Lepperton Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at May 2018.

Lepperton cemetery

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Row 1

1 In loving memory of William Newcombe beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann ACKLAND died 31st Jan 1944 aged 77 years. Also his beloved wife Elizabeth Ann died 12th Dec 1980 in her 105th year. At rest. Photo Lep_1

2 In loving memory of Henry Richard beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann FLOREY who died 27 May 1916 aged 76 years. Forever with the Lord, also Elizabeth Ann relict of the late H.R. FLOREY died 23rd September 1922 aged 80 years. Photo Lep_2

3 In loving memory of Louis FREESTONE died 17th March 1935 beloved, also Jane loved wife of Louis FREESTONE. Photo Lep_3

3A (new headstone) BUCHANAN We remember with love Keith Wareham 5th February 2007- aged 52 years devoted husband and Soulmate of Maggie May dearly missed father of Stuart, Nadine, Rachel & Scotty precious Aha of his grandchildren. When the roses fade, and I'm in the shade, I'll remember you. (Bob Dylan) What we keep in memory is ours forever. Photo Lep_3A Photo Lep_3B

4 In memory of the infant son of Thomas and Margaret VALENTINE 1900. Photo Lep_4

Row 2

5 To my husband Charles RILEY May 28th 1886. R.I.P. Photo Lep_5 Photo Lep_5A

6 In loving memory of Frank Julius KLENNER died 14th Feb 1901 aged 37 years. Photo Lep_6

7 In loving memory of James Wm Bentley PAYNE died 15th April 1941 aged 74 years. Also his wife Georgina PAYNE died 14th March 1940 aged 69 years. At rest. Photo Lep_7

8 In loving memory of James beloved husband of Gladys Myrtle PAYNE died 27th Oct 1955 aged 56 years, also his beloved wife Gladys Myrtle PAYNE died 25th Feb 1959 aged 60 years. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_8

9 In loving memory of Thomas Lindsay WEIR 1871 - 1938. Photo Lep_9

10 In memory of Edward CARTWRIGHT drowned Feb 17th 1895 aged 22 years. Father thy will be done. Photo Lep_10

11 In memory of John LORD died June 24th 1886 aged 56 years. Photo Lep_11

11A new headstone In loving memory of John Sidney KLENNER dearly loved husband of Grace born 5th July 1899 died 28th July 1990. Grace Althea KLENNER dearly loved wife of John Sidney born 22nd Dec 1907 died 1st Oct 1996. Photo Lep_11A

12 In loving memory of Effie Josephine POTROZ dearly loved wife of Leo 17th Oct 1977 aged 52, also her dearly loved husband Leo POTROZ 2nd April 1992 aged 78. R.I.P. Photo Lep_12

12A (new headstone) WARD In loving memory of Joseph Jeffrie died 23 July 2004 aged 90 years loved husband of Norah. Norah died 7 October 2004 aged 85 years loved wife of Joseph, loved father and mother of Josephine, Valerie, Beverley & Rosalie. Forever with the Lord. Photo Lep_12A

12B (new plaque) Josephine Hazel WARD loved mother of Grant and Shirley 22-2-1937 - 14-4-1992. Finally at peace. Photo Lep_12B

13 In memory of Margaret the beloved wife of Thomas VALENTINE who departed this life 31st July 1910 aged 39 years. Photo Lep_13

13A (wooden cross) Thomas Harcourt Ambrose VALENTINE Pioneer Doctor - Director General of Health 1865 - 1945. Photo Lep_13A

14 In memory of Caroline Ellis McTAGGART wife of the late Francis Ellis McTAGGART born 16th July 1842 died 15th May 1909. Photo Lep_14

15 Norman Ellis ELLIS-McTAGGART son of Francis and Caroline ELLIS-McTAGGART born 7th Dec 1867 died 2nd Nov 1907. Photo Lep_15

Row 3

16 In loving memory of Lucy Louise beloved daughter of John LUKE died 1th June 1944 aged 65 years. Photo Lep_16

17 Ann NICOL 1820 - 1888 James NICOL 1854 - 1908 Ann NICOL 1866 - 1930. Photo Lep_17

18 In loving memory of Isabella ORMANDY 1867 - 1943. George S ORMANDY 1855 - 1921. At rest. Photo Lep_18

19 In memory of Harriett DODD died 15th Oct 1923 aged 73 dearly loved, also Harry husband of the above died 29th Oct 1928 aged 75 years. Until He come. Photo Lep_19

20 28257 Pte. William John WRIGHT 2nd Btn Wellington Regt. 28-4-1939 aged 62 years. N.Z.E.F. Photo Lep_20

20A (new headstone) Mabel R.M. WRIGHT 16102 1914-18 Nurse Voluntary Aid Detachment died 17.11.1988 aged 94 years. Photo Lep_20A

21 In loving memory of Jane Hannah FUSSELL died 16th October 1916 aged 41 years. Ever remembered. Photo Lep_21

22 In loving memory of Ellen Elizabeth beloved wife of G.R. PHILLIPS born 26th Aug 1864 died 25th Sept 1943. Underneath are the everlasting arms. Photo Lep_22

22A (new headstone) ROGERS In loving memory of Gabrielle Mercy 27th June 1909 - 5th December 2008 dearly loved wife of Allan Brownlie 4th August 1912 - 13th March 2008 "forever remembered". Photo Lep_22A

23 In memory of Alexander Blackwood WALDIE born 27th April 1862 died 20th My 1928, until the day break and the shadows flee away. And his beloved wife Mercy born 30th Jan 1872 died 9th May 1960. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_23

24 (old headstone) In loving memory of a dear mother Frances Isabella LATTIMER died 19th Nov 1975 aged 85 years. Rest in peace.

