Waireka Cemetery

Transcriptions and photographs as at 2018.

Waireka cemetery

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Row 1

1 No headstone - Josephine BROOKES

2 In loving memory of George beloved husband of Josephine GREEN died 28th May 1937 aged 62 years and his loved wife Josephine died 30th July 1965 aged 65 years. At rest. Photo Wai_2 Photo Wai_2B

2A GREEN George Kenneth 20-1-1911 - 30-11-1993 Margaret Tregoning 5-2-1909 - 29-6-2001. Photo Wai_2Photo Wai_2A Photo Wai_2B

3 In loving memory of Julia Doris beloved wife of George GREEN who died 25th October 1914 aged 23 years. Photo Wai_3

4 Our darling Sibyl Madge GREEN aged 12 months. He took her up - in his arms. Photo Wai_4

5 Broken headstone: In loving memory of Hannah GREEN who died 1st February 1912 aged 61 years also Frederick husband of the above died 20th May 1923 aged 80 years. Photo Wai_5

6 In loving memory of Emily beloved wife of William E. MEREDITH who died 8th August 1935 aged 52 years. Photo Wai_6

Row 2

7 In loving memory of Ronald Alfred beloved son of H.G. & E.M. WARD died 15th October 1937 aged 14 years. As we loved him so we miss him. Photo Wai_7 Photo Wai_7A

8 Triple plot - reserved by KENDALL

9 Unmarked plot - Madge WICH

Row 3

10 Broken headstone: In loving memory of George the dearly beloved husband of Annie KENDALL of Hurford Road Omata who died 1st February 1908 aged 66 years. Tis hard to break the tender care, when love has found the ..., Tis hard so hard to find the word, We for a time must part. Also of Walter Cook KENDALL beloved grandson of Mr. and Mrs. George KENDALL who died 27TH March 1908 aged 20 years. With patience great he bore his pain, God suffered him to die, and hearts that wish him back again shall meet him by and by. Photo Wai_10 Photo Wai_10A Photo Wai_10B Photo Wai_10C

11 Unmarked plot: KENDALL

12 Unmarked plot: PARTRY

13 Unmarked plot: BUSBY

14 Maori War - Tpr Antonio Rodriquez De SARDINHA N.Z.C. Taranaki Mtd. Volunteers died 12.5.1905 aged 73, served under Captain MACE N.Z.C. and was awarded the New Zealand Cross, was frequently mentioned in despatches for bravery. Erected by the N.Z. Govt. Photo Wai_14

Row 4

15 In loving memory of John HALLAM died 25th September 1901 aged 63 years also of Annie Lucy died 3rd August 1906 aged 27 years and Mary beloved wife of the above died 24th July 1924 aged 79 years. Photo Wai_15 Photo Wai_15A

16 Existing old headstone: In loving remembrance of Thomas dearly beloved husband of Mary P. HARRISON died 16th April 1893 aged 71 years also his wife Mary Palfry HARRISON died 23rd November 1912 aged 86 years also Thomas son of Thomas and Mary P. HARRISON died 30th November 1897 aged 49 years.

New headstone: In loving memory of Thomas HARRISON born 1822 - died 16-4-1893 Mary Palfrey HARRISON born 1826 - died 23-11-1912 and their son Thomas HARRISON born 15-12-1849 - died 30-11-1897. Restored for family reunion 26-9-1998. Photo Wai_16 Photo Wai_16A Photo Wai_16B

17 MESENGER William died 8th Oct 1890 aged 89 and his wife Mary died 29th Oct 1891 aged 89 also their son Charles died 14th Oct 1890 aged 49. William and Mary arrived on the Joseph Fletcher 1853 with their family Mary aged 21, William aged 19, Louisa aged 14, Charles aged 12, Edward aged 10, Jessie aged 8. John aged 18 arrived 1854. Erected for family reunion 1983. Photo Wai_17 Photo Wai_17A

18 Erected in loving memory of our dear parents Thomas William MACE died 20th Jan 1912 aged 65 years and Helen Jecks MACE died 28th Oct 1915 aged 68 years also Leonard P. WATON third son of H.S. & C.I. WATSON died 27th Dec 1907 aged 6 weeks and Elsie Alice MACE died 3rd Sept 1912 aged 5½ months. Photo Wai_18 Photo Wai_18A

