, when we feel our mortal weakness, O deliver us good Lord.

Mary Ann Cunningham arrived with her parents John and Jane Loveridge on the Timandra 1842. See also Robert Loveridge No. 44. John Loveridge No. 83. Ellen Scammell No. 89.

Block 8 Row 7:

MITCHELL: Photo StM_105

Plaque at base of seat: Dedicated in moving memory of Ian & Joan MITCHELL 2018.

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