(replacement headstone) With love we remember a dear mother Frances Isabella LATTIMER died 19th November 1975 - aged 85. And her loving son Kenneth George Joseph LATTIMER died 27th August 1990 aged 74 beloved husband of Pearl. And in loving memory of Nancy Pearl LATTIMER nee ROBERTS died 1st July 2009 aged 89 beloved wife of Ken. Photo Lep_24

24A (new plaque) Frances Anne LATTIMER 29.8.1944 - 17.11.1944 darling daughter of Ken and Pearl. Photo Lep_24A

24B (new plaque) Timothy John LATTIMER died 18.1.2000 Melbourne aged 28 son of Nelson brother of Nigel. "He left his footprints on our hearts. Photo Lep_24B

25 (front) In loving memory of Isabel dearly loved daughter of P.A. & L. OPENSHAW accidentally killed 22nd Jan 1924 aged 22 years. He giveth his beloved sleep.

(left side) Peter Arnold OPENSHAW died 28th July 938 aged 69 years also his wife Allena died 8th August 1938 aged 65 years.

(right side) Mary Esther OPENSHAW died 19th May 1937 aged 77 years. In loving memory of Olga Irene OPENSHAW 1910 - 1992. Photo Lep_25 Photo Lep_25L Photo Lep_25R

25A (new headstone) LASH In loving memory of Bevan Boyes 28 December 1938 - 5 October 2014 beloved husband of Margaret. Treasured parent of Michelle+, Dural, Kellie, Julian and Philip, loved grandparent of Jenna, Imogen, Shane, Libby, Austin and Heath, Great grandparent of Lyra and Thea. A life well lived. Photo Lep_25A

Row 4

26 (old headstone) In loving memory of John LUKE born 6 June 1940 died 25 March 1913 also Bertha daughter of above born 25 Aug 1882 died 6 May 1888 also Louisa Frederike LUKE wife of above born 27 July 1851 died 11 Sept 1918. Florence Bertha died 8 Mar 1960 aged 70 years.

(replacement headstone) John LUKE 6.6.1840 - 25.3.1913, also his wife Louisa Friederike 27.7.1851 - 11.9.1918, and their daughters Bertha 25.8.1882 - 6.5.1888 and Florence Bertha 8.3.1960 - aged 70 years. (note different spelling of Frederike/Friederike) Photo Lep_26

27 In loving memory of Robert WRIGHT died 10th June 1935. At rest. Mary Matilda WRIGHT (Mamie) died 22nd Jan1939. At rest. Photo Lep_27

28 In loving memory of Annie beloved wife of Richard E. ROBERTS died 9th August 1920 aged 78 years. Peace perfect peace. Also Richard Eaton husband of above died 17th June 1928 aged 81 years. Till the day breaks. Photo Lep_28

29 (old headstone) In memory of Francis LATTIMER died 27th November 1944 aged 11 weeks. Sadly missed.

(new replacement headstone) Frances Anne LATTIMER 29.8.1944 - 17.11.1944 darling daughter of Ken and Pearl. (note name and date differences) Photo Lep_29

30 In loving memory of Annie ROBERTS beloved wife of Arthur died 11th Oct 1972 aged 83 years, also her loved husband Albert Arthur died 10th Aug 1978 aged 94 years. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_30

31 In loving memory of William SCHOLES died 23 July 1939 aged 73 years. Photo Lep_31

32 In memory of Frank LOWNSBOROUGH died 18th March 1942 aged 73 years. Photo Lep_32

33 In loving memory of William Henry FUSSELL beloved husband of Ivy passed away 6th April 1962 aged 63 years. Also Ivy Anne a dearly loved wife passed away 18th April 1979 aged 74 years. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_33

33A (new plaque) And their loved son John William Baylis FUSSELL 22nd Sept 1989 - aged 47. Photo Lep_33A

34 In loving memory of Brian Archer THOMAS died 6th October 1943 aged 8 years. Photo Lep_34

35 In memoriam Alfred SCRIVENER 1876 - 1942. Also his loved wife Zita 1890 - 1985. Photo Lep_35

35A In loving memory of Mollie SCRIVENER 22.4.1927 - 22.8.2001 beloved wife of Neville (Jack) SCRIVENER 21.11.1918 - 16.10.2005 loved mother and father of James and Anne. Photo Lep_35A

35B In loving memory of Ralph Ashley HELLIER 10.6.1930 - 4.8.1992 dearly loved husband of Jean Mary (nee CROWE) 5.4.1927 - 14.10.2008 loved father and mother of Neville, Gail, Maree, Sharon and John. Together again. Photo Lep_35B