19 Unmarked grave - MACE

20 MILLS - Removed to Oakura

21 In loving memory of Samuel and Alice VICKERS and their daughters Mabel and Edna. Photo Wai_21 Photo Wai_21A

Row 5

22 In loving memory of Meta SEAMARK died 9 Oct 1921 aged 38 years also Doris daughter of above died 14 Nov 1927 aged 16 years also of Louis son of above died 7 March 1929 aged 24 years and Herbert son of above died 21 Jan 1932 aged 21 years also Frederick SEAMARK died 27 May 1933 aged 56 years. Photo Wai_22

22A In loving memory of Frederick William SEAMARK died 20 April 1971 aged 69 years and his beloved wife Doris Kowhai (nee COATES) died 10 June 1985 aged 79 years. Photo Wai_22

22B In loving memory of Edgar Henry SEAMARK died 18 May 1979 aged 72 years and his beloved wife Maude Margaret (nee RYAN) died 7 Feb 1991 aged 78 years. Photo Wai_22

23 In loving memory of Rosa Jane THOMAS died 15th April 1932 aged 68 years. John Robert THOMAS died 25th July 1938 aged 70 years, Charles Edward THOMAS eldest son of above died 19th August 1942 aged 47 years. At rest. Photo Wai_23 Photo Wai_23A

24 In loving memory of Roy second son of Jesse & Edith JURY who died 18th November 1916 aged 21 years. Angels now have welcomed thee. Also Tpr Edgar E. JURY beloved son of above died 7th March 1934 aged 41 years. At rest. Photo Wai_24 Photo Wai_24A

25 Concrete plot no headstone: GATTON

26 In loving memory of Allen beloved husband of Rose HENRY died 8th July 1925 aged 44 years. Photo Wai_26

27 In loving memory of Ethel Beatrice MORTON loved wife of George Samuel and darling mother of Mary passed away 12th April 1930 aged 50 years also her beloved parents Arthur and Jane GOOD. Photo Wai_27 Photo Wai_27A

28 In loving memory of John Airth MACE who died 17th November 1924 aged 74 years. At rest. Dinah MACE wife of above died 3rd November 1938 aged 83 years. Photo Wai_28 Photo Wai_28A

29 In loving memory of Henry S.E. WATSON 21-4-1929 aged 27 years beloved husband of Mabel A. WATSON. Henry Scarlet 27-5-1939 aged 81 years beloved husband of Cecil Isabella WATSON 7-1-1964 aged 88 years. George Thomas WATSON 21-9-1984 aged 88 years beloved husband of Zena WATSON. Photo Wai_29 Photo Wai_2B

29A In loving memory of Zena WATSON 12th August 1917 - 22nd November 2010 youngest daughter of Richard & Daisy GOLLOP dearly loved wife of George Thomas WATSON. Photo Wai_29A Photo Wai_29B

30 In loving memory of Alice Ann HUTHNANCE who died 13th April 1901 aged 54 years. Blessed assurance Jesus is mine, also William John son of the above who died 14th December 1907 aged 37 years. The Lord knoweth them that are his. Photo Wai_30 Photo Wai_30A

31 In loving memory of Martin Francis beloved husband of Mary RYAN died 14th Nov 1930 aged 65 years and his loved wife Mary RYAN died 4th July 1965 aged 88 years. R.I.P. Photo Wai_31 Photo Wai_31A

32 In loving memory of Charles Frederick Dashwood LANG dear eldest son of C.A. & E.R. LANG of Weybridge, England who died the 7th Day of April 1907 aged 33 years. Photo Wai_32 Photo Wai_32A

Row 6

33 Thomas Ernest HERBERT loved father of Shane, Peter and Bally died 3rd July 1982 aged 55. Photo Wai_33

34 In loving memory of Stanley JURY dearly loved husband of Ivy and loved father of Noel and Len at rest 23rd June 1975 aged 67 years also his dearly loved wife Ivy May JURY loved mother of Noel and Len at rest 2nd March 2000 aged 90 years. Photo Wai_34

35 In loving memory of Jesse beloved husband of Edith Louisa JURY died 19th Sept 1939 aged 75 years also Edith Louisa beloved wife of the above died 27th Feb 1949 aged 78 years. At rest. Photo Wai_35

36 In loving memory of Malcolm beloved husband of C.R. SHARPE died 28th March 1936 aged 56 years. Constance Ruby beloved wife of the above died 10th September 1953 aged 67 years and Sydney beloved son of the above died 26th Feb 1938 aged 19 years. At rest. Photo Wai_36

37 In loving memory of Margherita Santina GOOD died 12th September 1934 aged 32 years also her beloved husband Alfred George GOOD died 25th January 1958 aged 73 years. Sadly missed. Photo Wai_37 Photo Wai_37B

