Huirangi Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2018.

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Row 1

1 In loving memory of Brian Edgar FIELDES 24-4-1926 - 25-5-2009 Meryl FIELDES 20-2-1928 - 22-5-2005 loved parents of Terry, Karen, Michael & Debbie. Photo Hui_1

2 In loving memory of Patricia Dawn CULLEN (Trish) At rest 1st August 2007 aged 66 years. Much loved wife of Peter cherished mother of Jan and Ross. In our hearts forever. Photo Hui_2

3 JULIAN Ivan Balfour died 28th December 2000 aged 86 years. Cherished husband of Ruth loved father of Peggy, Alan, Keith, Lorraine, Maureen, Colleen, Beverley. Photo Hui_3

4 In loving memory of "Judy" Judith Ellen STRONG 24-1-1948 - 20-3-2016. Forever in our hearts. Photo Hui_4

5 Mark Allen RUSSELL 23-05-1943 - 18-09-2014 In memory of a loving husband, father & grandfather. Rest in peace. Photo Hui_5 Photo Hui_5A

6 In loving memory of HAROLD Thomas 70476 Pte 36 Btn 2nd NZEF 27th October 1918 - 11th February 2014. Doreen Joyce 7th April 1926 - 14th July 2016. Loved parents of John, Joy & Gay and loved grandparents & great grandparents. Photo Hui_6

Row 2

7 In loving memory of Charles beloved husband of Emily M. MARSHALL died 29th Sept 1953 aged 79 years also his beloved wife Emily Maud died 18th Dec 1975 aged 83 years. Photo Hui_7

8 In loving memory of Jessie Graham beloved wife of George Leslie TATE died 13th Feb 1939 aged 59 years also George Leslie died 15th Dec 1954 aged 73 years. At rest. Photo Hui_8

9 Vacant

10 Geo MARSHALL, 1894. Photo Hui_10

11 Leonard Neil LACY 17-12-1931 - 5-1-1997. Always in the hearts of Janet, Steven and Brenda. Photo Hui_11

Row 3

12 In loving memory of George Ernest beloved husband of Honor ANDREWS died 7th Dec 1944 aged 63 years, also Honor died 26th April 1971 aged 84 years. Photo Hui_12

13 YOUNG In loving memory of George Frederick beloved husband of Myrtle 15th June 1986 aged 76 years. Myrtle Florence beloved wife of George 30th July 2011 aged 96 years loved father loved mother of Gary, Pam and Bryan and a treasured grandad and treasured nana. Together forever. Photo Hui_13

14 To the glory of God and sacred to the memory of Ada dearly beloved wife of Ernest R. NEWELL died 3rd June 1932 aged 58 years. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. Photo Hui_14

15 Vacant

16 In loving memory of George Gibson the beloved husband of Ellen ANDREWS who died 30th August 1920 aged 69 years, also Ellen ANDREWS died 3rd June 1926 aged 72 years. Also Archie died 18th July 1884 aged 7 years. Photo Hui_16

17 SURREY In loving memory of Lavina Margaret 'Venie' loving wife of Des 22nd April 2007 aged 73 years. David Desmond 'Des' loyal husband of Venie 27th July 2006 aged 74 years. Loved mum loved dad of Alan, Tom, Gael & Neil. Always remembered. Photo Hui_17

17A Cross: Rest in peace Alan David SURREY 14 April 1957 - 17 June 2015. Plaque: SURREY Alan David 'Charlie' 17th June 2015 aged 58 years. Gone before his time to his tractors in heaven. Photo Hui_17A

18 WHITTAKER In loving memory of Evelyn Mary 10th November 1931 - 28th January 2010 beloved wife of Arthur. Arthur Edgar 14th October 1923 - 20th September 2002 cherished husband of Evelyn. Loved and respected parents of Anne and Helen. Treasured grandparents of their grandchildren. Photo Hui_18

Row 4

19 SURREY In loving memory of Percy Harold H.I. 'Ike' beloved husband of Queenie 4th May 1985 aged 81 years. Beatrice Vera 'Queenie' beloved wife of Ike 24th March 1989 aged 82 years. Loving father loving mother of Des, Vera, Madge and Vic. Sadly missed. Photo Hui_19

20 In loving memory of Florence Mary beloved wife of Herbert Frederick ANDREWS died 30th Nov 1948 aged 67 years. Also Herbert Frederick husband of the above died 9th April 1954 aged 74 years. Photo Hui_20

20A Plaque in front of ANDREWS: Also little Dick loved son of the above died 6th Nov 1916 aged 6½ years. Photo Hui_20

21 Vacant

22 Little Daisy died 13th June 1900 aged 2 years 9 months. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Hui_22

23 In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Fred ANDREWS died 3rd June 1884 aged 33 years. Thy will be done. Photo Hui_23

24 In memory of Simon ANDREWS died 12th Jany 1900 aged 85 years, also Jane ANDREWS who died 11th Dec 1906 aged 94 years and Eliza LANGMAN died 27th Dec 1880 aged 18 years. Photo Hui_24

25 WETTON NZ Returned Services Association Regt. No. 41115 Sergeant 4th Brigade 2nd Div 2nd N.Z.E.F. In loving memory of Joseph Alan 29th April 1914 - 2nd September 2004 dearly loved husband of Mavis Elizabeth 9th May 1925 - 23rd January 2012 loved father and mother of Dennis, Gavin and Graeme. Photo Hui_25

Row 5

26 In loving memory of Arthur George Thomas Goulding WELLS dearly beloved father of Bernard and Tui and Ida passed away 31sr Han 1961 in his 73rd year, also his loved son Bernard Arthur passed away 14th July 1990 in his 80th year, loved husband and pal of Joan Mary passed away 11th Oct 2005 in her 87th year. At rest. Photo Hui_26

27 Vacant

28 Vacant

29 Vacant

30 In loving memory of Kathleen Edna Unity COWLAND who died 30th April 1920 aged 7 years. Suffer little children to come unto me. Photo Hui_30

31 Vacant

32 In loving memory of John Thomas SPARGO died 14th March 1904 aged 52. John SHORE died 12th April 1897 aged 75. Hannah SHORE died 17th Feb 1895 aged 63. Grace SPARGO died 16 May 1925 aged 60 years. At rest. Photo Hui_32