35C Gail Jean FAULL 7.7.1957 - 21.10.2008 Maree Anne HUMPHREY 1.3.1959 - 6.1.2013. Honouring the memory of our very dear special sisters - Miss you deeply - always in our thoughts. The HELLIER family Neville, Sharon, John and families. Photo Lep_35C

36 In loving memory of Ebenezer SCRIVENER died 10th Oct 1933 aged 93 years, at rest, also George Robert PHILLIPS died 9th June 1939 aged 73 years. A holy rest peace at the last. Photo Lep_36

37 In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Walter BUCHANAN died Palmerston North 2nd Oct 1929. He giveth His beloved sleep. Photo Lep_37

37A (new headstone) In loving memory of Tom OPENSHAW beloved husband of Myrtle fell asleep 20th Oct 1986 aged 88 yers. Evelyn Myrtle OPENSHAW beloved wife of Tom fell asleep 22nd Aug 1986 aged 79 years. Treasured parents of Peter, Margaret and Donald. Photo Lep_37A

37B (new plaque) loved granddaughter Michelle Robyn LASH died 20th April 1966 aged 17 cherished daughter of Bevan & Margaret treasured forever. Photo Lep_37B

Row 5

38 In memory of Jane McNEISH died 19th June 1891 aged 72 years, also Alexander McNEISH died 27th December 1889 aged 68 years and Christina McNEISH died 9th November 1883 aged 55 years. Photo Lep_38

39 (front) In memory of George William LUKE who died 2nd Sept 1935 aged 59 years, also Sarah Beatrice died 8th Nov 1931 aged 51 tears. At rest.

(back) In memory of William LUKE died 2nd Aug 1885 aged 39 years also Ellen dearly loved wife of the above who died 14th Oct 1939 aged 87 years, and James Herbert LUKE killed in action in France 26th May 1918 aged 40 years. In the midst of life we are in death blessed are they which die in the Lord. Photo Lep_39 Photo Lep_39B

40 (front) In loving memory of Mary Jane the beloved wife of William CROWE died 1st December 1906 aged 58 years, at rest. Also William CROWE died at Vogeltown 10th November 1924 in his 73rd year. At rest.

(back) In loving memory of John AIREY of Belle Grange died May 7th 1887 aged 57 years. Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead and Christ shall give the life. Also Hannah beloved wife of the above who died 25th February 1902 aged 77 years. Thy will be done. Also Agnes daughter of the above died 11th October 1927 in her 72nd year. At rest. Photo Lep_40 Photo Lep_40B

41 In loving memory of James Birkett (Bert) CROWE died at Lepperton 16th June 1934 in his 54th year. At rest. Photo Lep_41

42 In loving memory of Ronald Bryce beloved son of F. & E. CROWE accidentally killed 17th February 1945 aged 20 years also their infant son Newton William aged 3 weeks. At rest. Photo Lep_42

43 In loving memory of George the beloved husband of Elizabeth HODSON who died 4th April 1893 aged 35 years. At rest. Photo Lep_43

44 In loving memory of William ROBERTS beloved husband of Constance Mary died 7th July 1967 aged 91 years. In His presence is fullness of Joy. Photo Lep_44

45 Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth dearly beloved wife of John AITKEN died 2nd September 1902 also hersister Mary Susannah THOMAS died 3rd September 1925. Photo Lep_45

45A (new headstone) WRIGHT forever in our hearts Vera Mae 15.4.1931 - 7.7.1999 John Taylor 11.3.1930 - 29.7.2000 dearly loved and treasured parents of Wayne, Susan, Patricia & Gillian cherished nana and grandad "True love doesn't have an ending". Photo Lep_45A

46 In loving memory of Evelyn Doris ROWE (nee HELLIER) dearly loved wife of William Gordon passed away on 23rd Sept 1967 in her 54th year. And her dearly loved husband William (Gordon) ROWE passed away 19th Jan 1999 in her 85th year. Loved by all. Photo Lep_46

46A (new headstone) SMITH we remember with love Josie Eveleen (nee HELLIER) 6 February 1922 - 22 August 2003 dearly loved wife of Terry. Terrence Godfrey 16 April 1922 - 10 November 2003 dearly loved husband of Josie. Much loved mum and dad of Royce, Neil, Melda, Colin, Jillian, Treasured nan and pop, Great nan and great pop. Re-united after 11 weeks. Step softly and with care for a families love and memories are forever resting here. Photo Lep_46A

46B (new headstone) HELLIER In loving memory of Kenneth Noel (Sandy) 31-7-1920 - 1-8-1993 dearly loved husband of Hazel, loved father of. Hazel Doreen (nee GRANGE) 20-4-1920 - 7-7-2004 dearly loved wife of Sandy loved mother of Gloria, Brian, Colleen and Colin. A loved grandad, a loved grandmother. Photo Lep_46B