37A Ethel May GOOD 15-6-1929 - 9-3-2003 beloved daughter of Alfred and Margherita. Aunt you are a gift of love. Photo Wai_37A Photo Wai_37B

38 In loving memory of Frederick Victor beloved husband of Louisa Inez GOOD died 14th February 1959. Also his dearly loved wife Louisa Inez died 22nd May 1991. Sadly missed. Photo Wai_38 Photo Wai_38A

Row 7

39 Old headstone now missing: Sacred to the memory of Charles HETLEY who died 24th May 1857 aged 31 years.

40 Sacred to the memory of Frederick George youngest son of Percy and Elizabeth PEASE of Eltham died 10th January 1916 aged 7 ½ years. He shall gather the lambs with His arms. Photo Wai_40 Photo Wai_40A

41 Sacred to the memory of Amelia Dorothea third daughter of William Morgan and Anne CROMPTON born 11th February 1812 died 8th December 1858. Unreadable verse in here. And also of Elizabeth De La ROCHE who died at Omata 15th March 1911 aged 73 years. Photo Wai_41 Photo Wai_41A

42 Henry Jardiene CROMPTON born 1st Sept 1840 - Jan 17th 1906, also his wife Louie I.C. CROMPTON born 9th Feb 1856 died 12th Sept 1928. At rest. Photo Wai_42 Photo Wai_41A

42A William Jardine   CROMPTON 2-4-1896 - 27-1-1980 dearly loved husband of Eleanor and loved father of William David and Edna Isobel. Photo Wai_42 Photo Wai_41A

42B Footstone A.D. 1868. Photo Wai_42B Photo Wai_41A

43 In loving memory of Helen McCOLL died July 5 1886 aged 29 years also Duncan McCOLL son of the above died August 4 1885 aged 8 months and of Paul McCOLL died June 4 1902 aged 62 years. Photo Wai_43

Row 7A new row

43A WAGHORN In loving memory of Margaret 3rd October 1919 - Co Laois, Ireland 5th September 1992 - New Plymouth, N.Z. loved wife of William loved mother of Tony loved Mutti to all her Grandchildren. And may God hold you in the palm of His hand till we meet again. Photo Wai_43A

43B In loving memory of Owen aged 51 years. Kenneth Owen McCOLLUM 31-7-1948 - 11-1-2000 beloved husband and treasured friend of Robyn cherished father of Kane and Kara. "Precious memories will last forever". Photo Wai_43B

43C In loving memory of Mervyn James KEMSLEY born 15 May 1945 Stratford, died 8 August 2014 New Plymouth dearly loved husband of Lesley Anne KEMSLEY. Loved parents and grandparents. Photo Wai_43C

43D In loving memory of Keith David ROBERTSON 17-4-1929 - 29-9-2000 dearly loved husband of Nancye Lorna ROBERTSON. Treasured dad and Pop. Photo Wai_43D

43E Derek Heathcote Livingston 1929 - 2012 Much loved son, husband, father &grandfather. A man is not dead until he is forgotten. Photo Wai_43E

43F Old headstone but totally unreadable. Photo Wai_43F

Row 8

44 In memoriam. In loving memory of Ann GREENHILL who died 10th January 1911 aged 67 years also Jabez beloved husband of the above died 27th July 1919 aged 80 years and John son of the above died 23rd December 1919 aged 50 years. Peace perfect peace. Photo Wai_44 Photo Wai_44A

45 In memory of Ollo NIELSEN aged 60 years, Jens MADSEN aged 77 years, Niels M.M.A. NIELSEN aged 19 years & 10 months, Mary wife of the above died 14th February 1916 aged 76 years. Photo Wai_455 Photo Wai_45A

46 Unmarked grave - PENWARDEN

47 Old headstone: In memory of Tom NEWSHAM died Feb 7th 1874 aged 52 years, Mary Louisa his wife died Aug 13th 1875 aged 47 years also their sons Tom died Jan 7th 1876 aged 22 years, Francies Henry died Dec 24th 1858 aged 8 years, Alfred died Dec 17th 1885 aged 24 years, Henry Arthur died July 17th 1889 aged 23 years, Lewis Oscar died Aug 21st 1902 aged 29 years, Fred died Aug 22nd 1907 aged 62 years. Photo Wai_47 Photo Wai_47B

47A New headstone: In memory of Tom NEWSHAM died Febry 7th 1874, aged 52 Mary Louisa his wife died Augst 13th 1875, aged 47 also their sons Tom, died Janr 7th 1876, aged 22 Francies Henry, died Decr 24th 1858, aged 8 Alfred, died Decr 17th 1885, aged 24 Henry Arthur, died 21st August 1902 aged 29 Fred died 22nd August 1907 aged 62. Photo Wai_47A Photo Wai_47B

48 This headstone was laying on the ground in 1986 now no longer visible:In memory of George A.F. KYNGDON who died 11th March 1874 aged 13 months. Taken away from the evil to come.