33 Vacant

34 Vacant

35 Vacant

36 Vacant

37 Wooden cross - in 1983 the inscription read: Emma Jane PERROTT 1894. Photo Hui_37

38 Left side: In loving memory of (father) John ANDREWS died 17th Feb 1932 aged 90 years. Photo Hui_38

38A Right side: Also William ANDREWS died 9th Dec 1880 aged 10 years and Edward Wm. ANDREWS died 11th Nov 1884 aged 18 months. Photo Hui_38A

38B Front: In loving memory of (mother) Emily ANDREWS who died 31st Jan 1924 aged 77 years. Photo Hui_38B

39 In loving memory of Julia Helen McKEE 16-9-1902 - 12-9-1999 loving wife of Lawrence Roy MACE 10-10-1896 - 12-11-1949 and the late William McKEE loving parents of Noreen & Sylvia. Photo Hui_39

40 In loving memory of Cynthia Kathleen JOHNS nee CURD 16th May 1938 - 6th July 2009 loved wife of Ian loved mother of Sandra and Peter. At peace in her garden. Ian William JOHNS 2nd May 1937 - 2nd April 2013 loved husband of Cynthia loved father of Sandra and Peter. At peace with Cynthia. Photo Hui_40

Row 6

41 Sacred to the memory of Inez Irene daughter of Percy and Eleanor SURREY 1902 - 1970. Photo Hui_41

42 In loving memory of Trevor Sinclair SMITH 5-4-1934 - 20-5-2001 dearly loved husband of Florence Isabella SMITH 24-7-1929 - 14-1-2005 loved father and mother of Keith and Doreen. Photo Hui_42

43 In loving memory of Dulcie Doreen beloved wife of Frederick R. SMITH died 4th Aug 1957 aged 58 years also Frederick Richard SMITH Croix de Guerre, Regt. No. 48009 Cpl. N.Z. Rifle Brigade 1st N.Z.E.F. died 3rd June 1985 aged 90 years. A dearly loved husband. Photo Hui_43

44 In loving memory of Sarah Ann SMITH 1864 - 1953. Joseph Henry SMITH 1862 - 1954. Annie Elizabeth daughter of the above 1897 - 1917. Photo Hui_44 Photo Hui_44A Photo Hui_44B

45 Cross is missing: In memory of Jeanie W. YOUNG died at Tikorangi 9th May 1884 aged 23 years. Photo Hui_45

46 In loving memory of Isabella ANDREWS (Auntie Belle) died 4th Jan 1941 aged 69 years. Photo Hui_46

47 In loving memory of James TURNBULL born June 4th 1820 died March 19th 1891 also his beloved wife Jane died 1st Oct 1907 aged 88 years. Photo Hui_47

48 Vacant

49 White cross now unreadable. Mary Ann GRIFFIN 1883. Photo Hui_49

50 SARTEN Benjamin Levi 13-5-1980 - 13-12-1997 treasured son of Gary John. Ride in peace Ben. Photo Hui_50

51 SARTEN Loving memories of Shirley Agnes 11 September 1924 - 21 March 2011 loved wife of Ashley. Ashley Russell 30 April 1927 - 19 April 2011 loved husband of Shirley. Loved each other, loved their children, loved their grandchildren. Photo Hui_51

Row 7

52 In loving memory of Elsie Euphemia youngest daughter of John and Emily ANDREWS died 27th Aug 1948 aged 59 years. Photo Hui_52

53 In loving memory of Herman William HONNOR beloved husband of Olive at rest 1st March 1981 aged 88 years. Olive Sylvia HONNOR beloved wife of Herman at rest 15th April 1975 aged 83 years. Photo Hui_53

54 HONNOR In loving memory of William (Bill) 16-7-1931 - 19-4-2015 dearly loved husband of Alison. Alison 1-6-1934 - 21-8-2016 dearly loved wife of Bill. Deeply loved and respected parents. Cherished grandparents and great-grandparents. Photo Hui_54

55 In loving memory of Sarah Elizabeth beloved wife of W. HONNOR who died 27th June 1926 aged 71 years, at rest. Also William beloved husband of above died 3rd Nov 1935 aged 76 years. Photo Hui_55

56 In loving memory of Doris Eva beloved daughter of G. & A.S. WILSON died 19th Oct 1928 aged 7 years. Thy will be done. Photo Hui_56

57 Vacant

58 In memory of my loved ones Alice ALLEY aged 28 years also Lucy May aged 18 months and Rose aged 3 weeks died 25th November 1897. Not lost but gone before. Photo Hui_58

59 Vacant

60 Vacant

61 In loving memory of Sarah the beloved wife of Thomas LANGMAN who died 12th April 1909 aged 60 years. Dearest mother we have laid thee in the peaceful graves embrace, but thy memory will be cherished till we see thy heavenly face. Her end was peace. Also Thomas LANGMAN (father) died 24th February 1911 aged 70 years. With Christ which is far better. Photo Hui_61

62 Vacant

63 Vacant

64 White wooden cross now unreadable: Alfred Valentine ROSVELL 1891. Photo Hui_64

Row 8

65 In loving memory of Emily Doris GIDDY loved daughter of Jane and George passed away 18th Jan 1962 aged 61 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Hui_65

66 RITCHIE In loving memory of Eunice 5-1-1925 - 29-7-2011 dearly loved wife of Jack. Jack 15-12-1923 - 11-8-2016 dearly loved husband of Eunice loved mother loved father of Clive, Janine, Rusty and Debbie. At home with the Lord. Photo Hui_66

67 In loving memory of Elsie Stephenson GIDDY loved daughter of Jane and George passed away 7th Sept 1988 aged 80 years. (Auntie Elsie) At peace with the Lord. Photo Hui_67

68 In loving memory of George beloved husband of Ada S. WILSON died 10th May 1935 aged 45 years. At rest. Photo Hui_68

69 In loving memory of Jane beloved wife of George Stephenson GIDDY died 16th January 1948 aged 80 years also George Stephenson GIDDY died 5th January 1954 aged 86 years. Abide with me. Photo Hui_69

70 Our bonny twins Daisy and Mabel. (set with Giddy plot 69) Photo Hui_70

71 In loving memory of Alice May beloved wife of J.W. CROWE died 27th Sept 1935 aged 59 years, also John William CROWE beloved husband of the above died 11th Sept 1944 aged 67 years. Photo Hui_71

72 Little Lester, of such to the Kingdom of Heaven. Leonora Preece CROWE 22nd Dec 1987 beloved wife of Bernard William 20th Sept 1990. Photo Hui_72 Photo Hui_72A

73 In loving memory of George LANGMAN who died at Tariki 9th February 1903 aged 28 years. In the midst of life we are in death, also Edith Eleanor the beloved wife of the above who died at Opotoki 1st August 1904 aged 31 years. Her end was peace. Photo Hui_73

