Urenui Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2018.

Urenui cemetery

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Row 1

1 In loving memory of Robert Andrew Hamilton JENKINS who died 21st Feb 1894 aged 8 months & 21 days. Photo Ure_1

2 Concrete base but no headstone

3 Concrete base but no headstone

4 In loving memory of Elsie Margaret MARSH died 25th Oct 1942 aged 39 years. Sadly missed. Alfred John MARSH died 25th Nov 1977 aged 73 years. At rest. Photo Ure_4

Row 2

5 In loving memory of Edward BISHOP who died 10th December 1911 aged 82 years also Jane wife of the above who died 7th June 1885 aged 47 years. At rest. Photo Ure_5

6 In loving memory of Frederick BISHOP died 10th Aug 1933 aged 65 years. Photo Ure_6

7 In loving memory of William eldest son of W. & M. DOUDS who died 17th February 1918 aged 6½ years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Ure_7

7A Maria 1883 – 1938 died in Ireland and William DOUDS 1878 – 1967 devoted parents of Henry and Arthur. Photo Ure_7 Photo Ure_7A

8 In loving memory of Ann Maria the beloved wife of Edwin G. PERROTT who died 4th June 1918 aged 56 years. Photo Ure_8

8A Also Ethel May PERROTT beloved daughter of the above died 6th August 1987 aged 93 years. Photo Ure_8 Photo Ure_8A

9 In loving memory of Alice wife of the late Edward CHARMAN and mother of Rose ALPE died 2nd June 1923 aged 67 years. Photo Ure_9

10 In loving memory of Arthur Herbert beloved husband of Kate Elspeth HALCOMBE died 23rd Feb 1940 aged 71 years. Richmond John HALCOMBE 24-6-1908 – 3-12-1991 devoted husband of Helen Ray. Helen Ray HALCOMBE 10-11-1917 – 8-10-2011 loved wife of Richmond John. Photo Ure_10

10A Dennis Richmond HALCOMBE 5-11-1950 – 4-7-2010 in his 60th year youngest son of Dick and Ray. Photo Ure_10 Photo Ure_10A

10B Dennis Richmond HALCOMBE. Photo Ure_10 Photo Ure_10B

Row 3

11 Broken concrete surround and railing no headstone. Photo Ure_11

12 In loving memory of William John third son of Mary & Thomas JONES who died at New Plymouth Hospital 9th December 1918 aged 32 years, also Kathleen Alice who died 5th November 1900 aged 11 years also Freddie, Isabel and Glen infant children of Mary & Thomas JONES also Thomas JONES died 25th July 1932 aged 80 years and his beloved wife Mary Jane died 17th Aug 1946 aged 91 years. Photo Ure_12

13 In loving memory of Jessie Thelma eldest daughter of G.K. & A. OXENHAM who died 12th December 1918 aged 13 years 4 months. Photo Ure_13

14 In loving memory of Charles Robert dearly beloved husband of Clara Lavina THOMSON accidentally killed 4th Jan 1922 aged 47 years. Rock of ages left for me. Photo Ure_14

15 In loving memory of Kate Elspeth the beloved wife of Arthur H. HALCOMBE daughte4r of the late James McCosh CLARK who died 23rd May 1915 aged 36 years. Mizpah. Photo Ure_15

15A In loving memory of Arthur James HALCOMBE 3-1-1905 – 5-2-1989, Enid Hilda (nee PRATT) HALCOMBE 12-10-1908 – 22-2-1984, loved parents of Anne. Edith Anne (nee HALCOMBE) EUSTACE 19-8-1936 – 5-9-2017, Derek Heber EUSTACE 11-6-1929, beloved parents of Deborah and David. Photo Ure_15 Photo Ure_15A

16 Sacred to the memory of Arthur Wm. Follet HALCOMBE fourth son of John HALCOMBE Q.C. born at Highgate London, 16 Jan 1834 died at Ferngrove 4 March 1900. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matt v8. Photo Ure_16

Row 4

17 In loving memory of Charles RICHARDS who died 21st July 1918 aged 68 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Ure_17

17A William RICHARDS 21st August 1844 – 13th November 1903. Mary Jane RICHARDS (BASON) c.1861 – 11th May 1894. Jessie RICHARDS 10th August 1880 – 20th March 1889. William James RICHARDS 11th March 1878 – 15th May 1878. Always remembered. Photo Ure_17A

18 In loving memory of Henry RICHARDS who died 31st January 1927 aged 77 years. Thy will be done. Photo Ure_18

19 In loving memory of Robert Henry PIGOTT 1866 – 1932 and his wife Annie Gore PIGOTT 1869 – 1959. Photo Ure_19

20 Space

21 In loving memory of Arabella Elizabeth beloved wife of Louis GIBSON who died 17th July 1911 aged 66 years. At rest. Also Louis Martin GIBSON 1845 – 1922. Photo Ure_21

22 In loving memory of Violet GORDON-GLASSFORD beloved wife of Alexander McKIntosh at rest 24th December 1976. Sadly missed by all who loved her. Photo Ure_22

23 In loving memory of Alexander MacKintosh GORDON –GLASSFORD beloved husband of Violet at rest 30th July 1995. Sadly missed by all who loved him. Photo Ure_23

24 In loving memory of John RIDDLE died 4th March 1902 aged 53 years. Thy will be done. Erected by his loving wife and daughter. Photo Ure_24