Row 9

49 Sacred to the memory of Thomas RODGERS born May 18th 1857 died November 10th 1877. Unreadable verse. The fourth son of John & Elizabeth Ann RODGERS. Photo Wai_49 Photo Wai_49A

49A Footstone T.R. 1877. Photo Wai_49A

50 In loving memory of John JURY the beloved husband of Sophia JURY died 1st January 1902 aged 75 years also Sophia JURY wife of the above who died 16th August 1916 aged 79 years and of their children Jane died 9th November 1855, a flower, 3 days old, Ada died 10th May 1883 aged 15 years, Nelly died 6th January 1886 aged 6 years. Not dead but living with God. Photo Wai_50 Photo Wai_50A

50A New plaque: In dedication to the memory of Jesse and Elizabeth JURY (nee HOSKIN) of Ashburton, Hythe and Launceston, England. Arrived New Plymouth "William Bryan" 31 March 1841 with family - John, Elizabeth Ann, Richard, James, Thomas, and Henry Justin. Born in N.Z. - William and Emily. (For future generations - a proud heritage) Photo Wai_50 Photo Wai_50A

51 Broken headstone: In loving memory of Anne PAYTON who departed this life 8th October 1910 aged 69 years. Angels now have welcomed thee. Photo Wai_51

52 In loving memory of Frank Henry KRUTZ died 6th Sept 1903 aged 57 years also William Frederick KRUTZ died 14th Oct 1898 aged 17 years also Wilhelmina Henrietta KRUTZ died 16th Dec 1928 aged 82 years. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Wai_52 Photo Wai_52A

53 In loving memory of George ROWELL born September 3rd 1871 died February 25th 1898. Not my will but thine de done. Luke 22:42. Photo Wai_53 Photo Wai_53A

54 In memory of Emma Eliza the beloved wife of Albert BAYLY who died November 16th 1891 aged 40 years. Albert BAYLY who died September 6th 1909 aged 60 years. Photo Wai_54 Photo Wai_54A

Row 10

55 In loving memory of Charlotte E.C. EMERY died 29th Jan 1904 aged 20 years. Thy will be done. Photo Wai_55 Photo Wai_55A

56 Unmarked grave - EMSLIE.

57 In loving memory of Phyllis beloved daughter of George and Bertha ALLWOOD Omata who died on April 8th 1903 aged 2 ½ years. It is well with the child it is well. Photo Wai_57 Photo Wai_58

58 Concrete surround no headstone STATE Photo Wai_58

Row 11

59 In loving memory of Nicholas Henry JULIAN beloved husband of Elizabeth JULIAN died at Omata 22nd June 1905 aged 77 years, Elizabeth JULIAN died 17th February 1916 aged 83 years, John JULIAN died 2nd March 1868 aged 8 years, Minnie JULIAN died 3rd August 1877 aged 1 year. Gone but not forgotten. Photo Wai_59

60 In loving memory of Samuel White JULIAN died 24th January 1895 aged 72 years also Elizabeth JULIAN died 7th October 1918 aged 86 years and William Henry died 29th August 1872 aged 16 years also Samuel died 5th October 1898 aged 33 years. Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to thy cross I cling. Photo Wai_60 Photo Wai_60A

61 In loving memory of Edward the beloved husband of Eva JULIAN who died 13th August 1913 aged 46 years. Also Gladys Eva beloved daughter of the above who died 13th August 1913 aged 19 years. Photo Wai_61 Photo Wai_61A

Row 12

62 In loving memory of Edwin JULIAN died 25th July 1928 aged 62 years. At rest. Charles JULIAN died 21st December 1934 aged 77 years. At rest. Photo Wai_62 Photo Wai_63A

63 In loving memory of William dearly beloved son of Nicholas and Elizabeth JULIAN of Omata N.Z. died 26th December 1909 aged 56 years. Home at last thy labour done, safe and blessed the victory won, Jordan passed, from pain set free Angles now have welcomed thee. Photo Wai_63 Photo Wai_63A

Row 13

64 In loving memory of Harry beloved husband of Kate Edith LOONEY died 18th May 1934 aged 58 years also his beloved wife Kate Edith died 1st January 1963 aged 86 years. At rest. Photo Wai_64 Photo Wai_64A