74 Vacant

75 In loving memory of John MORTIMER who died 30th November 1901 aged 59 years. Thy will be done. Also Sarah Ann MORTIMER wife of the above died 27th June 1907 aged 49 years. Photo Hui_75

76 Vacant

77 In loving memory of Charles Tudor HALL died 27th January 1922 aged 85 years. Thy will be done also Ellen wife of the above died 26th July 1928 aged 90 years. Photo Hui_77

78 Vacant

79 In loving memory of Elizabeth dearly loved wife of Wm. C. NOBLE died 1st April 1898 aged 29 years. W.C. NOBLE 1868 - 1963. Lead kindly light. Photo Hui_79

80 Vacant

81 Vacant

82 In loving memory of Honnour the beloved wife of William ROWE died June 6th 1897 aged 66 years, also William ROWE died 25th April 1915 aged 88 years, Sarah ROWE died 26th September 1901 aged 31 years. Photo Hui_82

83 Wooden cross now unreadable: Mary Margaret GRAHAM 1894. Photo Hui_83

84 In loving memory of Arthur Thomas Grellin KELLY who died 1st August 1892 aged 9 years. Photo Hui_84

85 In loving memory of Elizabeth KNUCKEY who died 13th September 1888 aged 57 years also Nicholas KNUCKEY who died 24th December 1912 aged 80 years. Thy will be done. Photo Hui_85

86 Vacant

87 In loving remembrance of William BENNETT died 24th September 1884 aged 71 years also Abigail BENNETT died 10th June 1899 aged 84 years. Death may hide but not divide thou are on Christ's other side. Photo Hui_87

88 In loving memory of Benjamin HALL died 30th Aug 1889 aged 38 years, also Fanny I. HALL beloved wife of above died 14th Sept 1932 aged 83 years. Photo Hui_88

89 In loving remembrance of Benjamin HALL who fell asleep 29th April 1904 aged 26½ years. To fall asleep is not to died, to dwell with Christ is better life. Photo Hui_89

90 Vacant

91 Sacred to the memory of Harry BOWMAN who entered into rest 4th September 1909 aged 66 years, also Ellen BOWMAN died 17th October 1938 aged 80 years. Thy will be done. Photo Hui_91

92 In loving memory of Harry Alfred BOWMAN 24th June 1966 aged 80. Photo Hui_92

93 In loving memory of Elizabeth Napper McFETRIDGE dearly loved wife of Martin 21st Aug 1959 aged 75 years also her loved husband Martin 4th June 1963 in his 78th year. Photo Hui_93

94 In loving memory of Lillian Maud beloved wife of Herbert HOLLINS and loved mother of Dorothy, Lorna and Fred died 2nd April 1957 aged 69 years and Herbert loved husband and father of the above died 24th April 1971 aged 91 years. Photo Hui_94

94A In loving memory of Dorothy MURPHY daughter of Herbert and Lillian and loved mother of Philip and Matthew 21-6-1916 - 21-9-1997. Photo Hui_94 Photo Hui_94A

Row 9

95 Broken wooden cross in 1983 read: John Thomas DONCASTER - 1880. Photo Hui_95

96 In loving memory of Nelson Robert ANDREWS (Tubby) beloved husband of Jean and loved father of Beverley and John, passed away 17th Jan 1963 aged 59 years, also Annie Edna Jean loved wife and mother of the above passed away 12th Oct 1976 aged 67 years. At rest. Photo Hui_96

97 In loving memory of Gladys Emma beloved wife of James GRANT died 18th April 1936 aged 28 years. Photo Hui_97

98 In loving memory of Alice beloved wife of Frederick Young ANDREWS died 23rd Nov 1917 aged 43 years, also Frederick Young ANDREWS died 31st December 1947 aged 79 years. John Rolf ANDREWS died 11th Oct 1910 aged 4 year. Photo Hui_98

99 WELLS In loving memory of Robert Lester (Jock) at rest 16th April 1981 aged 65 years and his dearly loved wife Gladys Mary (Ginty) at rest 28th January 2004 aged 85 years. Loved parents of Jeff, Lynda, Terry, Marion, Shirley and Gordon. Treasured grandad and Ginty. Photo Hui_99

100 DENT with love we remember Marion Dawn nee WELLS 15-4-1952 - 13-11-2012 dearly loved wife of Peter Roy. Loved mother of Jessica, Michael, Kieran and Warwick. "The song has ended, but the melody lingers on". Photo Hui_100 Photo Hui_100A

100A In loving memory of Marion true friends are hard to find difficult to leave and impossible to forget love you more Rob & Kathleen - Cape Town. Photo Hui_100A

101 In loving memory of Stephen dearly beloved husband of Charlotte C. TURNBULL died 24th July 1929 aged 73 years. Charlotte Clara beloved wife of above died 10th Dec 1953 aged 89 years. Watching for the lifting of the veil of eternity. Photo Hui_101

102 In loving memory of Ella Mary CURRIE (our sunbeam) died 25th August 1906 aged 16 years. Photo Hui_102

103 Vacant

104 In loving memory of Mary Annie beloved wif of Frederick OLD died 17th Oct 1934 aged 75 years. Frederick beloved husband of Mary Annie OLD died 31st May 1930 aged 74 years. Also their children Albert John died 6th Nov 1888 aged 2 years. Arthur Raymond died 4th Sept 1907 aged 4 years. Newton Clive Ewart died 13th Oct 1906 aged 9 months. Frederick William died 24th Aug 1911 aged 30 years. Photo Hui_104

105 Vacant

106 In loving memory of Sydney Purdie beloved son of Albert & Isabel ROWE died 17th March 1940 aged 25 years also Albert beloved husband of Isabel ROWE died 21st Nov 1949 aged 76 years and his beloved wife Isabel Mary ROWE died 7th Sept 1961 aged 82 years. Photo Hui_106

106A Their loved son Douglas Lidderdale ROWE died 16th March 1990 aged 77 years. Photo Hui_106 Photo Hui_106A

107 In loving memory of Elizabeth ROWE who died 20th January 1907 aged 41 years. Photo Hui_107

108 In loving memory of Caroline Emma Austin ROWE died 21st January 1899 aged 43 years laos Matthias ROWE died 28th December 1901 aged 49 years. Photo Hui_108