25 In loving memory of Lewis Geoffrey NEWTON born Timaru 1880 died accidentally at Warkworth 29th January 1957 aged 76 years. Glad did he live, home is the sailor home from sea and the hunter home from the hills. Also his beloved wife Francis Mary Eila (nee BRASSEY) born at Thames 22nd June 1881 died 13th January 1964. She walked with flowers in God’s garden through the vale. Photo Ure_25

26 In loving memory of Darcy LANGE Regt. No. 13/2457 Sgt. Auckland and Mounted Rifles 1st N.Z.E.F. dearly loved husband of Dorothy and sadly missed father of Elyson, Roger, Newton and Darcy at rest 20th May 1974 aged 77 years. Back to the road and we crossed again. Over the hills and the salt bush plain. He did a journey …….. A.R. Patterson. There’s no night there. Also Dorothy Eila LANGE artist, organist and music teacher. R.S.M.L. L.T.C.L. dearly loved wife and mother of the above at rest 29th March 1992 aged 83 years. Shall we gather at the river, always in our hearts. Photo Ure_26

26A In loving memory of LANGE Darcy Bruce Espie M.A. Royal College of Sculpture – London dearly loved father of Darcy and Rawhina loved brother of Elyson, Roger and Newton. Let every hope and every dream be born in love today. Let all the world sing with one voice, let the people say amen. Photo Ure_26A

Row 5

27 In loving memory of William Bain GORDON-GLASSFORD who died 12th June 1926 aged 62 years. Photo Ure_27

28 In loving memory of Marion GORDON-GLASSFORD who died 14th August 1909 aged 28 years. Thy will be done. Photo Ure_28

29 In loving memory of Arabella Louisa the beloved wife of C.A. RUMBAL who died 14th February 1907 aged 32 years. Thy will be done. Charles Augustus RUMBAL died 7th Oct 1948 aged 83 years. Ellen Boyle RUMBAL died 13th March 1953 aged 84 years. Photo Ure_29 Photo Ure_29A

30 In loving memory of Little Roy beloved child of Ernest & Edith RUMBAL passed away 6th May 1929 aged 3 months. God’s finger touched him and he slept. Photo Ure_29 Photo Ure_30

30A To the memory of Trevor Albert RUMBAL 9-10-1932 – 22-1-1982 loved son of Ernest and Edith. Photo Ure_30 Photo Ure_30A

30B In loving memory of Ernest George RUMBAL 18-3-1903 – 2-8-1972 and loved wife Edith Mary (nee HERBERT) 2-12-1905 – 27-4-1981. Photo Ure_30 Photo Ure_30B

31 In loving memory of Jane Ellen beloved wife of Alfred HICK who fell asleep 23rd December 1917 aged 60 years. Photo Ure_31

32 In loving memory of Thomas NEALIE who died at Okoke 4th May 1906 aged 59 years. A precious one from us is gone, a place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled. At rest. Erected by his wife Mary NEALIE. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Ure_32

33 Sacred to the memory of Alexander TELFAR who died 17th October 1902 aged 66 years. We miss thee and mourn thee, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Also Mary beloved wife of above died 7th Sept 1931 aged 96 years. Photo Ure_33

34 In loving memory of Arthur GIBBS who died 15th October 1911 aged 57 years. Also his beloved wife Jessie Bothia GIBBS who died 13th July 1965 aged 91 years. Thy will be done. Photo Ure_34 Photo Ure_34A

35 In loving memory of Emily Louisa FALCONER who died 10th July 1909 aged 11 ½ years. Thy will be done. Loved by all who knew her. Photo Ure_35

36 In loving memory of Thomas WAITE who died at Urenui on 3rd Sept 1897 aged 73 also Anna Catherine beloved wife of the above who died 12th Dec 1903 aged 80. Photo Ure_36

Row 6

37 In loving memory of Archibald James the beloved husband of Amelia E. THOMPSON died 23rd Nov 1918 aged 39 years. At rest. Photo Ure_37 Photo Ure_37A

38 In loving memory of Charles James beloved husband of Amelia M. WILSON who died 24th February 1920 aged 76 years. At rest. Also Amelia M. WILSON who died 26th July 1922 aged 85 years. Photo Ure_38

39 In loving memory of Betty Glendenning only child of George & Florence FULLER died 14th February 1928 aged 9 months. Photo Ure_39

40 In loving memory of George beloved husband of Louisa ALLENDEN died 20th June 1934 aged 51 years. At rest. Photo Ure_40 Photo Ure_40B

40A Edward Douglas CHUBB 29-6-1930 – 30-3-1992 loved husband of Betty father of Lynette, Jenny, Joy, Dianne and Karen. Edward Douglas CHUBB. Photo Ure_40A Photo Ure_40B

41 In loving memory of Percy Ronald SPURR accidentally died 5th March 1924 aged 45 years. At rest. Photo Ure_41

42 In loving memory of our mother Catherine ROWE died 3rd Aug 1943 aged 96 years and father George MCKINDLEY-WILLISON died 29th April 1900 aged 64 years. And Fred son of the above died New Westminster B.C. Canada 3rd Dec 1943. Photo Ure_42

