Tikorangi Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2019.

Tikorangi cemetery

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Row 1

1 Love faith hope charity peace VAN ROOYEN Stephanus Christian – Steve – 31-7-1932 – 30-6-2001 beloved husband, fine gentleman and engineer, loving father of Carl & Jessica. And Margaret Fay Aroha formerly RUSSELL, nee WALDEN 26-1-1931 – 18-10-2006 Rgd No. 33440: N.Z.W.A.A.C. Kindest, most beloved wife and Lady, cherished mother of Philippa & Hilary. Dexter BENNETT (Dog) 24-12-1989 – 19-12-2009 tiny, brave & wise Terrier. Here lies a most beautiful lady, light of step and heart was she, I think she was the most beautiful lady that ever was in West Country. Walter de la Mare. “te puna o te maramatanga, te rangimarie, te pono me te aroha”. Photo Tik_1

2 LUOND Trevor John 12-9-1946 – 24-10-2011 loved husband of Lyn treasured father of Dominic, Jamie, Sharee, Kerrin, & Casey devoted grandad forever in our hearts. Photo Tik_2

3 Wane Laurence JOHNSON. Photo Tik_3

4 Thomas Lloyd McLEAN. Photo Tik_4

5 With love we remember Edith Marion Boyd McLEAN (nee WATSON) 25 May 1906 – 30 April 1988 cherished wife of Thomas William McLEAN 15 December 1910 – 7 October 1971 treasured mother and mother-in-law of Thomas Lloyd, Helen Daphne & Waynee Johnson adored nana of Rebecca Anne & Sue-Ann Boyd forever now our special Guardian Angel. Photo Tik_5

6 In loving memory of Janie beloved wife of W.J. METCALF who died at the school house, Tikorangi 26th June 1943 aged 54. St. John 14 VII. Photo Tik_6

7 Sacred to the memory of George Sylphus WOOD who died 11th September 1913 aged 50 years. Thy will be done. Photo Tik_7 Photo Tik_7A

7A And his loved wife Susan Jane WOOD who died 9th May 1942 aged 84 years. Photo Tik_7 Photo Tik_7A

8 In loving memory of Annie beloved wife of Dennis W. CUNNINGHAM who died 26th November 1918 aged 30 years. Dennis William died 15th July 1957 aged 69 years. Photo Tik_8 Photo Tik_8A

8A CUNNINGHAM In memory of Anne Catherine 6th February 1928 – 20th February 2004 loved wife of Stanley Craig loved mother of Margaret, Helen and William. Photo Tik_8 Photo Tik_8A

9 Concrete surround no headstone

10 In loving memory of George William CUNNINGHAM died 9th Oct 1907 aged 55 years, Frances Emily CUNNINGHAM died 30th March 1933 aged 70 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Tik_10

11 In loving memory of Harry Glen beloved husband of Ivy M. CUNNINGHAM died 16th June 1932 aged 49 years. At rest. Photo Tik_11

12 Front: In loving memory of William WEST who fell asleep March 19th 1906 aged 82 years, to fall asleep is not to die, to dwell with Christ is better life. Photo Tik_12 Photo Tik_12AA Photo Tik_12B

12A East side: Also David West who died 21st May 1882 aged 12 years. Photo Tik_12 Photo Tik_12A

12B West side: Also Ellen beloved wife of William WEST died Aug 10th 1922 aged 86 years. Photo Tik_12 Photo Tik_12B

13 In loving memory of Irene the beloved wife of Isaac M. WEST who died October 17th 1919 aged 41 years. There is one link death cannot sever, love and remembrance live forever, Dearest mother. Also Isaac Moody died 7th Dec 1951 aged 77 years. Photo Tik_13

Row 2

14 In loving memory of Alfred beloved husband of Gladys JUPP died 31st Aug 1959 aged 88 years, also Gladys beloved wife of above died 24th Jan 1967 aged 81 years. At rest. Photo Tik_14

15 In loving memory of George beloved husband of Susanna JUPP who died 5th August 1910 aged 91 years, peace perfect peace, Also Susanna wife of the above died 3rd Sept 1921 aged 84 years. At rest. Photo Tik_15

16 In loving memory of Phoebe Ellen JUPP who died 3rd April 1922 aged 50 years. A long and patient sufferer. Photo Tik_16

Row 3

17 In loving memory of CRAWFORD (Bob) Robert James 1-2-1945 – 19-7-2014 loving husband of Patricia (Pat) Mary cherished father and grandfather. Photo Tik_17

18 Unnamed grave Photo Tik_18

19 ROPER David Edward 16-12-34 – 08-08-2013, Hazel Norah (nee McGREGOR) 11-01-34 -01-04-2007 forever loved by Beverley, Sharon, Wayne, Keith, Christopher, Michelle, Joanne. Many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Forever in our hearts. Back of headstone has a picture of a car Photo Tik_19 Photo Tik_19A

20 In loving memory of Elsie Lilian JUPP (nee BURR) 2-12-1918 – 4-3-1995 dearly loved wife of Alfred George JUPP O St. J 21-12-1913 – 2-4-1998 loved mother and father of Jennifer, Raewynne and George. Photo Tik_20

21 In loving memory of Diana infant daughter of George and Sharron JUPP died 20th Nov 1976. Photo Tik_21 Photo Tik_21A

21A David forever loved and remembered stillborn 8-10-1977. At base of JUPP headstone Photo Tik_21 Photo Tik_21A

22 In loving memory of John Arthur beloved husband of Lilian BURR died 17th Aug 1947 aged 62 years. Also his beloved wife Lilian Isabella died 18th Feb 1966 aged 85 years. At rest. Photo Tik_22

23 William Henry JUPP died 18th Nov 1938 aged 78 years. Isobella Rue JUPP died 30th March 1959 aged 72 years. Photo Tik_23 Photo Tik_23A

23A Jack JUPP died 21st Sept 1973 aged 63 years. Myrtle JUPP died 5th Oct 1981 aged 69 years. Photo Tik_23 Photo Tik_23A

Row 4

24 In loving memory of Levi SARTEN died Jan 5 1903 aged 62 years also of his sons Percy & George also Mary Ann Maria wife of the above died 24th July 1914 aged 72 years. Photo Tik_24