65 Unmarked grave - BAILEY

66 Unmarked grave - RENNEL

67 Unmarked grave - AUTRIDGE

68 Unmarked grave - ELKIN

69 Unmarked grave - HENDRIKSON

70 Unmarked grave - HENDRIKSON

71 Unmarked grave - SMIDT

Row 13

72 In loving memory of Carl SORENSEN who died Nov 17th 1907 aged 65 years also Hanna beloved wife of above died July 19th 1930 aged 79 years also Peter son of above died April 13th 1890 aged 15 years. At rest. Photo Wai_72 Photo Wai_72A Photo Wai_72B

73 Unmarked grave - PETERSON

74 In memory of John BERRIDGE died 20th April 1901 aged 88. Ann BERRIDGE died 26th October 1881 aged 66. William BERRIDGE died 22nd September 1903 aged 67. Also Charles Oliver BERRIDGE died 6th January 1887 aged 3. Percy Barnett BERRIDGE died 17th March 1888 aged 10 weeks. Erected in 2013 by the descendants of John and Ann BERRIDGE to commemorate the arrival of the BERRIDGE family at Omata from Leicestershire on board the William Hyde in March 1842. Photo Wai_74

75 Unmarked grave - ANSTIS

76 Unmarked grave - EMESLIE

End of Old section of Waireka Cemetery


New Section of Waireka Cemetery. This has a strange number system so I am going to number them after old section numbers and put their marked in concrete numbers in brackets.

Row 14

77(1) In remembrance of Nolan Owen 15-11-1933 - 23-02-2008 devoted and loved husband of Aileen Myrtle. Loved by their family Gaywyne & Terry, Shaela, Brendon & Vicky, Jessica, Dayna. BENTON. Keep on trucking. Photo Wai_77

78(2) Forever in our hearts Cain John LONGSTAFF (RICHARDS) 14-01-1988 - 21-09-2007 Forever loved by the Richards and Johnston families and Cains many friends. Gone but will never be forgotten. Rock in front of headstone reads HOLMES family holiday 2017 Andrew, Naomi, Na-e & Mia. Photo Wai_78

79(3) Luca Jane NEALE 8.9.2010 - 12.9.2010 daughter of Kerry & Bruce "Arohanui" Photo Wai_79

80(4) With love we remember Clayton Bernard SHAW "Clay" 9th Feb 1991 - 10th Nov 2011. Awesome son, brother, grandson & friend. Of generous heart ... And of Beautiful spirit. Photo Wai_80

81(5) In loving memory of MARTIN Desmond Joseph 18-2-1913 - 20-9-2012 loved husband of Gert loved father of Brian. Gertrude Norine 10201916 - 29-12-2014 loved wife of Joe loved mother of Brian, loved grandparents and great grandparents. Photo Wai_81

82(6) Vacant

83(7) HAYWARD In memory of Terence James 9th October 1925 - 26 September 2011. Helen Elizabeth (nee BREWER) 15th April 1928 - 18th August 2012. Photo Wai_83

84(8) Vacant

85(9) In memory of Rhys Mark WILSON 3 March 1969 - 26 November 2009 dearly loved and missed dad of Chanelle, Kyle, Brodie & Kade missed by Don, Carl, Lisa & Cindy. Photo Wai_85

86(10) Vacant

87(11) A cherished soul so loved by many "Jack" Devi Grant ANDERSON born 11-3-2001 passed 11-8-2011 Ko Titirangi te maunga, Ko Uawa te awa, Ko Hourouta Te Waka, Ko Grant Leroy Amaru te tipuna, Ko Eleanor Joyce Bray te tipuna wahine, Ko te Aitanga a Hauiti toku iwi, Ko Ruakapanga marae, Ko Jack Devi Grant Anderson toku ingoa, Ko Taranaki ahau, Ko Robert Anderson raua, Ko Michelle Leigh Amaru oku matua, Ko hehita Tayla Leigh Lillian Anderson ahau, Ko kauaenua Luke Leroy Potikiroa Leatherby ahau. Shine on you crazy diamond. Photo Wai_87

88(12) Vacant

89(13) With love we remember COATES David (Dave) Francis 25-9-1925 - 9-4-2011 dearly loved husband of Shirley. Shirley Jean 31-5-1924 - 29-9-2011 dearly loved wife of Dave. Loved father and mother of Alan, Murray, Garry and Robyn, cherished grandad and grandma. Rest in peace. Photo Wai_89

90(14) Vacant

91(15) SINCLAIR Howard James Bremner 5.1.1926 - 28.2.2017 Helen Joan Crompton 7.2.1931 - 13.8.2017. Photo Wai_91