43 In loving memory of (Harry) Henry James McKINDLEY-WILLISON died 2nd July 1950 aged 74 years. Photo Ure_43

44 In loving memory of Grace Bertine LIDDALL beloved wife of George 23rd December 1983 aged 78 years. George Edward LIDDALL beloved husband of Grace 27th November 1977 aged 69 years. Loved mother loved father of Noel and Gae. At rest. Photo Ure_44

44A In loving memory of John Dennis WHITE 6-5-1957 – 28-10-2017 aged 60 years dearly loved husband of Linda Anne loving father of Rachel, Erin, Steven & Courtney devoted to and adored by the grandchildren. Photo Ure_44A

44B Braden VINCENT. Photo Ure_44B

Row 7

45 In loving memory of Ilma Mary beloved daughter of Adam J. & Amelia A.H. MILLER who died 24th May 1920 aged 7 years. Jesus loves me. Photo Ure_45

46 In loving memory of Thomas James SANSON died 15th July 1920 aged 42 years. At rest. Charlotte Ellen SANSON died 8th Nov 1948 aged 70 years. At rest. Photo Ure_46

47 In loving memory of George Esau Miller MARSH beloved husband of Rita May and dearly loved pop of Bern, Owen, Redge and Kay who died 3rd May 1959 aged 59 years. Photo Ure_47

48 In loving memory of William J. RENTON died 15th July 1912 aged 23 years. At rest. Not now, but in the coming years, it may be in the better land we’ll read the meaning of our tears, and there sometime we’ll understand. Photo Ure_48

48A Rest in peace Betty Rosalie CHUBB 6 May 1931 – 14 September 2017. Photo Ure_48A

49 Sacred to the memory of Albert dearly loved husband of Laura SOWRY died 13th March 1917 aged 51 years. We loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best. Mizpah. Also Laura died 22nd Nov 1959. Photo Ure_49

49A In loving memory of Jennifer Violet CHUBB 4th June 1954 – 14th April 2002 dearly loved daughter of Betty and Ted cherished sister of Lynette, Joy, Min and Karen loved partner of Edward. Jen too well loved to ever be forgotten. Photo Ure_49A

50 In loving memory of James DOHERTY who died 29th September 1925 aged 74 years. Photo Ure_50

51 Concrete plot no headstone

52 In loving memory of Francis Edgar beloved husband of Lily ROGERS died 26th May 1947 aged 68 years. Photo Ure_52

53 In loving memory of Eveline Millicent ROGERS who died 16th July 1896 aged 21 years. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. St. Math. 3rd Chap. 8th verse. Photo Ure_53

54 In loving memory of George Norton beloved husband of Emma REILY who died 24th December 1894 aged 35 years, also dear little (Frankie) Francis Charles Hyde REILY died 4th April 1895 aged 2 years. Gone but not forgotten. Emma wife of the above died 20th Oct 1954 aged 85 years. Photo Ure_54

55 In memory of J. Hugh G. GREENWOOD who died Oct 18th 1895 aged 28 years. Christ died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep we may live together with him. I Thess 5.10. Photo Ure_55

56 Clara Maria GREENWOOD born 23rd Nov 1831 died 20th May 1913. Until the day break, and the shadows flee away. Photo Ure_56

57 This headstone replaced 2 headstones in 1983 and has now gone missing, it read: In memory of Ambrose John HONEYFIELD died 9.3.1919 aged 62 years also his loved wife May Ellen died 23.7.1932 aged 69 years and their children Margaret Ellen died 6.8.1893 aged 3 months, William Newman died 3.1.1916 aged 14 ½ years, Rhoda May died 18.1.1928 aged 39 years. No photo

58 Ki a Maumahara Michael Harley RAWIRI 17.08.1962 – 06.01.2014 Our Papa, our Koro. Photo Ure_58

59 In loving memory of Dion Craig MANSON 11 Aug 1973 – 15 April 2014 cherished partner of Shelley dearly loved dad of Trinity and Shayana treasured son, brother and friend. In our hearts forever. Photo Ure_59

60 Alan Herbert HALCOMBE 20.3.1947 – 4.2.2012 loved husband of Janet Marion HALCOMBE Proud and loving father of Sally, Chris and Philippa. Photo Ure_60

61 FORDHAM In loving memory of Stuart John “Stu” 24-1-1956 – 18-8-2013 loved husband of Liz. In my heart forever. Photo Ure_61

62 Colin John MATTOCK. Photo Ure_62

63 In loving memory of Sandor Pall POK cherished partner of Nancy loved father of Sandor (Dec’d), Gary, Karen and Jason. Photo Ure_63

64 Kenneth Roy NORTHCOTT 1928 – 2005 at rest, loved husband of Joyce, father of Dianne and Lindsay. Photo Ure_64

65 E.J. (Joyce) NORTHCOTT (nee McGREGOR) 1932 – 2002 Her friendship was an inspiration her courage humbling and her love a blessing. Missed by all. Photo Ure_65

66 In loving memory Owen Alexander GAUSTAD 5 March 1931 – 19 March 2015 loved husband of Jean loved father of Clive, Glenda and Marlene. Photo Ure_66

67 Loving family man Donald Morris REA 21.04.1948 – 16.05.2006 those we love remain with us for love itself lives on. Photo Ure_67

68 In loving memory of Elizabeth Robin RUSSELL 20-11-1946 – 26-7-2004. Photo Ure_68

69 In loving memory of Constance Mary McINTYRE nee RAVEN 18.5.1900 – 9.11.2007 loving wife of John Charles McINTYRE 16.2.1890 – 26.7.1984 dearly loved mother and father of Win, Fenton, Delia & Elaine. Photo Ure_69