Row 5

25 In loving memory of Esau beloved husband of Sarah MARSH who died 23rd May 1929 aged 93 years. Also his wife Sarah died 20th Feb 1929 aged 82 years. Photo Tik_25

26 In loving memory of Katherine FURZE who died 4th January 1919 aged 26 years, Seymour FURZE who died 18th February 1919 aged 3 years. Grieve not for me, but pity take and love my children for my sake. Photo Tik_26

27 Happy memories are precious JURY Reginald Lex 5th Oct 1941 – 16th July 2007 aged 65 loved husband and sparring partner of Celia special father of Debbie, Greg, Clive and Tony, loving grandad. Photo Tik_27

28 In loving memory of Eliza beloved wife of Samuel WHITEHEAD WHO DIED 8TH Febry 1922 in her 90th year, peace perfect peace also Samuel WHITEHEAD    beloved husband of the above died 27th June 1928 in his 93rd year. At rest. Photo Tik_28

29 Concrete plot no headstone. Photo Tik_29

30 RAPER In loving memory of Douglas Lloyd George Ser. No 203601 P.O. UK & Middle East RAF WWII 1-11-1919 – 1-9-2008 cherished husband of Suzanne (nee LIVINGSTON) loved dad and pop of Carol, Sharon, Jill, Annette the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Until the day dawns and the sun sets. Loved and remembered always. Photo Tik_30

Row 6

31 In loving memory of Gwendoline Violet FARQUHAR (nee HALL) 20th Jan 1926 – 20th May 2008 loved mother of Robert, John, Malcome & Marlene. A mother sorely missed loved cherished and never forgotten. Photo Tik_31

32 Jimmy and pet Jodie. Moe mai I to moeranga roa Stanley James Arthur FARQUHAR 23-11-1936 – 14-5-1996 husband of the late Pat loved father of Dallas, Leonie & Marise. Treasured koko of his mokopuna. Photo Tik_32

33 In loving memory of Owen Victor WHITEHEAD aged 3 days. Photo Tik_33

34 Remembrance – Gordon Douglas WHITEHEAD aged 3 years, safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Tik_34

35 In loving memory of Sarah Jane beloved wife of John WHITEHEAD who died 18th Sept 1921 aged 55 years. Thy will be done. Also John who died 21st Dec 1944 aged 80 years. Photo Tik_35

Row 7

36 In loving memory of Lewis Henry dearly beloved husband of Ada KNUCKEY 1874 – 1940. Also his beloved wife Ada 1874 – 1950. So loved so mourned. Photo Tik_36

37 In loving memory of Vivienne Gay beloved infant daughter of Des and Gay WHITEHEAD passed away 10th Nov 1963 aged 16 months. Photo Tik_37

38 In loving memory of Archibald Roberts WHITEHEAD (Bob) dearly loved husband of Flossie passed away 11th April 1973 aged 72 years also his beloved wife Flossie Lillian passed away 9th Feb 1979 aged 71 years. Photo Tik_38

39 In loving memory of Francis Norman beloved child of Roberts & Flossie WHITEHEAD died 8th Jan 1935 aged 3 years 9 months. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Tik_39

40 Concrete plot no headstone Photo Tik_40

Row 8

41 LYE In loving memory of Steven John LYE 14-10-1960 – 21-10-2015 aged 55 years loving husband and best friend of Susan cherished dad of Tane, Tammi, Roy, Brooke & Phoebe. Treasured son, brother, grandpa & friend. Photo Tik_41

42 ALEXANDER 2nd N.Z.E.F. date 1939 – 45 19/7082 Private Jack Douglas 37 NZ Battalion died 22-9-1999 aged 78 years cherished husband of Lucy. Lucy Lorna (nee NEWMAN) died 15-10-2015 aged 93 years loving wife of Jack. Loved parents of Christine & Margaret. Devoted grandparents to Melissa, Miles, Simon, Matthew & Abigail. Photo Tik_42

43 ALEXANDER 1st N.Z.E.F. Date 1914 – 18 10/3462 Lt Henry James Machine Gun Corps died 30-3-1980 aged 90 years loving husband of Rosa. Rosa May died 24-9-1978 aged 82 years devoted wife of Henry. Loved parents of Jack. Loved nanny & danny to Christine & Margaret. Photo Tik_43

44 In loving memory of Martin Ian dearly loved son of Elaine and Ian JURY died 22nd Dec 1977 aged 10 years. Photo Tik_44

45 Reginald Charles JURY beloved husband of Audrey died 21st May 1975 aged 81 years and his loved wife Vera Audrey died 21st April 1984 aged 81 years. Photo Tik_45

46 In loving memory of Gordon Reginald beloved son of R.C. & V.A. JURY died 11th Dec 1932 aged 7 years. Asleep. Photo Tik_46

47 In loving memory of Frances infant daughter of F & M KNUCKEY died 17th Feb 1936. Asleep. Photo Tik_47

48 Charles Bernard ADAMS beloved son of Bernard and Marion born 7-11-1957 Te Kuiti – died 15-2-1975 treasured brother of Kath, Bea, Irene (twin), Michael, Cindy, Lynette, Terry and Nellie. R.I.P. Photo Tik_48

49 Bernard Joseph ADAMS beloved husband of Marion born 31-1-1923 Te Kuiti died 22-6-1991. Cpl 448241 NZ Army 1-9-1941 – 24-8-1943. Acl 448241 RN ZAF 25-8-1943 – 3-10-1944. R.I.P. Photo Tik_49

50 Marion Joan ADAMS (nee PRYOR) beloved wife of Bernard born 23-12-1927 Auckland died 7-8-1991 L/Cpl 36596 N.Z.W.R.A.C. 28-7-1952 – 28-7-1954. R.I.P. Photo Tik_50

51 In loving memory of our dear father Frederic FURZE and husband of Mary FURZE who died 12th April 1920 aged 62 years. Photo Tik_51

52 In loving memory of Ernest FURZE died 11th April 1916 aged 35 years also his loving wife Betsy FURZE died 18th May 1944 aged 63 years. At rest. Photo Tik_52

53 In loving memory of Hendrick Jan DIRKSEN 6-5-1931 – 15-1-1991 and his dearly loved wife Wietske DIRKSEN 2-3-1932 – 22-12-1988 loved parent of Steven and Raymond. Photo Tik_53