46C (new headstone) HELLIER Treasured memories of Trevor John Souber precious son of Pip and Vicki dearly loved brother of Kylie 9-10-1976 - 27-8-1994. Our darling son and brother. Till we all meet again. Photo Lep_46C

Row 6

47 In loving memory of Eliza the beloved wife of George PETCH who departed this life 12th August 1900 aged 63 years also Harriet the beloved daughter who died 21st September 1889 aged 16 years, also George PETCH died at Waitara 5th June 1919 aged 80 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Lep_47

48 In loving memory of Isabella PAUL who died 23rd Oct 1900 aged 67 years. Photo Lep_48

49 In loving memory of Trooper Robert PAUL killed in action at the Dardanells 21st August 1915 aged 44 years. He gave his best. Photo Lep_49

50 (Shield shaped headstone now missing) In loving memory of Ray STOREY aged 2 years 1894 also Percy and Mona STOREY aged 3 weeks 1897. Thy will be done. No Photo

51 In memory of Gillispie O. PERRY died 11th July 1892 aged 8 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Lep_51

52 (new plaque) Matilda GILBERT died 26th Aug 1944. Deeply loved by all. Photo Lep_52

53 In loving memory of Elsie Rosa beloved wife of Albert HELLIER passed on 3rd Nov 1952 aged 52 years. The rose still grows beyond the wall. Also Albert HELLIER husband of the above died 6th Dec 1957 aged 62 years. At rest. Photo Lep_53

54 In loving memory of Isaac beloved husband of Ellen HOLLOWAY passed away 30th March 1938 aged 84 years, also Ellen beloved wife of the above died 10th May 1943 aged 87 years. Photo Lep_54

55 In loving memory of Arthur Herbert beloved husband of Amy Agnes GIDDY died 23rd Jan 1947 aged 65 years also his beloved wife Amy Agnes GIDDY died 22nd December 1953 aged 71 years. At rest. Photo Lep_55

55A (new headstone) In loving memory of Sylvia Gladys GIDDY 18.12.1911 - 14.1.1996 dearly loved eldest daughter of Arthur and Amy (sadly missed). Photo Lep_55A

56 In loving memory of Mabel Fanny beloved wife of Robert A. SHEWRY died 15th August 1954 aged 62 years also her beloved husband Robert A. SHEWRY died 25th December 1961 aged 74 years. Photo Lep_56

57 In honoured memory of John Edward SHEWRY 1889 - 1962. Photo Lep_57

Row 7

58 In loving memory of Annie beloved daughter of Janet and Thomas WRIGHT born 2nd January 1875 died 11th November 1962. Photo Lep_58

58A (new headstone) In loving memory of Peter Graham WRIGHT 31-7-1925 - 16-11-1996 dearly loved husband of Shona loved dad of Helen, Stephen and Ian. If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it. Photo Lep_58A

58B (new plaque) Also Helen Barbara WRIGHT 16-5-1953 - 4-7-2006 much loved daughter of Peter and Shona. Photo Lep_58B

59 Great War Veteran 10/4222 Pte. A WRIGHT Wellington Regt. 23-6-1961 aged 82. N.Z.E.F. Photo Lep_59

60 (East side) In loving memory of Thomas the beloved husband of Janet WRIGHT who died 1st Jan 1916 aged 80 years. At rest.

(North Side) Also Janet beloved wife of Thomas WRIGHT died 19th Sept 1925 aged 85 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Lep_60 Photo Lep_60A

61 In fond and loving memory of Thomas dearly beloved husband of Kate Louisa WRIGHT and loving father of Janet, Peter and John, who departed this life 27th July 1949 in his 77th year, also Kate Louisa dearly beloved wife and mother of the above who departed this life 8th Aug 1961 in her 66th year. Ever remembered. Photo Lep_61

62 In loving memory of Jessie Catherine beloved wife of Thomas PAUL died 20th March 1955 aged 83 years also her beloved husband Thomas died 4th Oct 1966 aged 93 years. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_62

63 In loving memory of Louisa Augusta beloved wife of Ignatz KLENNER died 8th May 1905 in her 69th year. At rest. Photo Lep_63

64 In memory of Fanny Ashton wife of William HELLIER died October 6th 1892 aged 58 years also William HELLIER husband of above died October 28th 1898 aged 71 years. Photo Lep_64

65 In loving memory of Edward beloved husband of Sarah Ann HELLIER died 26th Nov 1941 aged 71 years. Sarah Ann beloved wife of above died 17th July 1960 aged 84 years. What I do thou knowest not now but thou shall know hereafter. Photo Lep_65

66 In loving memory of Colin Douglas beloved husband of Dulcie HELLIER died 21st Feb 1944 aged 24 years. At rest. Photo Lep_66

66A (new headstone) Nicholas Joseph ADLAM Treasured and precious son of Terry and Sharon much loved brother of James 29th Jan 1993 - 24th Oct 1993. Until we are united in Heaven. Photo Lep_66A

67 In loving memory of Walter beloved husband of Hilda Mary HELLIER loved father of Ken and the late Colin died 4th July 1960 in his 65th year. Also Hilda Mary HELLIER dearly loved wife and mother of the above died 23rd July 1970 in her 75th year. With the Lord. Photo Lep_67

