Tataraimaka Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2018.

Tataraimaka cemetery

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Row 1

1 In loving memory of Hilda beloved wife of Philip HOBY died 21st November 1950 also her beloved husband Philip died 27th Oct 1968. At rest. Photo Tat_1

2 In loving memory of Stanley Rice HOBY accidentally drowned 30th Jan 1938 aged 19 years. In his care. Photo Tat_2

3 Unmarked plot

4 In loving memory of John beloved husband of Helen H. PEARCE died 19th February 1929 aged 83 years, also Rachel beloved daughter of the above died 2nd January 1897 aged 14 years and Helen Hodge PEARCE wife of the above died 2nd Feb 1941. Photo Tat_4

5 Unmarked plot

6 Sacred to the memory of Grace the beloved wife of James PEARCE who died June 26th 1859 aged 43 years. Therefore be we also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh. Matthew 24-44. Also of James PEARCE beloved husband of the above died 1st June 1901 aged 90 years. Photo Tat_6

7 Unmarked plot

8 Unmarked plot

9 Unmarked plot

10 Unmarked plot

11 Unmarked plot

12 This stone is broken into several pieces, in 1983 it read: In loving memory of Mary Jane who died ... Martha Ann CASH ... Photo Tat_12

13 In loving memory of John SEFTON died 15th April 1930 aged 71 years. At rest. Photo Tat_13

14 In loving memory of James SEFTON who died 28th September 1901 aged 67 years, also Ann Jane SEFTON who died 11th July 1914 aged 80 years and Hannah infant daughter of above died 10th June 1873 aged 1 month. Peace perfect peace. Photo Tat_14

15 Unmarked plot

16 Unmarked plot

17 Unmarked plot

18 Unmarked plot

19 Unmarked plot

20 In loving memory of our dear father and grandfather John H. RICE who died 23rd March 1936. Photo Tat_20

21 Unmarked plot

22 Unmarked plot

23 Unmarked plot

24 Unmarked plot

25 In loving memory of our dearly beloved father Robert WOOD died March 31st 1885 aged 45, also our dearly beloved mother Mary WOOD died June 29th 1907 aged 67, and of our sister Ethel died in infancy and our beloved brother Arthur WOOD died July 6th 1907 aged 26. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Photo Tat_25

26 Unmarked plot

27 Unmarked plot

28 Unmarked plot

29 Unmarked plot

30 Unmarked plot

31 In loving memory of Sarah Margaret beloved wife of Robert Henry JONES who passed away 20th Sept 1942. At rest. Photo Tat_31

32 In loving memory of William HONEYFIELD died 27th Sept 1932 aged 61 years dearly beloved husband of Ethel Mary died 24th Feb 1974 aged 98 years. Interred at Okato. Photo Tat_32

33 Unmarked plot

34 In loving memory of Phillip T. PRISKE 23rd March 1885 aged 89 years, also Phoebe who died 5th December 1906 aged 76 years. Photo Tat_34

Row 2

35 In loving memory of Rhoda J. AISH 1898 - 1946. Sent from the body. Photo Tat_35

36 In loving memory of Arthur Herbert beloved husband of Marie Henrietta Emily KING died 30th Aug 1946 aged 80 years. Photo Tat_36

37 Vacant

38 Vacant

39 In loving memory of our dear brother Henry second son of the late Albert & Ellen LUCKIN who departed this life on August 2nd 1944 aged 70 years. Photo Tat_39

40 To the memory of Eva beloved wife of Harold Thomas FISHER died 3rd June 1942 aged 48 years also her beloved husband Harold Thomas died 26th Nov 1968 aged 81 years. Photo Tat_40

41 White angel - no transcription. Photo Tat_41

42 Vacant

43 Concrete base headstone removed. Photo Tat_43

44 Vacant

45 Forever in our hearts Naomi Ruth TAYLOR 1 April 1933 - 19 Jan 2017, daughter of Naomi McPHEE (nee WOOD) and James Arthur HADLAND loving mother of Anne cherished Nana to all the grand and great-grandchildren. Loved sister of Kenny, Micheal, Percy (Charlie), Francis and Allen McPHEE, special friend of Monty. Photo Tat_45 Photo Tat_45B

45A In loving memory of Anne beloved wife of John FISHER died 25th July 1939 aged 80 years, also John beloved husband of above died 24th Aug 1945 aged 87 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Photo Tat_45A Photo Tat_45B

46 Vacant

47 In loving memory of Richard F. JULIAN who died 23rd Nov 1888 aged 8 years. Thy gentle voice is now hushed, thy warm true heart is still and on thy young and innocent brow is resting deaths cold chill. Photo Tat_47