Row 9

54 In loving memory of Keith Roy JONES 22-3-1927 – 19-1-2004 treasured & loved husband of Nancy Noelene nee JUPP much loved father of Shirley, Glenys, Jocelyn & Graeme. Forever in our hearts. Photo Tik_54

55 In loving memory of Graeme Henry Edward FARQUHAR 9-3-1943 – 30-9-2012, Photo Tik_55

56 Wally – Murray William SOFFE 22 August 1948 – 30 November 1997 much loved father of Monique, David and Paul gone from our home but not from our hearts. Photo Tik_56

57 Scott Jamie treasured son of Janice and Allan SOFFE and loved brother of Deane, Kerry and Aran 10th April 1984 aged 9 years. Photo Tik_57

58 In loving memory of Alfred Charles SOFFE dearly loved husband of Sylvia fell asleep 29th Oct 1982 aged 68 years. Sylvia Myrtle Dorothy SOFFE dearly loved wife of Alfred fell asleep 10th Sept 2003 aged 82 years loved father loved mother of Margaret, Maria, Allan, Pam, Murray and Garry. Photo Tik_58

59 In loving memory of William Samuel beloved husband of Mary KNUCKEY died 20th Jan 1940 aged 70 years also Mary Jane beloved wife of the above died 20th July 1945 aged 70 years and Roy Samuel youngest son of above died 19th Feb 1918 aged 12 years. Photo Tik_59

60 In loving memory of Francis Austin KNUCKEY died 23rd Feb 1917 aged 35 years also his beloved wife Bernice Grace KNUCKEY died 22nd Oct 1958 aged 76 years. Photo Tik_60

61 In loving memory of Maurice Ernest SMART born 1-12-1928 died 11-8-2009 loved husband of Margaret Jean loved father of Tracy LOW loved grandfather and great grandfather. Photo Tik_61

62 In loving memory of SMART Cecil James 23-10-1930 – 22-01-2013 loved husband of Shirley dearly loved father of Tony, Brenda and Ian loved Poppa. Rest in peace. Photo Tik_62

63 In loving memory of Edith Myrtle YOUNG 11th Jan 1889 – 6th March 1917 loved wife of John YOUNG and loved mother of George, Eileen, Freda and Hazel. Rest in peace. Photo Tik_63

64 In 1986 had a concrete surround but no headstone. Now all signs are gone. No name no photo

Row 10

65 In loving memory of Gordon Raymond JUPP 7-4-1924 – 20-12-2000 beloved husband of Heather Elizabeth JUPP 30-9-1929 – 21-4-2015 loved father and mother of Wendy, Trevor, David and Maurice. Photo Tik_65

66 In loving memory of Laurice Bertram JURY 21st Jan 1986 aged 63 dearly loved husband of Beryl (nee DUXFIELD) 12th June 1991 aged 69.  Treasured parents of Peter, Robyn and David. Photo Tik_66

67 In loving memory of Bertram Felix JURY 1873 – 1948 Myrtle Alice JURY 1879 – 1956 Louis Frederick JURY 1901 – 1918. Photo Tik_67

68 In loving memory of Thomas beloved husband if Eliza JURY who died 10th February 1910 aged 73 years. Peace perfect peace. Also Eliza Ann JURY wife of the above died 12th November 1919 aged 86 years. Photo Tik_68

69 In loving memory of Doris Maud the beloved daughter of Charles and Jane JURY who died 13th February 1896 aged 4 years. Photo Tik_69

70 In loving memory of Samuel beloved husband of Ellen KNUCKEY who passed away 18th May 1923 aged 80 years. Yet again we hope to meet thee, when the days of life are fled, and in heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tears are shed. Also Ellen beloved wife of the above died 12th Dec 1932 aged 82 years. At rest. Photo Tik_70

71 In loving memory Ida May daughter of Ellen and Samuel KNUCKEY died 4th Nov 1888 aged 10 years. Edith died 15th Dec 1888 aged 13 years. George Leslie accidentally killed on 15th Nov 1895 aged 10 years. Also Gertrude Zenobia RUNDLE wife of Harold RUNDLE daughter of Ellen and Samuel KNUCKEY died 22nd Aug 1909 aged 26 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Tik_71

72 In loving memory of Samuel the beloved husband of Mary Ann KNIGHT who died Aug 6. 1908 aged 82 years, also of their son Charles died Sept 13. 1886 aged 32 years, and of Louisa and Elizabeth died 1864 and Mary Ann wife of the above died 17th April 1919 aged 88 years. She hath done what she could. Photo Tik_72

73 Elvyn Alfred SMART. Photo Tik_73

74 In loving memory of Doreen SMART 6-3-1925 – 30-8-1990 dearly loved wife of Elvyn Alfred 2-11-1927 – 10-8-2015. Rest in peace. Photo Tik_74

75 In treasured memory of Bastian Shaun Rogers SMART special angel of Steve & Evelyn 20/2/98. Photo Tik_75 Photo Tik_75D

75A Bastian a sleeping angel lent to us from Heaven, one day our time will come that our precious boy and us will be one. Love mum and dad.

Lovely angel thy magic stole at once into our inmost souls, with feelings as thy beauty fair, and left no other vision there. Love mum & dad & Fynn Photo Tik_75A Photo Tik_75D

75B Sweet are the memories daily kept, of one we love & will never forget. Love Aunty Mandy. We will never forget who you are little Star, an angel lent, blessed & heaven sent. Love Aunty Dons. Photo Tik_75B Photo Tik_75D

75C Baby Stephlyn one year has passed, a birthday is here, as I remember, I shed a tear. Love surrogate dad Shelley. Dearest Bastian you’re safe in my heart and my heart will go on and on. Love always, Aunty Kat. Photo Tik_75C Photo Tik_75D

76A loving memory of Angelia-Carmen ATKINSON blessed angel of Tony and Evelyn loved sister of Fynn 21/10/2005.    Photo Tik_76