70 In loving memory of Doris Margaret GORDON-GLASSFORD 1933-2008 dearly loved wife of Des. Desmond Hamilton GORDON-GLASSFORD 1930 – 1997 dearly loved husband of Doris Margaret. Rest in peace. Photo Ure_70

71 In loving memory of Bernie Karl EVES passed away 25-5-1996. Photo Ure_71

72 Bernard Herbert EVES. Photo Ure_72

73 DUNBAR With love we remember Eugene “Owen” 23-4-1927 – 24-12-2011 aged 84 years dearly loved & loving husband of Valerie much loved father of David, John, Pene and Philip. Loved Poppa to all the grandchildren. I will lift my eyes to the hills. Photo Ure_73

74 SNIJDERS In loving memory of Anna Maria Petronella nee EIJKENS 29th December 1919 – 20th September 2003 beloved wife of Hermanus Wilhelmus dearly loved mother of Karel, Els, Karin and Miriam much treasured Oma of Darcy, Rawinia, Rawiri and Harry. Photo Ure_74

Row 8

75 In loving memory of Fanny Catherine wife of John H. BURKE who died 11th December 1918 aged 27 years. Photo Ure_75

76 In loving memory of Patrick BURKE late 65th Regt. Royal Bengal Tigers died 3rd August 1907 aged 73 years also Catherine wife of the above died 28th January 1902 aged 62 years. Thy will be done O Lord. Photo Ure_76

77 Space

78 In loving memory of John Harford BURKE died 23rd June 1948 aged 73 years. At rest. Photo Ure_78

79 Large wooden cross unable to read. Photo Ure_79

80 Space

81 In loving memory of our loved husband and father Ronald James BAKER died 28th July 1972 aged 43 years. Photo Ure_81

82 In loving memory of Moris Shannon REA dearly loved husband of Violet and loved father of Don, Malcolm, Val, Keith, John, Miriam and Adrienne at rest 18th Feb 1984. Photo Ure_82

83 Violet REA. Photo Ure_83

84 In loving memory of Barbara Lorraine RATTENBURY dearly loved wife of Joe 3rd July 1984 aged 69 years also her dearly loved husband Wilfred Bertrand (Joe) 13th October 1993 aged 78 years. Photo Ure_84

84A In loving memory of Beverley Georgina RATTENBURY 8.11.1936 – 30.7.2003. Photo Ure_84 Photo Ure_84A

85 In loving memory of Albert Stevenson IBLE dearly loved husband of Sydney Josephine died 22nd Dec 1983 in his 80th year also his loved wife Sydney (Sydie-Jo) died 30th March 1990 in her 89th year loved parents of Courtenay and Una. Peacefully sleeping. Photo Ure_85

85A Also in memory of their loved baby Tom. (On IBLE grave) Photo Ure_85 Photo Ure_85A

86 William Joseph PIGOTT 25th July 1991 in his 91st year dearly loved husband of Edith Marjorie 18th July 2002 in her 97th year loved and respected father and mother of Bob and Keith. A long and happy family life. Photo Ure_86

87 In loving memory of Jeffrey Eric CARR beloved husband of Joan died 3rd September 1980 aged 70 years and his loved wife Joan Wickham CARR died 3rd August 2012 aged 100 years. Photo Ure_87

87A Peter Jeffrey CARR died 5th September 2014 in his 65th year. At rest with his mum and dad. Photo Ure_87 Photo Ure_87A

88 In loving memory of Peter John WATSON passed on 6th July 1982 aged 20 years dearly loved son of Keith and Wendy brother of Michael, Barry and Michelle and loved friend of Elaine and inspiration to many. Photo Ure_88

89 In loving memory of Alan Charles DUNBAR dearly loved son of Mamie and Tony and loved brother of Kaye, Robyn and Sharon died as result of air accident in South Africa 8th December 1977 in his 22nd year. Photo Ure_89

90 In loving memory of Charles Desmond DUNBAR (Tony) dearly loved husband of Mamie at rest 14th Nov 1986 aged 60 years. Photo Ure_90

91 In loving memory of Neville Charles ROEBUCK a dearly loved husband and father laid to rest 12th May 1980 aged 71 years also Margaret Jessie ROEBUCK a dearly loved wife who passed away on 3rd November 2000 aged 82 years. Sadly missed. Photo Ure_91

92 In loving memory of Thomas Brinsley HAUPAPA cherished and loving father of Ian, Donna, Jenny and Michelle much loved son of Tei and the late Emily and a loved grandad. 1st May 1993. Photo Ure_92

93 In loving memory of Emily Te Rongo HAUPAPA dearly loved wife of George and a treasured mother and Kui at rest 4th March 1984 aged 78. Tei Mangu George HAUPAPA DEARLY LOVED HUSBAND OF Emily and a treasured father and Koka at rest 24th Jan 1994. Photo Ure_93

94 Frederick beloved husband of Mary FULLER died 9th Aug 1924 aged 70 years. Also his son Charlie died 1895 aged 18 months. At rest. Photo Ure_94

95 Space

96 In loving memory of Joseph PIGOTT who died 7th Oct 1891 aged 52 years. May PIGOTT who died 18th Oct 1896 aged 57 years. William John PIGOTT who died 11th Sept1887 aged 20 years. Death takes the loved one from our home but never from our hearts. Photo Ure_96