91A Seat In memory of Helen & Howard SINCLAIR Photo Wai_91A

92(16) Vacant

93(17) Vacant

94(18) Vacant

95(19) Vacant

96(20) CLARK In loving memory of Albert William Amos (Bert) 7-11-1932 - 23-10-2013 loved husband of Marie treasured dad of Darrell and Sheryl. Photo Wai_96

97(21) Vacant

98(22) Vacant

99(23) Vacant

100(24) Vacant

101(25) Vacant

102(26) Vacant

103(27) Vacant

104(28) Vacant

105(29) Vacant

106(30) Vacant

107(31) Vacant

108(32) Vacant

109(33) Vacant

110(34) Vacant

111(35) Vacant

112(36) Vacant

113(37) Vacant

114(38) Vacant

115(39) Vacant

116(40) Vacant

117(41) Vacant

118(42) Vacant

119(43) Vacant

120(44) Vacant

121(45) Vacant

Row 15

122(Z923) With love we remember Cyril Timo SCHAFER 1976 - 2015 loved partner of Hamish adored son of Ursula & Wolfgang cherished brother of Andreas R.I.P. Photo Wai_122

123(92) In loving memory of Evangeline Mary SANGER 20th July 1998 cherished daughter of Brett and Barbara. Our little Angel remembered always. Photo Wai_123

124(93) With love we remember Wolfgang SCHAFER 18-8-1945 - 21-7-1999 loved husband & best friend of Ursula loved Papa of Cyril & Andreas. Photo Wai_124

125(94) Rest in Peace. Wallraut Ingrid STAHNKE 1 July 1935 - 12 August 2016. Photo Wai_125

126(95) Rest in Peace. Kurt Gerhard Theodor STAHNKE 24 June 1933 - 10 May 2015. Photo Wai_126

127(96) Vacant

128(97) Vacant

129(98) Vacant

130(99) Vacant

131(100) Vacant

132(101) Vacant

133(Z924) Vacant

134(Z925) Vacant

135(Z926) Vacant

136(1) Vacant

137(2) Vacant

138(3) Vacant

139(4) Vacant

140(5) COLLINS In loving remembrance Barry Henry 1-6-1935 - 27-6-2017 aged 82 years devoted husband of Sally treasured father of Donald, Rosemary, Julie, Gloria, Isobel, Mervyn and David. Cherished grandad of all the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Photo Wai_140

141(6) Vacant

142(7) Vacant

143(8) Vacant

144(9) Vacant

145(10) HARVEY Remembered with love Beverley Jean 25-8-1940 - 2-5-2002 much loved wife of Johnny treasured mum of Debbie, Julie & Annette adored Nana of her grandchildren. Your strength and love will always be with us. Photo Wai_145

146(11) Vacant

Row 16

147(Z912) Vacant

148(102) Henry George GREEN 17-11-1934 - 16-2-2002. At rest. Photo Wai_148

149(103) Vacant

150(104) Vacant

151(105) Vacant

152(106) Vacant

153(107) SMITH In loving memory of (Margaret) Hannah Marguerite (nee GREEN) 29th May 1925 - 12th March 2005. Photo Wai_153

154(Z913) Vacant

155(Z914) Vacant

156(Z915) Vacant

157(Z916) Vacant

158(Z917) In loving memory of WOOD Jocelyn Olive 7-11-1937 - 28-12-2014 dearly loved wife of William loved mother of Stephen, Christopher, Michelle and Tracey. In our hearts for ever. Together again. Photo Wai_158

159(Z918) Vacant

160(Z919) Vacant

161(Z920) Vacant

162(Z921) SCHRIDER We remember with love Patrick Andrew 23-9-1930 - 8-11-2016 dearly loved husband of Ruth dearly loved dad of Raewyn, Trevor, Lynette, Patrick and Jackie. R.I.P. Photo Wai_162

163(11) Vacant

164(12) Vacant)

165(13) Vacant

166(14) Vacant

167(15) DRAKE With love we remember Myrtle 13-11-1920 - 19-7-2013 beloved wife and companion of Walter James 18-9-1918 - 14-6-2015 loved mother and father of Allan, Robert, Pauline, Ngaire and Sandra. Treasured Nana and Poppa of all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Always in our hearts. Photo Wai_167

168(16) Vacant

169(Z922) Vacant

Row 17

170(Z909) WOOD Remembered with love Judy (nee MORGAN) 8th January 1947 to 26th May 2015 devoted wife of Kevin loving and caring mother of Greg, Catherine and Nigel loved grandma of Ava, Leo, Brooke, Finn, Sam, Tom. Photo Wai_170