77 FAULL In loving memory of Wilfred Lewis JP dearly loved husband of Phyllis Thelma died 5th May 2000 aged 87 years. Phyllis Thelma dearly loved wife of Wilfred Lewis died 1st August 1986 aged 67 years. Cherished father, cherished mother of Allan, Richard, Gavin, Bernard and Nigel. Loved and respected grandparents of Gareth, Jacob, Larissa, Emma, Rebecca, Antonia, Jacqueline, Jonathan, Timothy, Matthew, Oliver, Edward, Megan, Simon, Katherine, Anthony, Stephanie, Justin and Logan. Photo Tik_77

78 In loving memory of Jackson Archibald BROWN 22nd Dec 1908 – 12th Jan 1992 and his dearly loved wife Eva Millicent BROWN 4th Sept 1923 – 12th July 2000 loved and respected parents of Rodney, Gary, Wayne & Elizabeth. Photo Tik_78

79 In loving memory of Marjorie Nada SHERWOOD 20th Dec 1916 – 9th Aug 1998 dearly loved wife of Keith cherished mother of Mary, Kathleen & John. Rest in peace. Photo Tik_79

Row 11

80 In loving memory of Diana Elizabeth ADAMS-SMITH died 2nd September 2004 aged 68 years. Photo Tik_80

81 2nd N.Z.E.F. 46561 Dvr J.O. HEPPELL N.Z.A.S.C. died 27-3-1990 aged 72 yrs. Photo Tik_81

81A Beatrice Emily HEPPELL. Photo Tik_81A

82 Treasured memories of Richard Malcolm SARTEN dearly loved husband of Leonce and loved father of Paul and Grant 17th January 1986 aged 43. Photo Tik_82

83 In loving memory of Kay Lynette SARTEN 20-1-1944 – 28-10-2010 loved daughter of Malcolm and Olive treasured sister of Richard and Carolyn. Photo Tik_83

84 In loving memory of Bertha Alice SMART dearly loved wife of Alf at rest 15th Dec 1979 aged 79 years also her beloved husband Alfred James at rest 27th Dec 1988 aged 90 years. Photo Tik_84

85 In loving memory of Kathleen Alice beloved wife of James GRANT died 26th Aug 1957 aged 49 years loved mother of Garry and Charlie. Photo Tik_85

86 In loving memory of Peter Lloyd JURY dearly loved husband of Denise and father of Serena, Gareth and Amanda, cherished son of Sid and Phyl and brother of Christine and Stephen 4 May 1946 – 1 April 1995. At rest. Photo Tik_86

87 In loving memory of Archie Robert HINE 1st September 1989 – aged 60 years dearly loved husband of Muriel Irene 24th August 1998 – aged 72 years loved father and mother of Robert and Raewyn. Photo Tik_87

88 In loving memory of Lewis (our dear Daddy) beloved husband of Blanche FAULL who passed away 15th May 1924 aged 49 years. Thy will be done also his beloved wife Blanche who passed away 1st Dec 1959 aged 82 years. Photo Tik_88

89 He died that we may live. In loving memory of Maxwell Robert beloved son of B.E. & L.N. FAULL killed in action Lybia 22nd Nov 1941 aged 26 years. Photo Tik_89

90 In loving memory of Marjorie Emma beloved daughter of Lewis & Blanche FAULL died 9th Oct 1914 aged 5 years, Henry infant son died 5th August 1912. We have naught to do but still, rest in silence on His will. Photo Tik_90

91 In loving memory of Joy dearly loved daughter of Blanche Eleanor and the late Lewis Nathaniel FAULL died 25th July 1931 aged 12 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Tik_91

Row 12

92 In loving memory of Percy George beloved husband of Ruth Alice SARTEN died 19th Jan 1955 aged 56 years also his dearly loved wife Ruth Alice died 13th Oct 1983 aged 84 years, parents of Vernon, Meryl, Colleen, Barbara and Keith. Photo Tik_92

93 SARTEN In loving memory of Vernon Ray beloved husband of Shirley died 13th September 2010 aged 86 years. Loved parent of Ruth, Terry & Allan. Photo Tik_93

94 In loving memory of Clarence Peter MAHY died 20th April 1960 aged 57 years also his beloved wife Doris Harding MAHY died 19th August 1983 aged 79 years. Photo Tik_94

95 Norman Oswin HEPPELL beloved husband of Jessie Ernestine died 15th July 1973 also his dearest wife Jessie Ernestine died 8th August 1980. Photo Tik_95

96 Ada Daphne CASTLE 10th July 1942 – 16th July 1956 she was greatly loved Arthur John CASTLE 1903 – 1983. Photo Tik_96 Photo Tik_96A

96A Mary Margaret Cecelia CASTLE 1910 – 1994 a loved wife and mother. Photo Tik_96A

97 In loving memory of Charles William beloved husband of Ellen SARTEN died 1st Nov 1948 aged 75 years, also his beloved wife Ellen died 29th Dec 1962 aged 85 years. At rest. Photo Tik_97

98 Concrete surround, no headstone no name. Photo Tik_98

99 In loving memory of Alma RITCHIE born 3rd Dec 1893 died 2nd May 1942. At rest. Photo Tik_99

100 In loving memory of Jessie beloved wife of Fred SARTEN 1879 – 1938, Loris Fred 1907 – 1908, Fred SARTEN born 25th April 1878 died 3rd Dec 1951. Malcolm SARTEN 1917 – 1985, Peace perfect peace. Photo Tik_100 Photo Tik_100A

101 In loving memory of Alice Ellen beloved wife of Ernest John SARTEN died 2nd March 1949 aged 82 years, also her beloved husband Ernest John died 5th May 1961 aged 93 years. Photo Tik_101

102 Thomas Robert HINE dearly beloved husband of Edith passed away 2nd Nov 1977 aged 83, also his dearly loved wife Edith passed away 1st August 1990 aged 89. Photo Tik_102

103 In loving memory of Little Russell beloved son of E. & T. HINE died 6th May 1927 aged 1 year 3 months. Lost awhile our treasured love, gain’d forever safe above. Photo Tik_103

104 In loving memory of Herbert Stanley Tudor beloved son of Herbert H. and Emma T. JURY who died 8th Nov 1896 aged 4 years. For such is the kingdom of Heaven. Photo Tik_104

105 In loving memory of JURY Owen Sidney Tudor (Sid) 25-5-1925 – 5-11-2012 loving husband of Phyllis special father to Peter, Christine and Stephen. Rest in peace. Photo Tik_105