97 In loving memory of Douglas Robert MANAGH 12-4-1919 – 9-8-1996 dearly loved and loving husband of Faith Alice MANAGH 27-7-1920 – 6-9-2006. Photo Ure_97

98 Forever in our hearts Doris Louisa BALLINGER (nee McCARTAIN) 15-9-1928 – 28-6-2017 loved and adored mum of Shirley-Anne, Paul and Jeffrey dearly loved by all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. May God, the source of hope, fill me with joy and peace by means of my faith in Him. Roman 15. Photo Ure_98

99 In memory of George Allan beloved husband of Eileen B, SULZBERGER 14.2.1917 – 21.10.2000 aged 83 years. My times were in your hands. Photo Ure_99

Row 9

100 In loving memory of our dear father George BERTRAND died 22nd Aug 1927 aged 87 years. At rest. Photo Ure_100

101 In loving memory of Lewis RATTENBURY 1880 – 1963 Sarah RATTENBURY 1892 – 1981. Photo Ure_100 Photo Ure_101

101A James L. RATTENBURY 5062 2nd NZEF Capt. 19 Btn & Armd Regt died 29.6.2011 aged 94 years. Photo Ure_100 Photo Ure_101A

102 In loving memory of David Thomas WILEY and his son Eric John WILEY. Photo Ure_102

103 In loving memory of Keith infant son of William & Gwendolyn MURRAY died 1926. Photo Ure_103

104 Joyce Muriel beloved daughter of William H. & Muriel WHITTAKER died 19th November 1921 aged 4 months. Photo Ure_104

105 In loving memory of Christopher Daniel beloved husband of Jane Beatrice SMITH died 12th Nov 1930 also his loved wife Jane Beatrice died 31st July 1976 aged 102 years. Photo Ure_105

106 MATTOCK In loving memory of Annie (Nan) 8th August 1915 – 19th June 2003 dearly loved wife of Laurence George 14th Dec 1918 – 11th Oct 2005 much loved mother and father of George, Janis, Donald, Colin, Albert, Bryan, Margaret and Karen a treasured nana and grandad. Photo Ure_106

107 In loving memory of Edith dearly beloved wife of Lewis Alfred (Pat) CHIVERS and loved daughter of George and Annie BAKER passed away 22nd May 1959 aged 49 years. Photo Ure_107

108 In loving memory of Leon Clifford BAKER dearly loved husband of Thelma and loved father of Wayne, Loretta, Jeanette, Irene, Bruce, Lindsay, Ro…, Maria and the late Chris, 18th June 1985 aged 58 years. Rest in peace. Photo Ure_108

109 In loving memory of George BAKER loved husband of Annie died 16th July 1962 aged 76 years also his loved wife Annie died 26th Aug 1969 aged 78 years. Photo Ure_109

110 In loving memory of Olive Edith loved wife of Charles Gladstone DUNBAR 10th March 1972. Photo Ure_110

111 Charles Gladstone DUNBAR a dearly loved husband and father laid to rest 21st May 1985 aged 80 years. Photo Ure_111

112 In loving memory of Charles Rufus HONEYFIELD 28-3-1907 – 26-12-1992 dearly loved husband of Christine Sarah nee LEPPER 4-9-1909 – 29-4-2003 loved father and mother of Ted, Margaret, Noeline, Rex and Maureen. Precious grand and great grandparents. Photo Ure_112

113 In loving memory of Alison Anne MOONEY 26-7-1933 – 23-8-2002 aged 69 years dearly loved wife of John Brian 1-7-1929 – 19-3-2013 aged 83 years loved mother and father of Jennie, Linda, Debbie, Wendy devoted to and adored by the grandchildren. Photo Ure_113

114 In loving memory of Henry Edward MELVILLE dearly loved husband of Edna loved father of Maree, Sharon, Dianne and the late Douglas and a treasured grandad 15th Jan 1987 aged 59. Photo Ure_114

115 In loving memory of Douglas Glen MELVILLE loved and treasured only son of Harry and Edna and dearly loved brother of Maree, Sharon and Dianne 7th April 1984 aged 18 years. Photo Ure_115

116 In loving memory of BLACK Edna May accidentally kille3d 28 Dec 1994 aged 59 years dearly loved wife of Graham loved mother of Marie, Sharon, Diane and the late Doug. Sadly missed. Photo Ure_116

116A Also Graham Trevor Ernest BLACK dearly loved husband of Edna 23rd Nov 1934 – 8th Oct 2004 loved father of Diane, Bruce and Ian. Photo Ure_116 Photo Ure_116A

117 BERTRAND In loving memory of John Phillip Arsene (Jack) beloved husband of Jane at peace 13th Sept 1991 aged 86 a treasured father and grandad, Hui Heeni (Jane) beloved wife of John at peace 3rd Dec 1987 aged 74 a treasured mother and nana. Photo Ure_117

118 In loving memory of our dear husband and father Henry Edgar ROWE born 14th February 1883 died 20th June 1939 also brother Frederick William ROWE born 8th January 1909 died 4th February 1926 also son and grandson Thomas Henry WALLACE born 15th March 1935 died 25th August 1938. Photo Ure_118