67A (new headstone) In loving memory of Gloria Joyce ADLAM nee HELLIER loved mum of Christine, Mark, Terry, Warren and Phillip, dearly loved grandma. "Lead me to the rock that is higher than I". Psalm 61. Photo Lep_67A

Row 8

68 In loving memory of John GERNHOEFER born 4th July 1822 died 30th Aug 1895 also Gottlieb GERNHOEFER born 21st April 1844 died 1st January 1907, also Amilie Johanna beloved wife of above died 16th Sept 1935 aged 85 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Lep_68

69 In memory of Richard John GERNHOEFER died May 12th 1893 aged 36. Thy will be done. Photo Lep_69

70 (front) In loving memory of Philip William WICKHAM died 27th August 1907 aged 62 years. At rest. Awaiting the life giver.

(left) In affectionate remembrance of Jane Anderson WICKHAM died 28th August 1915 aged 64 years. The Lord is my shepherd. Photo Lep_70A Photo Lep_70

71 In loving memory of Dorothy Mae dearly loved wife of Walter REYNOLDS treasured mother of Janette and loved daughter of Kathleen and Bernard HARSTON died 9th April 1981 aged 59 years. R.I.P. Photo Lep_71

72 In loving memory of Kathleen dearly loved wife of Bernard HARSTON born 14th Sept 1892 died 9th April 1947. At rest. Photo Lep_72

72A (new plaque) Beryl BRODIE 2nd September 1926 - 11th June 2012 loved wife of Joe BRODIE dearly loved daughter of Ben and Kathleen HARSTON beloved mum of Helen, Sandy, Debbie, Brya and their families. Photo Lep_72

72B (new plaque) Joseph Brown BRODIE 24th February 1921 - 15th October 2014 dearly loved husband of Beryl and dad of Helen, Sandy, Debbie, Brya and their families. At peace. Photo Lep_72

73 In loving memory of Alice beloved wife of John Farnham COPESTAKE born 5th Dec 1858 died 18th June 1947 also her beloved husband John Farnham COPESTAKE born 27th Jan 1862 died 2nd April 1953. Leslie COPESTAKE killed in action, Palestine 23rd Sept 1918 age 21 years. Photo Lep_73

74 In loving memory of Gwendoline beloved wife of Ernest HELLIER died 3rd July 1956 aged 54 years. Photo Lep_74

74A (new plaque) Ernest HELLIER died 21st Feb 1986 aged 83. Photo Lep_74A

75 In loving memory of Claude (Wick) HELLIER dearly loved husband of Tilly 29th July 1980 aged 77 years. Also his dearly loved wife Matilda Wilhemine (Tilly) 10th September 1984 - aged 78 years. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_75

Row 9

76 In loving memory of Rex Rowland GOODWIN died 30th December 1975 in his 59th year, a loved son and brother. Photo Lep_76

76A (new plaque) Amanda and Melanie loved daughters of Kevin and Jillian COOPER 1984. Photo Lep_76A

76B (new plaque) In loving memory of Evelyn Daphne GOODWIN 31.1.1913 - 15.10.2000 daughter of George and Ceclia sister of Rex. Photo Lep_76B

76C (new headstone) In loving memory of Stanley George KILSBY beloved husband of Pearl born 8th Dec 1926 - died 26th Oct 1986. The Lord is my Shepherd. Psalm 23. Photo Lep_76C

76D (new headstone) Safe in God's care HART Robert Andrew (Bert) 9-7-1917 - 2-5-2006 HART Eva Veronica 23-9-1921 - 2-4-2007 dearly loved parents of Reginald, Sue and Robin. Photo Lep_76D

76E (new headstone) Sally Anne BUTLER (Hodgkinson) 22nd June 1975 - 14th Feb 2007 dearly loved wife and soul mate of Craig loving and devoted mother of little Emily-Jane precious darling daughter of Gill and Mike adored sister of Jane and Claire, our beautiful Sal. We carry you in our hearts. Photo Lep_76E

76F (new headstone) We remember with love BENNETT Graeme Norman 3-10-1948 - 1-1-2016 loved husband of Melda Ann loved dad of Elisa, Steven and Brendon a cherished Poppa. Gone are the days we used to share, But in our hearts you will always be there. Photo Lep_76F

76G (new headstone) In loving memory of Craig Murray HELLIER dearly loved second son of Murray and Barbara loved brother of Tracy, Warren and Tony. Tragically 26th Nov 1989 - aged 21 years. You and your bike will never grow old. Photo Lep_76G

77 (see headstone 69) Richard John GERNHOEFER Photo Lep_69

78 (headstone transcribed in 1984 now missing) In loving memory of Vera Dawn NICHOLSON died 1 March 1935 aged 2 days. No Photo

Row 10

79 (broken headstone) In loving remembrance of John Thomas MacROBERTS died 5th August 1896 aged 60 years. Happy is he who dies in the arms of the Lord. Photo Lep_79

80 In loving memory of Edwin George PERROTT who went home 21st April 1920 beloved husband of Ann Maria PERROTT who fell asleep at Urenui 4th June 1918 aged 61 years. Photo Lep_80

