Tarata Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2021.

Tarata cemetery

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Block G Row 1

Burial record – Allan James ENRIGHT buried 03/03/2015
ENRIGHT, Allan James 28 April 1948 – 25 February 2015 loved husband of Dorothy Eileen, treasured dad of James, Craig, Nicholas and Anna. Fun loving Grandad. Photo Tar_1

Plots 2 to 13 Vacant

Burial record – Dugald McNeil PATERSON buried 22/01/2019
In loving memory of Dugald McNeil PATERSON (Mac) 15-6-1930 – 17-1-2019 loved husband of Jennifer, much loved father of Hugh, Hamish, Andrew and David. Photo Tar_2

Plot 15 Vacant

Block F Row 1

Burial record – To Moko Te Amo PATUWAIRUA buried 25/8/1990
Moki PATUWAIRUA 804508 2nd NZEF Pte 28 Maori Btn. Died 22.8.1990 aged 67 yrs Photo Tar_3 Photo Tar_3A

Plot 2 WILKS
Burial record – Arthur Kapua WILKS buried 3/2/1993
In loving memory of Arthur Kapua WILKS Uruao Hinemokai 24-7-16 – 30-1-93 loved father of Arthur Jnr, Jeffrey, Janice, Rodney & Tony. Will always be remembered. Photo Tar_4

Burial record – Tukutahi TOKOTAUA buried 1/07/1997
In loving memory of Tukutahi TOKOTAUA (Bimbo) born 13th April 1931 died 28th June 1997 loved son of Tukutahi & Waerata TOKOTAUA. Photo Tar_5

Burial record – Florinda Louisa LAMBERT buried 9/03/2008
In loving memory of Florinda (Floss) Louisa LAMBERT (nee Voitrekovsky) MNZM, DC St S. 1920 – 2007. Photo Tar_6 Photo Tar_6A
Burial record – Andrew Walter LAMBERT buried 16/12/2000
Andrew W LAMBERT 230915 2nd NZEF Pte. N.Z. Infantry died 18.1.1999 aged 82 yrs. Photo Tar_7

Plot 5 ORPIN
Burial record – Shirley Edith ORPIN buried 2/01/2001
Burial record – Andrew Francis John ORPIN buried 18/04/2009
Burial record - William John ORPIN buried 26/11/2016
ORPIN In loving memory of Shirley Edith loved friend of Mary LONGSON 14-11-1936 – 29-7-2000 loved wife of Bill. William “Bill” John Ser. No. 2751169 RAF 3-12-1936 – 20-10-2016 loved husband of Shirley. Loved parents of Kim Angela, John William, Timothy John 9-2-1961 – 24-6-1969, Penelope Susan, Andrew Francis John 20-3-1971 – 2-8-2008. Photo Tar_8

Plot 6 – 8 Vacant

Burial record – Ocean Rose RANSFIELD-PENE buried 28/06/2003
Ocean Rose RANSFIELD-PENE (there are words & date further down but cannot read them)
Burial record shows date of burial 28 Jun 2003 Photo Tar_9

Plot 10 KOPU
Burial record – Tutaonga Polly KOPU buried 17/06/2003
In remembrance of Polly Tutaonga KOPU (nee Tume) born Jeruselum – died 13th June 2003, wife of Reupena Pawhara KOPU and mother to Patricia, Lawrence, Graham, Maeida and Michael. Moe Mai E Kuia Moe Mai. Photo Tar_10 Photo Tar_10A

Plot 11 TUME
Burial record – Paewai TUME buried 8/11/2003
In memory of Paewai TUME (Snr) 29-12-1934 – 5-11-2003 loved & treasured Dad & Koko, gone but never forgotten. Hard working man who liked a beer and a bet each way. Photo Tar_11
Our family chain is broke and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again. Photo Tar_11A

Plots 12 – 15 Vacant

Block 7 Row 1

Plot 5 CROWE
Burial record – Hector McDonald CROWE plot 5 blk 7 (g) ashes only 14 May 1974
Hector McDonald CROWE loved husband of Edna died 9th April 1974 aged 73 years Photo Tar_12 Photo Tar_12A
Burial record – Douglas John CROWE buried 8/05/2003
Edna CROWE 19-11-1906 – 29-7-1999 Douglas John CROWE 18-9-1931 – 27-11-2002 Photo Tar_12B
Burial record – Robert Leslie CROWE buried 8/07/2005
Robert Leslie CROWE 30-7-1929 – 18-6-2005. Photo Tar_12C