109 In loving memory of Annie Ellen beloved wife of Benjamin BENNETT who died 13th January 1912 aged 48 years. Long she suffered now at rest. Also Benjamin beloved husband of above died 20th April 1945 aged 92 years. Photo Hui_109

110 Wooden cross in 1983 read: Mrs GANDALL 1893. Photo Hui_110

111 In loving memory of Alice the beloved wife of John PETCH who died 30th August 1905 aged 29 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Photo Hui_111

112 In memory of Hazel infant daughter of W. & A. ROBERTS died 6th April 1911. Photo Hui_112

113 In loving memory of Amelia beloved wife of W. ROBERTS died 27th August 1929 aged 47 years. Thy will be done. Photo Hui_113

114 In loving memory of Joseph William HALL loved brother of Benjamin HALL died 18th Jan 1951 aged 94 years. In God's keeping. Photo Hui_114

115 In loving memory of William beloved husband of Alice HALL died 10th June 1948 aged 74 years, also his beloved wife Alice HALL died 31st December 1957 aged 83 years. At rest. Photo Hui_115

116 Vacant

117 In loving memory of William Frederick beloved husband of Magdalene JOHNS died 12th Nov 1949 aged 41 years. Sadly missed, also his loved wife Magdalene Mary JOHNS died 17th Oct 1963 aged 53 years. Sadly missed. Loved parents of Ian JOHNS. Photo Hui_117

118 Vacant

119 In loving memory of Robert Percy eldest son of William and Elizabeth HONNOR died 16th Aug 1977 aged 91 years. Alfred Burr only daughter of William and Elizabeth HONNOR died 29th Dec 1978 aged 90 years. Photo Hui_119

120 Constance Nelly GRIDLEY nee ANDREWS loved daughter of Fred and Alice dearly loved mother of Joye, Ayva and Gale 12th July 1904 - 22nd June 1991. Photo Hui_120

Row 10

121 Front: In loving memory of Robert WELLS who died 30th Jan 1916 aged 73 years. God thought it best to give him rest. Also Elizabeth Jane died 17th October 1921 aged 77 years. Asleep, and their loved daughter Lilias died 2nd Jan 1970 aged 89 years.

Left: Also Eliza Mary WELLS died 3rd July 1877 aged 2 years 4 months and William WELLS died 28th September 1893 aged 79 years. Annie Elizabeth MATTHEWS died 23rd April 1987 aged 80 years.

Right: Also William James Geddes WELLS who died 11th Dec 1911 aged 44 years and Benjamin Sutherland WELLS died 29th April 1930 aged 60 years. The fight is o'er the battle won. Photo Hui_121 Photo Hui_121L Photo Hui_121R

122 In loving memory of Annie loved wife of Benjamin S. WELLS 27th June 1968 aged 87, He giveth His beloved sleep. Photo Hui_122

123 In loving memory of Isabella Margaret (Ella) dearly beloved wife of Robert McKENZIE who passed away 24th May 1948 aged 82 years, also Robert McKENZIE who passed away 16th Aug 1950 aged 89 years. Photo Hui_123

124 In loving memory of Robert George dearly loved husband of Ada WELLS passed away 8th June 1961 aged 79 years, also his beloved wife Ada passed away 24th August 1970 aged 85 years. Photo Hui_124

125 In loving memory of John dearly beloved husband of Mary Ann OLD who departed this life 3rd June 1919 aged 35 years and beloved son Percival John OLD died 17th June 1950 aged 43 years. Photo Hui_125

126 In loving memory of Henry OLD who died 2nd November 1918 aged 66 years. Peace perfect peace. Though I am gone & you are left to tread this vale alone, we hope to meet again in heaven with Christ before the throne, also Sarah Ellen OLD (Auntie) who departed this life 30th March 1928 aged 76 years. Photo Hui_126

127 In loving memory of Leonard Llewellyn beloved husband of Ivy Etta SARTEN died 15th June 1946 aged 63 years, also his beloved wife Ivy Etta SARTEN died 15th March 1961 aged 73 years. Photo Hui_127

128 Vacant

129 In loving memory of Norene Hazel SARTEN died 17th Feb 1923 aged 4 years. Jesus called a little child unto him. Photo Hui_129

130 In loving memory of Helen the beloved wife of Robert TURNBULL died 4th May 1917 aged 56 years, also Robert TURNBULL died 16th August 1922 aged 70 years.

Left side: Also Andrew TURNBULL beloved son of Robert & Helen died 1st May 1952 aged 68 years. Photo Hui_130 Photo Hui_130L

131 In loving memory of Oliver Jope beloved wife of Emma J. KNUCKEY died 11th Feb 1940 aged 82 years. Also Emma Jope beloved wife of the above died 13th Aug 1944 aged 79 years. At rest, Home with loved ones. Photo Hui_131

132 In loving memory of Elsie Emma beloved daughter of Oliver J. & Emma J. KNUCKEY who died 24th September 1927 aged 34 years. One of the best at rest. Photo Hui_132

133 In loving memory of Bert beloved son of O.J. & E.J. KNUCKEY who died 6th May 1914 aged 23 years, also Jack killed in action in France 30th Aug 1918 aged 21 years. Our loved ones at rest. Photo Hui_133

134 In loving memory of Edward Coulan HUDSON died 8th April 1966 aged 56 years, his end was peace also his beloved wife Dinah HUDSON died 30th August 1923 aged 78 years. At rest. Photo Hui_134

135 In loving memory of Nellie fourth daughter of John T, & Ellen HUGHES who died 13th April 1917 aged 17 years. Not lost but gone before. Photo Hui_135

136 HUNGER We remember with love Alan Fenwick 1st February 1936 - 6th July 2016 loved husband of Joan. Treasured dad of David, Sandra, Jennifer and Graeme cherished grandad to all the grandchildren. Photo Hui_136

137 In loving memory of Owen HOSKIN died 18-1-1978 - aged 76 years loved husband of Rachel Doreen HOSKIN died 11-4-2008 aged 102 years, loved parents of Nola, Joan and Jeff. Photo Hui_137

138 In loving memory of Amelia dearly loved wife of the late James MUIR died 12th Oct 1968 aged 88 years. Photo Hui_138

138A Jessie AITKEN loved mother of Dawn, Doreen, Gordon and Ian 1911 - 1994. Photo Hui_138 Photo Hui_138A

139 In loving memory of David beloved husband of Halsey I. MUIR died 9th Oct 1955 aged 46 years, also his beloved wife Halsey Isba MUIR died 7th Feb 1967 aged 53 years. Photo Hui_139 Photo Hui_139A