Row 11

81 In loving memory of James Douglas WRIGHT loved husband of Grace 1883 - 1967, also his beloved wife Grace WRIGHT 1886 - 1980. Photo Lep_81

82 In loving memory of Richard Fredrick dearly beloved husband of Evelyna GIDDY died 16th Jan 1948 aged 74 years, also his beloved wife Evelyna GIDDY died 30th Sept 1958 aged 82 years. At rest. Photo Lep_82

83 In loving memory of John CLOKE beloved husband of Alice Maria died 22nd Dec 1965 aged 81 years. Alice Maria beloved wife of John CLOKE died 10th Jan 1985 aged 93 years. At rest. Photo Lep_83

84 In loving memory of Percy Frederick beloved husband of Lilias Smith SAMPSON died 19th March 1938 aged 58 years also his beloved wife Lilias SMITH died 6th Aug 1945 aged 70 years. At rest. Photo Lep_84

85 In loving memory of Frank EFFER died 14th July 1944 also his beloved wife Louise Frederike EFFER died 9th Sept 1964 aged 88 years. Photo Lep_85

86 (Hard to read)(tier a) Alice Mary Emma WHEATLEY died 24th Dec 1952.

(tier b) Ernest William WHEATLEY died 7th Feb 1953. The path of the just is a shining light that shineth more and more until the perfect day. Photo Lep_86

87 In loving memory of George Eli GOODWIN died 22nd July 1962 in his 84th year. A master craftsman at rest. Life is eternal love immortal and death only an horizon beyond which our sight cannot see. Photo Lep_87

88 In loving memory of Celia GOODWIN died 14th February 1966 in her 82nd year. A loved wife and mother. Photo Lep_88

89 In loving memory of Martha Mary LOWE died 10th June 1963 at rest. Photo Lep_89

90 In loving memory of Phyllis Joyce dearly loved wife of Leo HOPSON passed away 2nd November 1963. Also her dearly loved husband Leo James Mark HOPSON passed away 21st March 2002 aged 87 years. Loved parents of Mary and Diane. At rest. Photo Lep_90

91 In loving memory of Charles COPESTAKE died May 27th 1958 aged 71 years, also his beloved wife Beatrice Mary died March 18th 1958. Photo Lep_91

Row 12

92 In loving memory of William DAVY beloved husband of Emily CARTWRIGHT who passed away 16th March 1935 aged 71 years. Loved by all. Also Emily Bella wife of above who passed away 4th July 1950 aged 84 years and Archie son of above fell in Great War 3rd Oct 1918 aged 21 years. Photo Lep_92

92A (new headstone) In loving memory of Edward Coey McKEE 11-8-1869 - 13-11-1885 loved son of William and Jane McKEE Pioneer Farmer and School Teacher brother of David Boyd McKEE Great great grandfather and great uncle of the McKEE families. Barry Edward McKEE third son of Stanley and Blanch McKEE 11-3-1939 - 9-10-2014 loved husband of Janice Faye McKEE loved dad of Neil Edward and Gail Lyn McKEE. Photo Lep_92A

92B (new plaque) In loving memory of Vera Dawn NICHOLSON died 1st march 1935 aged 2 days. Photo Lep_92B

92C (new headstone) In loving memory of Ada CARTWRIGHT died 6th Sept 1982 aged 88 years and her loved husband William Albert died 20th August 1983 aged 92 years. Photo Lep_92C

93 In loving memory of Marion Simpson beloved wife of Hugh WALLACE died 5th July 1939 aged 58 years also Hugh WALLACE loved husband of the above died 7th Aug 1962 in his 88th year. At rest. Photo Lep_93

93A In loving memory of Richard Alexander OLIVER beloved husband of Heni 2nd March 1985 aged 74 years. Also his loved wife Heni 27th Nov 1989 aged 81 years loved parents of Lloyd, Elwyn, May, Joy and Gordon. Photo Lep_93A

93B (new plaque) In loving memory of Dorothy May WALL 18-3-1940 - 21-1-2010 daughter of Richard and Heni OLIVER. Photo Lep_93B

93C (new headstone) John MARTIN 16-10-1942 - 29-8-1996 founder of Egmont Roses loved husband of Gina respected father of Carl and Elliot. Now in God's garden. Photo Lep_93C

93D (new headstone) With love we remember RHODES - Harold 1931 - 2002 71 years dearly loved husband of Betty and treasured father of Michael, Janet and Catherine. Rest in Peace. Betty 1931 - 2014 82 years dearly loved wife of Harold RHODES also much loved wife of Keith BRIDGEMAN and cherished mother of Michael, Janet and Catherine. God bless you. Photo Lep_93D

94 In loving memory of Ian Leon dearly loved son of Min and Claude BAIGENT died 7th February 1959 aged 12 years. "Those whom the Gods love..." Photo Lep_94

94A (new headstone) Remembered with love Grenville Ross SIMPSON 23-4-1949 - 24-9-2009 loved son and brother cherished husband of Kathy loving dad of Sonja and Renee and step dad to Trinity special "Grandad Grenville" of Rowan and Lachlan. Funny, clever, talented, special. Loved by all. Photo Lep_94A