106 In loving memory of Herbert Henry loved husband of Emma Tudor JURY died 1st Oct 1931 aged 68 years, also Emma Tudor wife of above died 18th Dec 1936 aged 69 years, at rest, also Allan Archibald JURY son of the above killed in action in Crete, 26th May 1941 aged 37 years. Photo Tik_106

107 In loving memory of Mary Monica beloved only daughter of Richard & Mary FAULL of Sydney who died 11th August 1919 aged 15 years. Forever with the Lord. Photo Tik_107

108 In fond remembrance of Mary Rebecca beloved wife of Henry FAULL who died 14th June 1923 aged 77 years. Until the daybreak and the shadows flee away. Photo Tik_108

109 In loving memory of Henry FAULL who died 21st Aug 1909 aged 72 years also of Henry Andrews beloved son of Henry & Mary FAULL who died 30th October 1891 aged 12 years and Bertie infant son of Henry & Mary FAULL who died 20th August 1883. Oh for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still. Photo Tik_109

Row 13

110 Rest in peace Donald Barry SARTEN 10 November 1933 – 27 June 2018. Photo Tik_110

111 SARTEN In loving memory of Winsome Shirley 29-11-1936 – 15-4-2012 dearly loved wife of Donald special mum to Tony, Geoff, Julie, Paul and Wayne. A special nana. Photo Tik_111

112 In loving memory of Maurice Roy SARTEN beloved husband of Marjorie who died 28th January 1980 aged 51 years. Photo Tik_112

113 In loving memory of Charles Roy SARTEN beloved husband of Hilda died 17th March 1965 in his 60th year also his beloved wife Hilda died 20th June 1978 in her 75th year. Photo Tik_113

114 In loving memory of Richard Cleave VOSPER loved husband of Phyl a loved dad and grandad, at peace 8th August 1985 aged 77 years, dearly loved parent of Howard, Jill, Murray and Phillip loved grandparents. Also their loved son Philip Clemow VOSPER died Wanganui 11th April 2014 in his 62nd year, loved by all his family. Photo Tik_114 Photo Tik_114A

115 In loving memory of Loris Leslie SARTEN 28-8-1933 – 26-11-1995 loved father of Mick, Russell and Ivor. Photo Tik_115

116 Life is not forever but love is Lloyd Charles SARTEN 17 February 1959 – 1st May 2009, treasured son of Marjorie and Maurice SARTEN loved and respected father of Paula, Angela and Neil, so precious are our memories of you dad, a wonderful caring loving man. Lloyd moved mountains and divided oceans deep. A true gentleman held in the highest regard, our precious memories are forever in my heart loved always Kim. Deeply missed by those he called family and friends. Photo Tik_116

117 In loving memory of Leslie Robert SARTEN husband of Gladys loved father of Lola, Maisie and Loris died 2nd January 1962 aged 57 years. Photo Tik_117

118 In loving memory loved infants Donald Charles FOREMAN died 23rd June 1929, Colin Charles FOREMAN died 26th October 1954. Memories are forever Donna Marie PETERS died 7th April 2015 dearly loved wife of Bob. Loved mother of Gina and Brent. Photo Tik_118

119 In loving memory of Violet beloved wife of Kenneth Richard LYE 1899 – 1942. Photo Tik_119

120 In loving memory of Richard Faull beloved husband of Alice LYE who died 12th January 1926 aged 64 years. Until the day break also Alice dearly beloved wife of the above who died 23rd August 1952 age 90 years. Photo Tik_120

121 In loving memory of Catherine the wife of Edward LYE who died 13th Sept 1903 aged 73 years also Edward LYE who died 13th Feb 1916 aged 87 years. Photo Tik_121

122 In loving memory of Harry beloved husband of Annie McKENZIE died 16th March 1925 aged 69 years. Heavens morning breaks. Also Annie beloved wife of above died 18th Feb 1947 aged 73 years. Photo Tik_122

123 In loving memory of Elizabeth Caddy VOSPER wife of Peter VOSPER who departed this life on 1st Jan 1894 aged 48. Also Peter VOSPER who fell asleep 1st Dec 1927 aged 92. To light & love in Thine eternal home. Photo Tik_123 Photo Tik_123A

123A In loving memory of Louisa Jane MUSKER 12-10-1882 – 10-1-1978 aged 95 years loved daughter of Peter and Elizabeth VOSPER loved wife of David Stanley MUSKER. Photo Tik_123 Photo Tik_123A

124 Thy will be done. In loving memory of Harry Sparkhall PINDER died 15th August 1901 aged 27 years. Photo Tik_124 Photo Tik_124A

Row 14

125 In loving memory of Myrtle FOREMAN beloved wife of Oscar passed away 29th Nov 1985 aged 75 years. Oscar Raymond FOREMAN beloved husband of Myrtle passed away 26th March 1982 aged 71 years. At rest. Photo Tik_125

126 In loving memory if Max Ernest FORMAN beloved husband of Marcella born 16th May 1930 passed away 6th Feb 1982 loved father of Perry, Gary, Douglas, Stephanie, Eric and Virginia. Sadly missed. Photo Tik_126

127 In loving memory of Kevin Leo beloved husband of Valda Rae HERLIHY died 29th Nov 1962 aged 37 years. R.I.P. Photo Tik_127

128 In loving memory of Elizabeth Emily dearly loved wife of Henry A FOREMAN died 10th March 1935 aged 51 years. To know her was to love her also Henry Albert FOREMAN died 29th Jan 1942 aged 61 years. And their loved daughter Irene May loved wife of John James PENMAN died 20 August 1991 aged 80 years. Photo Tik_128

129 In loving memory of Albert John FOREMAN loved husband of Bertha Grace died 27th June 1965 aged 59 years. Also Bertha Grace FOREMAN died 15th Oct 1971 aged 65 years. Photo Tik_129

130 In loving memory of Marion Rae loved daughter of Rachel and Keith FOREMAN died 21st May 1959 aged 3 ½ years. Photo Tik_130

131 In loving memory of Patricia Grace loved daughter of Rachel and Keith FOREMAN DIED 22ND Oct 1964 aged 2 ½ years. Photo Tik_131

132 Sacred to the memory of Edward Gordon MACKIE beloved husband of Jane MACKIE of Tarata. Who died 12th Dec 1929 in his 62nd year. A patient sufferer at rest. Also Jane beloved wife of the above who died 29th Dec 1939 aged 60 years. Photo Tik_132