48 In loving memory of Lillian STANDLEY beloved wife of Heath Charles RILEY died 15th Dec 1940. Heath Charles RILEY loved father of Dorothy, Patricia and Hazel died 10th Sept 1968, at rest. Photo Tat_48

49 Space

50 Space

51 Space

52 In loving memory of Jane CLARKE who died 4th July 1890 aged 39 years also Walter Henry CLARKE died 7th June 1910 aged 66 years. Sleep beloved sleep and take thy rest, lay down thy head upon thy saviour's breast, we loved thee well but Jesus loved thee best. Farewell till resurrection day. Photo Tat_52

53 In loving memory of Hester Kate beloved wife of Arthur GEORGE died 20rd Dec 1947 aged 69 years. Photo Tat_53

54 Concrete grave unnamed

55 To the memory of Thomas Harris PARSONS who died 13th July 1897 in his 88th year. Photo Tat_55

56 Sacred to the memory of Thomas MILLS who died December 2nd 1894 in his 68th year. Photo Tat_56

57 In loving memory of Susie the dearly beloved wife of Arthur Turner WILLS aged 24 years. 1893. Photo Tat_57

58 In loving memory of Hugh Parsons MILLS beloved husband of Charlotte Annie MILLS who departed this life 26th March 1905 aged 31 years. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. Life is long which answers life's greatest end. Photo Tat_58

59 Space

60 In loving memory of William Duvall dearly beloved son of G. and J. WAREHAM who died 30th August 1905 aged 31 years. Peace perfect peace...... to love all unknown. Jesus ... knoweth he is on the throne. Photo Tat_60

61 In loving memory of Jessie Devereaux WAREHAM who died 18th October 1910 aged 62 years. A tender wife and mother dear, a faithful friend is buried here. Also George W. WAREHAM beloved husband of the above died 16th August 1926 aged 72 years. At rest. Photo Tat_61

62 Old wooden headstone read: In loving memory of Murray PENWARDEN died 2nd March 1937 aged 4 months.

New headstone reads: Murray PENWARDEN 2nd March 1937 aged 4 years loved son of Lil and Ivan. Photo Tat_62

63 Space

64 In loving memory of William WILSON who died 30th May 1906 aged 71 years. Gone but not forgotten, also Jane WILSON who died 2nd June 1911 aged 73 years. Thy will be done. Photo Tat_64

65 Space

66 Front: In loving memory of (little) Emily infant daughter of Henry and Emily SMITH. Jesus said suffer little children to come unto me. Photo Tat_66

66A Back of 66 Smith: Our little Emily 25th July 1911. Jesus said suffer little children to come unto me. Photo Tat_66A

67 In loving memory of Halley (Bobbie) beloved son of N. & A. SHOGREN died 2rd May 1912 aged 2 years. Photo Tat_67

68 In loving memory of Evelyn the dearly beloved daughter of F. & J. JURY died 28th May 1916 aged 14 months. At rest. Photo Tat_68

69 In loving memory of Charles Henry beloved son of Henry and Emily SMITH who died at Trentham Military Hospital 25th October 1916 aged 20 years. For home and Country's sake. Photo Tat_69

70 In loving memory of Stanley dearly beloved third son of Henry & Emily SMITH who died 17th December 1921 aged 21 years. Just in the morning of his day, in youth and love he died. Photo Tat_70

71 In loving memory of Emily dearly loved & devoted wife of Henry SMITH who passed away 23rd March 1941 aged 77 years, also Henry SMITH beloved husband of above who passed away 21st June 1947. Photo Tat_71

72 Space

73 In loving memory of William Edwin beloved husband of Ada E. AISH who fell asleep in Jesus 7th Nov 1918 aged 48 years. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Aida E. AISH died 15th Sept 1952 aged 83 years. Photo Tat_73

74 In loving memory of Ruth Wareham dearly beloved daughter of T.W. & E.H. MORRIS Tataraimaka who fell asleep 27th April 1922 aged 10 months. Sweet sufferer at rest. Jesus called a little child unto Him. Photo Tat_74

75 Space

76 Space

77 In loving memory of Mabel Isabel beloved wife of Robert H. GATENBY died 4th August 1925 aged 44 years, at rest. Also Robert Hall GATENBY dearly loved husband of the above died 20th Oct 1930 aged 55 years. At rest. Photo Tat_77

78 In loving memory of Ellen beloved wife of the late Albert LUCKIN who died at Tataraimaka 4th March 1926 aged 83 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Tat_78

79 Our Darling. In loving memory of James Arthur infant son of William and Margaret THOMAS who died 29th July 1926 aged 14 months. Photo Tat_79

80 We remember with love (Lindsay) John Lindsay Joseph GOBLE 29th April 1906 - 15th Sept 1990 loved husband of Nell. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Tat_80

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