Clifford Ernest REARDON dearly loved son of Helen and Ray died 16th April 1981 aged 16. Photo Tar_13

Photo: Tar_14 Photo: Tar_15

Burial record – Clifford Ernest REARDON buried 22/4/1981
Burial record – Ann Helen REARDON buried 9/8/1985
In loving memory of Mother 27-12-1931 – 7-8-1985 Ann, Susan, Daniel, Margaret, Juliet, Kathleen, Clifford, John, Brendon and Alice. Anne Helen REARDON loved wife of Ray. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there I do not sleep. Photo Tar_14
Burial record – Raymond Clifford Lance REARDON buried 8/02/2017
Raymond Clifford Lance REARDON 8-8-1927 – 8-2-2017 Husband to Helen loving father to his 10 children. Horses were not his whole life but they made his life whole. Photo Tar_15

Plot 1 & 2 Vacant

Block 7 Row 2

Photo: Tar_16

Burial record – C L BICHENO sec 6 blk VII buried 1 August 1946
Burial record – Susan BICHENO in plot 6 group G blk 7 on 26 Nov 1953 mother of C BICHENO, Tarata.
(This headstone was broken in 1984, it has now been repaired and replaced) In loving memory of Charles Leonard BICHENO died 30th July 1946 aged 69 years. Susan wife of the above died 25th Nov 1953 aged 83 years. Photo Tar_16

Plot 7 Vacant

Plot 8 PATU
Concrete grave.
Burial record reads Charles Wilfred PATU interred part plot 8 sec G blk 7 on 24/3/1961 Photo Tar_17

Plot 9 PATU
Burial record - Wairia Te Amo PATU interred in part plot 9, Blk 7 Section G on 23/5/56

Plot 9 SMITH
Burial record - Anthony SMITH interred in part plot 9 Blk 7 Sec G on 11/3/60

Plot 10 PATU & NUKU
Burial record reads Wairua PATU interred in part plot 10, Blk 7, Section G on 8/1/53 daughter of Amo PATU part plot 10 purchased.

Burial record – Ada NUKU interred in part plot 10 blk 7 section G on 25 May 1953 mother of Henry NUKU

Block 8 Row 1

Burial record – Lulu Myrtle SULLIVAN interred part plot 5 sec H blk 8 on 9/5/1960
In loving memory of Lulu Myrtle SULLIVAN daughter of C.L. and S. BICHENO died 6th May 1960 aged 51 years. Also the infant daughter of Lulu Myrtle SULLIVAN died April 1945. Photo Tar_18

Burial record – Willie TOKOTAUA interred in balance plot 4 group H blk VIII on 3 Nov 1951 also buried in the other section of this plot is his father ? TOKOTAUA who was interred in 1943.
Burial record – Marie Robyn TOKOTAUA interred part plot 4 sec H blk 8 on 27/7/1963.
In loving memory of our father Tukotahi TOKOTAUA 1st N.Z.E.F. 1914-18 died 13th Oct 1943 aged 52 years. Photo Tar_19
In loving memory of Maru Haranui TOKOTAUA (Willie) passed away 31st Oct 1951 in his 24th year loved son of Tukutahi & Waerata TOKOTAUA. Photo Tar_20

Plot 3 KEEPA
Burial record – Kapua KEEPA sec 3 blk 8 buried 18 June 1944
He tohu whakamaharatanga renei mo Kapua KEEPA I mate ite 18 O Hune 1944 ona tau 75. Photo Tar_21

Plot 2 TE AMO
Burial record – Ngarongo TE AMO in part plot 2 blk 8 section H on 29 Sep 1953 in law R KOPU
E tohu aroha ki to matou kuia Ngarongo TE AMO imate ite 26 Hepetema 1953 ona tau 86. Photo Tar_22

Plot 1 PATU
Map indicates ashes of Wairua PATU, no headstone or burial record.