94B (new headstone) In loving memory of David John SIMPSON 5th Sept 1992 aged 75 dearly loved husband of Audrey Alexa 25th Nov 1995 aged 78 loved father and mother of Harley, Alexa, Darrell, Grenville, Derisley, Krelyn and Mostyn. Photo Lep_94B

95 In loving memory of Helen Georgina LEPPER 7th Oct 1967 aged 75, also her beloved husband Charles Brison LEPPER M.C. M.M. 20th Feb 1959 aged 65 and their loved elder son Harper Brison LEPPER killed in action "Sangro River", Italy 18th Nov 1943 aged 23. Photo Lep_95

Row 13

96 In loving memory of Thomas MATHER died Feb 7th 1875 aged 72 years. Ann MATHER wife of above died 5th June 1903 aged 92 years. James MATHER died Fwf 28th 1872 aged 38 years. Robert MATHER died July 1st 1899 aged 54 years. Photo Lep_96

96A (new headstone) In loving memory of Jessie Olive STOCKMAN died 13th August 1985 aged 75 years and her loved sister Winifred Mary MUNRO died 7th July 1996 aged 80 years. At peace. Photo Lep_96A

97 In loving memory of Noel Frederick CROWE 33930 Sgt. 19th Armd. Regt. 2nd N.Z.E.F. dearly loved husband of Mary, 24th April 1976. Also his loved wife Mary Lawson Reid CROWE 255075 S.A.M.N.S. 23rd April 1990. Photo Lep_97

98 In loving memory of Frederick Thomas beloved husband of Eliza CROWE passed away 8th May 1962 in his 77th year. Eliza CROWE beloved wife of Fred passed away 21st August 1989 in her 101st year. At rest. Photo Lep_98

99 In loving memory of James Craig Simpson dearly beloved husband of Jane Mary (Jean) WALLACE passed away 5th Sept 1958 aged 55 years also his beloved wife Jane Mary (Jean) passed away 24th April 1971 aged 63 years, Loved by all. Photo Lep_99

99A (new headstone) In loving memory of John Simpson WALLACE loved son of Marion and Hugh 27th December 1914 - 27th May 1994. Photo Lep_99A

99B (new headstone) In loving memory of Gary John GERNHOEFER 5-8-1956 - 25-1-1992 dearly loved husband of Heather Jane loved father of Marc, Andrew and Benjamin. Photo Lep_99B

99C (new headstone) In loving memory of Shirley Olive CROWE dearly loved wife of Ashley a loved mother 1927 - 2006. Ashley William CROWE dearly loved husband of Shirley a loved father 1921 - 1989. Much loved mum and dad of Steven, Dennis, Rodney and Matthew. Photo Lep_99C

99D (new headstone) LANGTON In loving memory of Gavin James 13th January 1967 - 6th April 2004 dearly loved husband and Soulmate of Debbie cherished daddy of Cameron and Braydon. Photo Lep_99D

99E (new headstone) In loving memory - LEPPER - Denis Heron 19-1-1929 - 30-8-2016 aged 87 years. Pauline Carol (nee HOWELL) 7-12-1930 - 21-7-2015 aged 84 years. Loved parents of Graeme, Steven and Jan. Photo Lep_99E

Row 14

100 In loving memory of James Murray MUNRO dearly loved husband of Winifred at peace with the Lord 21st Dec 1980 aged 70 years. Photo Lep_100

100A (new headstone) In loving memory of Dianne SAYWELL 11-4-1958 - 22-5-2006 loved partner of (Tom) CROFSKEY loved mother od Jason and James SAYWELL Holly and Frank CROFSKEY. Photo Lep_100A

101 In loving memory of Sylvia Iris dearly loved wife of Edwin John WILSON and loved mother of Peter, Kaye, Bob and Jillian died 1st June 1968 aged 53 years. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_101

101A (new headstone) In loving memory of O.E.J. (Jack) WILSON 26-4-1011 - 25-2-2001 beloved husband of Sylvia 1939 - 1968 and Henrietta 1969 - 1993 loved father of Peter, Kaye, Bob and Jillian and dearly loved by his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Photo Lep_101A

101B (new plaque) O.E.J. WILSON 460812 2nd NZEF L/Cpl N.Z. Engineers died 25.2.2001 aged 89 yrs. Photo Lep_101B

101C (new headstone) Treasured memories Audrey Catherine MUSCHAMP beloved wife of Cyril 28.4.1913 - 30.3.2007. Cyril Robert MUSCHAMP beloved husband of Audrey 24.9.1913 - 16.6.1989. Loved mother of loved father of Yvonne and Pamela. Photo Lep_101C

101D (new headstone) In loving memory of Irene PRESTNEY 7-12-1946 - 30-10-2000 dearly loved wife of Gary cherished mum of Michael, Richard, Stephen, James and Thomas. Forever in our hearts. Photo Lep_101D