140 In loving memory of Ernest Le HURAY late of Guernsey Channel Islands died 30th August 1962 aged 61 years. Peace and quietness. Photo Hui_140

141 In loving memory of Charles Maurice OSBORNE infant son of Betty and Maurice 25th June 1963. Photo Hui_141

142 Vacant

143 Vacant

144 Vacant

145 In loving memory of Sydney OSBORNE dearly loved husband of Venetia May passed away 16th Nov 1971 aged 80 years and his dearly loved wife Venetia May passed away 7th Aug 1985 aged 81 years. Loved by all. Photo Hui_145

Row 11

146 In loving memory of Benjamin Lewis LONGSTAFF beloved husband of Eva died 9th July 1976 aged 90 years and his loved wife Eva Agnes died 14th Oct 1985 aged 96 years also their loved son Jeff died 8th June 1938 aged 23 years. Photo Hui_146

147 Beloved son Dennis Bertram ARMS 1951 - 2015 A life courageous. Photo Hui_147

147A ARMS In loving memory of Alexander Kerr 1914-1989 and his beloved wife Grace Phyllis 1916 - 2002. Photo Hui_147

148 Wooden headstone now unreadable but in 1983 showed hands crossed and possibly read: Jo DONCASTER died 1892 aged 76 years. Photo Hui_148

149 Vacant

150 In loving memory of Emily Elizabeth beloved wife of Albert John ARMS who died 24th January 1925 aged 49 years also her beloved husband Albert John ARMS who died 17th May 1957 aged 85 years. At rest. Photo Hui_150

151 In loving memory of mother Emilie Marie BACH died 14th Oct 1931 in her 90th years also father Captain Johan Adolph BACH lost at sea in 1893 in his 60th year. Photo Hui_151

152 In loving memory of Lewis George dearly beloved husband of Lily May ANDREWS died 8th October 1948 aged 67 years also his beloved wife Lily May died 28th January 1971 aged 87 years and their loved son Kenneth died 21st February 1974 aged 66 years. Thy will be done. Photo Hui_152

153 In loving memory of Marjorie beloved daughter of Lewis & Lily ANDREWS died 28th October 1924 aged 4 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Hui_153

154 In loving memory of William beloved husband of Sarah Sanger ROWE died 11th August 1923 aged 66 years. Photo Hui_154

155 In loving memory of Henry James beloved husband of Elizabeth Hilda SCHRODER passed away 22nd Dec 1962 aged 81 years also his beloved wife Elizabeth Hilda passed away 17th Nov 1974 aged 88 years. At rest. Photo Hui_155

156 In loving memory of Eric beloved child of Harry & Bessie SCHRODER died 14th August 1924 aged 4½ years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Hui_156

157 In loving memory of Duncan MacRAE died 18th June 1924 aged 71 years also Sarah beloved wife of the above died 20th Sept 1942 aged 75 years. Thy will be done. Photo Hui_157

158 In loving memory of Mary beloved wife of Frank BLATTLER who died 15th July 1929 aged 42 years also Frank BLATTLER who died 20th Oct 1971 aged 85 years. Also Bertha BLATTLER loved mum of Freda and John who died 11th March 1976 aged 77 years. Photo Hui_158 Photo Hui_158A

159 Desmond Robert loved baby son of Inez and Fred WESTON 18-5-1944 - 9-9-1944. Photo Hui_159

160 J.O. MANN 1868 - 1947. Photo Hui_160

161 In loving memory of Wayne Patrick dearly loved son of Winston and Mary CHURCHILL died 11th Feb 1950 aged 4½ years. Sadly missed R.I.P. Photo Hui_161

162 In loving memory of Gary Winston dearly loved son of Winston and Mary CHURCHILL accidentally killed Waiouru 14th Feb 1959 aged 20 years. R.I.P. Gunner C Troop, 22 Bty. 2 Fd Regt R.N.Z.A. Photo Hui_162

163 In loving memory of Winston Arthur CHURCHILL dearly loved husband of Mary 2nd Sept 1971 aged 58 years, Mary Josephine CHURCHILL beloved wife of Winston 15th April 2008 aged 95 years. Treasured parents and grandparents. Loved by all. Photo Hui_163

164 In loving memory of Harriett Helena OLD died 17th Jan 1952 aged 52 years. A loving wife at rest also her loved husband Hubert Guy OLD died 17th March 1967 aged 72 years. Photo Hui_164

165 In loving memory of Elizabeth Agnes beloved wife of the late Harry James TRIPP passed away 28th July 1973 in her 96th year. At rest. Photo Hui_165

166 Vacant

167 In loving memory of Phyllis May AITKEN loved wife of Fraser 15th January 1965 aged 47. A wonderful mother at rest. And her beloved husband Alexander Fraser 7th January 1998 aged 84, A respected father at rest. Graham Peter AITKEN 24-5-1941. Wendy Elizabeth May AITKEN 28-11-1943, Warren Fraser AITKEN 15-9-1945. Neil Michael AITKEN 17-1-1947. Photo Hui_167

168 Vacant

169 In loving memory of Marjorie Lillian dearly loved wife of Leonard Mervyn SARTEN passed away 3rd Sept 1970 aged 51 years. At rest. Photo Hui_169

Row 12

170 In loving memory of Hugh beloved husband of Constance ANDREWS died 7th Jan 1954 aged 48 years also his beloved wife Constance Elizabeth died 12th Aug 1974 aged 65 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Hui_170

171 In loving memory of Leslie Robert beloved son of Hugh & Constance ANDREWS died 23rd August 1934 aged 3 years 4 months. Photo Hui_171

172 In loving memory of Richard Francis beloved husband of Nellie LANGMAN died 6th Sept 1935 aged 58 years also Nellie beloved wife of Richard F. LANGMAN died 24th July 1943 aged 61 years. At rest. Photo Hui_172

173 In loving memory of Alfred John beloved husband of Dorothy Lillian TOPLESS died 13th June 1944 aged 56 years, and his beloved wife Dorothy Lillian died 4th Feb 1985 aged 90 years. Photo Hui_173

174 Leo Douglas TOPLESS dearly loved husband of Eunice and a loved father 29th Jan 1981Photo Hui_173 Photo Hui_174

175 D.D. LIND 416863 1939 - 45 Flying Off. R.N.Z.A.F. died 22.1.1986 aged 75 yrs. Photo Hui_175

176 Vi O. LIND 2612 1939 - 45 W.A.1 R.N.Z.A.F. died 5.4.1997 aged 80 yrs. Photo Hui_176

177 In loving memory of Emily Mary beloved wife of William A. LIND died 19th May 1945 aged 64 years also her dearly loved husband William Andrew LIND died 19th April 1953 aged 75 years. Sadly missed. Photo Hui_177