171(108) RUSSELL In loving memory of William George 17th April 1943. Photo Wai_171

172(109) Vacant

173(110) Vacant

174(111) Vacant

175(112) Vacant

176(113) Vacant

177(114) Vacant

178(115) Vacant

179(116) Vacant

180(117) In loving memory of Betty Mabel WARD 30th September 1936 - 27th June 2003 cherished wife of Murray Thomas WARD. Treasured mother of John, Glynis, Christine and Kathryn. Rest in peace. Photo Wai_180

181(Z910) Vacant

182(Z911) Vacant

183(17) Vacant

184(18) Vacant

185(19) Vacant

186(20) Vacant

187(21) Vacant

188(22) Vacant

189(23) Vacant

190(24) Vacant

191(25) In loving memory of MOSES Mervyn Douglas (Merv) 17 July 1952 - 10 May 2015 forever loved by Jill, dad to Kane, Gramps to Isaac and Zoe. Gone from home but not from our hearts. Photo Wai_191

192(26) Vacant

Row 18

193(118) SANGER In loving memory of Graeme William 17/10/1940 - 9/9/2004. Dearly loved father of Leanne and Julie loved grandad of Benjamin. Treasured partner of Trish. Photo Wai_193

194(119) Vacant

195(120) SANGER In loving memory of Jean Catherine 19/12/1942 - 24/8/2006 dearly loved wife of Bryan much loved mother of Gary and Maree. Photo Wai_195

196(121) Vacant

197(122) In loving memory of Glenys Louise JARMAN (nee EADY) 24-5-1937 - 20-5-1995 with love to our special mainlander. Dyrestreights. Persians. Photo Wai_197

197A(122) Glenys L. JARMAN. Photo Wai_197A

198(123) In remembrance of Murray John JARMAN 9th June 1934 - 26th April 2011 loved husband of the late Glenys, loved dad of Keith, grandad of Taya. Photo Wai_198

198A(123) M.J. JARMAN. Photo Wai_198A

199(124) Vacant

200(125) Vacant

201(126) Vacant

202(127) MOTT Precious memories of Bernard Roy 8-8-1933 - 21-1-2006 Cherished husband of Margaret. Margaret Anne 30-10-1932 - 12-9-2016 cherished wife of Bernard. Adored father adored mother of Sally and Wendy, special grandad and nana to all our grand and great grandchildren. Rest in peace. Luv you always. Photo Wai_202

203(Z906) Vacant

204(Z907) Harold Ross SMITH. Photo Wai_204

205(27) Vacant

206(28) Vacant

207(29) Vacant

208(30) Vacant

209(31) Vacant

210(32) In loving memory of DIXON Michelle Louise (Michie) 23-3-1985 - 23-5-2005. Treasured daughter of Gary and Miriam. Treasured sister of Joshua, Steve & Jessica. Everyone that has faith in me will live even if they die. John 11.25. Without the battle there is no victory. Photo Wai_210

211(Z908) Vacant

Row 19

212(128) Vacant

213(129) Vacant

214(130) Vacant

215(131) Vacant

216(132) Vacant

217(133) Vacant

218(134) Vacant

219(135A) In loving memory of Win JONES (Winifred Joyce) 19.10.1926 - 23.10.2011 beloved wife of David dearly loved mother of Maurice and Sharon close sister of Rosemary, sweet nonna of David and Giulia. Very much loved by all her family and friends. Rest in peace. Photo Wai_219

219A(135B) In loving memory of Rosemary Lucy WHITTAKER 12.5.1924 - 22.05.2014, beloved wife of Colin, dearly loved mother of Lynaire, Rosemary, Anne, Graeme, Jeffrey, Hugh, Margaret and Nancy. Cherished grandmother and great grandmother. Rest in peace. Photo Wai_219

220(Z904) In remembrance of Patrick (Pat) O'CONNOR 1950 - 2013 aged 63 loving father of Paul and David loved brother to Jimmy, Eamonn  and Ann Marie, loved son of Edward and Teresa (Ireland) special friend of Judy. An old Irish blessing - May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft apon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Photo Wai_220

220A(Z904) Rear of 220 O'CONNOR wherever yougo and whatever you do may the luck of the Irish be there with you. Gone but knot forgotten. Photo Wai_220A

221(Z905) In loving memory of Sherryl Ann 1-2-1946 - 15-7-2003 dearly loved wife and best mate of Neville. A very special lady gone, but not forgotten. Will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace Sherryl. SCRIMGEOUR. Gone fishing the waters of the great beyond. Photo Wai_221