Block 8 Row 2

Plot 6 WAAPO
The map indicates Waapo but there are no burial records or headstone that name.
In loving memory of Tainui Te Wharihi Tukatahi TOKOTAUA 12th July 1990 father of Ngaere Robin TOKOTAUA 16th July 1962. Always remembered by their family. Rest in peace. Photo Tar_23

Plot 7 Tainui TEWARIHI
E tohu aroha mo Tainui TEWARIHI I mate ite 3 Pepuere 1934 ona tau 78. Photo Tar_24

Map shows Emaema Hiroa PATU
Burial record - HIROA section 8 Block 8 buried June 16th 1922. No headstone
Burial record – TOKOTAWA Section 8 Block 8 buried April 16th 1923

Plot 9 TOKOTAUA (on map)
Burial record – Emaema PATU section 9 block 8 buried November 28th 1918.
He tohu aroha Kiate Rangi Hiroa POUNAMU I mate ite 3 Hune 1921 ona tau 77. Photo Tar_25

Plot 10 SMITH
Burial record – Annie Smith section 10 block 8 buried July 6th 1915.
In loving memory of Annie the beloved wife of Godfrey A SMITH who died 4th July 1915 aged 34 years. Photo Tar_26

Block 9 Row 1

Burial record – Violet Francis Minnie LAMBERT section 5 block 9 buried July 3rd 1908

Burial record – Flora LAMBERT section 4 block 9 buried December 6th 1902.
Burial record – Isaac LAMBERT section 4 block 9 buried July 13th 1905.
Isaac LAMBERT 1826 – 1905 also his second wife Flora 1833 – 1902 and Archie 1879 – 1898. Descendants reunion 10th November 1996. Photo Tar_27

Burial record – Newton Richard LAURENT section 3 block 9 buried December 21 1902.
In loving memory of Newton LAURENT who died 18th December 1902 aged 2 years. Photo Tar_28

Burial record – George GUILDFORD (note spelling) section 2 block 9 buried October 20th 1903.
Burial record – William Guilford section 2 block 9 buried November 2nd 1906.
In loving memory of William GUILFORD (note spelling) died 30th October 1906 also George GUILFORD son of ____ry died 18th October 1903. At rest. Photo Tar_29

Burial record – Hans JACOBSON (note spelling) section 1 block 9 buried November 4th 1904.
In loving memory of Hans JACOBSEN died 2 Nov 1904 aged 71 years. Photo Tar_30

Block 9 Row 2

Burial record – Mary Sophia RINTOUL section 6 block 9 buried March 15th 1908. No headstone

Plot 7 DUNN
Burial record – Charlotte DUNN section 7 block 9 buried November 18th perpetuaty 1896 Photo Tar_31

Burial record - A V TOBEK (note spelling) section 8 block 9 buried Feby 21st 1900

Burial record - W A NEWMAN section 9 block 9 buried June 21st perpetuaty 1900 Photo Tar_32

Burial record – Lillie Adeline GUSTAD (note spelling) section 10 block 9 buried November 24 perpetuaty 1896
In loving memory of Lilian Adeline GAUSTAD died Nov 22 1896 aged 6. Her last words Jesus loves me. Photo Tar_33

Block 10 Row 1

Burial record – Mary Bertha BATESON section 5-6 block 10 buried July 7th perpetuaty 1895

Burial record – Sarah Lawerence BAXTER section 4 & 7 block 10 buried March 5th perpetuaty 1895
Burial record – Richard BAXTER section 4 & 7 block 10 buried July 24th 1921

Plot 3 HUNT
Burial record – Lily HUNT section 3 block 10 buried July 3rd 1907

Burial record – Theodore ANDRISEN section 2 block 10 buried July 21st 1906

Plot 1 WAITE
Burial record – Ethel May WAITE section 1 block 10 buried September 11th 1905
In loving memory of Ethel May WAITE who died at Tarata 9th Sept 1905 aged 7. Photo Tar_34

Block 10 Row 2

Burial record – Mary Bertha BATESON section 5-6 block 10 buried July 7th perpetuaty 1896
In loving memory of Mary Bertha BATESON died 5th July 1896 aged 2½ years. Photo Tar_35 Photo Tar_35A