178 Vacant

179 In loving memory of mother Annie ALLEY died 28th Sept 1951 aged 73 years also her fourth son Rev. Donald Clinton ALLEY of the Solomons lost at sea 1942 aged 36 years. In His Master's Service. Photo Hui_179

179A Also her youngest son George Ralph (Digger) ALLEY died 26-10-1999 aged 80 years. Photo Hui_179 Photo Hui_179A

180 In loving memory of John Leo beloved husband of Ivy POWER died 16th Sept 1949 aged 64 years and John Andrews POWER R.N.Z.A.F. killed on active service 25th Jan 1943 also Ivy beloved wife and mother of the above died 14th Jan 1972 aged 86 years. Photo Hui_180

180A In loving memory of Howard Kenneth (Bill) MAIDEN 5.3.1917 - 18.10.1968 and Judith MAIDEN nee POWER 21.5.1916 - 26.11.2010. Together again in everlasting peace. Photo Hui_180

181 In loving memory of Frances Harriet beloved wife of John LUDLOW and loved mother of Nancy, Alison & William died 24th Feb 1963 aged 57 years. Photo Hui_181

182 In loving memory of Oliver Samuel BLACKBOURN beloved husband of Eva Kathleen died 9th May 1963 aged 67 years also his loved wife Eva Kathleen BLACKBOURN died 26th April 1979 aged 81 years. At peace. Photo Hui_182

183 In loving memory of Ester Amy MEULI loved wife of Noel died 21st Nov 1963 aged 59 years also her beloved husband Noel Christian MEULI died 27th Feb 1977 aged 76 years. At rest. Photo Hui_183 Photo Hui_183A

183A Dearly loved parents of Betty, Noeline, Joyce, Maxine, Fay, Elwyn, Annette, Rex, David and Chris. Photo Hui_183 Photo Hui_183A

184 In loving memory of Oliver Jope KNUCKEY loved son of O.J. and E.J. KNUCKEY 15th August 1966 aged 77. At rest. Photo Hui_184

185 In loving memory of William JOHNSTON died 14th July 1967. At peace. Photo Hui_185

186 In loving memory of Mary Ann Houghton JOHNSTON died 29th June 1971 in her 87th year. At peace. Photo Hui_186

Row 13

187 In loving memory of Robert Andrews LANGMAN died 4th Aug 1937 aged 30 years. Asleep in Jesus. Photo Hui_187

188 Vacant

189 Vacant

190 Sacred to the memory of May Ann LOVERIDGE died 18th September 1885 aged 37 years also of William LOVERIDGE died 29th May 1923 aged 92 years. At rest. Photo Hui_190

191 In loving memory of John Henry KEAT 1860 - 1939, Mary Hannah KEAT 1857 - 1940. Rest in Christ. Photo Hui_191

192 John Frederick beloved husband of Augusta Paulena LOVERIDGE died 3rd Sept 1939 aged 62 years. Photo Hui_192

193 With love we remember Polly Doctor Evelyn Belle LIND daughter of Emily and William born 14 July 1921 died 25 April 1999, friend and mentor of many. Photo Hui_193

194 In loving memory of Alan Nicholas SCHRODER very much loved husband of Sylvia Ellen much loved by his children Alan, Bruce, Carol and Helen and grandchildren died 18-11-1999 aged 78 years. Awaiting a resurrection to the earthly paradise. Revelations 21.3.4. Photo Hui_194

195 In loving memory of Bruce Raymond SCHRODER died 31.1.2004 aged 57 years dearly beloved husband of Barbara loved father of Brenda, Donna, Paula, Leisa and Raymond loved son of Sylvia & the late Nick twin brother of Alan brother of Carol & Helen. Awaiting the earthly resurrection. Photo Hui_195

196 In loving memory of WHEELER Dorothy 1 Nov 1937 - 10 July 2016 dearly loved wife of Don precious mum of William - Jeremy - Helen, exquisite grandma of Hayden, Jake - Eleni, Jackson, Leonard - Luke, Zackary. Who can find a virtuous wife for her worth is above rubies. Proverbs 31:10. Photo Hui_196

197 Vacant

198 Vacant

199 Vacant

200 Vacant

201 In loving memory of William DUGDALE who died 6th June 1903 aged 81 years. At rest. Photo Hui_201

202 DUGDALE In loving remembrance of Rhoda Margaret 1907 - 1977 and Harry Pacey 1906 - 1999 parents of Alastair and Warwick. Photo Hui_202

203 Minnie DUGDALE 1852 - 1877. Photo Hui_203

Row 14

204 Ross CLELAND 28-3-1942 - 11-4-2012? Dearly loved husband of Dellys May loved dad of Rhonda, Joanne, Nerida and Fiona, special pop of all the grandchildren. Photo Hui_204

205 PORTWAY In loving memory of Flora Dawn 6/5/1925 - 31/12/2012 loved wife of Rex. Loved mother of Christine, Jennifer, Dennis and Stephanie. Photo Hui_205

206 In loving memory of Samuel Allan KORFF 12/08/1988 - 8/06/2009 devoted dad of Chase & Hunter Vinnie KORFF 18/05/1992 - 21/05/1992 treasured & special sons of Craig & Debbie loved brothers of Thomas & Saran. Photo Hui_206 Photo Hui_206A

207 Here lies John Paul William MATHESON 20-01-1968 - 10-04-2014 husband of Jessica May and daddy of Ava-Dawn. We will wander the earth without you, for the rest of our days, forever missing you. Daddy. Photo Hui_207

208 BENNETT In loving memory of Graeme Bruce 7-6-1933 - 17-9-2012 dearly loved husband of Evelyn Alice (nee BROCKLEHURST) loved father of Benjamin and Ross loved grandad of all the grandchildren. Photo Hui_208

209 The day Thou gavest Lord has ended. In memory of Brandon "Don" Daniel WARRINGTON 22-2-1929 - 8-5-2013 father of Don (passed away 11-9-2008). Photo Hui_209

210 With love we remember Paul Ian ROBINSON 25.1.1973 - 23.7.2015. Much loved son of Noel and Beverly, loved brother of Steven & Rona, Wayne, Gina & Mary. Special uncle to his nieces and nephews. A friend to many, young, wild and free. Photo Hui_210