119 In loving memory of Charles Nicholas ROWE who died 20th April 1916 aged 69? 58? Years. He giveth his beloved sleep also Philbert George ROWE who died December 1916 aged 28 years. At rest. Photo Ure_119

120 In loving memory of Bridget Emma wife of C.N. ROWE who died 19th Oct 1899 aged 47 years, also the two loved little ones, At rest. Photo Ure_120

121 In loving memory of Winifred Evelyn RUSSELL (nee ROWE) beloved wife of Herbert Lancelot died 25th March 1969 aged 76 years. Photo Ure_121 Photo Ure_120

122 In loving memory of George Allan ROWE died 19th December 1937 aged 25 years. Deeply regretted. Photo Ure_122

123 In loving memory of Percy Allan loved husband of Harriet Geraldine ROWE and father of Josephine, Halsey, Charles and Percy died 16th Nov 1950 aged 65 years, also Harriet Geraldine ROWE loved wife and mother of the above died 21st Feb 1985 aged 89 years. Photo Ure_123

Row 10

124 In loving memory of Leslie FRASER died 3rd May 1928 aged 52 years, and his wife Margaret Emmeline died 10th Feb 1957 aged72 years. Photo Ure_124

125 In loving memory of Donald Clive beloved child of Alfred Leonard & Eleanora HERBERT who died 26th April 1925 aged 6 months. Photo Ure_125

126 In loving memory of Leslie Eustace beloved son of George & Elizabeth HEATH died 27th Jan 1926 aged 21 years. Just passed over the border to a more beautiful world. Photo Ure_126

127 In loving memory of Allan beloved son of George and Annie BAKER died 7th May 1942 aged 10 years. Photo Ure_127

128 In loving memory of father: Francis PURCHAS died 13th Oct 1927 aged 74 years also Francis Henry eldest son of above died 17th April 1948 aged 68 years. Mother: Clara PURCHAS died 7th Nov 1938 aged 80 years. Photo Ure_128

129 In loving memory of Gustav NICKEL died 21st Oct 1941 aged 76 years. At rest. Photo Ure_129

130 In loving memory of Ivy Mona PHILLIPS 20-10-1922 – 26-7-1991 dearly loved wife of Allen PHILLIPS 11-2-1919 – 23-8-1991 dearly loved parents of Kevin, Raewyn, Maurice and David. A much loved nana and grandad. Photo Ure_130

131 In loving memory of William Tuffill PURCHAS who died 25th July 1942 aged 58 years. Photo Ure_131

132 In loving memory of Johnnie son of Lucy and John CONROY passed away 8th March 1942 aged 7 years. R.I.P. Erected by his loving parents and family. Photo Ure_132

133 Forever in our hearts Noel Gerald GAUSTAD 7th December 1928 – 4th September 2013 “Watch for me on the mountain” loved husband of Lorna Emily GAUSTAD (nee MAGON) 30th January 1937 – 22nd August 2016 “Speech is the key” Remembered and treasured parents of Carol, Nicholas, Alan, Jae, Helen and Craig. Photo Ure_133

134 In proud and loving memory of Craig Edward GAUSTAD loved son of Lorna and Noel loved youngest brother of Carol, Colin, Alan, Janice and Helen. Taken by his love of river rafting 17th February 1991 aged 18 years. So young and strong and full of promise. An inspiration to us all. Photo Ure_134

135 In loving memory of Barbara Fenton GAUSTAD (nee RAVEN) loved wife of Paul taken to be with him on the 6th April 1991 aged 97 years. Treasured mother of Anne, Doug, Noel, Owen, Dorothy, Donald and Faith. A loved grandmother and great-grandmother. Thy will be done. Photo Ure_135

136 Great War Veteran 3/3090 Pte P.G. GAUSTAD Medical Corps died 29-9-1955 N.Z.E.F. aged 74. (Burial records show: Paul Gerhard GAUSTAD) Photo Ure_136

137 In loving memory of M.L. GAUSTAD died 11th Oct 1917 aged 34 years. Jesus saith I am the way the truth and the life. Also Christopher GAUSTAD born Norway 1938 died Feb 1927. Christ hath redeemed us. Photo Ure_137

138 In loving memory of Indyarna Layken SEED-HERMAN beautiful daughter of Melissa and Nick a beloved sister granddaughter and niece died 26th July 1991 aged 11 days. One of God’s little angels. Photo Ure_138

139 In loving memory of James dearly loved husband of Annie SMITH died 4th Nov 1928 aged 80 years also Annie beloved wife of above died 31st July 1936 aged 80 years. At rest. Photo Ure_139

140 In loving memory of Victoria Isabel beloved wife of F.C. ROWE died 11th October 1931 aged 53 years. At rest. Photo Ure_140

141 In loving memory of Rita Margaret EVES loved wife of Ben loved companion of Barry loved mum of Elizabeth, Linda, Bernard and Maureen a loved nana and great-grandma passed away 4th July 1990. Photo Ure_141

142 Gordon Winston NIGHTINGALE loved son of Ethel and Bert 14th April 1989 aged 44. Workmate of the Clifton County. Photo Ure_142

143 In loving memory of Newton Harman loved second son of E.G. and M.E. BLEAKLEY died 10th April 1985 in his 86th year. Photo Ure_143