Burial record – Sarah Lawerence BAXTER section 4 & 7 blk 10 March 5th perpetuaty 1895
Burial record – Richard BAXTER section 4 & 7 block 10 buried July 24th 1921
To the memory of Sarah Lawrence the beloved wife of Richard BAXTER, Highbury Farm, Tarata died 3 Mar 1895 aged 47 years, also Richard BAXTER born 9 Feb 1840 died 15 July 1921. Photo Tar_36

Burial record – Nel SCHMIDT Section 8 block 10 buried July 12th perpetuaty 1894
Wilson is on the map but not in the burial records

Plot 9 SMITH
Burial record – Stephen SMITH section 9 block 10 buried November 2nd 1906
Burial record – Francis SMITH section 9 block 10 buried October 20th 1914
In loving memory of Stephen SMITH who was accidentally killed 31st March 1906 aged 61 years, also Frances wife of the above died 17th October 1914 aged 70 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Tar_37

Plot 10 JENSEN
Burial record – Jans JENSON (note spelling) section 10 block 10 buried January 25th 1908
Thy will be done in memory of Christian JENSEN who died 23rd Jan 1908 aged 68 years. Photo Tar_38

Block 11 Row 1

Plot 5 PRESTON (spelling on map)
Burial record – Samuel PRESTENY (note spelling) section 4-5 Block 11 buried November 9th perpetuaty 1894
In loving memory of Samuel PRESTNEY who died Nov 6th 1894 aged 35 years. Photo Tar_39


Plot 3 BLIGHT and BLY (see map)
Burial record – Rebecca BLIGHT section 3 block 11 buried May 1st in perpetuaty 1894
In affectionate remembrance of Rebecca the beloved wife of W. C. BLIGHT of Tarata, New Zealand, who died on 29th April 1894 aged 39 years. Happy soul the days are ended, all thy mourning days below, go by angel guards attended, to the sight of Jesus go. Photo Tar_40

Plot 2 SAYER
Burial record – Arthur Herman SAYER section 2 block 11 buried November 2nd 1901

Burial record – Jane Grant HANOVER section 1 block 11 buried June 11th 1909
Broken headstone: In loving memory of Jane Grant HANOVER who died 8th June 1909 aged 53 years. A patient sufferer at rest. Photo Tar_41 Photo Tar_41A

Block 11 Row 2

Plot 6 VOSS
Purchased by R F VOSS

Purchased by SAYRING

Burial record – Roderick George SAYRING buried 12 April 1982
Roderick George SAYRING 7th April 1982 aged 20 days. Photo Tar_42

Map indicates ashes of P A JACKSON
In loving memory of Patricia Anne JACKSON dearly loved wife of Peter cherished mother of Ricky, Christine, Jan, Sandy and Shane, 19th Jan 1948 – 2nd Nov 1988 aged 40. She has gone but her memory remains to guide the living. Photo Tar_43


Cremation Block

Cremations along the fence line – no block numbers

Plot 1 SWAN
Placement of ashes – George Leith SWAN 27 Oct 2008
SWAN with love we remember George Leith 19-6-1924 – 20-1-2008 dearly loved husband of Bev, loved dad of Bessie, Ian, Eleanor, Peggy, Trevor and their families. Photo Tar_44

Stephen Bernard POTROZ 1965 – 2008 loved husband of Sally loving father of Mark, Ryan and Laura. Photo Tar_45

Plot 3 O’NEIL
Placement of ashes – Ann Florence O’NEIL 21 Oct 2012
In loving memory of Ann Florence O’NEIL 12-5-1954 – 3-8-2012. A wonderful life well lived. Bless all. Photo Tar_46

Photo: Tar_47

Placement of ashes – No information
In loving memory of LAURENCE Clarence Alfred (Clarry) 7-5-1935 – 12-4-2016 aged 80 years much loved husband of Leah. Leah Mary nee HARKNESS 21-1-1938 – aged years. Loved and respected father and mother of Keith and Shirley. A hard working man of the land has left his boots and hat at the door for one last time. The last stitch has been knitted, now the needles can be laid to rest. Photo Tar_47

Plot 14 MacKENZIE
Placement of ashes – Patricia Anne MacKENZIE 17 Dec 2020 and Kenneth Robin (Mack) MacKENZIE 17 Dec 2020

End of Tarata Cemetery
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