133 In loving memory of Nellie MARSH loved wife of Dick died 5th Jan 1967 aged 55 years. A wonderful mother to all. Photo Tik_133 Photo Tik_133A

133A And her dearly loved son John Stuart MARSH much loved husband of Anne and treasured dad of Michael and Daniel 29th Dec 1985 aged 35. Photo Tik_133 Photo Tik_133A

134 Life is not forever, but love is. Peter Michael McBREARTY 5 October 1951 – 10 December 2013 aged 62. Very much loved husband of Jan. Our special memories are forever. Treasured father of Amanda and Paul. Photo Tik_134

135 In loving memory of Maria Stella beloved wife of John MARSH died 24th Jan 1950 aged 66 years. Also her beloved husband John MARSH died 26th May 1968 aged 82 years. At rest. Photo Tik_135

136 In loving memory of David Edward HICKS loved husband of Narva father of Patricia, Graeme & Daryl died 18th May 1969 aged 54. Photo Tik_136 Photo Tik_136A

136A Narva Jean HICKS died 19th Sept 1980 aged 58 dearly loved wife and mother of the above. Photo Tik_136 Photo Tik_136A

137 In memory of Mary Ann HICKS died 4th Jan 1890 aged 32 years and her husband Richard Thomas HICKS died 7th Aug 1941 aged 88 years. Also their baby daughter died 1881. Photo Tik_137

138 In loving memory of Daryl John HICKS 4TH June 1955 – 6th May 2002 loved father of Richard loved brother of Patricia and Graeme (Joe). Photo Tik_138

Row 15

139 In loving memory of Harold George beloved husband of Hilda HICKS died 22nd June 1952 aged 66 years. Hilda HICKS died 29th May 1966 aged 80 years. The leaf is turned the book is ended. Photo Tik_139

140 In memory of Maria HICKS died 20th June 1907 aged 85 years and her husband Richard HICKS died 2ND Dec 1916 – aged 99 years. Photo Tik_140

Row 16

141 In loving memory of Mary Jane COLE died 6th May 1909 aged 50 years, also John Squire COLE beloved husband of above died 4th October 1911 aged 60 years. There shall be no more pain. Photo Tik_141

142 In loving memory of Doris Pearly FRASER (nee HICKS) 21-11-1918 – 30-4-1996 aged 77 years loved wife of Raymond James KENNEDY and Harry Donald FRASER dearly loved mother of Alec, Colin, Iris, Elizabeth and Eileen. Loved and remembered always. Photo Tik_142

143 Sacred to the memory of Robert VICKERY died 15th April 1874 aged 72 years also John his second son who died 7th August 1911 aged 75 years. At rest. Also his wife Elizabeth Ann VICKERY who died 4th Jan 1940 aged 89 years. Francis Stevens VICKERY died at the Pines, Waitara 11th May 1918 aged 85 years. Photo Tik_143

144 Broken headstone: In loving memory of Alfred beloved son of James & Dinah SARTEN died 8th Dec 1881 aged 9 months, also Robert died 6th May 1895 aged 11 years 11 months. Not gone from memory, not gone from love but gone to their Fathers home above. Photo Tik_144

145 In memory of Lillias McKENZIE who died Jan 23rd 1881 aged 93 years. Also Thomas her son died Oct 10 1871 aged 43 years. Blessed are the dead who lie in the Lord. Photo Tik_145

146 In loving memory of (Father) Thomas McKENZIE who died 10th Oct 1871 aged 43 years. And (mother) also brother James died 17th January 1869 aged 2 years.Gone but not forgotten. Photo Tik_146

Row 17

147 In loving memory of George William FOSTER died 27th Aug 1920 aged 74 years, at rest. Also Emily Alice FOSTER wife of the above died 5th June 1924 in her 81st year. Photo Tik_147

148 MACKIE In loving memory of William John (Jack) 4th Sept 1992 – aged 90 years, dearly loved husband of Ruby Elizabeth 22nd April 2000 aged 94 years, loved father and mother of Gordon, John and Evelyn. Photo Tik_148

149 In loving memory of Mary Taylor VICKERY 27-9-1900 – 30-9-1986 wife of Francis Richard (Ivan) 6-10-1901 – 30-9-1990. Photo Tik_149

150 In loving memory of Megan Ann WALCH nee WHITE 18-7-1940 – 27-7-2005 dearly loved mother of Debbie, Tony, Suzanne and Leslie. Forever in our hearts. Photo Tik_150 Photo Tik_150A

150A Much loved & treasured Nana of Nicola, Brendon, Scott WALKER, Kirsten, Lucas, Courtney WALCH, Rachel, Brett, Kurt, Mitchell VICKERY, Bradley, Jared WALCH. Photo Tik_150 Photo Tik_150A

151 In loving memory of Dinah beloved wife of James SARTEN who died 5th Nov 1918 aged 76 years also James Edward beloved son of the above died 11th Feb 1906 aged 26 years, also James SARTEN died 15th July 1929 aged 80 years. At rest. Photo Tik_151

Row 18

152 In loving memory of Walter CRUMP the beloved husband of Emily CRUMP who died 9th March 1912 aged 60 years. Photo Tik_152 Photo Tik_152C

152A Also Emily CRUMP died 31st December 1925 aged 80 years. Photo Tik_152A Photo Tik_152C

152B Also William Oliver died 5th February 1877 aged 45 years. Photo Tik_152B  Photo Tik_152C

Row 19

153 In loving memory of Joseph TERRILL died 14th Dec 1912 aged 51 years Emma beloved wife of the above died 4th March 1956 aged 85 years. Photo Tik_153

153A In loving memory of Yvonne Rose HOLMES nee SOFFE 6-7-1948 – 5-2-1990 dearly loved wife of John loved mother of Jon and Geoffrey much loved lady. John Alfred HOLMES 5-4-1943 – 27-7-1995 dearly loved husband of Yvonne and Bronwyn loved father of Jon and Geoffrey and Ben. Photo Tik_153A

153B In loving memory of Sydney Lawrence SOFFE 26-4-1922 – 22-6-2005 dearly loved husband of Esther Marjory SOFFE 28-12-1922 – 28-6-2012 dearly loved wife of Syd loved father and mother of Yvonne, Terry, Beth, Lorraine, Ian, Ross and Kay. Photo Tik_153B

154 In memory of Edward Herbert RICHARDS who was accidentally killed on Otaraoa Block Nov 22nd 1895 aged 23 years. In my hand no price I bring simply to thy cross I cling. Also John RICHARDS who died 20th June 1916 aged 80 years. His end was peace. Also Mary Ann RICHARDS beloved wife of the above died 18th June 1921 aged 70 years. Thy will be done. Photo Tik_154

155 Concrete surround, part iron rail, overgrown, no headstone. Photo Tik_155

Row 20

156 Front: In loving memory of Jane dearly beloved wife of George STOCKMAN died 30th June 1907 aged 68 years, also grandchildren.