Row 15

211 In loving memory of Edna Marie MAJOR beloved wife of Robert and loved mother of Bruce and Alan passed away 20th April 1977 aged 50 years. So dearly loved by all. Photo Hui_211

212 Raylene Michelle Sari HUNGER precious infant daughter of David and Jo Anne and Nicole's little sister. Released back into the loving arms of her Heavenly Father Oct 22nd 1993 aged 10½ months. Healed at last in the Lord's Garden. Jeremiah 17:14. Photo Hui_212

213 Ella Mae HUNGER 5th May 1999 darling girl of Dianne & Graeme. Born into the Arms of Jesus where we will meet again on that great day. Photo Hui_213

214 LAURENCE Dorothy Joan 28th July 1928 - 15th April 2001 loved wife of William Robert devoted mother of Nana. Photo Hui_214

214A And their youngest son Grant Leslie (George) 23rd April 1956 - 2nd September 1973. (LAURENCE) Photo Hui_214A Photo Hui_214

215 FAIRHURST Pierce Winton 21st July 1989 - 10th December 2000. Beautiful son of Paul & Sharyn sweetie of Amy & Kate. His love touched and blessed our world. Photo Hui_215

216 WARREN John Raymond 11-11-1948 - 25-5-2007. With his Lord "My hero" to Penny much loved dad to Kealy and Daniel. Tread softly, here lies the one we love. Photo Hui_216

217 In loving memory of No. 9658, Stoker RNZN 1939-435. FAIRHURST Harry Frederick 30-7-1925 - 5-7-2013 aged 87 years. Loved husband of Nola Margaret, treasured dad of Wayne, Ross, Paul and Anne. Special grandad and great grandad. Photo Hui_217

218 In loving memory of Leigh William ANDREWS beloved husband of Jean and loved father of Richard, Stephen and Christine died 4th July 1981 - aged 76 years, and his loved wife Jean ANDREWS died 28th August 2016 aged 92 years, loved and cherished mum always. In our hearts forever. Photo Hui_218

219 In loving memory of Hilda HALL beloved wife of Norman and loved mother of Lin, Trish and Rod 17th March 1982 aged 71, also Norman Walter HALL 22nd June 2003 - aged 93. Rest in Peace. Photo Hui_219

219A Home to rest Lin HALL a loving husband, father and grandfather died Queensland, Australia 1938 - 2012. Photo Hui_219A Photo Hui_219

220 Charles Pierre Monod De FROIDEVILLE born Djakarta 4th April 1940 died New Plymouth 19th August 1983 in loving memory. Photo Hui_220

221 In loving memory of Robert McGregor LIND (Greg) dearly loved husband of Ida and loved father of Donovan and Peter, at peace 2nd June 1983 - aged 65 years and devoted wife and mother Ida LIND at peace 12th September 1994. Photo Hui_221

222 Treasured memories Donald Patrick SMITH dearest and much loved husband of Jill and dearly loved father of Daryl and Coral at rest 6th Jan 1985 aged 41 years. Sadly missed. Photo Hui_222

Row 16

223 In loving memory of Rodney Lewis OSBORNE 7th November 1927 - 25th February 1974 dearly loved husband of Dale Juanita OSBORNE 17th February 1929 - 19th May 2014 loved parents of Ruth, Anthony, Wyn and Marc. Photo Hui_223

224 Together forever ROBINSON Noel Keith 2-5-2002 aged 61, Beverley May 15-7-2004 aged 60. Special and loving parents of Steven, Wayne, Gina & Merv and Paul, awesome grandad and grandma. Loving memories last forever. Photo Hui_224

225 In loving memory of Norman John HAMILTON dearly beloved husband of Anne at rest 5th April 1974 aged 24 years. Loved by all. Photo Hui_225

225A In loving memory of Nancy Katherine EKDAHL nee HAMILTON 7th July 1955 - 11th March 2011 loved mum of John and Ross dearly loved nan, forever in our hearts. Photo Hui_225A Photo Hui_225

226 HAMILTON In loving memory of Robert William (Bob) dearly loved husband of Joan 30th August 1987 aged 61 years. Norma Joan (Lovie) dearly loved wife of Bob 26th October 1997 aged 71. Loved father loved mother of John, Margaret, Nancy and Bruce and treasured grandad and grandma. Photo Hui_226

227 In loving memory of Bertha Grace HALL dearly loved wife of Alfred Gordon died 26th May 1977 aged 77 years, also her beloved husband Alfred Gordon died 31st July 1979 aged 80 years loved parent of Edna and Don. Photo Hui_227

228 In loving memory of Alice Margurite RICHARDSON (Rita) beloved wife of the late Algernon died 3rd July 1977 aged 81 years. He is our peace. Photo Hui_228

229 In loving memory of Stanley WATERSON beloved husband of Marjorie Ida and loved father of Trevor, Shirley and Ruth died 15th Nov 1978 aged 87 also Marjorie Ida beloved wife and mother of the above died 17th Sept 1981 aged 79. Peace perfect peace. Photo Hui_229

230 In loving memory of Raynor (Snow) MUDGWAY loved husband of Dot 29th June 1983 aged 64. Photo Hui_230

231 WARREN In loving memory of Ronald Allen 19.3.1937 - 7.3.2015 treasured husband of Val. Valerie May 10.7.1936 - 25.6.2002 treasured wife of Ron, loved father loved mother of Michelle and Denise cherished grandad cherished Nana of Simon, Eugene, Victoria and Alexander. Photo Hui_231

232 In loving memory of Ernest William Joseph (Ern) DENTY dearly loved husband of Sally died 7-10-1995 aged 82 years. Photo Hui_232

233 In loving memory of Alan Robert MAJOR dearly beloved husband of Gaewyne and loved dad of Tania and Chris 28th May 1986 aged 33. Photo Hui_233

234 In loving memory of Harry Albert John ARMS passed away 25th Feb 2005 aged 98 years cherished husband of Gladys Myrtle. Photo Hui_234

234A In loving memory of Gladys Myrtle ARMS passed away 4th Nov 2007 aged 99 years treasured wife of Harry Albert John. An inspiration to us all. Photo Hui_234

235 SCHULTZ In loving memory of Leslie George beloved husband of Norma 4th Nov 1985 aged 69 years. Norma Berenice Celestine loved wife of Leslie George passed away 3rd June 2013 aged 91 years, also their loved son Owen Kenneth 14-1-1947 - 17-1-2011 aged 64 years. Photo Hui_235