102 In loving memory of John HARVEY beloved husband of Mary died 25th Dec 1962 in his 85th year also his loved wife Mary HARVEY died 6th Dec 1963 in her 88th year. Photo Lep_102

102A (new headstone) CLOKE with love we remember Stanley Charles 12-5-1914 - 19-3-2003 Sylvia Irene 6-1-1916 - 20-10-2003 loved parents of Jackie, Marlene, Brian and their families. Photo Lep_102A

102B (new headstone) With precious memories Angela BROOK 15th June 1953 - 12th August 2001 dearly loved wife of Bernard loved and respected mum of Emma and Mathew and special Nanny Ange. Sweet dreams - love you. Photo Lep_102B

102C (new headstone) Daniel Colin FLAY "Dan the Man" 30-7-1977 - 24-9-2000. Tragically lost in his 23rd year loved son of Graham and Linda, loved brother of Chris, Rachel, Brian and Conall, loved grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. Very special and much loved partner of Donna HYMES. Souls cannot die, they leave a former home and in new bodies dwell, and from them roam. Thus, through a thousand shapes, the soul shall go, and thus fulfil its destiny below. Photo Lep_102C

Row 15

103 In loving memory of James MUNRO died at Lepperton 30th August 1882 aged 51 years also Margaret wife of the above died 28th January 1913 aged 76 years and Isabella daughter of the above died 10th April 1909 aged 34 years, also James Forrest MUNRO died 16th Jan 1958 in his 87th year and Eliza MUNRO died 15th Feb 1962 in 86th year. Photo Lep_103 Photo Lep_103B

103A (new plaque) Marjorie Alison JOHNSTON born June 2 - 1911 died September 13 - 1988. Peace at last. Photo Lep_103A

104 In loving memory of Ellen A FEAKINS died 1st Sept 1924 aged 58 years. William FEAKINS died 18th Aug 1943 aged 90 years. Photo Lep_104

Row 16 (all new headstones)

105 Treasured memories of Dudley John SHEWRY 8th Aug 1929 - 14th Sept 1993 dearly loved husband of Marie Aimee 24th May 1930 - 24th Dec 1999 loved father and mother of Brian, Jeffrey, Philip and Jan. Photo Lep_105

106 NEILSON Frederick Brian 15-6-1917 - 24-10-1997. Iris Amy 25-8-1917 - 29-5-2000 loved mother and father of Mervyn and Nigel. Photo Lep_106

107 SATTLER Lawrence Bev 20-7-1932 - 21-5-2004 Treasured husband of Merle loved father of Wayne and Brent. Sadly missed. Photo Lep_107

108 HAMILTON Joyce Isabel (Joy) 5-8-1926 - 1-4-2016 dearly loved wife of Jack for 70 years, treasured mother of Carol, Jim and Raewyn cherished grandma of all their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Always precious in our hearts. Photo Lep_108

109 BUCHANAN In loving memory of Margaret Eileen (nee McCRACKEN) 28-3-1933 - 8-3-2006 cherished wife of Ken. Kenneth Donald 1-6-1928 - 11-11-2008 cherished husband of Margaret. Dearly loved parents of Carol, Wendy and Diane. Photo Lep_109

110 HUTCHINSON In loving memory of Enid (nee SMART) 4 June 1933 - 9 Jan 2017 dearly loved wife of Colin treasured mother of Lynne, Karen, Paul and Valerie cherished nana and great nana. Forever dancing among the butterflies she so much adored. Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. Photo Lep_110

111 PEARCE In loving memory David 10-7-1931 - 23-9-2017 dearly loved husband of Jen. Proud, loved, respected dad of Michael, Malcolm, John and Robin. Photo Lep_111

112 PIERCE Colin Raphael 12/11/1935 - 11/7/2007 beloved husband, father and friend "A good man" dearly loved husband of Anthea Marilyn. "Together forever - God bless and R.I.P" Photo Lep_112

113 CARTWRIGHT Mervyn Archie 12-12-1922 - 20-11-2006 dearly loved husband of Joan. Evelyn Joan (Joan) 25-10-1921 - 14-4-2009 dearly loved wife of Mervyn. Dearly loved and treasured parents of Barbara, Helen, Sandra, Geoffrey and Patricia Loved Poppa and Nana of all their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and Basil their faithful and loyal companion. Forever in our hearts. Photo Lep_113

114 Barbara Joy ASMUNDSON nee CARTWRIGHT 25-7-1948 - 12-10-2007 loved and treasured mother of Michael, Erica and Rowan dearly loved daughter of Mervyn and Joan CARTWRIGHT cherished sister of Helen, Sandra, Geoffrey and Patricia. Those we loved don't go away they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard but always near still loved, still missed and very dear. Of tender heart and generous spirit. Photo Lep_114

115 In loving memory of Sandra Grace REEVE (Sandy) 6 January 1958 - 5 January 2007 Very special and greatly loved mum to Michelle and Rikki and partner of Ross. Much loved and missed daughter and sister. Admired and respected friend of many. To live is to risk dying to hope is to risk despair to try is to risk failure but the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. Photo Lep_115

End of Lepperton Cemetery transcriptions
This version revised 15 July 2022.