Left side: Also Leonard STOCKMAN died Jan 8th 1902 aged 17 years, Winnie died March 5th 1902 aged 1 year.

Right side: Also Winniefred died May 23rd 1903 aged 10 months. Claude died Dec 5th 1905 aged 4 months. Photo Tik_156 Photo Tik_156A Photo Tik_156B

157 In loving memory of Phyllis Daisy Frances WEEKES 4th Oct 1934 aged 31 erected by her children, also her daughter Eileen COOPER 25th Jan 1927 – 11th Sept 2014. Photo Tik_157

158 In loving memory of Annie Rose Tiria SKELTON born 7th July 1900 died 30th October 1906. Photo Tik_158

159 In loving memory of William Ernest beloved husband of Frances Jane SKELTON who died 19th December 1927 aged 57 years. Nothing in my hand I bring simply to Thy cross I cling. Photo Tik_159

160 In loving memory of Mihi RAHIRA who died 11th January 1909 aged 36 years. Photo Tik_160

161 In loving memory of James MARSH beloved husband of Mabel died 20th May 1964 aged 77 years. A loving husband and father. Photo Tik_161

161A Also his loving wife Mabel died 29th March 1971 aged 90 years. A loving wife, mother & grandmother. Photo Tik_161

162 Mabel Jane TAYLOR 1906 – 1992. Norman Alan TAYLOR 1907 – 1998 If you love someone set them free. Photo Tik_162

163 In loving memory of Arthur Allen TAYLOR 6-11-1929 – 6-4-2014 dearly loved & eternal companion of Leonie Esther TAYLOR (nee HAWKER) 8-10-1934 – 8-6-2008. Treasured memories will be forever cherished deep in the hearts of their children Terry, Tony, Steve, Keryn, Craig and those who remember them as Poppa, Nana, Uncle Son, Aunty Lee, brother, sister and dear friends. TAYLOR. Photo Tik_163

164 In loving memory of our dear father and brother Patrick McKOY who died 30th August 1896 aged 69 years also Francis Oliver McKOY who died 13th October 1894 aged 28 years. He giveth his beloved sleep. Photo Tik_164

165 In loving memory of Frederick William ROLFE second son of the late Rev. Robert Ross ROLFE of Hempnall, Norfolk, died 31st March 1900 aged 57 years. Fear not for I have redeemed thee.

Right side: Also Emma beloved wife of above died 19th Aug 1937 aged 82 years. She hath done what she could and she gave of her best. Photo Tik_165 Photo Tik_165A

166 Sacred to the memory of Henry Gay ROLFE who died May 13th 1893 in his 21st year. Erected by the Tikorangi Rowing Club. Our loss is His gain. Photo Tik_166

167 In loving memory of Ivy Lilian beloved wife of Robert ROLFE died 5th February 1926 aged 44 years. Grant her eternal rest O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon her. Also Robert beloved husband of Veta ROLFE died 20th June 1942 aged 58 years. Forever with the Lord. Photo Tik_167

168 ROLFE In loving memory of Ronald Frederick 2-5-1916 – 30-1-1966. Ida Mary 1-5-1918 – 11-10-1996 treasured parents of Maureen, Robert, John, Sarah, Phillip, Darcy and Lynette. Photo Tik_168

169 Concrete surround – no headstone. Photo Tik_169

170 In loving memory of Philip Ronald ROLFE dearly loved husband and best friend of Megan and loved daddy of Stephanie 20-11-1955 – 28-11-1993. A courageous battler to the end. Photo Tik_170

Row 21

171 To the memory of Julia Leonora ARMSTRONG nee HART loved wife of Francis CROFTON died 4th May 1902 aged 33 years. Genesis 3-13. Photo Tik_171

Row 22

172 In loving memory of William James Wills SMART died 19th Oct 1912 aged 74 years, Mary SMART his beloved wife died 3rd May 1933 aged 90 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Tik_172 Photo Tik_172A

Row 23 (New cremation area)

173 In loving memory of Norman Frank JUPP born 12-1-1919 died 29-12-1992 Enid Dawn JUPP nee AUSTIN born 18-8-1920 died 22-12-2009 loved parents of Alison, Vivienne, Rodney and Carole. Photo Tik_173

174 PERROTT Leonard George 16-6-1917 – 29-11-1994 beloved husband of Thelma Phyllis 20-12-1923 – 26-8-2010 loved father and mother of Helen, Bev, Judy & Marie. Photo Tik_174

175 In loving memory of Mary HEMMINGS 21-4-1910 – 11-9-1995 dear wife of Robert John loved mother of Linda, Rosemary, Shona and Glynis. Photo Tik_175

176 Victor George FOREMAN 25-3-1917 – 19-12-2003 loved father of Eileen, Margaret, Jeanette, Ross and David. Photo Tik_176

177 SULZBERGER Bruce Robert 16-4-1915 – 8-9-1995 dearly loved and loving husband of Doris Gertrude (nee JUPP) 16-1-1915 – 6-4-2003 treasured father and mother of Janice, Keith, Ian, Ruth and Clive. Photo Tik_177

178 ANDERSON with love we remember Dorothy Jean (nee MUSKER) 7-5-1910 – 31-3-2008 loved wife of George loved sister of Hope, Harry, Ruth, Ina and David. Photo Tik_178

179 In loving memory of Joan WOOD 10-7-1926 – 24-1-1998 dearly loved wife of Hugh WOOD, cherished mum of Susan, Brenda and Dianne. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills. Photo Tik_179