144 In loving memory of Faith Lilian GAUSTAD died 7th Aug 1940 aged 2 days. Photo Ure_144

145 In loving memory of Donald C. GAUSTAD (twin) died 15-8-36 aged 3 years. Safely gathered in. Photo Ure_145

146 In loving memory of Madeline Septima RAVEN died 30th December 1934 aged 27 years. Photo Ure_146 Photo Ure_146B

146A In loving memory of Winifred MEIER twin sister of Madeline RAVEN 7th Nov 1907 – 3rd August 2007. Photo Ure_146A Photo Ure_146B

147 In loving memory of Sarah May RAVEN died 28th Feb 1935 aged 86 years. Photo Ure_147 Photo Ure_146B

148 In loving memory of Herbert RAVEN died 31st Oct 1935 aged 88 years. Photo Ure_148 Photo Ure_146Bb

149 VAN-ARKEL Hui Hinganganui I mate 31-3-91 Oha tau 58 yrs. Beloved wife of Frank beloved mother & grandmother of all her children and mokopuna’s. Cry not for I am only a whisper away. Photo Ure_149

Row 11

150 In loving memory of ROWE Halsey Henry 12-06-1913 – 13-07-1982 dearly loved husband of Muriel Muiora 25-04-1915 – 03-02-2013 treasured father and mother of Shirley, George, June, Carole, Murray and Irene. Photo Ure_150

151 In loving memory of Tui Rangiua Tiemi WALLACE loved daughter of Ellen and the late Thomas a loved sister and aunty passed away 2nd November 1985 aged 49 years. Rest in peace. Photo Ure_151

152 In loving memory of Ellen Emma WALLACE loved wife of the late Thomas born 1st July 1912 died 28th August 1988 a loved mother and nana. Photo Ure_152

153 In loving memory of Graham (Kere) WALLACE 02 July 1941 – 24 December 2014 dearly loved husband of Rena treasured father of Rena, Tammy and Keri cherished poppa of his grandchildren. Loved and respected by many. Photo Ure_153

153A Graham WALLACE 2 July 1941 – 24 December 2014. Photo Ure_153A

154 In loving memory of Robyn Jocelyn NEILL 17-12-1943 – 24-2-1989 dearly loved wife of John Grattan NEILL 16-11-1942 – 24-9-2010 treasured parents and grandparents of Warren, Jillene, Belinda & their families. John was also cherished husband of Ngaire. Photo Ure_154

155 Treasured memories Kerry John ROWE loved son of Corinne and loved grandson of Ina and Percy ROWE died 10th March 1989 aged 20 years. Loved by all. Photo Ure_155

156 Cherished memories of Percy Philbert ROWE 18th February 1920 – 6th July 1994 dearly loved husband and true friend of Ina June ROWE. Loved dad Perce of Corinne, Phillip, Stephan, Vance, Cherie, Lisa, Dell, Mitchell & Giselle and dearly loved grandpop always there for us. Forever in our hearts until we meet again. Photo Ure_156

Row 12

157 NAIRN Noel Donald 1928 – 2011 dearly loved husband of Edith. Loved parents of Selena, Maxine, Karen, Blendyn, Fiona and their families. Photo Ure_157 Photo Ure_157A

158 DICKINSON In loving memory of Judith Mary dearly loved wife of Warren passed away 11th Sept 1989 aged 44 years loved mother of Susan, Colleen, Pamela, Raymond and Debbie R.I.P. Photo Ure_158

159 Emma and Gus HOCKING died 20th January 1991. Hand in hand we stand in the Promised Land. Loved always mum, dad, Jimmy and Alina. Photo Ure_159

160 In loving memory of Damon Victor McKNIGHT 29.9.1976 – 2.8.1991. Treasured youngest son of Ngaire and Bob. Loved brother of Jason and Shaun. Stepson and friend of John ans Kay. Forever in our hearts. Photo Ure_160

161 EVANS In loving memory of Tudor Clark 11-4-1929 – 8-12-1998 Calon Ian yn Llawn daioni, Eula Emily 22-9-1928 – 15-2-2010. A pure heart full of goodness cherished mum, dad, nan and Da. Photo Ure_161

162 FAIRHURST Treasured memories of Robyn Joan (Robbie) dearly loved wife of Brian (Shorty) loved mother of Julia and Karl loved Bobbie of Samantha and Vince 11-10-1950 – 11-9-1993. Photo Ure_162

162A Karl William loved husband of Tania devoted father of Samantha and Vince treasured son of Shorty and Robbie by accident 14-9-1995 aged 22. (Attached to FAIRHURST headstone) Photo Ure_162 Photo Ure_162A

163 In loving memory of Andrew Keith Chisholm ROSS died 12-3-1999 aged 79 years dearly loved husband of Cynthia May ROSS death is the last great adventure. Photo Ure_163

Row 13

164 JAMARL. Photo Ure_164

165 Lakota Patricia LAUDER-LEALAND born 9-8-99 died 15-8-99 Photo Ure_165 Photo Ure_165A

166 Tania Moana Jayne ANDERSON 1969 – 2018. Photo Ure_166

166A ANDERSON Katrina Mana Susan 21-1-1975 – 25-11-2001 loving daughter of mum and dad, loved sister of Sheryl, Tanya & Charmaine. Photo Ure_166 Photo Ure_166A

167 WESTON With love we remember Edna Frances Margaret 8-3-1910 – 15-5-2004 wife of the late Frank Robert loved mother of Betty, Roy, Marian, John, Ian & Robert. Photo Ure_167