236 In loving memory of Stanley Wilfred HOOPER 23rd Nov 1987 aged 71 dearly loved husband of Alma May 16th Jan 1999 aged 79 treasured parents of Robert, Dellys, Noel, Phyllis and Alan. Photo Hui_236 Photo Hui_237

237 Morgan James loved infant son of Alan and Linda HOOPER died 15th Feb 1990. With us for a day remembered forever. Photo Hui_236 Photo Hui_237

238 Treasured memories of Evelyn Grace HALL died 11th Aug 1988 aged 71 years dearly loved wife of Albert Victor (Blue) died 29th Sept 2003 aged 88 years loved mother and father of Janice, Valerie, Malcolm and Christine. Photo Hui_238

239 SARTEN In loving memory of Jocelyn (Ruth) dearly loved wife of Keith died 12th April 1990 aged 54 loved mother of Philip, David, Marjorie and Ian. Rest in peace. Photo Hui_239

Row 17

240 Maxwell Albert James ROWE. Photo Hui_240

241 In loving memory of Hugh Maxwell dearly loved husband of Annie May ROWE and loved father of Max, Beverley and Graeme 9th May 1972 aged 69 years. Also Annie May ROWE beloved wife and mother of the above 20th November 1984 aged 73 years. Remembered. Photo Hui_241

242 In loving memory of Percy LOVERIDGE called home 29th Nov 1973 aged 63 years and his loved wife Gwendoline Mary called home 31st July 1996 aged 81 years. He is not here for He is risen. Mathew 28. Photo Hui_242

243 Vacant

244 In loving memory of George Alfred ADLAM dearly loved husband of Olive Kathleen at peace 10th Sept 1974 aged 71 years. Olive Kathleen beloved wife of the late George dearly loved wife of Les OLIVER peacefully on the 15th Dec 1991 aged 78 years. Cherished father cherished mum of Bill, Arthur, Eric, George, Marjorie, Trevor, Irene, Lillian, Joan and Bernard. Photo Hui_244

244A In loving memory of Leslie Vernon OLIVER loved husband of Olive 15-8-1915 - 24-3-1999. Photo Hui_244 Photo Hui_244A

245 In loving memory of Murray Ian accidentally killed 16th April 1979 aged 18 dearly loved son of Bill and Edie LIND loved stepson of Bunny and loved brother of Graeme loved and respected by all who knew him. Edith LIND dearly loved wife of Ian ANDREWS (Bill) at rest 23rd Dec 1975, treasured mother of Graeme and Murray. Photo Hui_245

246 Edgar Wilfred CROWE loved father of Keith, Margaret and Ken 4th July 1976 aged 69 years. Photo Hui_246

247 In loving memory of Leonard George WALKER beloved husband of May at rest 2nd Sept 1978 aged 72 years also his loved wife May Adelaide Tracey at rest 31st May 1981 aged 74 years. Photo Hui_247

Row 18

248 JORDAN in loving memory of May Annie dearly loved wife of Les 23rd April 1994 aged 72 years. Leslie Noel dearly loved husband of May 9th September 1995 aged 74 years loved mother loved father of Kevin and Dennis. Till we meet again. Photo Hui_248

249 In loving memory of Regt. No. 33666 25th Btn. Newton Ronald SPARGO beloved husband of Constance at peace 18th Sept 1971 aged 63 years, also Constance Annie at rest 2nd Oct 2004 aged 99 years, dearly loved parents of Cherry, Gillian and Newton. Together forever. Photo Hui_249

250 In loving memory of Richard (Heeney) SARTEN died 4th March 1942 aged 17 years. Photo Hui_250

251 In loving memory of Ronald S. BURGESS died 7th Feb 1943 aged 26 years also his father Sidney A. BURGESS killed in battle of Bapume 2nd Sept 1916 aged 39 years. Photo Hui_251

252 In loving memory of Hilda Celestine Maulena beloved wife of Norman Leslie SARTEN died 23rd Dec 1955 aged 63 years. Also her beloved husband Norman Leslie died 4th May 1971 aged 83 years. Photo Hui_252

253 In loving memory of Walter Alexander (Lex) beloved husband of Edna Mavis McCAUL died 4th May 1970 aged 45 years. Photo Hui_253

254 Warrick Edward SMITH darling husband of Glenys and loved daddy of Nathan and Miah 4th Jan 1980 aged 25 years. Photo Hui_254 Photo Hui_253

255 In loving memory of Walter McCAUL beloved husband of Ann Caroline fell asleep 23rd April 1971 aged 79 years also his beloved wife Ann Caroline fell asleep 22nd Jan 1985 aged 88 years. At rest. Photo Hui_255

256 JORDAN In loving memory of Edward Vincent (Ted) 4th June 1916 - 27th February 2007 dearly loved husband of Elsie (Mary) much loved and respected father of Daphne, Patrick, Therese, Laurence, Eileen, David, Andrew, proud grandparent and great grandparent. Rest in peace. Photo Hui_256

Row 19

257 In loving memory of HALL Donald Mervyn 22-2-1928 - 25-12-2001 cherished husband of Maureen May loved father of Shelley, Robyn, Carleen & Stephen. Peace perfect peace. Photo Hui_257

258 In loving memory of Ewen Farquhar MacRAE loved husband of Norah died 10th Oct 1971 aged 65 years, also his beloved wife Norah Evelyn died 28th Aug 1976 aged 73 years. Photo Hui_258

259 Vacant

260 Vacant

261 In loving memory of Caroline Anne MILLS who died 27th Feb 1941 aged 64 years also Kenneth Harold O'DONNELL loved husband of Jean died 3rd June 1981 aged 68 years, also Jean Colston O'DONNELL died 31st May 1997 aged 80 years. At rest. Photo Hui_261

262 Vacant

263 In loving memory of Harry Alan (Jack) dearly loved husband of Madge PEARSE died 7th Dec 1955 aged 31 years also his beloved wife Madge died 31st Oct 1980 aged 54 years. Photo Hui_263

264 In loving memory of Alfred James SPARGO died 17th June 1963 aged 76 years also his loved sister Ida Grace SPARGO died 23rd Dec 1970 aged 77 years. Photo Hui_264

265 In loving memory of N.Z.E.F. 436680 Frederick Thomas JURY dearly loved husband of Aileen fell asleep 10th Oct 1978 aged 59 years treasured father and father-in-law of David, Helen and John, Ross and Susan and John. Ever thoughtful. Photo Hui_265.

End of Huirangi Cemetery transcriptions
This version revised 16 July 2022.