180 In loving memory of Hugh WOOD 21-3-1927 – 10-4-2012 dearly loved husband of Joan WOOD loved dad of Susan, Brenda and Dianne. Cherished grandparents. Photo Tik_180

181 In loving memory of Alan WHITEHEAD 27-7-1932 – 9-5-2003 dearly loved husband of Margaret Ellen loved father of Judith, Marie and Ian. A treasured grandad. Photo Tik_181

182 In loving memory of David Roy GRIFFITHS 1904 – 1996 dearly loved husband of Joan loving father of Gay and Ray and special grandfather of Nathan and Sharleen. Photo Tik_182

183 In loving memory of Ellen Joan GRIFFITHS 1919 – 2014 dearly loved wife of Roy loving mother of Gay and Ray and special grandma of Nathan and Sharleen. Photo Tik_183

184 Treasured memories of Arthur Raymond MAY 22-3-1936 – 6-10-2002 dearly loved husband and best friend of Gay loving father of Nathan and Pamela MAY, Sharleen and Andy DOCKERTY special Poppa to his grandchildren. Photo Tik_184

185 In loving memory of Arthur William MAY died 1982 Una MAY died 1998 loved parents of Brian, Raymond, David, Peter and Lloyd. Photo Tik_185

186 LYE In loving memory of Elvins Richard (Sam) 11-12-1931 – 11-6-2008 dearly loved husband of Jocelyn Anne (Jo) treasured dad of Judy, Steven, Sandy and Brett. A much loved grandpa. Photo Tik_186

187 In loving memory of LYE Trevor Fearon 8-6-1926 – 18-5-2016 loved husband of Reta loved father of Carey, Paul, Brenda and Robyn. Photo Tik_187

188 In loving memory of Lucretia Ruth (Louie) GARDINER 25.04.1921 – 07.09.2004 loved wife of Leslie Harold Charles (Les) GARDINER 08.10.1919 – 08.08.2007 loved mother and father of Bruce, Ashley, Grant and Kay. Photo Tik_188

189 In loving memory of Irene May COLE 27-8-1929 – 14-8-2004 cherished wife of Rex COLE 1-4-1926 – 18-8-2009 loving parents of Chris and Penny much loved grandparents. Photo Tik_189

190 MEGAW In loving memory of George Bell 16-5-1899 – 5-2-1980 Doris Pritchard 11-9-1912 – 3-11-1986 dearly loved parents of Rachel and John. Photo Tik_190

191 FOREMAN In loving memory of Keith Albert 30-12-1932 – 24-11-2012 dearly loved husband of Rachel Ann loved father of Diane, Graeme and Richard. Photo Tik_191

192 In loving memory of Wilfred Percy (Peter) COLE 4 November 1913 to 25 September 2005. Gina Elizabeth (Beth) COLE 23 September 1922 to 7 May 1999. Who raised a family and farmed in this district. Photo Tik_192

193 MUSKER In loving memory of Ora Joy (nee BLANCHARD) 5-5-1923 – 19-6-2007 dearly loved wife of David Malcolm 9-2-1922 - 23-6-2019 Loving mother and father of Pamela, Suzanne and Nigel. Photo Tik_193 Photo Tik_193A

194 TRAVERS In loving memory of Edward Lincoln (Colin) 20th February 1919 – 14th July 2013 Daphne Maud (nee CUNNINGHAM) 20th June 1923 – 11th June 2008. Photo Tik_194

195 In loving memory of Jack Arthur JORDAN 31-5-1939 – 10-12-2015 dearly loved and cherished husband of Sue, much loved dad of Kerrie, Taryn, dearly loved grandad and great grandad “Jordy”. Photo Tik_195

196 In loving memory of THORBY Earl Walter Moss 4-4-1927 – 29-8-2015 loved father of Anne, Murray, Graeme and Lynne loved grandparent and great grandparent. Rest in peace. Photo Tik_196

197 Precious memories of Eric Arthur GALL 21-9-1927 – 14-3-2011. Maire Alice GALL nee LYE 29-12-1925 – 28-3-2016 together forever best ever mum and dad of Janet, Kevin, Peter, Michael, Linda and Dean. Photo Tik_197

198 Peter Frank Robert ADAMS 24-10-1951 – 27-4-2007 so dearly loved, so sadly missed. Beloved husband of Rita father of Robert. Photo Tik_198

199 Precious memories of Richard Russell HIGHT 21-5-1964 – 13-9-2017 loved only son of Pam and Russ beloved only brother of Jenny and Cathy. Taken from us so suddenly, we never had a chance to say goodbye. Photo Tik_199

200 WHITEHEAD In loving memory of John Osborne (Jack) 24-6-1929 – 28-10-2017 loved husband of Peg loved father of Linda Tony Greg. Photo Tik_200

201 At rest Joyce Elizabeth BRABENDER (ADAMS, nee WHITEHEAD) 10-2-1930 – 18-5-2016 loved mother of Peter, Cheryl, Mark, Brent, Joanne & Garth. Photo Tik_201

Tikorangi War Memorial

Front: Erected by the residents of Tikorangi in memory of their men who made the supreme sacrifice for home and country in the Great War 1914 – 1918 and World War Two 1939 – 1945. Photo Tik_000

Left side:Pvt. J.H.N. FURZE killed in action 16th September 1916 aged 22 years. Pvt. C.N. FURZE killed in action 18th September 1916 aged 19 years. Rflm. W.F. TERRILL killed in action 6th December 1917 aged 29 years. Pvt. E.D. ALEXANDER killed in action 14th December 1917 aged 21 years. Rflm. F.A. COLE died of wounds 23rd December 1917 aged 45 years. Photo Tik_000L

Right side: 2nd Leiut. M.R. FAULL 22nd Nov 1941 aged 26 years. L. Sgt. A.K. DAVIDSON 23rd Sept 1944 aged 26 years. Sapper A.A. JURY 26th May 1941 aged 37 years. 1st Class S.B. h.j. honeyfield 5th Jan 1943 aged 17 years. Sgt. Pilot R.J. NEWMAN 12th Jan 1942 aged 22 years. All killed in action. Photo Tik_000R

End of Tikorangi Cemetery transcriptions
This version revised 16 July 2022.