168 Precious are the memories of David Steven HOLLARD left us suddenly 16th Feb 1999 aged 50 treasured dad and friend of Jodie, Edwyn & Lindsay loved son of Aileen. His courage has smile, his grace, gladdened the hearts of those who have the privilege of loving him and we will love you always dad. Gone fishing. Photo Ure_168 Photo Ure_168A

168A HOLLARD. Photo Ure_168A

169 Precious Memories of Ernest Wilfred SUTTON tragically taken 28-5-2012 aged 83 loving husband of Nancy. Nancy Mildred SUTTON tragically taken28-5-2012 aged 83 loving wife of Ern, loved parents of Lynette, Warren and Stephen, cherished Man and Porky Ern of their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Photo Ure_169

170 In loving memory of MATTOCK Karen 21-09-1957 – 12-02-2012 loved partner of Graeme cherished mother of Racheal, Donelle, Tony, Justin & Nanny to all her beautiful Mokopuna. Always in our hearts never far from our thoughts. Moe mai I roto I moenga roa ma te atua e manaakitia I a koe. Photo Ure_170 Photo Ure_170A

171 HERBERT In loving memory of Ruth Isabel nee BIRD dearly loved wife of Peter Ronald George at rest 23rd July 1999 aged 69 years. Loved mother of Donald, Carol, Warren, Ian and Robyn. Photo Ure_171

172 Tania Michelle BROPHY 16-6-1992 – 11-12-2009 dearly loved daughter of Ann and Chris loved sister of Tony and Linda. Tania. Photo Ure_172 Photo Ure_172A

172A Back of 172: Tania BROPHY Extreme. Photo Ure_172 Photo Ure_172A

173 In loving memory of HONEYFIELD Janine Isabella (nee POOL) 13/10/1945 – 15/9/2008 dearly loved wife of Rex Newman loved mother of Godfrey, John, Vicki and Paul. Photo Ure_173

Row 14

174 In loving memory of Leslie Stewart HUMPHREY 27 June 1920 – 3 Nov 2007 aged 87 years. Photo Ure_174

175 Lisa Rochelle LUCAS 16 June 1974 – 12 October 2002 beautiful daughter of David and Susan. Inspiring sister of Sarah and Christopher, beloved partner of Julian. We shine not burn. Photo Ure_175 Photo Ure_175A

Row 15

176 Rest in peace Russell John IRETON (Rusty) 8 August 1954 – 19 October 2017. Photo Ure_176

Row 16

177 In loving memory of Douglas Vickery HYDE 1919 – 1995 loved husband of Lillie HYDE. Loved brother of Gwen WATSON 1914 – 2000 Lesley HINDLEY 1931-2016. Photo Ure_177

178 In loving memory of Joyce Olive DOMBROSKI Pvt Arms 4-10-1918 – 22-3-1998 dearly loved wife of Leonard Anthony 16-11-1913 – 12-9-2005. R.I.P. Photo Ure_178

179 HEYES In loving memory of Norman James (Jim) 20-2-1931 – 19-5-2000 aged 69 years dearly loved husband of Margaret. Margaret Edith 8-9-1936 – 16-1-2016 aged 79 years dearly loved wife of Jim much loved dad much loved mum of David, Richard, Tim & Jenny as much loved grandpop, nana-Heyes & great-gran. Photo Ure_179

180 In loving memory of Beverly Joyce BISHELL 21-8-1954 – 24-5-1997 loved wife of Arthur Thomas BISHELL. Photo Ure_180

181 SMITH Jennifer Maude (Jenny) 7-1-1934 – 14-5-2003 beloved wife of Rev. Errol. Rev. Erro Gordon Stewart 7-8-1927 – 29-1-2004 beloved husband of Jenny. Loved mother loved father of Megan & Martin. Photo Ure_181

182 In loving memory of Alma Rose DICKINSON 29-10-1906 – 8-10-2005 beloved wife of John Henry dearly loved parents of Warren, Jill and Trevor. Rest in peace. Photo Ure_182

183 In loving memory of Daniel Thomas RADCLIFFE 23-7-16 – 12-9-78. Elizabeth Dorothy RADCLIFFE 10-9-15 – 19-6-96 and their youngest daughter Bronwyn Cushla RADCLIFFE 4-7-46 – 7-10-05. Forever in our hearts. Photo Ure_183

184 McKINDLEY – WILLISON In loving memory of Clifton (Cliff) 8/1/1924 – 29/6/2007 dearly loved husband of Shirley. Dearly loved dad of Karen, Gary, Kevin, Christine, Denise, Donna and Ross. Much loved grandad. Photo Ure_184

185 Henry (Joss) JURY 26-4-1936 – 24-5-2016 son of Harry and Ngaura JURY beloved brother and uncle. Photo Ure_185

186 Forever in our hearts WATTS Melvin Alfred (Ike) 10th Sept 1916 – 26th Jan 2008. Peggy Christine Martha 23rd Sept 1918 – 31st May 2007 loved parents of Maureen, Gaye & Ivan. Bestest nana & grandad. Photo Ure_186

187 Douglas William NEWTON 1920 – 2004 and his beloved wife June Erice (nee CLEMENT) 1927 – 2016 loved parents of Frances, Janet, Bruce, William (Bill), Barbara and Alan (Artie). Photo Ure_187

End of Urenui Cemetery transcriptions
This version revised 16 July 2022.