222(33) PETERSEN In loving memory of Chris John -.12.1953 - 19-6-2007 - aged 53. Loved husband of Annette, treasured and loved dad of Renae, Haley, Shane and Carolyn, loving pop of Caleb, Chloe, Cj, Prima. A happy smile a heart of gold cherished memories we hold, In our hearts you remain throughout our lived until we meet again. Photo Wai_222

222A(33) Rear of PETERSEN headstone Fish come and go, but it is the memory of afternoons on the sea that endure. Photo Wai_222A

223(34) In remembrance of Ivan John BUNGAY 18-7-1926 - 9-7-2011 loving husband of Betty Lois (nee BRISCO). Betty Lois BUNGAY 6-11-1927 - 16-7-2016 loving wife of Ivan John together at rest. Loving parents of Judy, John, Noel & Stephen, loving grandparents & great grandparents. Photo Wai_223

223A(34) Rear of headstone BUNGAY Forever in our memories. Happy hours. Bung. Photo Wai_223A

224(35) Jamie HODSON 21-03-1965 - 01-12-2008. Much loved husband of Karen, adored father of Victoria and Ella, cherished only son of Ken and Rosemary. Beautiful brother of Kim. Jamie loved God, loved people and loved an adventure. He is dearly missed. Photo Wai_224

225(36) In loving memory of Diane Nola CONEGLAN 14-12-1952 - 03-12-2009 cherished wife of Tom loved mother of Damon, Mandy & Emma treasured nana of Alyssa & Sophie. Photo Wai_225

226(37) Fly free together for eternity Darcy Harold JURY 28-6-1924 - 9-12-1984. Kathlyn "Nola" JURY 7-3-1932 - 28-7-2007 loving soul mates. Loved dad and mum of Wayne, Diane and Barry. Loved nana and pop and special Old Nana. Photo Wai_226

Row 20

227(136) SOLE In loving memory of Nolan Cedric 30 May 1920 - 9 May 2007 much loved husband of Mary Kathleen (nee FOX) 9 Dec 1921 - 22 Nov 2011 loved parents & In-laws of Heather & Len JURY, Max & Carole SOLE, special grandparents of Sheryl & Ian, Jason, Clinton, Brendon & Kylie. Forever in our thoughts. Photo Wai_227

228(137) Vacant

229(138) Vacant

230(139) Geoffrey Martin (Geoff) POLSON 24-4-1995 - 30-5-2015. "It's my life, you can't make me" Here I am. Photo Wai_230

231(140) Vacant

232(141) Vacant

233(Z902) Vacant

234(Z903) Vacant

235(38) With love we remember Murray WARMAN 21-1-1933 - 30-7-2006. So much love, so little time. Photo Wai_235

236(39) In loving memory of The Rev. Norman Bach SMITH born Dunedin 13-10-1922 died New Plymouth 8-10-2011 dearly loved and devoted husband of Diana Elizabeth SMITH (nee JORDAN) born Tauranga 19-8-1928 died New Plymouth 28-6-2016. Loyal servants of their Lord. Photo Wai_236

237(40) Vacant

238(41) HAWKER Lana Jane passed away 10th Feb 2008 - aged 25 years. Treasured daughter of Rex & Barbara. A little girl waits. Photo Wai_238

Row 21

239(142) Vacant

240(143) With love we remember Robert Newton (Bob) DRAKE 16-6-1943 - 2-1-2008 - aged 64. Loved father of Trudy, Rachel and Sophie, loved partner of Thora (nee CLELAND) Photo Wai_240

241(144) Vacant

242(145) WILLIAMSON In memory of Robin 10th October 1939 - 29th May 2005 dearly loved wife of Colin James loved mother of Nigel, Dean and Gretchen. Photo Wai_242

243(Z900) Vacant

244(Z901) Vacant

245(42) Forever in our hearts Robert (Bob) ADAMS DEARLY LOVED HUSBAND OF Maree treasured dad of Kim and Melissa, special grandad to all his grandchildren, cherished friend. Reunited in heaven, now together forever. Photo Wai_245

246(43) Forever in our hearts Maree Kathleen ADAMS 25th March 1946 - 22nd January 2006 dearly loved wife of Bob treasured mum of Kim and Melissa, special nana to all her grandchildren, cherished daughter, sister and friend. To the world she was but one - to us she was the world. Photo Wai_246

Row 22

247 to 252 (146 - 151) All vacant

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253 to 256 (151-154) All vacant

End of Waireka Cemetery transcriptions
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